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Found 18 results

  1. So recently I was mesmerized by the brilliancy that is Fjords, so I checked on Vbaddict the WR on maps based on spawns. I was surprised when I discovered that if you spawn as team 1 on most maps you get a higher chance to win. Problem is that certain maps like Live Oaks give you a 58% WR chance to win if you spawn as team 1; another example is Cliff is similar with 57%. Other maps like Stepps, Overlord, Sand River and others give you an advantage of about 54%. Instead only on few maps and mostly on Encounter mode (except for Mountain Pass), give a advantage to teams spawning in base 2. Now you may think that 7 or 8% is important but not huge, however according to Vbaddict, if you play on for example Live Oaks and spawn in base 2 you get a 41% chance of winning. So between the 2 possible spawns there is a big 17% difference chance of winning. This proves that WG has done a horrible job at reworking maps. Also very interestingly as unbalanced as Fjords may be, the difference between the 2 spawns is only 6% but probably due to higher drawing chances. Link to Vbaddict: http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics_maps.php?tier=810&tanktype=0&nation=0&modeid=0&team=0&groupby=5&fieldname=won_lost_ratio
  2. Spurred on by a comment in the Tier 8 Elimination thread I thought it might make for some great banter, shitposting and flaming if we do the maps. Same rules as per Tier 8 Elimination; increase the best map on the list by 1 and decrease the 3 worst maps on the list by 3. Each user is allowed to do this a maximum of once per day. When a map hits 0, it is eliminated. You must explain your choices, even if very briefly. Highlight your increase with GREEN and your decrease's with RED if possible. If you cannot use colors, use BOLD for your upvotes and ITALICS for your downvotes. Remember to make sure you are copying the latest list before posting. Copypasta courtesy of @Rexxie In this thread you can downvote a map just because you hate it, unless you hate it because it's bad for arty then you can go fuck yourself and your vote will be declared invalid and I will bribe Pity to ban you forever. I am including all the maps that have been removed from the game and/or rotation, but not the special mode maps including the Rampage maps and also no duplicate maps e.g Fiery, Winterberg etc. I expect this thread to take a while as there are 44 maps to pick from. I am also starting all maps at 30 rather than 20 so it takes a minimum of ten votes to eliminate a map at the start. I will also be voting just because. Westfield - 30 Pearl River - 30 Karelia - 30 Komarin - 30 Live Oaks - 30 Siegfried Line - 30 Lakeville - 30 Malinovka - 30 Mittengard - 30 Abbey - 30 Murovanka - 30 Mountain Pass - 30 Port - 30 Province - 30 Prokhorovka - 30 Redshire - 30 Mines - 30 Ruinberg - 30 Fisherman's Bay - 30 Northwest - 30 Hidden Village - 30 Steppes - 30 Serene Coast - 30 Swamp - 30 Tundra - 30 Widepark - 30 Cliff - 30 Fjords - 30 Highway - 30 Himmelsdorf - 30 Dragon Ridge - 31 - You were pretty, different and fun to be with. I miss you. Ensk - 30 South Coast - 30 Overlord - 30 Stalingrad - 30 Windstorm - 30 Arctic Region - 30 Sacred Valley - 30 Severogorsk - 30 Kharkov - 30 Erlenberg - 30 Airfield - 30 Sand River - 30 El Halluf - 27 - You used to be fun and dynamic, then you changed now you're just another corridor map and that makes me sad. Edited to change downvotes because this will otherwise take forever. Elimination order
  3. WoT from 9.14 CT onwards has migrated to the Wwise sound engine, breaking all current sound mods. This post is here to help people get started with modding crew voices under this new sound engine. While most of the audio is contained in res/packages/audioww.pkg in a file with an as of yet undocumented format, the res/audioww folder contains a voiceover.bnk file which contains the "standard" (ie American) crew messages. This is easy to test by using Ravioli Game Tools to extract, e.g. Chinese crew voices from the audioww.pkg archive, and moving the resulting voiceover.bnk file to res/audioww - this should cause standard crew voices for all tanks in the game to become Chinese if you disable national crew voices. I have written a program in C++ (source: https://gist.github.com/TK-999/6b1c3b222c70dd0c8bf9) to facilitate extracting .wem audio files from res/audioww/voiceover.bnk, as well as replace an existing .wem file within the .bnk file with a .wem file of our own choice. One can create .wem files by downloading the Wwise software from Audiokinetic and feeding it .wav files. To find out the index of the .wem file we need to replace, Ravioli Game Tools is again useful, as it allows you to open the voiceover.bnk file and listen to all the sounds it contains. Please try out the new program too, and hack around Link to .bnk format docs: http://wiki.xentax.com/index.php/Wwise_SoundBank_(*.bnk)
