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Found 8 results

  1. I got the Tiger 2 ~50 battles ago and now near the top turret. I boast a 2.5 skill crew and have no tier X tanks. I've noticed that the Tiger 2 does one thing well, shoot accurately. With Vert Stab and gun handling skills, my reticule bloom is minimal. The bottom turret is good at being useless at mostly everything (people love shooting right through your face). I also run the long 8.8 over the first 105, anyone do anything differently? Anyone have recommendations on the playstyle? I try to use view range or hills when I can (you gain depression over the side).
  2. "Purchased: 'Tiger I' sucessfully purchased. Spent credits: 1,390,000." ^ WG apparently doesn't know how to spell "successfully". I have brought this beast back from slumber and about to unleash it on to the pubbies. The tales of Tiger were full of dismay and hardship. "Dis tank sucks m8!" "I'm giving her all she's got, Captain!". "NAY!" I said! I collected German pubbie tiers, best known fuel, and poured them into my Tiger. BAM BAM BAM! SITTING BACK AND SNIPE, GERMAN EASY MODE LOL! Written below is the tales of my conquer. Nerf request threads were made (by me), tears and neg votes were farmed. As quick as it came, the White Tiger disappeared. Some said it consumed enough pubbie tears and it now must rest. Others said it never existed and win rate is luck! Now this beast has evolved, to compensate the average lower skills of the pubbies that flock to German iconic face pwners, I shall remount my steel horse and finish my crusade. Garbage first night Been on tilt from other games of the night. AW got front row seat to see rage derp on my other tanks. 6 games in Tiger WR:100% Avg dmg: 1906 Avg exp: 1282 Avg kill: 2.17 https://www.mediafire.com/?adpsdpqmempbl32 Second night The first battle draw should have been a win. I was too focused on trying to finish the T32 in cap to reset the other tank. Wrong assumption on that they will be kept lit. Was in a couple of tier 9 battles that I didn't do well in. 6 games WR: 83.3% Avg dmg: 1785 (booo) Avg exp: 1197 Avg kill: 1.17 https://www.mediafire.com/?njyhnjgpn6jx80u Third night Just one battle http://wotreplays.com/site/698927#self Fourth night Was too aggressive at the start and loss too much HP. RIP. http://wotreplays.com/site/703981#redshire-okeano-pzkpfw_vi_tiger Should have gone the upper route to attack the Tiger P instead of lower. http://wotreplays.com/site/703984#self 2 games WR: 50% Avg dmg: 2343 Avg exp: 1130 Avg kill: 2.5 Fifth night Two shitty games to warm up after a few days break then a carry... https://www.mediafire.com/?xgmo9pdk3d0v8gw 3 games WR: 66.67% Avg dmg: 1767 Avg exp: 1199 Avg kill: 2.33
  3. Lowe The mighty (s)Lowe, on EU server a very common sight and one of the most popular tier 8 tanks of all times (IS3, KT and T34 are more played). The tank used to be quite shitty and many (good) players considered it a worthless kitty. But WG decided to give the lowe some love and buffed it, more side armor, more gun depression, higher ammo count and tiny weight reduction. While more ammo, so you can carry 80 rounds, is obvious extremely important, the gun depression buff was also not ``un-needed``. So the Lowe turned from a trash tank, into a potential interesting premium, and i decided to buy it (i always wanted a Lowe, so why not?) The armor: TL:DR: a very strong turret, a capable sidescraper, and for the rest cardboard Firepower TL:DR: the gun is very, very good, except for one ``tiny detail``, the dpm is horrible… Mobility TL:DR: The (s)Lowe is slow as a snail, but once it rolls, its ok, the high reverse speed is a very nice extra Miscellaneous TL:DR: AA-gun elevation, good gun depression, high ammo count and good viewrange, no other problems How to play: The playstyle can thus be summarized as following: - Lowe plays vastly different as KT, it plays much more like a KV4 x T34 - Use your powerfull gun to target strong targets where possible, dont shoot a Tiger when you can also hit a Ferdinand. - Play it like a us heavy tank, and go as much hull down as possible - When you cant go hull down, sidescrape and angle - Dont hang back, you better go to the front, a lone Lowe is a dead Lowe - You are a support tank, but not in terms of dmg dealing, but in terms of taking some agro, shooting though targets and taking dmg. TL:DR: the Lowe combines the hull down playstyle of a T34 with the sidescraping of a KV3/4 and the accurate, high penetration gun of a King Tiger The Lowe is thus in practice a sort of crossover between T34, KV4 and KT, combining the strengths of these 3 tanks (sidescraping, turret armor, powerfull gun) and the weaknesses, slow, low dpm and vulnerable to flanking. BONUS: The Lowe is by far the best credit maker of the game (havent played Jt-88) the gross income is very high and due to minimal gold amom costs, the netto gain is massive, earning +60k credits 10 games in a row is not strange, same earning more as 100k profit is not rare. Dont be fooled by KV5 owners or people who never played a Lowe, Lowe earns far more as either the IS6 or KV5. My crew (E100) and equipment, V-Stab, Rammer and Vents, fairly standard for a heavy, ammo 50-20-10, pure due to the huge ammo acount, and all prem consumables, since Lowe earns enough credits anyway, and the passive bonuses are always good My stats after 125 games: EDIT: replays, not all 125 games i think (due to laptop-gaming), and a whole bunch are from ``old`` versions (9.4 for example) it also contains some rage, bad trolling, asking for maus or IS7 as next tier 10 etc, but thats the way i roll ^^ http://www.mediafire.com/download/j6fyih54jd4avvl/Lowe_replays_pc.zip
