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Found 33 results

  1. In honor of me finally getting my first mark of excellence, having a string of 5k+ damage games, and not seeing another fan thread on the E-brick in this forum, I made this thread! E 100, mounts the biggest gun of all the tier 10 heavies, doing TD amounts of damage, is the most popular tank with tomatoes, but for those who can handle the mighty potato blaster, ...it is a glorious fat brick <3 Brickalicious Replays http://wotreplays.com/site/1258759#hidden_village-evalithia-e-100 http://wotreplays.com/site/1258760#lakeville-evalithia-e-100
  2. I finally unlocked the Conqueror. Thank goodness. The grind to it was utterly painful in this day and age of power creep. I'm trying to plan on what to do with crews for when I have the FV215b unlocked. Right now I have a 3.5 skill crew in the Conqueror and I plan on getting/keeping both the tier 9 and 10 in the line. Question is, which one benefits or needs a 4+ skilled crew more? Obviously they both would, but if you had to choose, which could perform almost as well with a 2 or 3 skill crew? For the second tank, I'll have to train a crew from the ground up. I'll probably use the FV201 to do the training to help speed it up.
  3. https://youtu.be/ZRTrvBGkijg
  4. Hi all, As a scout or med, I like Sand River, and I've gleaned enough from streams/videos/guides to be reasonably effective in them. Sometimes the same in a TD. But in a heavy, I seem to be consistently mispositioning, etc., and I am not contributing nearly as much as I should to my teams. Can anyone give me some general guidance on initial positions, approaches in various heavies (Russian side-scraping deities, 'Murcan hull-downers, etc.), and as top, bottom tier? The only recent game where I felt I was reasonably effective was in my KV4, driving up the river (Assault, South spawn (so defending)), getting flank shots at a T32 trying to round the bend from E1, and then backing up to use the rocks at F4 to defend in a sidescrape battle. Other than that...I seem to flail. Input?
  5. I am going to provide you guys a two small scenarios regarding usage of an especially slow heavy tank, spawning on the southern end of serene coast, such as a KV-4. I have been wondering how to deal with this and how to do the most damage control as to mine and my accompanying teammates survivability, ignoring the abilities of players that are not nearby. This is mainly just variations of the game where a lemming train rushes through the western path, leaving way too few tanks on the eastern brawling area because of either not enough heavies in the first place, or a number of heavies simply ignoring the needs of the team. I know the usual idea is to help the train, but in a super heavy tank thats not possible. 1. If the choo choo train occurs, but one player in an important high tier tank, like an e3, decides to go straight into the usual brawl area, should I go with him to support? If so, should I stand shoulder to shoulder or should I stay back behind some of the sloped hilly areas and shoot the guys that try to flank? I am also looking to see how a number of TDs sniping from the back area would influence this decision. 2. If I am alone, besides arty and possibly some TDs, should I camp near the base entrance, or another spot where I can still provide effective resistance? Again, With or without TDs around me. I really appreciate all the help you guys provide for free, thanks a lot!
  6. Lowe The mighty (s)Lowe, on EU server a very common sight and one of the most popular tier 8 tanks of all times (IS3, KT and T34 are more played). The tank used to be quite shitty and many (good) players considered it a worthless kitty. But WG decided to give the lowe some love and buffed it, more side armor, more gun depression, higher ammo count and tiny weight reduction. While more ammo, so you can carry 80 rounds, is obvious extremely important, the gun depression buff was also not ``un-needed``. So the Lowe turned from a trash tank, into a potential interesting premium, and i decided to buy it (i always wanted a Lowe, so why not?) The armor: TL:DR: a very strong turret, a capable sidescraper, and for the rest cardboard Firepower TL:DR: the gun is very, very good, except for one ``tiny detail``, the dpm is horrible… Mobility TL:DR: The (s)Lowe is slow as a snail, but once it rolls, its ok, the high reverse speed is a very nice extra Miscellaneous TL:DR: AA-gun elevation, good gun depression, high ammo count and good viewrange, no other problems How to play: The playstyle can thus be summarized as following: - Lowe plays vastly different as KT, it plays much more like a KV4 x T34 - Use your powerfull gun to target strong targets where possible, dont shoot a Tiger when you can also hit a Ferdinand. - Play it like a us heavy tank, and go as much hull down as possible - When you cant go hull down, sidescrape and angle - Dont hang back, you better go to the front, a lone Lowe is a dead Lowe - You are a support tank, but not in terms of dmg dealing, but in terms of taking some agro, shooting though targets and taking dmg. TL:DR: the Lowe combines the hull down playstyle of a T34 with the sidescraping of a KV3/4 and the accurate, high penetration gun of a King Tiger The Lowe is thus in practice a sort of crossover between T34, KV4 and KT, combining the strengths of these 3 tanks (sidescraping, turret armor, powerfull gun) and the weaknesses, slow, low dpm and vulnerable to flanking. BONUS: The Lowe is by far the best credit maker of the game (havent played Jt-88) the gross income is very high and due to minimal gold amom costs, the netto gain is massive, earning +60k credits 10 games in a row is not strange, same earning more as 100k profit is not rare. Dont be fooled by KV5 owners or people who never played a Lowe, Lowe earns far more as either the IS6 or KV5. My crew (E100) and equipment, V-Stab, Rammer and Vents, fairly standard for a heavy, ammo 50-20-10, pure due to the huge ammo acount, and all prem consumables, since Lowe earns enough credits anyway, and the passive bonuses are always good My stats after 125 games: EDIT: replays, not all 125 games i think (due to laptop-gaming), and a whole bunch are from ``old`` versions (9.4 for example) it also contains some rage, bad trolling, asking for maus or IS7 as next tier 10 etc, but thats the way i roll ^^ http://www.mediafire.com/download/j6fyih54jd4avvl/Lowe_replays_pc.zip
  7. As put to WoT this morning, and now here: As the title indicates. Will soon have enough to elite out a T29 heavy, or a M46 Fatton. Stats show that I tend to do better in heavies, but I do so love the medium meta. Really digging the AMX 30 p and the Pershing, and love gun depression. However, I also cotton to hull down fighting, side scraping and punching holes in overly aggressive heavy players. I hear the M48 is meh, just like the tier 10 AMX 30, and of course if I go the T29 route, I will end up with a E5. A little torn, could go either way. Looking for some experienced folks in either line to lend some advice. Thanks!
