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Found 29 results

  1. [CUBE] Percute Cito - Strike Swiftly CUBE is recruiting active skilled players that are interested in nightly strongholds, clan wars, weekly clan tournaments, exhibitions, platournaments, and interclan activities. On top of that we regularly #failroad our players into memey activities between seasons. Why Should You Join? We focus on tier 8 clan wars, while occasionally doing some 6 and 10. This last map exhibition, Cube made it all the way to the Quarter finals. During the last two campaigns we got many of our members reward tanks Regularly pop +25% credit boosters, nightly memeholds, and other interclan events. Nightly gold payouts Requirements: 1600+ Recent Win8 At least three tier 6 CW viable tanks. At least two tier 8 CW viable tanks. At least one tier 10 CW viable tank. Can dedicate 2-3 nights a week to Clan Wars. Current Clan Averages Recruitment: MysteriousRJC, ComradeAlex Diplo: Sighs, Daniel3214 Teamspeak: Cubecommunity.ddns.net:9160 If you're interested in joining, hop into teamspeak and we'll get you setup for an interview. Our Current Global Map Shenanigans:
  2. In the past year, there have been over 30 times that Wargaming NA offered a premium tank for sale in the premium shop only and not had the tank available in game for gold. Some players viewed this as an obvious money grab by Wargaming NA because the premium shop price is always higher than the price if you bought gold and bought the tank in game for its gold value. Also some players say it devalues the gold won in tournaments and clan wars because you can't use the gold on anything new. I recently filed a ticket asking if I can buy the M41 90 GF for the gold price instead of through the premium shop. "Ticket #820558 Category:WoTSub-category:In-Game Goods Over the past year, Wargaming North America has released about 30 tanks in the premium shop only and not available n game for gold. Last month I saw that the M 41 90 GF was going to be available in August. Today I saw its available for sale only in the premium shop and not available in game. Is it possible to purchase the M 41 90 GF with gold? I was told that the value of the tank is 6500 gold. Since the M41 90 GF isn't available to purchase in game, would it be possible to deduct 6500 gold from my account and put the M41 90 GF in my garage?" Their reply after a long discussion: "All of this brings me back to your original question, which is "can I purchase the M 41 90 GF for Gold?" - unfortunately the answer is no. These bundles are available on the Premium Shop exclusively, and can't be purchased with in-game currency via the tech tree." To compensate me for my disappointment, they gave me 3 days of premium time. So is their policy a money grab? Does it devalue gold now that you can't buy anything new with the gold?
  3. o7o7 Friends, Tomorrow (19/03/2016) at 12:30 AEST/10:30 ASIA server time I will be beginning my 24 hr stream (I do need to eat at some point tho,) and you are all encouraged to come watch. Be it entertainment, learning or free golds that convince you to come, I hope you will stick around for awhile and follow the stream (followers win gold, if you don't follow you don't win.) I will be giving away 3x3000 gold randomly throughout the 24 hours and 5000 gold to one lucky winner right at the end of 24hours. 14000 gold total!!! (NA and EU too!) What do you need to do? It's simple: Click this link and click the follow button at the bottom (you will need a twitch account for this.) Watch the stream whenever and for however long you want as the giveaways will be random except for the final one. Be entertained and perhaps even learn something! Feel free to ask questions or just chat, anything to keep me going other than Redbull and pizza is much appreciated! I will primarily be playing tier 9's and 10's as I am bad at everything else. Featured on the stream (maybe) will be _Iron, Bolagnaise, TE_Skell, TE_Saffee, K4izerr and many more. So please come check out my stream, I hope I can provide some reason to keep watching, even if it is my good looks :^^^) o7o7o7 _VaL
  4. - Now In Open Beta! Over 500+ Clans . - NA/EU/RU/SEA Supported - Official Language Support for English, Portuguese, French, Russian - Wargaming.net OpenID Authentication - Fully Free Service with No Strings Attached. In development by TimRoden, and Chandog. For questions, support and/or content ideas please visit the pbkac teamspeak: pbkac.ts.nforservers.com or wotmanager teamspeak: ts.wotmanager.com Full functionality and product description: http://wotmanager.com/features What is WoTManager and Why should I continue reading? - Are you tired of not having a clean and simple method for maintain the upkeep of your clan? - Are you ready to get rid of using tedious Google Docs? - Does your Clan Treasurer want an automated payout system? WoTManager provides a new level of clan management, organization and functionality to the end user, centered around the core daily attendance tracking module. WoTManager offers a large range of extra functionality such as, fund allocation, clan statistics, recruiting utilities, activity statistics, player statistics and special training tracking. http://wotmanager.com/features . Wargaming OpenID Authentication . Core Functionality Visit our Features section for in depth information on all our functionality WoT Manager's primary function encompasses a daily attendance tracking module, allowing for effortless monitoring of player activity. The life of the clan treasurer has never been easier. Simply fill in the payout options, and you will have member payouts laid out before your eyes. If your clan doesn't use the default payout system, you can have one tailored specifically for you. Screenshots Visit http://wotmanager.com/features for full description, and many more screenshots We also are greatly appreciative of any content, and functionality ideas, in addition to any constructive and creative criticism. Thank you for reading . Please visit http://wotmanager.com/ for full product information.