  4. So I've had this problem in World of Tanks for as long as I can remember. I even made a naive post about it back in 2014 (asking for premium time to get reimbursed, lol). http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/371438-unplayable-999-ping-freezes-upwards-of-20-seconds/ In the post I say that it "began two days ago", but really it just hit a state of complete unplayability at that moment in time. I remember quitting WoT for a solid two months until this issue got resolved. Every time they would come up, I'd get frustrated as all shit (cause I couldn't play the fucking game!) and try to fix it. Every time, I'd be shit out of luck. Haven't had problems with these spikes for a good long while (maybe 6 months?), and now these motherfuckers are back. I'm really going to try and fix them this time around. I've tried a whole bunch of shit over the years to try and fix this. Contacted support, they basically told me to get a wired connection or GTFO (did the whole PingPlotter adventures back and forth with them for a solid 2 weeks). I cannot get a wired connection because there is no way to stretch a wired cord all the way upstairs to my far ass room. Maybe one day I will do it through the ventilation pipes, but that day will not come anytime soon. Contacted my ISP many times and asked them what was up. All it came down to was "reset your router" or "there's high traffic in your area right now" answers, both of which didn't solve jack shit, especially since these spikes happen absolutely regardless of time, day of the week, month of the year, etc. Played around with the router: changed channels, many settings, firewall, port-forwarding, etc. Tried many fixes on my machine. Uninstalled many useless drivers; updated, downgraded, tried all kinds of shit with my wireless router; even bought a USB wifi adapter (which did help, although with ping and not these motherfucking spikes). Modified World of Tanks files on my machine: disabled some values, edited others, all kinds of "tricks" and whatnot. I'm all out of solutions. Perhaps a wired connection is the only solution, but it would be a massive pain in the ass to stretch it all the way to my room. A project left best for the summer. So I turn to you guys for help, in hopes that some of the smart tech guys at WoTLabs would know what else I should try (or even retry). I'm open to mostly anything at this point, however the house isn't mine (still living with parents), so I'm not going to fuck around with things I cannot touch. All help is appreciated.
  5. If I could teach pubbies only one thing I would teach them to know when to cap, and conversely when to return to defend the base. I cannot count how many times when my team lost because of a fast cap. I also cannot count the number of times when pubbies have denied me a good game by sitting their 0 damage full Hp tanks on the cap like they trying to farm effi. The good players literally carried your 0 damage asses. The least you can do is let them have a better game. And when I ping the map furiously, trying to get these idiots to come back, they don't ignore me; they say "stop spamming, I'm putting you on my blacklist", and continue rolling towards the enemy base while I suicide in to defend my base. Someone who idiots listen to (Jingles, QB, etc..) needs to make a capping guide. Can we just remove caps from the random battles mode? The concept is obviously too advanced for most people... If anyone can think of something that pubbies should learn that's more important than my point, please say it.
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to hear some suggestions on how to play the AMX 13 90.. I cant seem to get it right, chai snipe, rush and kill shit, or kemp bush and do 0 damagez a huee. But seriously, playing this tank gives me a hernia and a broken headset, any suggestions?
  7. What is this game Seriously, I have no words. Feel free to voice your bafflement below. A side note: playing this match has made me realize how unreliable the AP rounds on the T110E4 are. From now on, I will shoot pure APCR.
