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Found 18 results

  1. The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study Journal of Sovietskiy Gold Economic Studies (1948), Volume 1, 12-20(4) Abstract This study evaluates the economic viability of an IS-6 when firing gold. Research is conducted by recording statistics from in-game battles. The study concludes that the IS-6 can fire half APCR and still generate a surplus of silver ration tickets. These findings demonstrate that the tanks of comrade Stalin can crush capitalist potatoes without limit. Keywords: IS-6, APCR, gold, Stalin, potato Music Introduction Background Method Results 8112204 Discussion Conclusion Acknowledgements TL;DR
  2. /While XVM showed us that faith in statistics, /Inspires us to carries, to deeds, and to fame! ☭ Comrades of WoTLabs, As the scientists, engineers, and mathematicians of our glorious Motherland, it is our sacred duty to spread our famous luck and wisdom to the proletarian masses. To further the cause of Soviet public education, we must study, experiment, and establish new, groundbreaking literature for the benefit of the workers of the world. Only with such great patriotic effort can we bring about the peoples' dream of international socialism. From our base of operations in the WoTLabs Forums, we are in a position to re-launch The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study. In this study, we aim to assess how practical it is to liberally use gold shells with tanks such as the IS-6. With this program, we can share our knowledge with the WoT Official Forums, which are in sore need of education. Top: The superior academic facilities of WoTLabs Forums. Bottom: The state of education in the WoT Official Forums. The success of this program depends on you, the tankers of WoTLabs. In a style that Lenin would approve of, we will use an army of volunteers to collect a variety of IS-6 combat data. For this study, we will accept data from tankers of all stat (luck) brackets for a wide spectrum of results. Volunteers will be acknowledged in the study and will receive mass amounts of e-honour. To motivate this operation, we provide some background information: For those who are prepared to serve our glorious Union, carefully read through the methodology of this study so as to adhere to proper scientific standards. Furthermore, re-reading some of our old Soviet Gold Economics Studies may help you understand the relevant data and evidence required for such a study. Method: For volunteers who meet the restrictions, the actions they are to take for this study are as follows: 5) Record relevant data on to a spreadsheet, making use of sums and multiplications to calculate values with factory-level accuracy and efficiency. Be sure to calculate values for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies. See the following example below for all the data that is required. Note: The number in brackets besides AP, APCR, and HE are the costs in silver ration tickets of each respective shell. 6) Repeat steps 3) to 5). 10 games must be played per volunteer. 7.1) At the end of the study, take another screenshot of one's own IS-6 stats. The number of battles that have elapsed between this screenshot and the pre-study screenshot must equal the number of entries on the spreadsheet to prove that every battle is accounted for. 7.2) Even under special circumstances such as an internet disconnect, every battle must be recorded. Try to salvage as much information as possible; if a piece of data cannot be found, leave a blank and note the exceptional event. Inferior capitalist internet is a real issue and should be represented in this study. 7.3) Likewise, an exceptional event that occurs in-game does not warrant skipping over the data collection for a battle. Being one-shot by arty may abnormally reduce one's stats, but cancer is a real world issue and must be depicted in a true-to-life manner by this study. 8 ) Having finished the study, the volunteer is to submit the following documents for analysis: The volunteer will then be promptly awarded a medal and pronounced a Hero of the Soviet Union. References: Aside from submitting data, a comrade can help by posting feedback on the methodology of this experiment. What is the best way to gather data in a consistent manner, while allowing for unavoidable differences e.g. playstyle? Finally, any relevant images are welcome, including in-game screenshots of pubbie tears and chemotherapy for cancer. We especially encourage Russian Bias and/or ponies. Discuss. And for those who,...
  3. The collective database mentioned under the IS-6 part, has given me the thought of comparing all my tier 8 premiums. I'll be following up all the results in order to be able to determine which tank has Best profitability Best 'carry potential' (WR) Best statpadder, for those who care, and if I don't forget to start session stats There's not a date or a fixed amount of battles I'm planning to play. I'll just go with whatever I feel like but I'll try to: Play the same tank in batches of 10, and preferably on the same day. Win, I don't care about WN or credits (I mean, they're premium tanks).
  4. "What the hell are our pubbies doing?!" "Nothing. Can you not tell?" Written well before the rise of the Unicorn Era, the "Song of the Pubbie Hoisters", also known as "Oh, Pubbies", is an ancient unicorn hymn dedicated to those who pubstomp tirelessly on their crusades to carry the pubbie masses. Praised for its sentimental value, the song details only some of the countless hardships that unicorns must endure on their daily pubbing expeditions, painting a valiant and serious-faced image of the holy war between unicorns and pubbies. It sings in sympathy for all those who never fail to inflict 5000 damage, reset cap a dozen times over, and harvest gallons of pubbie tears, only to be dragged down by the noxious Sea of Red. More importantly, "Oh, Pubbies" is the oldest existing document that references one of the greatest philosophical questions of all e-history: why are pubbies so hard to carry? "Oh, Pubbies" is believed to have been written by the "единорог", spoken of in olden unicorn mythology as "the one who could carry all". Boasting the strength of a hundred pubbies, it is said that the единорог could hoist more damage than a tank nine tiers above it. A master of vision control, it is rarely ever seen as it slays pubbies left and right, relishing in the accusations of "cheater!" and "hax!". It would flex and bolster a failing flank, clutching those who are bad@tanks, and dragging its team kicking and screaming to the final victory. Yet all stories tell of how the единорог's winrate is only 99.9%, for on one fateful battle it was one-shotted by a clicker of its own team, and thus failed to carry. From that one vengeful moment, the "Song of the Pubbie Hoisters" was born, expressing in crimson script all the combined hatred and heartfelt frustrations of unicorn-kind against the pubbie potatoes. In turn, the creation of this hymn began the uplifting of unicorns from the Age of Discovery to the Unicorn Era, driving forward the advancement of science and magic. Inspired by the words of the единорог, the unica developed advanced damage-farming techniques as the T57, Object 268, and WFT-100. In securing their chances of hoisting, unicorns learned to harness the magicks of preferential matchmaking, enchanted such carrying platforms as the IS-6, KV-5, and Type 59. To lift the pubbies both east and west, fast pubbie-destroyers as the Hellcat, SU-122-44, and E-25 were brought to existence. Soon, gold shells rained aplenty, egos clashed, and the standards of carrying skyrocketed. All across the world, the highest levels of the Unicorn Development Index raced from a modest 60% to well over 80%. Even though millennia have since passed, "Oh Pubbies" remains a symbol and tribute to the unicorn's eternal struggle over winrate. Though the legendary единорог's winrate of 99.9% serves as a reminder that there may never ever be a complete victory over the Red Sea, and that pubbie hoisting is a never-ending journey, it remains the unicorn's burden to curry hard in the name of e-honure. And so long as the necessity of carrying pubbies remains, there must be outlets for the inevitable unicorn rage. For this purpose, "Oh Pubbies" has been popularized for a wide variety of uses ranging from casual unicorn karaoke, to a proud military march, to a solemn funeral dirge. Indeed, nothing produces a more calming effect than insulting pubbies in song. Now, we present, the "Song of the Pubbie Hoisters", with translated and modernized lyrics: http://youtu.be/88gLWwq5G5M Oh, pubbies! Oh, scrubbies! Why are you so hard to carry? Oh, pubbies! Oh, scrubbies! Why are you so hard to carry? Parking behind our cloaked T-D, Drooling beside our S-P-G. Camping it for fun, Smack-talking for fun. Guarding our precious S-P-G! ♪♫ Guarding our precious S-P-G! Oh, pubbies! Oh, scrubbies! Why are you so hard to carry? By these potatoes we see, Fifty damage with H-E! Blocking us for fun, Pushing us for fun. Fifty damage with H-E! Oh, pubbies! Oh, scrubbies! Why are you so hard to carry? Oh, pubbies! Oh, scrubbies! Why are you so hard to carry? Oh, you - Red Sea - so heavy! Capping fast oh so merry. Rushing in for fun, Lemming train for fun. Capping fast yet not wary! Oh, pubbies! Oh, scrubbies! Red Sea, Red Sea - so heavy! Oh, pubbies! Oh, scrubbies! Why are you so hard to carry? Ey, haul the pubbies! Hoist the scrubbies! (Why are you so hard to carry?) Oh, pubbies! (Haul the pubs!) Oh, scrubbies! (Hoist the scrubs!) Why are you so hard to carry? Oh, pubbies. Oh, scrubbies. Close, G-G... Tell us, then, why are pubbies so hard to carry?