  5. Who we are: [RDDT7] is the main strongholds clan among the reddit clans on the EU server primarily focusing on daily skirmishes along with attacks on other strongholds. Are currently shifting some of our attention over to T6 clan wars on the new global map and are looking for active players willing to take part in our nightly events. Clan page: http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500050680/ Clan statistics: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/RDDT7 We offer: Daily skirmishes in the eveningBattle payments for increased credit incomeGold payouts for participating in clan war 2.0 battlesTeamspeak serverActive and friendly player baseCommunity night every month with fun events and rewardsBeing part of the EU reddit World of Tanks community Strongholds schedule: Stronghold Attacks: during weekdays: 8pm - 12pm CESTduring weekends: Early morning attacks for fun, attendance is not mandatory Skirmishes: We organize T6 skirmishes every evening, sometimes with multiple detachments. Requirements for joining: Must be active and participate in clan battles and skirmishesOverall WN8 of 1000, 51% WR and/or recent WN8 of 1650, 53% WR3000 battlesTS3 + microphoneSlack presence Required Tanks You must have at least one of the crucial tier 6 and 8 tanks and work towards getting the other ones T6: Crucial: CromwellT37 T8: Crucial: IS-3T32T54 ltwt. Support: AMX 50 100AMX 13 90Pershing How to apply: create an account on www.reddit.com and verify your email addressgo to http://reddit.com/r/RDDT7EURecruitment and create a post using the template provided to you
  6. We haven't had a tanks contest in years, and In the past I've acquired gaming mice and WOTLABS used them to run a contest. I'd like us to do that more often if not monthly. My goal: Obtain support from the community to collect donations of paypal, gold, tanks, premium time, gaming gear, etc. and then establish a monthly contest. Those that have donated can still participate as long as the correct dated screenshots and replay are posted during the contest period. I don't know all the particulars to starting it, but maybe one of the admins could establish a paypal or patreon contest donation account?
  7. Just checked this service out, its actually amazing. I had an old gamestop gift card from like 2 years ago with $20 left on it, got 3k gold delivered for it. It's an incredibly easy way to dump some excess value that you had no idea you still had. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/31/gift-cards-for-gold/
  8. Since boasting and poasting and e-peen measuring is very common on this forum I thought I would give the superpeenises an opportunity to earn some easy gold. Edit: People have to finish this before the 12th of December to get their pots of gold or donation to wild life. Challenge: 200 games on a switched server(NA on EU and EU on NA) all replays hosted for sharing and stats documented in tier 10 tank chosen by me and said unicum(s). EDIT: I won't be too harsh on the time limits. The reward will follow a scale like this: 70%wr>30000 gold 65%wr>12000 gold 60%wr> 5500 gold I can help with access to accounts for this challenge on each server. Interested parties will post below, and the best canidates will be chosen by me. I will reserve the right to say no if more than 2 acceptable candidates from both NA and EU applies. Which server has got the unicums who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk? Edit: From EU: Embryonic Journey, Poltto, Stefan_XD & Moukka Who is Stefan_XD? Well look at his stats in the T-54 for starters: 4.8k average damage in the T-54! 1700 average XP! Over 5k average damage in the Obj 268! Who is - I'm stronk, basically all of my recently played tanks are in the top10 on vbaddict and +1200 avg xp (see Leopard 1, Leopard PTA, M26 Pershing, 110, T20, Chaffee, A-44, Obj 416, IS-2..) - I play mostly solo and all game modes To switch it up and compare the difficulty of solo carry in tier 9 and tier 10, Moukka will be playing the T-54 full gold spam(if he wants). Same rules as the others. From NA: PityFool, Precambrian, Jojackington, External007, SmyleeRage & BigCheese256 This will start as soon as we get the details sorted regarding accounts.