  8. I used Chrome as my default browser. Ive installed nothing. No tool bars. Visited no porn/torrents/etc (posting from work PC... damn straight Im not going to do that crap on this PC). But, every time I open a new tab or try and do a google search, this URL takes the fuck over https://search.yahoo.com/?fr=hp-ddc-bd&type=dc-bcr-sm-rhb-32__alt__ddc_dsssyc_bd_com Tried using Malwars Bytes, etc. to remove. No clue at ALL where the fuck this came from and why Yahoo has taken the fuck over Chrome. Ive removed all other searches from Chrome Settings. Ive restarted several times. Ive opened no attachments. Clean install of Chrome too
  9. So my Grandfather died 2001, I was 6 at the time, I don't remember much about him other than him been pretty funny and easy going kinda guy. Now my Grandmother has lived in the same house in Brisbane for as long as I can remember so there's alot of history there. My grandmother is getting a bit on now and is in and out of hospital every month or so, I'm her only relative here except for my cousins at boarding school so I took it upon myself to help her with anything she needs, gardening, cooking sometimes and usually just as company. Now to the interesting part, there's a small Garden shed in the backyard which is used as storage, she pays a guy to do general yard work when I cant so the shed is rarely used for anything. Now just the other day the sliding doors for the shed just fucking collapsed because it's a piece of cheap shit, so been the upstanding grandson that I am I offered to fix it. I went around yesterday to cover it up because she was afraid it was going to rain and I got some replacement rollers on my way home. I head back over there this morning and realize that these doors are going to be an absolute cunt to fix, so me been the curious little shit I am started looking around inside. Right at the back was a box with a power drill in it and then... well.. this. Sorry about Picture quality, was in a hurry and it was taken on my phone. Now I forgot to mention two things: 1. My grandfather fought the Japanese in WW2 and that's literally all I know about it, I've never heard any details apart from that. 2. I remember my mother telling me a story about finding a box in the house that had some really amazing artwork carved on the outside and had some Japanese (she assumed) letters on the top, she asked my grandfather about it and he went really quiet and simply picked the box up and left So, what the fuck is it. Because I'm coming up short, and before you ask no I have not asked my Grandmother about it, I just took pictures and put it back.
  10. It's been nearly 12 years since SimCity:4 and the fact that not a single dev has managed to put out something remotely resembling SC4 in quality is disturbing. Hell, I had to play Banished to get my city building crack. The less said about Cities XXL and Simcity (5) 2013, the better, with the warning, do not buy, fuck EA, etc. Anyway, the short of it is, in about 6 day Cities Skylines is coming out. It's being published by Paradox Interactive and is developed by Colossal order (who are responsible for Cities in Motion 1/2), a small Finnish studio. Unlike SC (5) you aren't going to be limited to a single 2kmx2km area, the maximum size of a city within limitations is 9 tiles that comprise 36 sq Kms. If you have the hardware for it, you can potentially expand to more than that. No online DRM bullshit either. Oh and the devs have come out with a commitment to mod support. And curved roads. I'm sold. Here are some screenshots Bonus: Developing world Bus simulator Bonus 2: Rollercoaster Tycoon 5 The aesthetic is clean, almost too clean,but it's enjoyable almost in a Chicago Worlds Fair "model city/City of the Future" way . They've hinted at releasing future free content that allows one to opt for more classical buildings rather than a Euro-suburbia look. General FAQ http://www.skylinescity.com/cities-skylines-faq/ Videos I mostly detest LPers but Quill18 has actually managed to put out some decent videos, and I ended up watching the entirety of his LP series up to this point. His commentary is on point and generally free from the melodramatic shit that seems to characterize a lot of LPers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83VFQmGh1J0 Arumba has also put out a bunch of vids but I haven't watched any of them as of now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkgT0QXyRgM Finally there is the escapist streamer (whos screenshot I posted earlier) who has already developed a mid-sized city, the VOD link to his stream is here Paradox lifted the blanket ban on media so you should be seeing more streamers/videos come out within the next few days. GMG has a 10USD discount currently on Cities Skylines and at 20(30) USd its pretty reasonable.
  11. I've noticed that for a while I have not been able to play higher than a 2500 WN8 level. I've tried adjusting my game play by playing more aggressive, playing more passive, but nothing is seeming to work. If anything, it feels like my WN8 is dropping. I'm here in hopes that someone can help me take my game play to the next level, any help is appreciated. I mainly play my IS-6, M103, T49 and my Object 140 and T-62A currently. I will post replay's of my performance soon if anyone would like to look at those http://wotreplays.com/site/1669924#tundra-whenisayboomisayboom-is-6 Typical game, take the east, fall back to cap, get tunnel visioned and forget to reset http://wotreplays.com/site/1669984#winterberg-whenisayboomisayboom-object_140 Good game in the 140, team stupidly caps while cleaning up .