  5. Russia called - they want their revolution back. ~ Darkest days are these indeed, as we crawl through global economic stagnation, the collapse of the military industry, and the mass riots on our golden honeypots. Diplomacy and rivalry have all but become matters of triviality, given the status quo of six provinces per clan. Such is the frozen state of the world map that, truly, it gives new meaning to the definition of "Cold War". Gone are the joyous days of Euro-Russo-Warfare, the vigorous sparring of unicorn e-peens, and the multicultural wonders of the Big Three, the Scandin-African-scrubs, and the goons, who ruin everything. All those and more have been replaced by the American melting pot, which forces upon us immobility, lack of additional farming opportunities, terrible or non-existent wardecs, and non-stop riots from the buttmad pubbie potato-class. The provinces of the unicorns, even those with 5% riot chances, are now incessantly assaulted by swarms of baddies hoping to win a piece of land by some miraculous technical victory. And given the general incompetencies of the WarGods, errors and technical victories are not an uncommon phenomenon. Thus the unicorn is trapped under a sea of red, a most unsettling and supernatural threat with the ability to strike anywhere on the map. Likewise when faced with arty on the battlefield, the unicorn dares not step forward for fear that RNG should spite her. In this manner, progress is impeded, and as the WarGods have brought much the same system upon the global arena, so too stagnation is inevitable. Under such oppression, what is the unicorn to do? Is this the end of the clanwars meta as we know it? The very reason for which we post drama and talk smack, for which we beat up pubbies for EXP to grind our Tier 10s, for which we padded in platoons and in tank companies, just so we can join a big clan and pad further in clan wars? To answer such questions, we must ask ourselves, "Who are we? What are we prepared for?". Were the unicorns not the ones who, since the beginning of time, stood up and rose above the scrubbish hordes? The ones who fought for and won their eternal freedom from pubbie ignorance? It was the unicorn who walked the path from yellow, to green, to blue, and to the deepest of purple. It was the unicorn who brought the world together under the banner of the Unicorn Union, our dear motherland for whom we wrote, with script of the purest violet, our national anthem. Let not one of us forget the promises we made and the journeys we have been through, that which is immortalized forever in our hearts, minds, and digital multi-media. Let all rise for the song of the unicorn: the one, the only, the purple-tinted, the lavender-encrusted, National Anthem of the Unicorn Union! http://youtu.be/0yDrtNEr_5M National Anthem of the Unicorn Union The purple republics in freedom united, Have mustered their power, their swagger, their pride! And thus they created the Unicorn Union, To purge all the pubbies that spread far and wide! Build, N-A-S Alliances; farm, all the global provinces! Mad goaldz and premium for player and clan! Wealth of the unicorns, lead us to victory! Firing all gold rounds since freedom began! Through days dark and stormy our winrates have led us, Down the bright path to scrub scrubs from this game! While X-V-M showed us that faith in statistics, Inspires us to carries, to deeds, and to fame! Pad, from our platoons never leave; drag, along the entire team! E-peen and ego for player and clan! Luck of the unicorns, lead us to victory! Pubstomping baddies since freedom began! We fought for the future, denied the deniers, To pubbie potatoes we'll never give in! For glorious spergings of small clans' frustrations, We'll see the creation of NA-SA again! Rise, citizens of C-R-D; Post, and great drama there will be! Pub tears and laughter for player and clan! Thread of the unicorns, lead us to victory! Singing sweet memories since freedom began! When the battle seems lost and the pubbies ragequit back to their garages, the unicorn can always carry. Stagnation and campfests are nothing when faced with the superior tactics and flexibility of the purple tankers. While the worst of the WarGods' updates and subversions are likely yet to come, and the possibility of our extinction remaining very real indeed, the unicorn's creative nature and advanced intellect will never fail. As sure as the gold that pours into our treasuries, the unicorn will find a way to collect pubbie tears and complaint threads, to wage the same epeen war for the hundredth time, and to create new, exciting metagames in spite of any obstacle before us. And should our renowned luck finally run out during our noble struggle against the terribads, the Unicorn Union will go out with no less than a purple blaze of glory. With riot intensities rising, the pressure is building. Both sides are anxious - the stage set, the players ready, the countdown ticking. Will the pubbie masses succeed in extinguishing the light of the unicorns, or will the unicorns respond with something even greater than NASA? Revolution is coming, of that all are sure. What remains to be seen is, whose revolution it shall be.
  6. 人不犯我, 我不犯人 ☭Comrade tankers, We have recently received a most glorious report from our friends in the People's Republic of China. As is known, shortly upon the signing of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Pact, the USSR sent eighty-one shipments containing various models of our finest T-34 medium tanks to aid our Chinese comrades and all of Zhonghua Minzu in their most perilous time as they repel the invasion of foreign imperialists. Now, the legend of the Red Army, the most reliable and most ingenious tank ever fielded under the ninefold heavens, has made its debut on the Pacific Front, flourished with stunning stories of success from our allies and very warm welcome messages from our enemies. The focus of the report is the T-34/57 - the specialized tank destroyer variation of the T-34. As a unique, distinguishing feature, the Chinese T-34's have been re-designated as the Type T-34. Unlike puny imperialist tanks, the Type T-34 maintains a full armour layout identical to the standard T-34/76: 45mm of world-renowned Soviet sloped armour - maintaining the protection of the ninefold earth and capable of bouncing all but the most stubborn of shells. Its 57mm anti-tank cannon is able to unload enormous volumes of shells to strike multiple targets in lightning succession - such as in a critical defense scenario - or to pummel a single target with the wrath of a thousand fists of fury. The nightmare of any heavy tank is to be permatracked around a corner by a vengeful Type T-34 with a factory worker loading the gun! Generously laden with premium APCR shells, the Type T-34 can slice through any armour as if it were made of dried tofu. Furthermore, all tankers know that its strong ground traction allows the T-34 to move through any terrain that fascist panzers could not, and once again Soviet engineering proves its value as Type T-34's effortlessly traverse through mud and mountains alike to strike at unprotected positions. New mass-production techniques gained from the Sino-Soviet Friendship Pact also allows the Republics to assemble and export these tanks even faster and recuperate any losses without pause. No hesitation is permitted as a new Great Wall of flesh, blood, and steel drives the imperialists back to the sea! The Type T-34's main strength, aside from its irresistible numbers, is its unparalleled versatility. It is adequate in all fields of moving, sniping, and brawling. Skilled tankers well versed in the Art of War can unleash the Type T-34's full potential and adjust the tank to any situation. Tailor one's tactics to suit the demands of the battle; know the enemy and know yourself. Type T-34 is very capable of reaching strategic locations in a timely manner, but how sooner can we arrive before the heavy forces, and how later do we arrive after the reconnaissance? Understand which tanks can we overpower in open combat, for the weak certainly cannot equal the strong, nor the few the many. Understand when to retreat, and dare the enemy to fight upon your own terms. No gun can move mountains, but the enemy himself may stray from his own protection. When the opportunity arises, unleash our potential like the triggering of a drawn crossbow; keep on the move and exploit vulnerabilities, for a successful strategy is never a static one. If our comrades could endure, on foot, the Long March of twenty thousand li, how can we lack them? Avoid besieging fortifications, but engage isolated groups. Avoid concentrated formations, yet attack a place of value; for, when the army is in the field, their cities are empty. When the enemy returns in trickles, tired and bedraggled, bring him a swift and ruinous defeat! The reason troops slay the enemy is because they are enraged; thus, let the will of the people flow through us as we unleash our righteous anger and give battle to our hapless foes! As Chairman Meow so wisely put it: 敌进我退, 敌驻我扰, 敌疲我打, 敌退我追! which roughly translates to: враг прогресса, мы отступление, враг лагеря, мы беспокоить, враг шины, мы атакуем, враг отступает, мы преследуем! which roughly translates to: enemy of progress, we retreat, the enemy camps, we harass, the enemy tires, we attack, the enemy retreats, we pursue. which clearly translates to: When the enemy advances, we retreat! When the enemy camps, we harass! When the enemy avoids battle, we attack! When the enemy retreats, we pursue! Also included within the report is documentation on an economics study conducted to evaluate the price of arming Type T-34's with APCR shells. Type T-34 No. 811 was commissioned for the experiment, and returned with outstanding results - a true testimonial to the efficiency of combined Russian and Chinese industrialism! As per standard, we have asked and received permission to release these full-length replays and after-battle results to ensure the legitimacy of this investigation. Full Replays of glorious Type T-34 in action: http://www.mediafire...3u91ruw3i8n2aaz End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...k45b82c2j0g3u2v And now we proceed to the study. Firstly, here are the previous Type T-34 records. They include gold shells used and a mix of solo and platooned battles. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - Type T-34 takes a stand against the pubbie banzai rushes. >Type T-34 is armed with 60 AP and 40 APCR shells. >APCR shells were purchased at full price (2000), though they are recorded as being purchased at 1000 silver rations for the purposes of studying economics at half price. Full price conclusions are also noted. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: We see that our victory ratio settles at a solid 60%, though still a long way from the holy 100% winrate. There are no suitable records of T-34 performance without APCR, so direct observations cannot be made. It is noted that without horde bonuses our victory ratio has dropped considerably from previous averages, emphasizing the significance of tank platoons - strike with the most solid at the most empty. However, Type T-34 made it through the ordeal successfully and with sanity intact (the carrying is really similar to the backbreaking pain of planting rice paddies). It is found that 57mm APCR is possible to sustain under any condition. With either a Standard or Premium Economics Policy, and regardless of half-price rationing or not, a Type T-34 is able to avoid ration loss when firing 7.30 APCR shells and dealing about 1,000 points of damage to the imperialists upon every encounter. A Premium Economics Policy would even allow a steady increase of silver ration tickets. Now it is possible to release all the Type T-34's and watch the enemy scatter like the roaches they are! Notes: Below are the overall Type T-34 records upon the conclusion of the study: One exceptional teamdragging effort was noted - battle trial No. 3: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  7. ☭ Comrade tankers, As you all have surely heard, the great and everlasting Party has announced that high-quality HEAT and APCR shells, produced by the exceptional effort of the workers' might, are now available to all tank divisions without requiring the use of golden ration tickets. In addition, all premium shells are granted at a great discount to immediately encourage the use of these weapons against the enemies of the people's Republic. This short experiment presented here with 30 battles in the SU-26/122, the Soviet Union's most feared light self-propelled artillery platform, aims to draw some observations on the effectiveness of Russian HEAT shells and how practical it is to use them all the time to smite the hordes of fascist and capitalist tanks on the battlefield using said SPG. One of the first things we had wanted to try after the Gold Shell Revolution was to field our SU-26 with a FULL LOADOUT OF 28 HEAT SHELLS. However, a full loadout was decided against because it was deemed excessively excessive, and it is known that despite their unyielding penetration, HEAT shells do not have splash damage, making them similar to the effects of standard AP shells. Our ever diligent records and calculations regarding our combat statistics indicate that the SU-26 boasts a hit ratio of ~60%. Strong as such a value may be, to even think of wasting the remaining 40% of all HEAT shells fired and having them do 0 damage in battle is clearly capitalistic. As such, the SU-26 was armed with 14 superior quality HE shells and 14 newly acquired HEAT shells, such that HE may be used in situations when a hit may be questionable. It was then decided that very accurate economic and combat records be kept over a period of battles to observe just how much more dangerous the SU-26 becomes when armed with HEAT, and if using HEAT at such a constant rate will result in any severe reduction of silver ration tickets by the Party. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Of course, we will first provide evidence to support this authenticity of this experiment and any observations drawn from it, unlike some fascists who use vague anecdotes or capitalists who use garbage numbers pulled out of their landfills. The evidence is thus presented in the form of real live battle footage of glorious Soviet steel and Party-approved records of combat performance and expenditure of rations: Full Replays of glorious SU-26/122 in action: http://www.mediafire...6c2c0qkq2p5hp2o End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...77z81813g5gfb4b And now, on to the actual study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - a valiant struggle against waves and waves of malicious enemies and "teammates" alike. >SU-26/122 is armed with 14 each of HE and HEAT shells. >HEAT shells were acquired at 2000 silver ration tickets; half-price. >HEAT shells were not simply spammed like a crayon-eater would, but were fired at discretion on hard targets. >From the 8th battle onwards, we activated our ration of Premium Economics Policy, complements of the people's Party. However, we account for the flow of ration tickets and experience for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies in all our battles, so this should not affect any results in the experiment. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: These numbers alone do not mean much, so here are records of our overall SU-26/122 performance, which include past performances. These were taken after the actual experiment because somehow an error prevented the retrieval of records from before the experiment. The public may be assured that there will be some bureaucratic changes that will take place. Overall averages: >68% victory. >2.55 targets destroyed per battle. >866.23 damage points inflicted. >380 average EXP points awarded. Averages during experiment: >66.67% victory. >2.97 targets destroyed per battle. >968.07 damage points inflicted. >390.07 average EXP points awarded. Now we can notice the changes in performance. One major observation is that arming HEAT does NOT guarantee a complete rolling of our bumbling enemies and a 100% victory ratio. This is unfortunate. From this small sample size we can see that the victory ratio is still close to previous averages. However, we see that average kills and average damage has increased by a tangible amount, leading to an increase in EXP granted. This change may not be monumental, but it indicates the superiority of HEAT shells. But of course, this is already known. What is more significant to this experiment is the flow of ration tickets when commissioning HEAT shells. It can be seen that a commander using a moderate average of 3.9 HEAT shells per battle on a SU-26/122 may approximately break even in terms of rations produced and expended. If using a Premium Economics Policy, one may even collect a fair sum of ration tickets to be used in the noble struggle against the enemies of the Union. HOWEVER, once these precious HEAT shells return to normal rationing standards, to use them in combat at the same rate will result in a severe loss of rations. Even when using Premium, one still loses out slightly. This may only apply to the SU-26/122, but we anticipate similar results if such experiments are repeated on other tanks. We warn all tankers to be cautious in their usage of HEAT shells; these revered objects take hours of labour from our comrades in the factories to produce and come at great costs. The standards of combat have not changed, and all tankers are still expected to utilize their standard ammunition effectively and only turn to golden shells in dire emergencies. For the SU-26/122, this means situations against heavily armoured Tier 6 tanks, or engagements at extremely short ranges (AKA "TD mode"), or any other such need. To spam them without discretion will actually result in many misses, 0-damage criticals, and a resulting deficit of rations; any capitalists who still insist on spamming as such will dig their own graves in debt. Comrades, be sure to also learn about the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: As well as Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: And the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  8. As the oppressing sun sets on the Second Campaign, so rose the mighty Failowe from its restless slumber. ~ A great sigh of relief could be heard by every unicorn when the end of the Second Campaign came to be. Too many had suffered bitterly in the clash of the Browser Wars; diplomats negotiated for days at a time over which clam chips what, accountants worked through many endless nights to balance their spreadsheets, and there was unrest even amongst the soldiers themselves as they squabbled over e-fame. Entire clams were forced to land and commit map sudoku each night, jumping like seals through hoops for the amusement of the cruel and fickle WarGods. More aggravating still was the sight of terribads farming mad goaldz on the sandbox map, when they normally could not even take two steps on the icy mountains of Greenland. But now that this plague is over, the scrubs will be wiped from the earth once more, and the unica can resume their usual schedule of righteous pub-clubbing crusades. Not all were satisfied, however... There exists groups of unicorn extremists who, furious at the lack of tears shed during the Campaign, demanded further drama and e-rage even after the Browser Wars ended. "Abuse the scrubs!", they cried, "Terrorize them, and let them pour out endless streams of delicious nourishment for us to harvest!". Fuelled by their lust for pubbie eye-excrement, the unica gathered to plot against these scrub-clams, who were to enjoy the Campaign's bounty no longer. On the night of the Campaign's end, seven thousand two hundred and one pubs were brought to the dark retreats of Murovanka Woods. There, the sacrifices were beaten mercilessly on their posteriors by shells of pure gold, and their many tears were deftly collected. With this holy water, a ritual square was drawn on the muddy ground. Thereupon the unicorn fanatics tapped into forbidden magicks to raise a monstrosity capable of causing butthurt beyond measure: the great Failowe - lord of all boxes. Thus was born the school of Failowesophy, created in the name of causing great madness to baddies everywhere. It is said that those who accept the teachings and follow in the glorious treads of the Failowe will know true ascension, but only if they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. For it is known, that to maximize the output of jealous agony from the pubbie masses, one must drive an incarnation of the Failowe, and in ritual sacrifice, self-destruct. A build-up to this moment is permitted, as baiting pubbies with VK7201 codes, spinning in circles on the cap, or the like, but the true prestige comes only in e-honurable sudoku. An excerpt from a Failowesophic sermon states the following, "True it may be that, written in the ancient unicorn texts, unicorn blood is sacred and is never to be shed. Thus, the rightful method of death is only through drowning. Fear not the pain of suffocation, but embrace it as a symbolic representation of launching oneself into a pool of pubbie tears. A remark, however, that the followers of Failowe are unlike those who are deceived by the blasphemy of M60_Jesus. Such fools attempt to drive on the water, rejecting its scrumptious influence, while those who know the light of the Failowe will accept the water's offerings with pride and glory." M60_Jesus, or M60_Potato? Already, fierce competition has erupted between those who follow M60_Jesus and those who follow Failowe. There are rumours of M60s who are prepared to interfere with the Failowe's initial rise to power, but fortunately, it is the pub-scrubs who are taking most of the collateral damage. Both factions seek to extract the most trolls, tears, rage, buttmad, reports for unfair play, etc. from pubbies, while the rest of the unicorn population watches on for the much needed and very enjoyable drama. So far no blows have been struck, but the question remains: when will the Failowes begin their count-ins?
  9. We defended our Motherland with our steel chests; we will give the enemy what they deserve! http://youtu.be/5cE_TtRqRLs ☭ Comrade tankers, As we smash through stronghold after stronghold and push the fascist menace further and further from the Motherland, its death throes grow ever desperate. From the Maus to the E-100, the AwfulPanther to the Failowe, experiment after experiment have the wehraboos tried to create the ultimate fantasy weapon, but every attempt has led to utter failure. Waves upon waves of mismatched and mutated tanks have they thrown at our doorstep, yet each was stopped by the will of people, the power of our guns, and the enemy's own mechanical failures. Still they persist in their machinations, for we have received news that they prepare to unleash another wave of abominations upon us. Our brave partisans, our peasant-patriots operating behind enemy lines, have intercepted a top-priority message from the fascist high-command. Led by commissar MAI_WAIFUTRAGER_E_100, our accountants were able to easily crack the primitive code that is the German enigma. By now, it is so exceedingly obvious that the enemy's creativity is without bounds, for they have hastily thrown together yet another tank resembling a rectangular prism, that which they call the Waifutiger Of E-100. In their insanity, the Nazis believe that this so-called wunderbox would turn the tide of the Great Patriotic War, but by the leadership of the Party we will prove them wrong once more! For as we held the barricades of Leningrad from these barbaric invaders, so too will we repel this threat to the Soviet Union! The contents of the intercepted message are disclosed below, in its unaltered form. Viewing is currently reserved only for Stavka, and for officers within the Ministry of War who are granted authorization levels of three stars or more. A revised version may be released to the general public, after careful review to remove the treacherous lies and hateful ideals of the fascist propaganda machine. The message is as follows: "...our latest development in süperior German engineering, ze Waffentrager auf E-100, has successfully passed its first live field test at ze Ardennes, where two Waffentragers engaged and annihilated a platoon of zree American T110E5, ze best of zeir primitive kartoffeln. All reports indicate zat ze battle was met at over 9000 metres, and resulted in utter defeat for ze Americans in a mere ten seconds, wiz zero damage inflicted on our prototypes. Doubtless it was zat ze enemy never even spotted our Waffentrager, for by our iron fists zey were eradicated before zey could hope to respond! JA JA JA JA JA JA JA JA! It is now clear zat zis überpowered vehicle has been properly calibrated, balanced, and is ready for release. Zerefore, ze Führer orders zat all Kruppe, Porche, and Henschel mechanical works be re-tooled for ze mass-production of ze Waffentrager hull and turrets. However, as of today, ze vehicle is in very limited numbers and is only to be assigned to ze über-elite Spicy Sauerkraut troops. It is recommended zat zey be familiarized wiz ze Waffentrager as soon as possible; field manuals and colouring books will be provided wiz ze next shipment. Even a cursory glance can reveal zat ze Waffentrager boasts ze most high-quality optics known to ünicum-kind, allowing us to observe our pitifül prey from afar. Next, ze smoozly-built and well-lübricated gun-laying drive, coupled wiz inherently süperior German accuracy and a fast loading six-shot clip, allows us to effectively engage and surprise ze enemy at range. Such unparalleled comfort allows