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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been playing WoT for a few years now and have heard about this site previously. In those earlier times, there was a mixture of my own ignorance and still being capable of learning as I went so I didn't check this place out. Recently, I have been feeling a bit stagnant as to my development as a tanker. While I could do the easy thing of blaming the summer season or saying that I have been playing too many other games, I don't think that's a good way to approach this since I do want to get better. I recently remembered about this place and decided to give it a try. I hope that you're patient with someone like me as I roam throughout this site looking at its articles and asking questions as I go along. Pleased to make your acquaintance. - Kaga
  2. As it seems our EU posting habit isn't too different from our playstyle (lay in wait till someone either gets impatient, or gets the cajones to move out cover), I guess I'll go first & expose myself in this forum, to get it going. Edit: some migth wonder what the title was about: EU forum section was empty for quite some time, so decided to post in it, with some humor added to it (we're apparently known as campers, I call it tactical positioning & patience!) . So hereby a warm welcome to the EU forum section! One of the most diverse parts of WoT if we look at nationalities & languages (maybe the asians could compete with this?) So with those formalities over, who is from where? And what you like about your country? I'm from Belgium myself, and loving that we promote the good life (Beer! Chocolate! Waffles! Fries! none of it healthy, but damn if it ain't tasty!) (Edit: this post gave me the postranking: Suiscout... somehow fitting) Edit 2: due to the many requests for a 'wotlab' channel on EU. We got a good channel running already. It's called Forumites (password: play4fun ) Substitutes nicely as a wotlab channel where you find skilled & fun people Edit3: There is also a WotLabs channel on the Europe servers! Just look for it in the channel search tab: WotLabs (not as many as in Forumites, but hey, no password either ) Both channels house some very skilled players to platoon with.
  3. Hi everyone (maybe you had seen my posts - not many of them) Working on my stat atm (a.k.a. playing with low tiers...)
  4. I didnt start a introduction topic when i first joined i kind of just dove right in to asking questions and learning about a lot of things. I have been playing World of tanks on and off for about 3 years. I am just starting to play it more and more because i have joined the clan Molon lave so im grinding for my first tier 10. I also started my second grind to get a head start on it as im almost done grinding for the is-7.
  5. Hello all, Found this website by invi-browsing almost every new topic in the NA forums. Invisi-browsed this site for a couple days and found that this was a great site to talk with other tankers and get better and not be a dead weight on my team. I'm mostly a JRPG/JMMORPG player and WoT was actually the first non-JRPG/JMMORPG that I have played. I started playing WoT on the KOR server when it first came out and was hooked on the game instantly. I think I played over 45-80 games on average every day when starting off, skipping school club activities and studying in order to do so (taking a lot of heat for doing so). I rushed up the lines as I had seen how end-tier play was, which was a major mistake, as I didn't take care to learn the game and progress at my own pace. I think by my 5k battle mark my average tier was along the lines of 6.2 or something and was only doing 280 average damage with a k/d worse than most bots. It was at that point that I realized that I wasn't doing my team (or myself) any good and tried to learn how to play. Sadly, I don't know what my WN6/EFF was as the KOR server didn't have that metric at the moment (as far as I could see), but I could easily tell it was black (well below 500). However, the lack of a high peak playerbase led me to come increasingly drawn to the other WoT servers. Finally, one of my friends convinced me to make the jump over to the NA server and here I am. Even with all the insults, whining, bots, AFKers, etc, I don't regret making the jump at all Always looking for criticism on how to get better at the game so I'm not a dead hole or a dead weight on my team Feel free to be as harsh as you want if it'll help. P.S. Please don't be fooled by my stats. I'm really bad@tanks and most of my stats are padded by clickers. I'm always looking to improve to be more of a help to my team.
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