  12. Some of you might remember my first attempt at this, in which I played 5 Bat Chat games and proceeded to quit the game for a couple of months. College workload has died down, so now that I'm playing again I've taken up the challenge once more! _pip_ has kindly lended me his account. Target is 70% WR, I'm undershooting quite a bit thus far ;[ We'll see if I can salvage it. Stat images are rather large, so I'm putting them in spoilers. Setup: Overall stats: Wins: 41/62(66.12%) DPG: 3312 Survival Rate: 46.43% XP/G: 1122 WN8: 3497 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Notes: My main issue right now is definitely rust. When I land a new or reworked map, I have no clue where to go or what to do, and often end up overextending and dying a horrible death. See my Murovanka/Stalingrad games for examples. I switched from the Bat to the 50 M for specifically this reason... results have been mixed, as you can see. Ping is manageable, only ~40ms more than West server and very stable. It's not really been an issue, although I have missed some shots in very derpy fashion. I'm doing a poor job of converting opportunities to damage dealt. Part of the issue is I'm so scared of losing that I'm not putting myself in positions to win, and am getting completely shut down for it. The other part of the issue is that I simply cannot aim- I'm missing so many "gimme" shots that I really shouldn't be missing. On that note: I doing an absolutely abysmal job at clutching games. I'd like to blame it on rust, but it's fucking inexcusable. Day 1, battle 3, I lose a 14-14 scoreline game by failing to 1v1 an IS-4 at 900 health, instead bouncing repeatedly off his turret, roof, and hull- even with HEAT. Day 3 battle 1- I throw away an easily clutchable 1v3 scenario, with me at full health against a 600 health STB, 100 health T54E1, and arty by derping across the middle, getting sandwiched by the STB and arty, and smacked around. And those are only the most egregious examples- there are plenty of games that I could have swung simply by being less stupid. I remember one game on Abbey that we lost with 14-12 to capout, in which I got greedy, chased a Type 59, and was summarily nailed (and killed) for 1800 by an arty very early in the game. Had I been around, perhaps I could have swung that game. Shamefur dispray EU server has a lot less arty. So much less. It's a fucking godsend, and the only reason I haven't tanked completely. Only thing that matters is winning- I've capped out on a couple of occasions, for example, and thrown away my tank if I thought it would help stir the pubbie horde. Take a look at day 2 battle 5 on Steppes for an example of stealing the game from a definite loss... I honestly started jumping around IRL when I stuck it ;D Ironically I plan on taking the week off to avoid EU's 5x win special, but I figured I'd put up the thread with what I have so far.
  13. Have something that bothers you? Wonder about why people play arty? Any idea, any category, just be original. I am literally stuck for any idea. Hoover slippers? Meh. Funny ideas will get a cyberpixel kitten too.
  14. As I was muddling through another series of battles in the Centurion the other day I decided to examine the tech tree for the Cent 7/1 to see what kind of stupid amounts of Free XP I had to drop to make it bearable (147k, if you were curious). As I stared in shock and horror at my calculator, I realized that WG could fix the relative mediocrity of the Centurion 1 and the suicide-inducing stock grind of the 7/1 with one simple move. Make the B Barrel available on the Centurion 1. That would bump up the base DPM of the Cent to ~1,770 (still not great, but better) but more importantly reduce the aimtime to 1.9s. This would help to alleviate the awful dispersion the Cent already has. I never feel like the A Barrel should be more accurate, just that it should settle faster. A base aimtime of 1.9s would help snapshots and hill fighting which is often what the Cent 1 is relegated to thanks to its used-kleenex armor. I do worry about this move making the Cent and Caern too simiar though... Additionally, that would shave 45k XP off of the 7/1 grind, bringing things down to a bearable 102k XP, which is more in line with other Tier 9 stock grinds (barring radios, extra engines, etc). Any thoughts? Please note I don't expect Wargaming to ever do this, which is why I posted on the Rebal Base forums.
  15. http://www.dsogaming.com/news/crytek-in-deep-trouble-adoption-of-cryengine-not-good-ryse-development-catastrophic/ JUNE 22, 2014 JOHN PAPADOPOULOS 261 COMMENTS Frankly if WG.net buys Crytek, it would be a disaster. For one, they might just make Armored Warfare stillborne. Because honestly, they're rich enough to be the Electronic Arts of the Other Side of the Atlantic. I have no reason to believe, no justified faith, that they won't try to do exactly that, if it's in their power.
  16. - 8.10 will contain Japanese tanks and Object 430 From FTR MY BODY IS READY BUT MY CREWS ARE NOT
  17. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/cw/announcing-campaign-2 Top 3000 players get the 7201 for earning "fame points" through unspecified methods. Oh boy. Edit: From Valter
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