  9. EDIT: Giveaway has expired! 100k codes were given out - and they may be doing another one at some point (http://www.overwolf.com/blog/wot-giveaway-is-over/) Download overwolf from http://download.overwolf.com/WoTSocialHubInstallerRU.exe (Works for NA/EU (Sorry SEA/SG/RU players )CONFIRMED by Overwolf Staff) Then follow these steps to get 1k gold for leaving it open while playing/idling on WoT. When it asks you to sign up - you can use your normal email or a @mailinator.com email if you don't want to recieve emails from Overwolf. E.x. Put in "gibshekels@mailinator.com" for email, and go to gibshekels.mailinator.com to access the disposable emails' address. Proof that it's real: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/content/soft/pc_programs/overwolf/ Overwolf may seem like a sketchy program but it's legit. It may affect system performance so you can just uninstall it when you're done or keep it if you like it . Proof it's not a virus: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ba90af096ef6a4a2d8641828742c402c89f1b8deed0050898b0f86985cd259d7/analysis/1415063461/ If the "Giveaways" tab is not showing up, try the following: Re-start WoT and the "social hub" - and make sure you're signed in to Overwolf. (Or you can try the refresh button, near the top of the page a few times) Another reported solution is to go to the overwolf website or on the client and update it. pls upboat +1 me if it worked for you I'm actually trying to make a comeback here ;_; PROOF THAT IT WORKS
  10. Hello fellow tankers, I have no idea where to put this so in he newbie place this goes (since I am a noob compared to y'all: color change made me green but I still feel below average) I know that you can gift gold and tanks via the WoT official website. My question is simple: Can I gift a friend some of my in-game gold in-game? (My guess is no but it never hurts to check) The reason I am asking this is because I would like to do a friend a favor while not spending $ on this game. I have at my disposal some gold that I have earned through various events and such, and was wondering if it would be possible to gift this friend a tank/give him the gold to do so without having to spend real money. Thanks, FavreFan4ever
  11. This is Area 742, this is a Top Secret training facility for new, experienced, and competitive 7/42 players. We are looking forward to the Stronghold Battle Mode that will be coming out. While you are here you will specialize in 7/42 game play, find 7/42 teams, raise awareness to the 7/42 cause, and will be a representative of Area 742. Don't have a team, we will find one for you. Have a team and no scrim partners, we will find one for you. Want to win gold and be known? We will show you how. What are the requirements to join? Clan Applications must be done on the Clan Website Have a tier 8 non-premium tank Be willing to learn and teach Be a team player Have teamspeak 3 No microphone is required (but recommended) Clan Website: http://742.enjin.com Teamspeak Infomation: Area742.typefrag.com:8870 What [742] is currently looking for. Teams: HIGH Tier 1 Drivers: HIGH Tier 8 Drives: HIGH Callers: HIGH Current list of teams affiliated with [742] The_Underscores Numbers of players actively seeking a team: 0 Number of teams actively recruiting : 1 Super Effective http://742.enjin.com/forum/m/23514102/viewthread/13237497-super-effective
  12. So i was wondering if anyone has made a chart or something that tells you exactly how much free exp would be required to go from tier 1 to 10 down a line. Im talking just basics. I'm always interested in how much free experience i'd need to get certain 10s. If nothing like this exists i might make one in my spare time if this is something other people would be interested in. So is this something that is out there?
  13. Hi there, I've got blue eyes, an athletic body, speak multiple langua- oh wait... My hopes are to join one of the 'Experienced/Competent ' (or higher obv) clans, which Diastant described in his topic. The plan is to join your clan only temporarily (I'm a student, living in EU). So I'll be playing lots (~10hrs a day during june and august, less in july - see below). After the summer, I'd leave your clan to make room for a permanent member, if you want me to. What am I looking for? Clan wars: during June I think I might be able to play ~5days/week, don't care which days. during July: I'd say 1-2 nights/week due to my job I'll have during August: the first few weeks I should be able to do ~5/week again, the last 2 weeks probably less first week(s) of september: 3-5ish/week Platoons: Lots of time to play means lots of games, which I want to win, so I'm sort of looking for a clan that platoons quite regularly. (I guess this is sort of normal but figured I'd post anyway) (<3 playing X's most) Tournaments/skirmishes Would be lovely if your clan participates in these, as I'd like to rake in as much gold as possible. Naturally these shouldn't interfere with the clan wars. What I can offer? Flexibility: being a european, I might be able to join CW sooner (and preferably would) than some people over the pond, who are still @ work. Stats: check sig (bit lower than usual atm because 3weeks of toaster without mods) and 2years+ of WoT experience. I've advanced (almost) every line and generally know how to handle tonks. 'Maturity': I'm turning 20 in July Vehicles: X's I have atm [8]: IS7, AMX 50B, obj 140, 121, bchat 25t. (preferably not get it locked), FV183, obj 263, JagdPzE100 X's I have unlocked [4]: FV4202,E100, t62a, obj 268 - planning on buying the E100 and 62a in that order X's I'll be grinding [2]: Leopard (want to get beginning July), T57 (not really in a hurry) As for skirmish/tournaments: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/scout_in_da_house/1002231426/ Extremely active on both WoT and wotlabs fora, and once I get home (16th), also in-game. Ask if you need anything else... Conclusion: I'm very flexible, lots of WoT experience (none in CW though) with, I think, very good situational awareness (in pubs that is). I'm aiming for the best clans, but I realize that there will be some sort of trade-off between my presence possibilities and the other things I can offer... Please, if there is anything else you want to know (or random reader thinks I should add), just ask. Garbaged on OP's request.