us to more easily eüthanize all of ze scrubbies in our way, and if it is ze dying wish of ze bads to compensate for zeir inferiority wiz more quantity, zen let zem all be mowed down in zeir fruitless rushes against ze Fatherland! Notice, during ze recent live test, only one breakdown in transmission was observed, a whole 100% improvement from previous tests; such is ze evidence of süperior German engineering! Furzermore, even during a mechanical breakdown, ze Waffentrager needs not move from ze nearest bush to destroy ze oncoming hordes of bads; for unlike ze unruly pubbie masses, our prim and proper tanks need not participate in vulgar brawling to achieve ze victory. Neverzeless, because our tanks can do everyzing better, ze Waffentrager can wreck ze American faces boz near and far! To furzer ze strength of ze Waffentrager, such firepower is mounted on a fülly operational türret; ze last sight our enemies shall ever behold is ze versatility of 420 degrees of rotation! However, it is düly noted zat despite such an engineering marvel, all of our designers insist zat ze turret armour cannot possibly be any heavier for fear of jamming ze türret. No matter, for as explained so eloquently above, ze Waffentrager can halt any advance from afar wizout ze slightest retaliation, and while ze lean turret armour does leave ze vehicle vülnerable to an aerial attack, ze power of ze legendary Lüftwaffe will protect us; for as effortlessly as ze eagle plucks a pigeon from ze skies, so shall our pilots hunt down any opposition! Orbital cannon as well are a non-issüe, for ze international Treaty of Nerfarty has effectively neütered most orbital cannon. Never shall ze filzy, mortal hands of ze 44% clickers scaze our invincible Waffentrager! Achtung! For its magestic size, ze Waffentrager consümes a high amount of fuel, ze very life blood of our mechanized forces. Ze safeguarding of zis valüable resource is left in ze capable hands of our Afrika Corps, who even now rebüke ze British from Tobrük for ze 5th time in a row, and will soon drive zese English dogs back to zeir ocean cage! Zen, we can cleanse from Afrika all of ze unworzy sand-clan, and claim ze valüable oil zat rightfully belongs to Deütschland! In addition, plans are in motion to explore ze frigid north, where we may also tap into ze oil reserves trapped under ze arctic. Ze preparation of ze historically-accurate viking expedition to Grönland is already underway, and we shall eradicate also ze pazetic snow-clan to farm more precious oil in ze name of our Fatherland. Such a move is an essential necessity to maintain ze long-term fünctionality of ze Axis war machine - failure here will not be tolerated! Finally, yet equally important, we must ensure ze stability of our war economy. Our reichsmarks are spread zin across four fronts, so it is imperative zat we use our resources effectively. During our tests of ze Waffentrager, extensive data was collected on ze operational costs of ze vehicle, inclüding ze cost of shells, vehicle repairs, and plenty of beer for ze crew. We see zat ze price of maintaining such a beast is considerably higher zan ze upkeep of a dozen Panzer IV combined, but it is our belief zat even a few süperior Waffentrager will be enough to triümph over ze waves of scrublords. Below are disclosed all of ze Waffentrager economical data, to be browsed at leisure: Indeed ze Waffetrager demands much care, but remains wholly feasible to operate, and will be integrated into ze mechanized army as soon as possible. It is clear, however, zat zrough ze Impüre Economics Solütion we suffer an unnecessarily large loss in our national treasury. Ze integrety of our country demands ze implementation of ze Aryan Economics Solütion to help recover ze expenditures of war! It is trüly tragic zat zis terrible plague is upon ze Fatherland, for zere are yet insolent pubbies living amongst us, restricting our ünicum performance and leeching our winrate bonuses wizout remorse. It must be ze düty of all ünicorn to weed out zeze bads, flush zem out from every hole zey hide, and cleanse zeir tainting presence from ze world. If ze eXtreme Vanity Monitor detects a scrublord, it is up to ze süperior race to immediately call out ze baddie, sperg upon zeir lack of intelligence, abüse zem as slave meatshields, and finally eüthanize zem to improve ze pürity of ze playerbase. Such a strict policy may seem cruel only to ze rüdimentary mind, but only zen can ze ünica floürish forevermore; only zen can Deütschland prosper wizout bounds! And now, wiz ze Waffentrager prepared and wiz ze American kartoffeln in füll retreat, we shall turn to ze East once more and continüe our siege against Moscow wiz renewed vigour. Defeat after defeat have we suffered at ze hands of ze Soviets, but are we to stand for such shame and hümiliation? Nein! It is time to show zese scrub-hümans zat ze finest sons of Germany can fight! Zis time, wiz no üntermensch to sabotage our flawless genius, we shall crush ze inferior slavic hordes and bring Russia down to her knees! By summer's end, all of Stalin's kommunistin will bow down before ze might of ze Wehrmacht! Finally, wiz ze success of ze Waffentrager, we can focüs on ze next generation of tanks. Even now, a yet more powerfül weapon is in ze works, for ze Führer has auzorized ze construction of ze first Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte prototype (*drinks*). Winning ze land war zen will be trivial, and we can march on to ze whole world and spread ze seeds of ünicorn civilization, reclaiming ze lands from ze pubbie masses. And wiz our enemies ünder ze heels of our boots, Germany will rightfully rise to ze top as ze one global süperpower: Deütschland über alles!..." Such are the silly fantasies of the fascistskiy, and if they are to take such delusions with them to the grave then so be it; the denial, the ignorance, and the arrogance of these vermin will be their own downfall. After extended analysis of the Waifutiger, we have determined that it indeed has an excessively overpowered and overpriced APCR round that could potentially pose a threat to the latest tanks of our Stalin series. However, we need neither waste the glory of the Stalin-4 nor the Stalin-7 to counter this new box-tank, when the Red Army's arsenal offers several other, more efficient, options. We demand from each only according to their ability, and in this matter our heavy tanks can be moved elsewhere to better serve our Motherland. http://youtu.be/HK2lNuiD7gM Firstly, the thin armour and deployment strategy of the Waifutiger closely resembles that of fascistskiy artillery, those pigs who cower at the back of the battlefield and fire without daring to show their hideous faces. They are sluggish to move, and pathetic in fighting up close when it counts. Upon such vile creatures we can unleash a company of BT-7 - light tanks of the Soviet Union. Against unprotected emplacements can we strike mercilessly and without warning, slaughtering the enemy like sheep before they can react. Quick and inexpensive to manufacture, our bystrokhodny tanks are our first defence against overextended and overconfident Waifutigers, who will learn to fear the thunderous charge of Red Cavalry! Secondly, against Waifutigers with support from lesser boxes, we resort to the T-34 - our mainline tanks and the backbone of the Red Army. By now it is well known that the T-34's technologically advanced sloped armour can bounce most any shell from regular fascist box-tanks, and thus we can shrug off the weaker boxes and surge forward to obliterate the Waifutigers before cleaning up any filth that may remain behind. Efficient Soviet industrial power and countless volunteers allow us to field the T-34 without limitation, everywhere across the front. Driven forward by the united cries of the workers, it will be the common tank of the people that carries the Red Banner from victory to victory! Finally, the Waifutiger's open hull is a lethal liability during the legendary Russian winter. So confident are the fascistskiy in taking Moscow by summer's end that they fail to provide for their own soldiers, repeating their past mistakes and again underestimating the sting of our harsh arctic blizzards. Any step they take into Mother Russia will be a step unto their own demise. Once the snow starts falling, the fascist box-tanks will be all but frozen, unable to ignite their gasoline engines, and unable to rotate that precious 420 degree turret. Then, with our victory at hand, we will lead the enemy to a crushing and humiliating defeat! Down from the skies will their aircraft fall, into the ground will their box-tanks crash. Over and over will we strike the enemy, from the left, from the right, to the East? To the West! Their black wings dare not fly over us; across our fields will they never tread. When the Waifutiger is no more, we will retake the offensive and press onwards to Berlin, to drive a shell of crimson into the the black heart of their wretched Reich. By the strength of the workers' hands, let us build a steel coffin for the murderous fascistskiy - the scum of humanity! --- Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Including the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Not forgetting the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  10. Study helps labour. ☭ Comrade tankers, Our eyes behind enemy lines have confirmed that fascist machinations have led to a new tank-destroyer variant of box-tank, which they strangely call the "WaiFuTrager E-100". Such a tank has already been fielded against the Western front, resulting in heavy initial losses for the capitalist potato-tanks. All things considered, it does not take much effort to mash a potato, but various reports do indicate that the WFT carries "an operational 420 degree turret; a gun with laser, radar, and infrared guided targeting; an autoloader that can drop six shells in 10 seconds, APCR that can penetrate anything by autoaiming, speed that matches that of the Stalin-3, invisibility enhanced by German brick-style camouflage", and, most outrageous of all, "420 units of view range". Obviously, such exaggerated claims are the work of the fascist propaganda machine, but nevertheless it is our duty to study this new threat and formulate the most efficient countermeasures to not only deal with it, but fully eradicate it in the name of the great and everlasting party. Due to the fact that the WFT has not yet been fielded on the Eastern front, acquiring a live sample is highly impractical. The only other option then is to acquire documents containing information in relation to the WFT such that we may analyze this new development. These documents are likely well-hidden behind German-occupied territory, and thus the Motherland calls upon her faithful partisans, the people's peasant-patriots operating behind enemy lines, to intercept or steal this vital information, and send it back to Soviet high command for review. Such confidence we have that the experimental WFT will be a miserable flop, that we require the documents to have been written by the best of the fascist box-ers. Let them show us the best that this abomination can do! Thus the sample should come from fascist unicorns of high stats, optimal equipment, and professional box-crew, so that we may see the greatest extent of success, or, more likely, failure, that the WFT is capable of. It is well known that unicorns usually venture in platoons, so a sample with platooning would be considered acceptable. The sensitive secrets we seek must follow a standardized format, similar to the figure shown below: [sAMPLE] For good science, the sample size should be a minimum of about 20 to 30 trials. As the WFT is, technically, if not practically, a Tier 10 tank-of-the-line, we expect that information regarding "Top Tier" be replaced with other such data as "Number of Orbital Cannon". Ammunition data may vary depending on the type used, and optionally we may find data on the expenditure of consumables e.g. the excessive consumption of beer-flavoured chocolate. To prove that the data is not a fascist forgery in an attempt to deceive their own wavering soldiers, the document should come with full combat footage and end-of-battle records. It is recommended also to include before and after records of overall stats. With such intelligence in hand, the Union's unrelenting stat-pad scientists will be able to evaluate the weaknesses and, if any, strengths of this box-tank. Afterwards, the Ministry of War will issue the official verdict and send a report to Stavka, whose genius and leadership will form a stratagem to annihilate this threat against the working public. The partisan groups who obtain this critical data, by any means necessary, would rightfully earn themselves the titles, "Hero of the Soviet Union", and their names will live in the legends of folk tale forevermore. Volunteers of the Red Army, enlist now!
