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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I now have lots of spare time, and since my time played in WoT has decreased lately due to me getting anger issues, I thought "Hey, why not help others?" and that's where I am now. I've done a few reviews before, but I can with all certainty tell you that I'm not the best reviewer around here but I still feel like helping people out. (NA players will only be able to submit once 9.6 is released due to me being on EU, sadly I wasn't aware of this and am afraid the thread might die because of inactivity qq) n my career (when i started to git gud) I've been focusing on many tanks, I've been mostly doing medium gameplay but I'm also experienced in LT/HT/TD's as well, so I've invested time in all tank types and having success with all of them that I've played recently. What you can post to get reviewed: You can submit anything that you feel that a mistake has been made, it can be one of those carry games, it can be a shitty one, but no yolo potatoing because that's something that no one can learn anything from. My most played tank is the BatChat so autoloader gameplay is something you might wanna come here for. You can submit arty replays too, however I haven't played artillery above tier 5 so you probably won't get any real answers that'll benefit your artillery gameplay much. What kind of replays I prefer: A game where you felt unsure of what to do, where your strategical thinking falls short and IMO learning proper decision making is what'll make you a lot more consistent at this game. Adding your own thoughts to where you began to feel unsure and where/why things started going to shit is something you're very welcome to do, I'll take your thoughts in consideration and see if your thoughts are correct and your post game analysis is good and something you should keep doing, or if your thoughts have flaws and needs some working on, however I'm gladly offering to help you out with either. Miscellaneous: No certain skill level, you can be the baddiest baddie and that probably only means that you'll get more pointers, and I'll probably specify what should be focused on, too much of the good can result in bad things. You can criticise my criticism all you want, I'll keep an open mind and I will keep what you say in mind and draw a conclusion afterwards. If you post more than two replays at the same time, I'll only do one or two and then move on to the next person before getting back to the others you've posted. (Make this a reasonable amount of replays, no 100-game samples please) All reviews will be done in time stamp form unless they're so short it'll be easy to follow anyway. I'll try to process every thought I get while watching your replay, and I'll post a conclusion on the end of what you should focus on to try and improve. I think that's about it. Happy posting ^^
  2. Here is VonCurry's cheat sheet for new clans, you're welcome. (Mods pin this and unban VonCurry on the wotforum for the injustices you did against him #FreeZodman) Before you do anything involving a clan, be a soldier in a clan. Learn from mistakes and successes - Started off as a Sand Person in an African clan (D-INC) learned what clan wars was and learned how to be part of a community, also was also a good player who learned to play tonks and could play CWs competently (This is the minor leagues play here first). D-INC died and it's people spread like ashes in the wind. Then was a soldier in _BAD_, learned not to sperg, watched and took note on mistakes made. Then moved to PBKAC and learned how to play the "game", watched Ziddy #masterofdiplo, took note on what to do, somewhat learned how to poast. *See Purple Dawn and the fall of the Burning Legion on what not to do* *Watch successful clans like -G-, Otter, Relic, PBKAC on what to do* Once you've learned how to play the "game" - Create a fresh and unique theme, not something like 683rd Armored Cavalry with some goofy slogan... "e-honoUr, Integrity, Retardedness"... 1996 Chicago Bulls - GET DUNKED. (It's a game, not real life). - We started with a foundation of good players, Zodman,Zordan,Zippen with a proven FC Zackson. (You have to have a caller, if you don't have one.. don't bother making a clan). Also if you're garbage, don't bother making a clan, because no purple will ever bother going to you, you need some credibility. Why would I go play for some 1000wn8 goober instead of this badass purple who has a slick new theme? - We then brought in players of a certain standard 1800-2XXX wn8 (And recruited any FC we could find). As well as friends Zongley,Zerr etc who didn't meet reqs. but are loyal guys (who are now grandfathered in). Don't set your bar too high (aka reaching for super unicums because most of them A. play for stats B. Don't want to play with the common folk). *See the history and demise of Purpl for further examples on that* - Raise the bar on recruiting when your roster permits (You want to improve your team). - Put time and effort into the clan. You can't show up for 1 hour each day expecting things to get done, I primarily play this game or at least keep myself available when not playing to run the clan. Hit the map with 20 chips and 12 active players, and took land. Didn't try for anything fancy, just a small pot of gold. Didn't thump our chests at neighboring clans, fought battles we could win. We had 3 pieces of land with only 40 odd chips. Take it slow Recruit - AGGRESSIVELY recruited via Wotlabs/This forum/Wot-CS (Your best friend is the "Member Changes" tab for each clan)/Ingame (I'm talking hours a day, pretty much you're not playing tanks for fun until the roster reaches 100players) - We also brought in attractive players who had no interest in CWs (Though none of you knew this and most of them are since gone). That provided us with A. Substance to attract good players B. Chips C. WOT-CS score for ePeen. - Keep tabs on CR/D and keep tabs on clan implosions, and try to bring those players into the fold ASAP. Volt - (Enj,Edge, Rageous etc) Crabs - (Zutombo,Adaa etc) Build Depth - BULLS has 16 FCs of varying skill and talent. I can rest callers, and keep the workload light until needed. *I can have half my callers gone and still be able to compete in CWs* - Don't recruit people with 1 tier 10, they need at least 5 (Or have several coming in the near future). *A 1900wn8 guy with 15 tier 10s is more valuable than a 3000wn8 guy with 1* - Have a command staff that is dependable and competent. Also take constructive criticism and listen to veteran clan commanders (G1M,Edge,Enj,Rageous) *G1M/Rageous/Zackson/Zutombo can all run the clan if I am not here* - Keep your team full of actives. Inactive players are almost completely useless to your clan. *USVCH chip spammed BULLS with 4 battles at the same time with no notice, I was able to fight all 4* - When the opportunity permits, you can create a sub/brother/affiliate clan. They can provide offsets and assistance on riot clearing LZ clearing and a stable neighbor if needed. (I recommend ONLY 1, as a protective measure against multi clan alliances or groups) *See Evil Gaming, Claws/Mantis, Relic/2/3, Petco, Chai/Chai 2/Yo_oY, King/Queen/USVCH, Havok/-J-/Arbok* Keep it fun - Really important if you are an African clan, your community is going to live or die, depending how much people enjoy playing in your clan and with those people. - Bulls would play warm up music before clan wars, joke around, keep it relaxed. - Make your Teamspeak fun, We have a bunch of random TS tags for flair. *Stole it from Petco, and put our own swing on it* - No training (If you are an African clan you may want to have training) and high attendance standards 5-7 days a week is too much, 3-6 days a week with a gold bonus for the 6 day guys. Let the players have days off to enjoy life. - Don't embezzle gold, but give yourself and the officers incentive for running the clan. Also pay your players decent gold (If you can afford it). - Rest your FCs, if the battle isn't a do or die battle, let another FC get some experience and rest your main callers. - Jump on riots and LZs when it's time to train new FCs, play to win but don't freak out when the inexperienced FCs lose games. (They are learning). - Let you and others have time off from the game when you need to recharge. Don't let yourself get to the point of burn out. *See ChairInABasket and the demise of NDP for info on that* Diplo and Work with people - Chai, Otter reached out to us, and invested in us. Because we showed potential. - Be a loyal and trustworthy neighbor to surrounding clans (Give them a reason to not map your tiny clan). - Learn what is going on in the NA Map (who is fighting who, why? etc etc.) - Don't act like you're hot shit, because you're the new guy on the block *See Mac_D diplo with Crabs for further info* - Continue to build on your team (bring more FCs in), find more land. You're never done, kick inactives and keep your team fresh, not stagnant. Get rid of players who do not perform. Finally - Carve out your gold and solidify your spot on the map - Choose a target you can beat, have audibles for other plans. (You don't want to throw your clan at a brick wall like Otter or -G-). - Have a buddy to even the odds (Chai and Bulls hit Enjoy and Enjoy 2) - Have a plan of attack (we worked with Chai and blitzed Enjoy/Enjoy 2 when they got hit with riots, planned where we would land and what areas we'd march into and same with Chai). On day one BULLS had 3 territories, we took out their ability to offset each other and on day 2 cut them in half from each other. - Don't be an asshole to your partner (We split the goaldz evenly) - Establish relations with you neighbors WHAT NOT TO DO Recruit people for chips (aka reds,baddies,shitlourdes) Try to hit big clans and take their stuff. They will crush you under their boot, even if they are half your talent. They have numbers and will wear out your small team. Act like you're a bad ass. Sperg in CR/D. Piss off clan leaders. Bring in cancerous well known people (Sneaky_Bugger etc) unless you know they can change their ways. Build hordes of subclans Poach from landholding clans I will answer any questions people may have.
  3. Hello my name is RockingReilly, I have been inquiring over the past year to get a mentors in tanks. I have never been taught how to play the game correctly and understand some of the mechanics of the game. Because I have not been taught some of the simple mechanics of the game my stats have suffered from it. For the past couple days I've been reading the forums and watching Twtich (primarily Sela and Junkers) because I really do want to improve my game. I have tried to get a hold of player who are willing to tutor but to no avail. I've come to the realization that I am a baddie clearly and need help, and the only way not to be a baddie is by hands on, Mentoring or Tutoring. I believe the only way to get hold of people who are willing to help me is through WoTlabs. I have kind of an idea of what I need to do: When to be aggressive. How to trade hit points effectively. Help of understand the importance of map reading and what it is exactly. Map positions and their importance What to do when I see Unicum on my side or the enemy team. And how to find my niche in what tank class I am best at Review overall tank stats. Review replays Staying Alive I know this is asking a lot but if someone was willing to help me with these i would be grateful. I know it is a lot but i really do want to become a better tanker and play better. I not sure what else to say if you have any question please feel free to post them. I also am willing to take the criticism a person would give me because it does help a person to get better. Thank you for your time, RockingReilly
  4. At the moment I have 4 tier 8's (Tiger2, IS-3, OBJ.416, Pershing) and I was wondering which tier 10 should I get first from one of the listed tanks. I have heard that the e75 is amazing but the e100 isnt to great but it is used in clan wars. While down the is-3 line I have heard the is-8 is TERRIBLE but i havent heard anything on the IS-7. While @ the pershing I was told to stop at the pershing cuz everything else is terrible. Now with the OBJ.416 there is 3 possible 10's and I have heard that the t-54is a great tank. Or another thing I could do is grind them all @ the same time but I dont want to do that unless it is the right decision. Any help on which line to go down would be great.
  5. Boatload of replays here: https://mega.co.nz/#!BJA1AQpT!XNw6DyebTOETIjel2kDmHV_JP9QERChrNHDbiM1-kpg I just don't get it - I can't seem to win any games with my T-54. It's like I can't carry hard enough to get wins, or find good spots, or avoid being hit. People keep telling me it's a brawling tank, but that just gets me killed. Are there any glaringly obvious mistakes from these piles of replays? What am I doing wrong? One of the more frustrating replays I've had: https://mega.co.nz/#!NQgCSKaC!Xj3tuwfV0QfU8q-COXbf4V0s0HgMQtCuxDA-PQEOPH8 Another replay I couldn't figure out: https://mega.co.nz/#!QI5Enaia!eYOrknZIz0NUUlED6IjFGUtVrpMkjRW-aMHFd6fbxvA
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