  4. Hello! I am a new player that has been reading your tips. It is going really well for me. I have ~55 % win rate so it has really helped me! I want to know what equipment I should use on the Panzer III which is a mobile medium tank at tier 4. You can skip the text below if you don't want to read it. I can now afford to buy my first tier 4 tank. I am going to get the Panzer III which looks like a very good medium with nice armor, good mobility and good 5cm gun. I like to play in a platoon with 2 comrades of mine and we all play the German nation with the same tech-tree. We are aiming to all get the Panzer III to be able to play as an effective medium platoon. I have been playing more than my friends so I am a little bit ahead and ready to buy the tank with 75 % crew right now. I will probably spend a lot of time in this tank and I want to upgrade as much as I can (no matter the cost) but I am not sure what equipment I should get. Some people recommend using: - Vents - Gun Laying Drive (GLD) - Gun Rammer But would it not be better to use Coated Optics instead of GLD because view-range is so crucial? People recommend to play this tank as a mobile flanker. The GLD only affects tanks that are stationary... People recommend GLD because the tank shoot fast (24 rounds/min) but has slow (2.3 seconds) aiming time. I have a hard time choosing. I want this tank to be as good as it possibly can be and I think that you can probably give me better advice than other internet people. So please tell me what you would use on a tank like the Panzer III with good mobility and high rate of fire! Thank you very much for all guides and help! And thank you for your reply!
  5. Alllllllllll righty, heute I finally got around making ze video. It is of explainings how Airfield must be blitzkrieged played in ze german panzer. All of that in perfect engrish. Brought to you by pubs with the W glued on their keyboard.
  6. So I'm thinking about starting the new German tank destroyer line, and I'd like to have some tips on how the line plays in general, as well as anything that I should know about each specific tank in the line (starting with the Marder 38T and upwards), such as if there are any vehicles that I should keep/skip.
  7. So I played through the VK 30.01 H and grinded my way up to a VK 36.01 H and have the Waffe/Konisch unlocked. Before I buy the VK 36.01 H, what should I change in my playstyle? I know that the VK 36.01 H actually has some armour (unlike the previous VK 30.01 H which is "is as flat as a tsundere loli" (person who wrote a VK 30.01 H guide on Asia WoT forum)), but are there any changes how I should approach enemy tanks? (i.e. brawl, snipe, sidescrape, etc. For example, would I, on a half city, half open (i.e. Ruinberg or something like it) map, would I go field/open area or would I go city? Also, would that change depending on battle tier - for this example, use battle tier 6, and battle tier 8...) Forgot to mention this, but... Does the playstyle change significantly and are there any special things that I need to know for when I play the: Tiger I Tiger II E 75 E 100
  8. The whole line looks OP to me, especially the WTF E-100. It mainly features very accurate tanks with good-great aim time, high penetration, and high alpha. The tanks have no armor but also have decent speed, they are basically limited to support roles. The WTF-E100 though is on another level of OP. The stats: 128mm gun: damage:560 pen:276/352(apcr) aim time: 1.5s accuracy:0.29 shells in mag: 6 time between shells: 2s reload: 60s 150mm gun damage: 750 pen: 235/334(heat) aim time: 1.9s accuracy: 0.33 shells in mag: 4 time between shells: 3s reload: 50s Other stats Speed: 40 traverse:30 Pwr/Wt: 12 Turret traverse: 24 turret armor: 20/10/8 E-100 chasis armor view range: 420 The fact that it can use the 128mm gun that way already makes it really OP. But then they give it a rotating turret, decent speed on the E-100 chasis, and 420m view range in my opinion it needs a new word for how OP it is. The only thing keeping it slightly in check is the tier 1 armor for the turret, definitely can't fight close quarters or it will get owned. If this tanks stays as is I believe it replaces the T57 Heavy in clan wars. Discuss your thoughts and opinions.
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