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Found 2 results

  1. So apparently they are thinking of taking away the autoloader or nerfing the gun stats. Any thoughts as to why they are considering this? Were the previous nerfs not enough to balance it? http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/03/insider-talks-wows-foch-155-nerf-and.html "There was a small debate on what to do with Foch 155. Proposed solutions are the following: -Keep the autoloader but nerf the gun stats badly (aimtime, bloom), by perhaps 20 percent; -Simply remove the autoloader, keep the gun as it is; -Replace the gun with tier 9 Foch's 120mm (but with autoloader) with "probably" a penetration buff. There are major issues with these solutions however, as simply removing the autoloader would make Foch 155 a clone of the existing tank destroyers (it's the main feature that makes it different). Another major issue is its weak side armor and the vehicle would have to be buffed somehow not to make it completely obsolete. Nerfing the gun and keeping the autoloader would make the vehicle completely suck according to the developers and is considered the worst solution. Changing the gun to 120mm would make the vehicle more balanced, but other aspects would have to be buffed, such as mobility and handling. Also, 120mm alpha is kinda weak for tier 10 and the difference between tier 9 and tier 10 would be "bland" (Object 263 mentioned here as reference). There is no conclusion or solution to this discussion, it is ongoing."
  2. Hey everyone So yesterday i bought the AMX AC 48, and my first impression is "I Love it!", BUT i got a problem with taking good positions on maps, Also would be nice if you can recommend some equipment on this TD. So basically i want to know best play styles and best positions for it, so your opinions are welcome.
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