  11. ☭ Comrade tankers, As part of our five year plan, we have begun fielding the new SU-152/152 to enhance the destruction of our hapless foes during our glorious campaign. This new beast killer is the pinnacle of Soviet Tank Destroyer Doctrine: if gun does not work, use more gun. Through the selfless toil of the Union's innovative tank engineers, we have successfully mounted an unstoppable 152mm gun on to a mobile chassis, allowing us to quickly deploy such weapons anywhere on the front. Combat experience indicates that the blast from the SU-152/152's mighty 152mm cannon can easily rip the turret off of any fascist Tiger tank. In addition, since the resolution of the Gold Shell Revolution, we have received multiple shipments of 152mm HEAT shells to enhance the gutting of such lemmings. Following the righteous path of the Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study, we have conducted analysis on the effectiveness and efficiency of using the SU-152/152's HEAT shells on a regular basis in our day-to-day stompings. Once again, we have created accurate economic and combat records detailing the progress of 30 battles to observe the tank's performance and economic characteristics. The goal is to determine how often such great weapons may be used without incurring penalties on our vital silver ration tickets. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. To avoid lowly accusations of forging information on combat records, we have provided undeniable evidence to support the authenticity of this experiment and any observations drawn from it. Original uncut battle scenes of the SU-152/152 in glorious action have been authorized by the Party to be released to the general public, accompanied by unmodified copies of real combat records written directly by the tankers themselves. The evidence generously provided to us makes this experiment's credibility beyond question. Full Replays of glorious SU-152/152 in action: http://www.mediafire...xly7gbqlo9y17ff End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...cdvw6mdec8uu88z Now, onwards to the study! The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - where the People's Glorious Expeditionary Force boldly march forward to face conditions unknown. >SU-152/152 is armed with 16 HE shells and 10 HEAT shells. >Our original shipment of HEAT shells were acquired at half price: 2400 silver ration tickets. Partway through the experiment we ordered additional shipments at full price after each battle. >Partway through the battles, our ration of Premium Economics Policy had expired. However, we account for the flow of ration tickets and experience for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies in all our battles, so this should not affect any results in the experiment. >HEAT shells were generally used as the primary shell of choice to maximize destruction of hostile capitalists. The SU-152/152's characteristics favour fearless aggression in urban environments. Close range shots are favoured for higher accuracy using HEAT, while HE shells are more effective for splashing enemies at longer ranges and avoiding 0-damage track shots. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: As we have just begun deploying SU-152/152's on to the battlefield, no past performance records exist. Instead, these are the records taken after the experiment and include all actions so far: The few extra battles are from field-testing and for assisting in crew orientation prior to beginning the official experiment. We can observe the performance of the SU-152/152 when using HEAT. Likewise with the SU-26/122, arming HEAT does NOT guarantee an utter rout of enemy pubs, and once again we are foiled in our attempts to achieve the legendary 100% victory ratio. Damage inflicted upon our enemies is high, comparable to our T-44/100 and almost as high as our IS-3/122, both of which are classified as Tier 8 tanks. However, without records of SU-152/152's performance without HEAT shells, we cannot definitely conclude quite how much HEAT contributes to our heroic battle efforts. Of course, it is strongly believed that HEAT does indeed drastically improve performance by allowing for alpha damage nearing that of the theoretical damage of our prototype ISU-152/152, which is currently in development. In addition, the public is encouraged to keep in mind that the 152mm cannon is a stock weapon for the SU-152 chassis. Such a high output of pain upon our enemies is highly likely to be attributed to the usage of HEAT, while we research additional alternative weapons for the SU-152. Now as to the main goal of this experiment: the expenditure of silver ration tickets when using HEAT shells. We can observe that using an average of 3.73 HEAT shells per battle is 100% sustainable for a SU-152/152 pilot if the shells were acquired at a discount. Furthermore, activating a Premium Economics Policy under these conditions allows for a strong gain of material to further the progress of the Soviet war effort. On the other hand, if the HEAT shells were commissioned at standard prices, we may find a moderate deficit in rations if continuing this pattern under a Standard Economics Policy. However, a Premium Economics Policy continues to allow sustainability in utilizing these weapons of mass destruction, and even allows for a moderate gain in silver ration tickets! Those under Standard Economics Policies must learn to use the standard HE rations well and conserve HEAT shells to avoid losses, but glory be to those who have been granted a Premium Economics Policy by the great and everlasting Party, for it allows us to perpetually smite the enemies of our Motherland! Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: And the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  12. In five easy steps: 1. Find someone named "Bombing_IRAQ". 2. State, "Reported for offensive name." 3. State, "Bombing our home country." 4. Prepare for shitstorm. 5. Profit. Replay evidence of superior success: http://www.mediafire.com/?ksm670q7gob9l0m Conclusion: Next time you want a pubbie's attention, make reference to bombing Iraq. "If only pubbies reacted this strongly to tactical advice."
  13. Read and bump the original post here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/251007-russian-time-travelling-hacks-all-the-garages/ ☭Comrade tankers, we face a time of great change: when whackamoles have been whacked, when Tier 5 HEAT derpers receive a derping, and when accuracy mechanics now mean that you can actually hit a weakspot if you aim for it. As we move forward from the 8.6 Revolution, we understand that there are those amongst us who have become nostalgic, who yearn for the good old days when shots flew outside the reticule, when M4 potato-platoons could carry 99% of the time, and especially when arty can whack a unicorn waltzing at 50km/h. It is those tankers for whom we call our unicorn time travel haxes for, as we race back into the past to retrieve copies of garages that have come and gone. It is our hopes that such memorabilia will bring all our comrades to accept the ever-progressing present, such that we may further develop enhanced agricultural methods for the harvest of arty tears together. Exhibit A - Unicum Exhibit B - Unicorn Know the difference. With the destruction of the pubbies' last bastion of hope, there is now nothing that can withstand the power of the unicorns. E-75s become invincible when using tactics such as the so-called sidescrape. BatChats may flex and deliver whole clips without being LOLoneshot from low orbit. Even the M46 potato can abuse terrain and take hulldown positions fearlessly. And of course, the T-54 can do everything better because it is Russian. Waves upon waves of purple platoons now ravage this World of Tanks, ripping apart the scrublets left and right, up and down, upside down and through the rear for extra butt-hurt. The eternal sea of red grows more crimson with each passing hour as it becomes flooded with the blood of infantile seals, whose despairing death throes can be heard from coast to coast. Join us then in savouring old memories, and creating new ones, as we transcend from the Unicorn Era to the Age of Alicorns! Hint: Click on ALL the spoilers for more text. New year garage: Apr 12 anniversary garage: Apr 26 Asian garage: May 1 potato garage: May 9 Soviet garage: (Self-sealing posts and no image limit? Best forum ever!) July 4 celebration garage: My Little Pony garage: Notice: Having travelled through the space-time continuum, the garages may be slightly altered from their original forms. InStalination Instructions: Unpack contents of .rar file into the res_mods/[game version] folder. The appropriate directories have already been generated, assuming that the folders do not exist already. If switching between garages, delete all components of the previous garage before inStalination. Failure to do so may cause inexplicable side effects which may or may not be desirable. It only takes Five Year minutes! Good Soviet tankists should also read these: http://forum.worldof...ous_exposition/ "But comrade commissar, does it come with the Russian music too?" Of course, you silly conscript! "And and and... what about the ponies?" Friendship is Magic! "Does it even include the pony voices?" Right here, comrade! Free free to discuss how these garages affect your gameplay.