  14. I am looking for a new challenge in this game. I have the following in garage for 7/42 IS-3, Obj 416, KV-5, IS-6, Pershing, T69, T32, 13-90, 50-100 Everything except the Obj 416 have decent crews and better ones can be moved from tier 10 tanks.
  15. http://theweek.com/article/index/262077/what-penis-length-studies-can-teach-us-about-shenanigans-in-the-financial-industry Amazing what people will do, both with gold and their penises.
  16. There are more bonus codes to come until April 6th: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/esport/wgl-gf-bonus-codes/
  17. 人不犯我, 我不犯人 ☭Comrade tankers, We have recently received a most glorious report from our friends in the People's Republic of China. As is known, shortly upon the signing of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Pact, the USSR sent eighty-one shipments containing various models of our finest T-34 medium tanks to aid our Chinese comrades and all of Zhonghua Minzu in their most perilous time as they repel the invasion of foreign imperialists. Now, the legend of the Red Army, the most reliable and most ingenious tank ever fielded under the ninefold heavens, has made its debut on the Pacific Front, flourished with stunning stories of success from our allies and very warm welcome messages from our enemies. The focus of the report is the T-34/57 - the specialized tank destroyer variation of the T-34. As a unique, distinguishing feature, the Chinese T-34's have been re-designated as the Type T-34. Unlike puny imperialist tanks, the Type T-34 maintains a full armour layout identical to the standard T-34/76: 45mm of world-renowned Soviet sloped armour - maintaining the protection of the ninefold earth and capable of bouncing all but the most stubborn of shells. Its 57mm anti-tank cannon is able to unload enormous volumes of shells to strike multiple targets in lightning succession - such as in a critical defense scenario - or to pummel a single target with the wrath of a thousand fists of fury. The nightmare of any heavy tank is to be permatracked around a corner by a vengeful Type T-34 with a factory worker loading the gun! Generously laden with premium APCR shells, the Type T-34 can slice through any armour as if it were made of dried tofu. Furthermore, all tankers know that its strong ground traction allows the T-34 to move through any terrain that fascist panzers could not, and once again Soviet engineering proves its value as Type T-34's effortlessly traverse through mud and mountains alike to strike at unprotected positions. New mass-production techniques gained from the Sino-Soviet Friendship Pact also allows the Republics to assemble and export these tanks even faster and recuperate any losses without pause. No hesitation is permitted as a new Great Wall of flesh, blood, and steel drives the imperialists back to the sea! The Type T-34's main strength, aside from its irresistible numbers, is its unparalleled versatility. It is adequate in all fields of moving, sniping, and brawling. Skilled tankers well versed in the Art of War can unleash the Type T-34's full potential and adjust the tank to any situation. Tailor one's tactics to suit the demands of the battle; know the enemy and know yourself. Type T-34 is very capable of reaching strategic locations in a timely manner, but how sooner can we arrive before the heavy forces, and how later do we arrive after the reconnaissance? Understand which tanks can we overpower in open combat, for the weak certainly cannot equal the strong, nor the few the many. Understand when to retreat, and dare the enemy to fight upon your own terms. No gun can move mountains, but the enemy himself may stray from his own protection. When the opportunity arises, unleash our potential like the triggering of a drawn crossbow; keep on the move and exploit vulnerabilities, for a successful strategy is never a static one. If our comrades could endure, on foot, the Long March of twenty thousand li, how can we lack them? Avoid besieging fortifications, but engage isolated groups. Avoid concentrated formations, yet attack a place of value; for, when the army is in the field, their cities are empty. When the enemy returns in trickles, tired and bedraggled, bring him a swift and ruinous defeat! The reason troops slay the enemy is because they are enraged; thus, let the will of the people flow through us as we unleash our righteous anger and give battle to our hapless foes! As Chairman Meow so wisely put it: 敌进我退, 敌驻我扰, 敌疲我打, 敌退我追! which roughly translates to: враг прогресса, мы отступление, враг лагеря, мы беспокоить, враг шины, мы атакуем, враг отступает, мы преследуем! which roughly translates to: enemy of progress, we retreat, the enemy camps, we harass, the enemy tires, we attack, the enemy retreats, we pursue. which clearly translates to: When the enemy advances, we retreat! When the enemy camps, we harass! When the enemy avoids battle, we attack! When the enemy retreats, we pursue! Also included within the report is documentation on an economics study conducted to evaluate the price of arming Type T-34's with APCR shells. Type T-34 No. 811 was commissioned for the experiment, and returned with outstanding results - a true testimonial to the efficiency of combined Russian and Chinese industrialism! As per standard, we have asked and received permission to release these full-length replays and after-battle results to ensure the legitimacy of this investigation. Full Replays of glorious Type T-34 in action: http://www.mediafire...3u91ruw3i8n2aaz End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...k45b82c2j0g3u2v And now we proceed to the study. Firstly, here are the previous Type T-34 records. They include gold shells used and a mix of solo and platooned battles. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - Type T-34 takes a stand against the pubbie banzai rushes. >Type T-34 is armed with 60 AP and 40 APCR shells. >APCR shells were purchased at full price (2000), though they are recorded as being purchased at 1000 silver rations for the purposes of studying economics at half price. Full price conclusions are also noted. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: We see that our victory ratio settles at a solid 60%, though still a long way from the holy 100% winrate. There are no suitable records of T-34 performance without APCR, so direct observations cannot be made. It is noted that without horde bonuses our victory ratio has dropped considerably from previous averages, emphasizing the significance of tank platoons - strike with the most solid at the most empty. However, Type T-34 made it through the ordeal successfully and with sanity intact (the carrying is really similar to the backbreaking pain of planting rice paddies). It is found that 57mm APCR is possible to sustain under any condition. With either a Standard or Premium Economics Policy, and regardless of half-price rationing or not, a Type T-34 is able to avoid ration loss when firing 7.30 APCR shells and dealing about 1,000 points of damage to the imperialists upon every encounter. A Premium Economics Policy would even allow a steady increase of silver ration tickets. Now it is possible to release all the Type T-34's and watch the enemy scatter like the roaches they are! Notes: Below are the overall Type T-34 records upon the conclusion of the study: One exceptional teamdragging effort was noted - battle trial No. 3: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  18. ☭ Comrade tankers, As you all have surely heard, the great and everlasting Party has announced that high-quality HEAT and APCR shells, produced by the exceptional effort of the workers' might, are now available to all tank divisions without requiring the use of golden ration tickets. In addition, all premium shells are granted at a great discount to immediately encourage the use of these weapons against the enemies of the people's Republic. This short experiment presented here with 30 battles in the SU-26/122, the Soviet Union's most feared light self-propelled artillery platform, aims to draw some observations on the effectiveness of Russian HEAT shells and how practical it is to use them all the time to smite the hordes of fascist and capitalist tanks on the battlefield using said SPG. One of the first things we had wanted to try after the Gold Shell Revolution was to field our SU-26 with a FULL LOADOUT OF 28 HEAT SHELLS. However, a full loadout was decided against because it was deemed excessively excessive, and it is known that despite their unyielding penetration, HEAT shells do not have splash damage, making them similar to the effects of standard AP shells. Our ever diligent records and calculations regarding our combat statistics indicate that the SU-26 boasts a hit ratio of ~60%. Strong as such a value may be, to even think of wasting the remaining 40% of all HEAT shells fired and having them do 0 damage in battle is clearly capitalistic. As such, the SU-26 was armed with 14 superior quality HE shells and 14 newly acquired HEAT shells, such that HE may be used in situations when a hit may be questionable. It was then decided that very accurate economic and combat records be kept over a period of battles to observe just how much more dangerous the SU-26 becomes when armed with HEAT, and if using HEAT at such a constant rate will result in any severe reduction of silver ration tickets by the Party. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Of course, we will first provide evidence to support this authenticity of this experiment and any observations drawn from it, unlike some fascists who use vague anecdotes or capitalists who use garbage numbers pulled out of their landfills. The evidence is thus presented in the form of real live battle footage of glorious Soviet steel and Party-approved records of combat performance and expenditure of rations: Full Replays of glorious SU-26/122 in action: http://www.mediafire...6c2c0qkq2p5hp2o End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...77z81813g5gfb4b And now, on to the actual study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - a valiant struggle against waves and waves of malicious enemies and "teammates" alike. >SU-26/122 is armed with 14 each of HE and HEAT shells. >HEAT shells were acquired at 2000 silver ration tickets; half-price. >HEAT shells were not simply spammed like a crayon-eater would, but were fired at discretion on hard targets. >From the 8th battle onwards, we activated our ration of Premium Economics Policy, complements of the people's Party. However, we account for the flow of ration tickets and experience for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies in all our battles, so this should not affect any results in the experiment. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: These numbers alone do not mean much, so here are records of our overall SU-26/122 performance, which include past performances. These were taken after the actual experiment because somehow an error prevented the retrieval of records from before the experiment. The public may be assured that there will be some bureaucratic changes that will take place. Overall averages: >68% victory. >2.55 targets destroyed per battle. >866.23 damage points inflicted. >380 average EXP points awarded. Averages during experiment: >66.67% victory. >2.97 targets destroyed per battle. >968.07 damage points inflicted. >390.07 average EXP points awarded. Now we can notice the changes in performance. One major observation is that arming HEAT does NOT guarantee a complete rolling of our bumbling enemies and a 100% victory ratio. This is unfortunate. From this small sample size we can see that the victory ratio is still close to previous averages. However, we see that average kills and average damage has increased by a tangible amount, leading to an increase in EXP granted. This change may not be monumental, but it indicates the superiority of HEAT shells. But of course, this is already known. What is more significant to this experiment is the flow of ration tickets when commissioning HEAT shells. It can be seen that a commander using a moderate average of 3.9 HEAT shells per battle on a SU-26/122 may approximately break even in terms of rations produced and expended. If using a Premium Economics Policy, one may even collect a fair sum of ration tickets to be used in the noble struggle against the enemies of the Union. HOWEVER, once these precious HEAT shells return to normal rationing standards, to use them in combat at the same rate will result in a severe loss of rations. Even when using Premium, one still loses out slightly. This may only apply to the SU-26/122, but we anticipate similar results if such experiments are repeated on other tanks. We warn all tankers to be cautious in their usage of HEAT shells; these revered objects take hours of labour from our comrades in the factories to produce and come at great costs. The standards of combat have not changed, and all tankers are still expected to utilize their standard ammunition effectively and only turn to golden shells in dire emergencies. For the SU-26/122, this means situations against heavily armoured Tier 6 tanks, or engagements at extremely short ranges (AKA "TD mode"), or any other such need. To spam them without discretion will actually result in many misses, 0-damage criticals, and a resulting deficit of rations; any capitalists who still insist on spamming as such will dig their own graves in debt. Comrades, be sure to also learn about the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: As well as Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: And the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  19. TMPLR is recruiting decent players for clan wars!! Requirements are: Blue 60 day wn8. (purple is even better) Minimum of 3 CW tanks. (more then 7 is great) Minimum attendance of 3 days a week. (anything more then this is awesome) Be sure to check out/register on our website: http://www.templarsclan.com We also do tournies,tank companies,and team battles whenever the heck one of us gets bored! (Namely me)
  20. Edited- you're too late...all gone! Aliernware is offering 300 gold/1 day premium giveaway...hurry keys are going quick! http://na.alienwarearena.com/giveaways/world-of-tanks-bonus-code-giveaway-2
  21. Oh hey there WoTLabs types. MP / SMP is still looking for competent players and this is the time to get in before the next campaign when every man and his dog is applying to try and get the next reward because we get shit done. Hardly anyone wanted to fight us last time, probably because we kick their faces in. No need to fret we get plenty of battles in to make sure everyone participating qualifies, you basically had to slip into a coma for the entirety of the last campaign to miss out on an M60 in MP. So what do you need to do to be an active member of MP? 1. Participate in Clan Wars 3-4 times a week. 2. Log onto Team speak with a Mic (English is a must) 3. Participate in Clan War practices. 4. Have at least one Clan War tier 10 tank ready for battle. 5. Be available from 8PM AEST to 11PM AEST. (this varies a little) 6. Bring a Positive Attitude. So jump on our TS and get to know some of the eMPire TS: mp.tbt.net.au CONTACTS: Diplomacy: Soulspectre and Diplomats Recruiting: Phwoar_ and Recruiters Clan Info or Complaints: MrE or Soulspectre
  22. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/299941-received-damage-announcer-v16-088/ We have this mod that tells you who shot you (even if undetected, a little broken in CW ) with what ammo type. Anyone has skills to make script that creates text document during battle and if possible, also asigns win ratio value to shooter ( should be readable from XVM). I would need tank name, winratio of player (maybe also wn6/wn8) and ammo type. It shouldnt be hard for someone with decent phyton skills. I am interested who is guilty of gold spam. I expect blue and dark green players to be biggest goldspammers but its just a guess for now. I believe results will be interesting, especially for tanks like hellcat ,e100, t54s, t69 etc... edit: author included source code, it should be as simple as adding one line of code that stores info to text document!!! Unfortunately, i am bed@phyton. Plox halp mi. Edited small typo in title, this thread is now heavily Private_Miros enforced.
  23. ☭ Comrade tankers, As part of our five year plan, we have begun fielding the new SU-152/152 to enhance the destruction of our hapless foes during our glorious campaign. This new beast killer is the pinnacle of Soviet Tank Destroyer Doctrine: if gun does not work, use more gun. Through the selfless toil of the Union's innovative tank engineers, we have successfully mounted an unstoppable 152mm gun on to a mobile chassis, allowing us to quickly deploy such weapons anywhere on the front. Combat experience indicates that the blast from the SU-152/152's mighty 152mm cannon can easily rip the turret off of any fascist Tiger tank. In addition, since the resolution of the Gold Shell Revolution, we have received multiple shipments of 152mm HEAT shells to enhance the gutting of such lemmings. Following the righteous path of the Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study, we have conducted analysis on the effectiveness and efficiency of using the SU-152/152's HEAT shells on a regular basis in our day-to-day stompings. Once again, we have created accurate economic and combat records detailing the progress of 30 battles to observe the tank's performance and economic characteristics. The goal is to determine how often such great weapons may be used without incurring penalties on our vital silver ration tickets. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. To avoid lowly accusations of forging information on combat records, we have provided undeniable evidence to support the authenticity of this experiment and any observations drawn from it. Original uncut battle scenes of the SU-152/152 in glorious action have been authorized by the Party to be released to the general public, accompanied by unmodified copies of real combat records written directly by the tankers themselves. The evidence generously provided to us makes this experiment's credibility beyond question. Full Replays of glorious SU-152/152 in action: http://www.mediafire...xly7gbqlo9y17ff End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...cdvw6mdec8uu88z Now, onwards to the study! The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - where the People's Glorious Expeditionary Force boldly march forward to face conditions unknown. >SU-152/152 is armed with 16 HE shells and 10 HEAT shells. >Our original shipment of HEAT shells were acquired at half price: 2400 silver ration tickets. Partway through the experiment we ordered additional shipments at full price after each battle. >Partway through the battles, our ration of Premium Economics Policy had expired. However, we account for the flow of ration tickets and experience for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies in all our battles, so this should not affect any results in the experiment. >HEAT shells were generally used as the primary shell of choice to maximize destruction of hostile capitalists. The SU-152/152's characteristics favour fearless aggression in urban environments. Close range shots are favoured for higher accuracy using HEAT, while HE shells are more effective for splashing enemies at longer ranges and avoiding 0-damage track shots. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: As we have just begun deploying SU-152/152's on to the battlefield, no past performance records exist. Instead, these are the records taken after the experiment and include all actions so far: The few extra battles are from field-testing and for assisting in crew orientation prior to beginning the official experiment. We can observe the performance of the SU-152/152 when using HEAT. Likewise with the SU-26/122, arming HEAT does NOT guarantee an utter rout of enemy pubs, and once again we are foiled in our attempts to achieve the legendary 100% victory ratio. Damage inflicted upon our enemies is high, comparable to our T-44/100 and almost as high as our IS-3/122, both of which are classified as Tier 8 tanks. However, without records of SU-152/152's performance without HEAT shells, we cannot definitely conclude quite how much HEAT contributes to our heroic battle efforts. Of course, it is strongly believed that HEAT does indeed drastically improve performance by allowing for alpha damage nearing that of the theoretical damage of our prototype ISU-152/152, which is currently in development. In addition, the public is encouraged to keep in mind that the 152mm cannon is a stock weapon for the SU-152 chassis. Such a high output of pain upon our enemies is highly likely to be attributed to the usage of HEAT, while we research additional alternative weapons for the SU-152. Now as to the main goal of this experiment: the expenditure of silver ration tickets when using HEAT shells. We can observe that using an average of 3.73 HEAT shells per battle is 100% sustainable for a SU-152/152 pilot if the shells were acquired at a discount. Furthermore, activating a Premium Economics Policy under these conditions allows for a strong gain of material to further the progress of the Soviet war effort. On the other hand, if the HEAT shells were commissioned at standard prices, we may find a moderate deficit in rations if continuing this pattern under a Standard Economics Policy. However, a Premium Economics Policy continues to allow sustainability in utilizing these weapons of mass destruction, and even allows for a moderate gain in silver ration tickets! Those under Standard Economics Policies must learn to use the standard HE rations well and conserve HEAT shells to avoid losses, but glory be to those who have been granted a Premium Economics Policy by the great and everlasting Party, for it allows us to perpetually smite the enemies of our Motherland! Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: And the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