  14. Quantity is a quality all on its own. ☭ Comrade tankers, Welcome to the new era of Russian industrialism! Witness our glorious factories as they labour furiously to build endless columns of our new T-54/100 main battle tanks! The true symbol of Soviet mass production, these technologically-advanced machines boast 120mm of sleek, sloped frontal armour, the highest ever known to exist on any medium tanks of the line. Coupled with improved stabilizers in addition to a strong and reliable engine to match the heroism of the Union's working public, the T-54/100 is able to shatter the limits of Soviet Aggressive doctrine, forging more surprising and more daring tactics to utilize on the battlefield. An innovative D-10T2C 100mm cannon with the ability to arm HEAT shells allows the T-54/100 to not only bend swiftly like the Sickle to accommodate the flow of battle, but also strike boldly like the Hammer when the opportunity presents itself. To fulfill the great responsibility of a true main battle tank, the T-54/100 can spearhead a glorious charge against enemies of the Republic, but can also carry out its patriotic duty to defend the Soviet Motherland. Its improved hemisphere turret configuration offers up to 200mm of resilient, rounded steel proven to bounce any capitalist shell. A single determined, hull-down T-54/100 could withstand an entire company of fascist panzers to protect the well-being of the people. Yet beyond all these qualities is the T-54's quantity; a simple and refined design saves precious material and allows production levels to be at an all-time high. Unlike the clumsy and obsolete Tiger tanks, the T-54/100 can exist on all fronts, anywhere, at any time. Behold, as legions upon legions of T-54s crush our hapless foes beneath the treads of Soviet power supreme! Such a brilliant and unparalleled construct has already been exported to many of our comrades across the globe as the unbreakable Union of Soviet Socialist Republics spreads its influence worldwide! As part of the intense trials for the T-54/100, the economic sustainability of Russian 100mm HEAT shells have been evaluated. Compared to standard AP ammunition, which in itself is already highly satisfactory, HEAT shells offer a much more potent penetration ability in exchange for larger sums of silver ration tickets. It can frontally devastate any armoured vehicle in existence, but the effort put into producing HEAT shells is approximately twice or three times as much as demanded by standard AP. Through our gold economics study program, we aim to find how often such shells may be used and under what circumstances can a capitalistic deficit be prevented. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Following program regulations, we hereby grant the general public access to 30 recordings of T-54/100 No. 811 fighting on the battlefield, in addition to authenticated post-battle statistics records released by the people's Party. Full Replays of glorious T-54/100 in action: http://www.mediafire...bq1i24p05ide229 End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...abd56dmxyearyj5 And now we proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - we all know the power of multiple T-54s in a collective, but can it stand the test of individuality? >T-54/100 is armed with 26 AP, 20 HEAT, 4 HE shells. >HEAT shells were previously commissioned at half price: 2000 silver ration tickets each. No records of ordering additional shipments are shown during this experiment. >All HE shells fired were considered to be AP shells for efficiency in recording; the price difference of 60 silver ration tickets is negligible. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: The values of which can be compared to previous overall records of the T-54/100, including many platoons plus a few battles in which HEAT was used. Previous averages: >69% victory. >1.57 targets destroyed per battle. >2100.83 damage points inflicted. >722 average EXP points awarded. New averages with gold shells: >70% victory. >1.67 targets destroyed per battle. >2797.67 damage points inflicted. >748.30 average EXP points awarded. Despite the courageous efforts of our tank crews, we are once again unable to attain the 100% winrate. However, our accomplishments do not go unnoticed; the Union is proud to say that a single T-54/100 was able to achieve a 70% victory ratio against our enemies! Assisted by the worker's mighty HEAT shells, damage levels have significantly been boosted, with another noticeable improvement to targets destroyed and EXP generated. If but a single T-54/100 can ravage the enemy so, how shall they respond to a platoon, or an entire company?! Nationalism will bring us victory! In relation to the economics of HEAT shells, we find that it is difficult to sustain. Using approximately equal amounts of AP and HEAT shells, a Standard Economics Policy will result in a small loss of ration tickets even if using shells acquired at half price. A Premium Economics Policy could allow a moderate gain when using half-priced shells, but would still result in a small loss if using shells at the full price of 4000 silver ration tickets. A Standard Economics Policy combined with full-priced shells would result in a severe loss of material. However, it is still possible to perpetually field a T-54/100 with HEAT shells through careful negotiations with munitions factories combined with the Party's favour. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to acquire a Party-sponsored Premium tank to generate sufficient silver ration tickets to fuel the T-54. Having succeeded either of those, prepare to crush the enemy! Notes: Below are the overall T-54 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: One glorious battle is exceptionally noted - battle trial No. 28: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  15. Artillerymen, Stalin has given us the order! Artillerymen, the Union calls us forth! ☭ Comrade tankers, In response to the sudden influx of fascist and capitalist artillery, the great and everlasting Party has issued an increased ration production policy for all S-51 and SU-14 Soviet artillery models. Normally used to shatter enemy infantry rushes, examples of which include the heroic defence of the iron gates of Moscow, artillery have now been found to be obscenely effective against armoured vehicles at any range. Our study revolves around the S-51/203, the mobile heavy weapons platform of the USSR, carrying a massive 203mm cannon to flatten any fortification or tank that dares stall the advance of the Red Army. The brutal destruction of this redoubtable weapon is only offset by a relatively long reload period, but when it fires, the 203mm shell wrecks anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its fiery blast. With improved premium HE shells supplied by the workers' Gold Shell Revolution, the S-51/203 can mitigate even the seemingly random accuracy found on any artillery platform in existence. Furthermore, its shells are so heavy that they defy the laws of gravity and fall so quickly that they are still able to hit any moving target with little effort; this scientific phenomenon remains unsolved to this day, though tank developers in Belarus may have a lead in this ongoing investigation. The S-51/203 has been so effective at utterly stomping even the enemy's elite forces and rubbing humiliation in their faces that tank crews on both sides have been known to give the S-51/203 endearing nicknames such as the Unicorn of Marx, Lenin's Middle Finger, and Stalin's Big [censored]. Wow hot: Advances in the field of artillery have also been of interest for the Soviet Space Program. XVM services provided by Russian satellites are among the most valuable tools of any artillerist. Slaying any fascist-capitalist unicorns on the battlefield will doubtlessly leave the remaining pubbies to run around in circles like bloody headless chickens. It is an acknowledged fact that Wittmann's Tiger tank was destroyed by a S-51/203 stationed in Minsk, which sat idling in a bush for 8 straight days before it fired a single shell into low orbit. 11 seconds and two revolutions around the Earth later, the shell landed perfectly on Wittmann's turret. Most sources agree that the shell penetrated completely and the tank was immediately ended via ammo rack, but some claim that the shell did not go through, instead exploding on the outside and causing minor splash damage. However, the tank's engine still managed to miraculously catch on fire and the ammo rack blew up anyways. Such devastating potential has increased Party funding into the Sputnik Program as well as initiating the Soyuz Program, with future plans for the Luna Program. We have the highest hopes that the Russian Republics will soon be able to achieve complete domination in orbital weaponry. Even before such dreams are realized, the S-51/203 is already a very unique ground-based weapon. The Soviet T-34 main battle tank is indeed efficient in production and operation, and it is known that such machines are so simple to drive that any conscript rifleman pulled off of the battlefield can do it. Unfortunately, the gun itself must be operated by a trained tank commander. Not so with the S-51! In fact, the opposite is true. The Voroshilov hull is difficult to drive, and it takes much straineous effort to engage the engine. It is tiring labour enough to bring the S-51 into the nearest bush. However, once deployed, manning the gun is child's play. The brilliantly designed interface offers a clearer view of the battlefield than that of an Ilyushin-2 ground attack plane. Aiming is unnecessary due to the unstoppable power of the 203mm shells; simply lobbing one in the general direction of the enemy will suffice. A conscript could aim the gun with one hand while drinking a bottle of vodka out of the other; truly, the S-51 is one of the only vehicles that can be operated in such a manner! As such, there has never been a training program for the S-51 and other artillery models. The guns are brought straight to the frontlines and are put to use by a few brave but wounded comrades from the infantry corps. If only artillery were as easy to mass-produce as T-34s, the final victory would be ours within a week! The power of standard 203mm HE shells is already felt by all our foes, but a Soviet Space Program-funded study has been done to fully measure the sustainability of premium HE shells in an effort to maximize firepower from our artillery. S-51/203 No. 811 was ordered to carry out the study, and as always we will provide full access to recordings of our success, as well as post-battle statistics for our many number-crunching comrades. Full Replays of glorious S-51 in action: http://www.mediafire...0uu1e9dg1mwimr3 End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...2b2wqrbvjbhdc3f And now we proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >21 battles of Solo Pub - where we sit back, relax, one-shot unicorns, then proceed to lose. >S-51/203 is armed with 11 premium HE shells and 1 AP shell. >Premium shells were all rationed beforehand at half-price, but calculations at full price are included. >Battles 1-15 were done during the 50% bonus event. Battle 21 was (accidentally) done with a Premium Economics Policy. All calculations for all Policies are shown regardless. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: Previous records for the S-51 are included here: There is no need to speak of silly things as stats; like Russian Roulette (but with 203mm shells), it is all luck. However, in terms of economics, we see that it is actually possible to use ALL PREMIUM HE SHELLS AND NOT LOSE RATIONS if we purchase our shells at half-rations and then proceed to gain a Premium Economics Policy, or fight during a Party-sponsored event. Oh, Artillery Commissar Garbad would be so proud! However, if we purchase shells at full price, no matter the generosity of the Premium Economics Policy, we would incur an extremely capitalistic loss. Therefore, during the next half-ration event, we must all stockpile thousands of premium HE shells and slay all the fascist unicorns!!! Notes: AP was never actually used for its niche purpose of TD-ing, so it is not recommended to load AP. However, masters of Russian Roulette may try using AP at long range for either total waste or total RAGE. Below are the overall S-51 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: One very rare artillery teamdrag is noted - battle trial No. 3: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Including the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  16. ☭ Comrade tankers, Today, we continue with our groundbreaking studies on the economics of gold shells with the KV-1 breakthrough tank, which is named after the people's Commissar Kliment Voroshilov. First, we would like to clarify common misconceptions about the name. Comrade Voroshilov is not the same person as Comrade Molotov, the same with how Comrade Stalin is not the same person as Comrade Lenin, even though their names end with the same sound. Voroshilov is the Soviet defense commissar. Molotov is the Soviet diplomatic officer. They are both famous names, as Voroshilov commands the KV tanks, and it is said that Molotov invented the Molotov cocktail. Folk tales describe how Molotov created his cocktail by accident a long time ago during a hypothetical meeting with the Germans regarding a mythical document called the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Much partying business took place during the meeting, and Molotov somehow became so intoxicated that he mistook a bottle of vodka for a giant cigarette and tried to light it. The alcohol outside the leaky bottle caught fire and Molotov immediately recognized his mistake. The part about the burning sensation on his hands certainly helped quite a bit to waken him. Molotov instinctively threw the burning bottle away, and it hit and shattered upon a table full of signed documents. The burning alcohol immediately incinerated all the contents of the table. Unfortunately, included among the destroyed documents was the one and only original copy of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The meeting promptly ended after that. With the Pact destroyed, Germany saw this as a "fair" opportunity to launch an invasion on Mother Russia, thus opening the Eastern Front. Of course, the validity of this tale is questionable, since we would never negotiate with the fascists in the first place, for it is known that we have always been at war with them since the very beginning. Nevertheless, the name Molotov stuck with weapons involving flammable liquids in a bottle. Anyways, the focus of this study is the KV-1 heavy tank. When the Pride of Voroshilov was first fielded, there was no fascist or capitalist tank in existence that could penetrate its invincible armour. Soviet engineers designed it as a breakthrough tank to lead the way to victory. The bullets and shells that may leech the lives of our comrades in the infantry corps cannot hope to damage the Voroshilov tank. What may kill others is but a scratch upon the hull of the KV-1. Countless times have this noble machine lighted our righteous path with the burning wrecks of enemy tanks and bunkers alike. Though initially armed with a tested-and-true 76mm cannon, various other weapons were experimented with. One promising success was a short-barreled 122mm cannon designed to fire high-caliber high-explosive shells, which was very fitting for a breakthrough tank. This weapon was a nightmare for fascist infantry and bunkers, but was not as reliable against later tank models. However, as the Great Patriotic War progressed, there was a pressing need for more mobile and versatile tanks capable of quickly adjusting to the flow of battle. Seeing this, the great and everlasting Party ordered the retooling of factories to produce additional T-34 series tanks. The Voroshilov series was eventually dropped and succeeded by the Iosif Stalin series. Despite this retirement, the KV-1 still remains a monument to the power of our Soviet might. Proof of Soviet superiority (*not within the 30 battles of the study); as we see, Comrade Kolobanov's medal has a KV-1 on it: As it is known, due to recent events, i.e. the Gold Shell Revolution, large surplusses of HEAT shells were distributed among all tank regiments. It was found that the remaining models of the KV-1 could be equipped with 122mm HEAT shells, and trials have indicated that such shells, despite being launched from a short-barreled cannon, are highly effective against most tanks due to the ability to fully penetrate armour and dealing full damage. In these days of fast tank-focused warfare, is it possible that the old Voroshilov series can be brought back to its former pride and glory? This experiment across 30 battles in the KV-1/122 aims to assess 1) the practicality of Russian 122mm HEAT shells in terms of combat capabilities against the fascists and capitalists hordes and 2) the economic sustainability of our valued silver ration tickets in using such a weapon. KV-1 HEAT shells were treated as standard AP shells and was thus the primary method of crushing our enemies. Like AP, HEAT relies entirely on armour penetration. Due to relatively poor accuracy, it was preferred to fearlessly engage the enemy at close ranges when possible, or use HE shells to splash hull down enemies or targets at longer ranges. But is it viable to fire shells in this manner without depleting the Union's silver ration tickets and entering debt like the capitalists? The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Prior to showing the results, we must first establish the credibility of this study. Authentic recordings of the KV-1 fighting fiercely on the frontlines have been de-classified and disclosed to the public. Furthermore, performance records and documents describing the disbursement of silver ration tickets have been released by the Party to further validate this experiment. Full Replays of glorious KV-1/122 in action: http://www.mediafire...e1xw12i4zfvz896 End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...unmh0bl5j6y2ey5 We may now proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - Comrade Voroshilov leads the way and shows the light of victory to random pubbies. >KV-1/122 is armed with 25 HE shells and 25 HEAT shells. >Our many crates of HEAT shells were already acquired beforehand at 2000 silver ration tickets each, thus there are no post-combat records of purchasing additional HEAT shells. >Some HE shells were already available, but were used partway through the experiment. Past some point there will be post-combat records of purchasing additional HE shells. >A Premium Economics Policy was active for the entire duration of the study, brought to us by the people's Party. However, we account for the flow of ration tickets and experience for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies in all our battles, so this should not affect any results in the experiment. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: These values may be compared to previous records of KV-1 performance, in which HEAT shells were not used. As we see, previous averages are thus: >61% victory. >1.63 targets destroyed per battle. >950.13 damage points inflicted. >508 average EXP points awarded. Compared to averages obtained with gold ammunition: >70% victory. >2.70 targets destroyed per battle. >1239.77 damage points inflicted. >647.27 average EXP points awarded. We can observe the changes in performance. Once again, arming HEAT does NOT guarantee insta-win against the hordes of pubs; once again the 100% victory ratio eludes us. However, from this sample we observe that win ratio has improved. Targets destroyed per battle has greatly improved, perhaps because of the high alpha damage of the 122mm HEAT shells, which increases chances for taking the killing shot upon an enemy tank. Damage per battle has also been improved, leading to an additional boost in EXP gained per battle. Clearly we can see that HEAT shells are very effective on the KV-1's 122mm cannon; without a doubt, the KV-1/122 is a very potent weapon. The Voroshilov is a tank to be revered by our comrades and feared by our foes! As for the economic side of HEAT shells, we find that if the shells were ordered at half price, we can perpetually use them to annihilate our enemies and generate a moderate income to fuel our Soviet war machines. If using a Premium Economics Policy, we may produce a strong income from our patriotic efforts. If the HEAT shells were obtained at full price, a small loss would occur, but of course this is because these shells are produced by the heroic labour of the working public of the Soviet Union and are highly valuable to the war effort. To maintain a moderate income, a Premium Economics Policy is required. Thus, to have Premium is to crush our enemies forevermore! Notes: Here are the overall KV-1 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: And here are unicorns: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  17. ☭ Comrade tankers, Today, we are not testing the merits of Soviet HEAT shells, but that of Soviet APCR shells. Our T-127/45 has entered the last stretch of its heroic journey to eternal glory in the Tanks' Hall of Fame. The T-127 is a relatively unknown tank made as a prototype for the T-50 light tank under the Soviet infantry tank experimental project. The concept of infantry tanks did not display much success and the project was superseded by the universal T-34 series, the legend of the Red Army's tank corps. With the T-50 project cancelled, all completed T-50 models were simply strapped with rocket boosters and made into reconnaissance vehicles. However, remaining T-127 prototypes were incompatible with such a conversion. Nevertheless, it was found that their sloped armour, similar to that of the famous T-34s, allowed the T-127 to remain a worthy combatant, at least in small scale battles at secondary frontlines. To encourage the efficient use of all available military resources, the great and everlasting Party bestowed the Premium Tank status upon all remaining T-127s, adding incentives for its operation through the generation of additional silver ration tickets and favoured combat deployment. T-127/45 No. 811 was sent to our regiment, and thus our path to victory began. To enhance victory ratios further, we have supplied APCR shells for the T-127's 45mm 20K cannon, the most reliable and widespread small-calibre cannon of the USSR. Like HEAT, APCR has strong armour penetrating abilities but shares damage mechanics with standard AP in that it requires full penetration to inflict damage, or none at all. Unlike HEAT, APCR also boasts a large normalization bonus against cheap imitations of authentic Soviet sloped armour technology. Though previously rare and impractical, the Gold Shell Revolution, in addition to full support from the people's Party, has made APCR shells much more commonplace to maintain equality for all comrades. For our T-127's last 24 missions to 301 total battles, we have evaluated the achievements of the tank in combat and the flow of ration tickets when using APCR shells. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. As always, we provide full evidence to prove the dependability of this study and any patterns we may see. The evidence comes in the tested-and-true format of live combat videos and post-battle records from the Party's historical archives. Full Replays of glorious T-127/45 in action: http://www.mediafire...6zy964l4cq5bflh End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...3u8j66opy8yukt8 We shall now proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >24 battles of Solo Pub - a breathtaking race to the finish as the T-127/45 pub-stomps and team-drags on its quest for glory and immortality. >T-127/45 is armed with 60 AP, 30 APCR, and 12 HE. Halfway through the study, we changed loadout to 62 AP, 32 APCR, and 8 HE because we never really use HE. >APCR shells were all acquired beforehand at half price: 400 silver ration tickets each; thus, no records of ordering additional shipments are shown during this experiment. >Any HE shells fired were considered to be AP shells for efficiency in recording as they are both valued at 14 silver ration tickets. However, we do not believe we have fired even a single HE shell during this study. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: These numbers may be compared to previous records of the T-127/45 in which APCR was not used. Previous averages: >71% victory. >2.58 targets destroyed per battle. >499.23 damage points inflicted. >496 average EXP points awarded. New averages with gold shells: >83.33% victory. >3.42 targets destroyed per battle. >619.92 damage points inflicted. >565.21 average EXP points awarded. It is such a pity that we were once again unable to grasp that alluring 100% winrate, though we would have come astoundingly close had it not been for that despicable 3-loss streak; a most shameful display. However, our great patriotic efforts have still brought us a very strong victory ratio, and with APCR shells we see that kill rates have been higher than ever before. Damage production, and thus EXP generation, have never been so great as it is now. The Soviet Union's well-crafted APCR ammunition allows us to frontally penetrate potato tanks such as the capitalist M3 Lame or more effectively slay the fascist Hetzers. Now, our enemies shall learn to fear the worker's mighty hand! As for the economic sustainability of APCR, we find that it is wholly feasible under any condition. The T-127/45's signature 45mm 20K cannon already has powerful AP shells capable of destroying most targets on its own, so APCR is not required all the time. Efficient Soviet manufacturing techniques also allow for inexpensive APCR shells that are easily accessible to all, and the Party's Premium Tank Policies allow for more than enough silver ration tickets to cover the expenditures of APCR. A Premium Economics Policy would almost double the net income of rations, but is not required for the everlasting destruction of our enemies. Praise be to the T-127 and the generosity of the people's great and everlasting Party! Notes: Here are the overall T-127 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: Maximum kills and EXP levels are greater than ever: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  18. While Stalin has shown us that faith in the people inspires us to action, to valourous deeds! ☭ Comrade tankers, To maintain our ever-rising Sovietskiy economy and the steadfast expansion of the ideals of comrade Marx, the people of our working republic have introduced the newest model of the Iosif Stalin production series: the IS-6/122. Originally an unfinished prototype, the Obyekt 252 was left untouched for many months, but recent requirements for additional heavy tanks to protect the Motherland has inspired our persevering engineers to perfect the design, the result of which, redesignated the IS-6 in honour of the people's glorious leader, is a tank built with the utmost Soviet efficiency. Within weeks of its release, the IS-6 has been rightfully deemed as the true embodiment of high-tier silver ration ticket generators - utterly crushing whatever fascist and capitalist competition exists. Such magnificent engineering has even made its name amongst the ranks of unicorn preferential matchmaking stat-padding mechanisms, a genuine reflection of our world-leading Russian standards! Despite being over 50 tons, the IS-6 is exceedingly simple to construct and maintain. Its structure and assembly methods closely resemble that of the Union's celebrated T-34, leading many to consider it the heavy version of the T-34 tank series. Such mainline tanks are as essential to the Red Army as bread and air! As our bountiful wheat fields bloom beautifully during harvest, even so do our industrial factories bring such splendid machines to life. So numerous are IS-6's being brought out of the Urals every day that literally any comrade tank commander across the USSR, regardless of combat experience or number of neurons, can immediately commission one such vehicle... if they tip a generous donation of golden ration tickets to the people's Party of course. In addition to ease of fabrication, the IS-6's upkeep requirements are profoundly basic. It is such that combat damage can be repaired quickly and cheaply using spare modules found on essentially all other Soviet vehicles, especially from the numerous T-34's. The process of module restoration itself can be performed by any able body with at least one hand. Feedback from the field indicates that such fixes are even simpler than operating artillery pieces! As such, maintenance is carried out solely by selfless volunteer armies of civilian men, women, and children. This perk adds on precious days to the average life expectancy of IS-6 tanks on the frontlines. In extreme cases, it is possible to jury-rig the engine compartment with components scavenged from fascist box-tanks. Such a shamefur dispray usually leads to great dishonour for the crew; nevertheless, this unconventional compatibility is significant testament to the power of Russian resourcefulness. As of late, penal battalions have been deployed specifically for the task of extracting tank parts from corpses littered over the battlefield. The running fuel consumption is yet another distinguished advantage of the IS-6. In tiring times of supply shortages, a robust engine is a true gift from comrade Stalin. If only such a wondrous piece of machinery existed in the times of the Winter War, victory would have been ours within three days rather than three weeks! Not only is it economically satisfying in harnessing what little fuel it uses, the 700 ponypower V-12 A engine can accept a variety of fuel substitutes. When diesel is lacking, the contents of spare molotov cocktails can be used instead to keep the tank running through fire and water alike. Other possible supplements include antiseptics, shoe polish, and raw potatoes. However, it may sometimes be very difficult to convince conscripts to contribute their vodka rations to the mix. In addition, the IS-6 exhaust fumes have a tendency to put nearby soldiers into a drunken stupor while in the middle of battle. Regardless, such mechanical abilities allow us to field the IS-6 endlessly against the fascist hordes. Easy to make, easy to maintain; a new sea of Red shall crush our enemies as we defend the gains of comrade Lenin's October Revolution! Likewise with the T-34, the IS-6's strength lies in more than just its quantity. It is armed with an improved modification of comrade Stalin's signature 122mm gun - the D-30. This weapon fires the same redoubtable shells that are duly known as the Tiger killer, but it does so at an even higher rate! The reliability of its fearsome alpha-strike can be further improved with APCR shells plentifully supplied by the heroism of the proletariat. Up to 30 such shells can be stored for a single battle - more than enough to annihilate anything that dares to cross our path. Such a cannon allows the IS-6 to brawl with all the vigour shown by the illustrious defenders of Stalingrad! Another trait shared with the T-34, the progenitor of new tanks, is the highly sloped armour. 100 full millimetres of Soviet steel encase the front and sides of the IS-6, granting a high level of survivability in close quarters combat. Magnetic tracks add on another layer of protection, absorbing whatever shells that do not bounce outright. For all its armour the IS-6 is only slightly slower than the IS-3, which still allows us to freely roam the battlefield and lord it over the pubs. Such an unstoppable force can subdue even the bravest amongst the French pastry-tanks and cause them to turn tail, as clearly revealed in this combat record: While dominating the enemy, the IS-6 is fully expected to perform its duty as the foremost amongst all tanks. With the IS-6, one does not simply push a frontline, the tank is the frontline. Such a powerful spearhead allows our comrades to pour the same irresistible momentum that created the Kursk salient all into a single point, shattering whatever semblance of defence the opposing scum dare pose. Such a breakthrough allows a Red tide to overwhelm any remaining pockets of resistance and, most importantly, results in the humiliating destruction of enemy self-propelled artillery. It is common practice to push such offending vehicles into the water to drown them like the crippled puppies they are! These offensive tactics and traits of aggression are found nowhere else in the entire theater of war, least of all within fascist box-tanks as the JagdTiger-88. German fanbois may call it a Tier 8 premium tank-of-the-line, but such immobile punching-bags disgrace their designation of "tank destroyer". With metal coffins as these, what disease could have possibly caused the enemy to ever believe in a glimmer of hope of defeating the Soviet Union upon the glorious fields of Prokhorovka? See how they cower at the rear, making sweet, sweet love to their filthy artillery, whilst our own comrade IS-6's push the front - fighting to the last drop of blood! Elsewhere across the eastern front, our IS-6's strategically maneuver here and there on the battlefield, placing their firepower and armour wherever they are most needed. Proficient in the art of mini-map reading, Soviet tankists have doubtlessly earned their right to fly the Guards' Banner. The skill and determination shown by our friends at the siege of Leningrad is now crucial in our fight against the dirty capitalists and their potato-tanks, which seek to consume us in their lazy influence. Slow to react, even slower to move, they creep at a turtle's pace, spreading their tardy corruption across all that is good and all that is loved by proletarian-kind. As of late, there has even been open sabotage by the potato-tanks, especially by those that cannot control their abnormally high testosterone levels. They would deteriorate into vulgar displays of ineptitude by pumping HE shells into each others' rears and dragging down all those nearby into their gravity-well of general incompetency and delinquency. Never must they succeed in desecrating the people's republic with such behaviour! Thus the call for the Motherland's defence was made, and IS-6 production was immediately launched in full scale for great justice! Such is our noble struggle against the capitalist Amerikanski. To evaluate the full extent of the IS-6's combat abilities, the great and everlasting Party has ordered a Gold Economics Study to be conducted. It was quickly obvious that the IS-6 could easily generate silver ration tickets under most conditions, so a special request was made to equip the test subject with ALL 122mm APCR shells in order to achieve a meaningful evaluation. At the cost of severely inflated unicorn statistics, IS-6 No. 811 undertook and successfully completed the study sample of 30 battles. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Evidence of Soviet superiority in the form of full replays and screenshots have been included to validate the results of the study and to taunt the fascist and capitalist hordes who have fallen before the might of comrade Stalin. Full Replays of glorious IS-6 in action: http://www.mediafire...i6689am77glb0h7 End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...ogualdbbvz4munn And now we proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - where we face off against the masses of pastries, boxes, and pubbie potatoes. >IS-6/122 is armed with 28 APCR shells and 2 HE shells. >Premium shells were all rationed beforehand at half-price, but calculations at full price are included. No further resupplies of APCR shells are shown. Previous records for the IS-6 are included here. Such battles were all done while in platoon with our unicorn comrades: And the results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: Though we have fought all the way up to the light of the heavens and all the way down into the darkest depths of hell, we were once again unable to reach the holy grail of 100% winrate, that which is the mark of the unicorn of unicorns. Undermined by the treachery of the box-shaped potatoes, we crawled to the finish line at just under the 70% mark. Such a display nearly resulted in the crew's deportation and sentencing to 10 years of hard labour in Siberia, which doubtlessly would have broken our backs even further. All was forgiven, however, for the improved damage padding and kill ratios achieved in the study. An average of 2500 units of damage was delivered per battle and 1.87 enemy tanks did we slay every day to repay the debts owed to all those who were lost in the desperate defence of Sevastopol. This strong performance of the IS-6 earns it an average of 750 EXP with a Standard Economics Policy or over 1100 EXP with the Premium Economics Policy. The results also indicate very favourable combat deployment with an average top tier of 8.27; a situation with both quantity and quality will surely bring us victory! In terms of economics, we see that a full APCR loadout at the usual price is not quite sustainable for users of the Standard Economics Policy, resulting in a small loss of under 5000 silver ration tickets per battle. However, such a trivial condition can be alleviated by purchasing APCR at half-rations, or through the gaining of a Premium Economics Policy. Using either will result in a moderate income of approximately 20000 rations a battle. In the event both methods are used, a massive income of 46000 silver ration tickets is possible per battle! Such industrialism from the proletarian public will unquestionably aid the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as we continue our journey down the righteous path which our wise comrade Marx has drawn, which our inspiring comrade Lenin has lighted, and which our resolute comrade Stalin is leading. Through days dark and stormy we must endure as we fearlessly march towards the Final Victory and towards a brighter future for all workers of the world! Notes: Below are the overall IS-6 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: One 7600-damage teamdrag of teamdrags is noted - battle trial No. 27. Note the capitalist potato being AFK the entire match and riding on our backs to a free win and 410 EXP: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Including the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
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