  24. Quantity is a quality all on its own. ☭ Comrade tankers, Welcome to the new era of Russian industrialism! Witness our glorious factories as they labour furiously to build endless columns of our new T-54/100 main battle tanks! The true symbol of Soviet mass production, these technologically-advanced machines boast 120mm of sleek, sloped frontal armour, the highest ever known to exist on any medium tanks of the line. Coupled with improved stabilizers in addition to a strong and reliable engine to match the heroism of the Union's working public, the T-54/100 is able to shatter the limits of Soviet Aggressive doctrine, forging more surprising and more daring tactics to utilize on the battlefield. An innovative D-10T2C 100mm cannon with the ability to arm HEAT shells allows the T-54/100 to not only bend swiftly like the Sickle to accommodate the flow of battle, but also strike boldly like the Hammer when the opportunity presents itself. To fulfill the great responsibility of a true main battle tank, the T-54/100 can spearhead a glorious charge against enemies of the Republic, but can also carry out its patriotic duty to defend the Soviet Motherland. Its improved hemisphere turret configuration offers up to 200mm of resilient, rounded steel proven to bounce any capitalist shell. A single determined, hull-down T-54/100 could withstand an entire company of fascist panzers to protect the well-being of the people. Yet beyond all these qualities is the T-54's quantity; a simple and refined design saves precious material and allows production levels to be at an all-time high. Unlike the clumsy and obsolete Tiger tanks, the T-54/100 can exist on all fronts, anywhere, at any time. Behold, as legions upon legions of T-54s crush our hapless foes beneath the treads of Soviet power supreme! Such a brilliant and unparalleled construct has already been exported to many of our comrades across the globe as the unbreakable Union of Soviet Socialist Republics spreads its influence worldwide! As part of the intense trials for the T-54/100, the economic sustainability of Russian 100mm HEAT shells have been evaluated. Compared to standard AP ammunition, which in itself is already highly satisfactory, HEAT shells offer a much more potent penetration ability in exchange for larger sums of silver ration tickets. It can frontally devastate any armoured vehicle in existence, but the effort put into producing HEAT shells is approximately twice or three times as much as demanded by standard AP. Through our gold economics study program, we aim to find how often such shells may be used and under what circumstances can a capitalistic deficit be prevented. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Following program regulations, we hereby grant the general public access to 30 recordings of T-54/100 No. 811 fighting on the battlefield, in addition to authenticated post-battle statistics records released by the people's Party. Full Replays of glorious T-54/100 in action: http://www.mediafire...bq1i24p05ide229 End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...abd56dmxyearyj5 And now we proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - we all know the power of multiple T-54s in a collective, but can it stand the test of individuality? >T-54/100 is armed with 26 AP, 20 HEAT, 4 HE shells. >HEAT shells were previously commissioned at half price: 2000 silver ration tickets each. No records of ordering additional shipments are shown during this experiment. >All HE shells fired were considered to be AP shells for efficiency in recording; the price difference of 60 silver ration tickets is negligible. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: The values of which can be compared to previous overall records of the T-54/100, including many platoons plus a few battles in which HEAT was used. Previous averages: >69% victory. >1.57 targets destroyed per battle. >2100.83 damage points inflicted. >722 average EXP points awarded. New averages with gold shells: >70% victory. >1.67 targets destroyed per battle. >2797.67 damage points inflicted. >748.30 average EXP points awarded. Despite the courageous efforts of our tank crews, we are once again unable to attain the 100% winrate. However, our accomplishments do not go unnoticed; the Union is proud to say that a single T-54/100 was able to achieve a 70% victory ratio against our enemies! Assisted by the worker's mighty HEAT shells, damage levels have significantly been boosted, with another noticeable improvement to targets destroyed and EXP generated. If but a single T-54/100 can ravage the enemy so, how shall they respond to a platoon, or an entire company?! Nationalism will bring us victory! In relation to the economics of HEAT shells, we find that it is difficult to sustain. Using approximately equal amounts of AP and HEAT shells, a Standard Economics Policy will result in a small loss of ration tickets even if using shells acquired at half price. A Premium Economics Policy could allow a moderate gain when using half-priced shells, but would still result in a small loss if using shells at the full price of 4000 silver ration tickets. A Standard Economics Policy combined with full-priced shells would result in a severe loss of material. However, it is still possible to perpetually field a T-54/100 with HEAT shells through careful negotiations with munitions factories combined with the Party's favour. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to acquire a Party-sponsored Premium tank to generate sufficient silver ration tickets to fuel the T-54. Having succeeded either of those, prepare to crush the enemy! Notes: Below are the overall T-54 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: One glorious battle is exceptionally noted - battle trial No. 28: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
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