  8. Hello fellas, I'm Jojo and I will be uploading replays worthy of watching. They will be unique, non of that standard "Just 4k+ Damage" replays. They will have a point to them. They will range from Solo carries to Platoon carries, or from Epic comebacks to So close losses. They will feature the best players on the server, and they will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube with Commentary/ Text on what I was thinking and probably explain tactics used, but this is still a WIP :^) o7o7o7
  9. The main question I propose on my own accord is this: How do I enjoy high tier mediums tanks as a voracious heavy tank player? Enjoyment for me entails effectiveness most importantly. Effectiveness embodies a broad scope that I will let you interpret. There can be no wrong answer as I'm expecting insights that in some level, apply to universal play. I have a 60% in my T-44 and a godawful 53% in my Patton. I think the T-44 W/R is pretty okay but dwarfs in comparison to my HT classes which garner: ST-1: 64% T-10: 61% T32: 63% IS-3: 60% Tiger I: 64% Tiger (P): 54% [I postulate that I can get her to ~62% easily] [fuck'ed up stats @ noob days] KV-3: 56% [fuck'ed up stats @ noob days] KV-2: 52% [refer above] KV-1: 44% [refer above] Matilda IV: 65% There's a lot of 60% granted however I was lead to believe the concept that medium tanks yield the highest skill ceiling which in turn made them better @ winning? Yet in this corridor meta favoring heavies, does this concept hold true? Very Important Question: Which class is better for winning, mediums or heavies? I want to note that I have only tried the M46 flavor of medium tanks. I have yet to research any other high tier MT line. Is the T-54 something fresh and powerful compared to the M46? Same applies to Leo PTA. Tell me how 2 be gud. I'm so desperate for the secret. Just ri note: I used to enjoy MT play via M7MT but low tiers have dropped out of favor as I improved as a player. It was just so easy and it made me prone to auto pilot without a conscious care of my actions. LT's became my go to MT's but those fell out of favor too eventually. Thank you for your responses, ahead of time ^_^
  10. When tankers speak of the IS-3, I often see them talk about it being the King of tier 8 heavies, Great armor, a great gun, just in general a strong tank. I have a problem with this. I got the IS-3, obviously coming from the IS which I liked quite a bit. Blasting people around corners, not expecting many bounces, the usual. Disclaimer, I don't have the BL-9 gun, but it's not the having the fight tier 10s in a heavy with 175mm of pen that's the issue. It's the armor. . . I don't see it work. Time after time I see shots from tier 7s and tier 8s just go right through my upper frontal plate, the part of the armor I want to be able to rely on but can't. People don't even have to aim for my lower plate under the pike, they go through my toughest armor like butter. Of course, this could all be because I'm playing the tank based on it's fearsome reputation when I should be playing it like the IS and the KV-1S pre-change, but everything I've heard seems to contradict that. So I pose the question in the title again. What am I doing wrong? Why does every shot, no matter how well I try to side-scrape or angle, easily pen what should be the hardest part of my tank to go through? P.S. I'm new to this site. I've heard good things about the expertise on here and come humbly to learn. P.P.S. I also see this problem with the E75, which is supposed to be armored to the teeth and yet T30s can penetrate my lower plate at a 45 degree angle while shooting down at me. What the balls is up with that nonsense?
  11. Alright, I'm no purple toaster but I figure I play well enough in high-tier heavy tonks to help some people out. I do have my favorites (E100, E75), my pseudo favorites (Maus, M103, T30, E4[yes those last two are heavies, don't question it]), and the few I play sporadically (see screenie). I will be posting -all- of my replays so that player still working at it can see when a better player scrubs it up, not just the cherry-picked gudfaights. Stick around long enough and this may be my Lowe stat rehab thread as well! First of, the tonks in my garage sorted by battles: Obviously, my E. Honda is by far my favorite, and I don't do too poorly in it. My T34 I do not recall playing that many battles in >.< and my T29 I spent a lot of time playing in when I first started (great Idea BTW, very good learning tool). My Lowe was my first tier VIII tank, and with it I learned the art of scrubbing hard. KV-2... nuff said. E75 I recently bought back and love nearly as much as my E100, with the games piling on almost daily. The Maus is a pubstomper extraordinaire and sees it's share of field time. The M103 I bought back recently and enjoy much, as its harder to hit weak spots (when hull-down) and better MM make it as fun to run if not more-so than the E5. The E4 is a great heavy tank (like I said, don't question it), and the T30 is a good heavy tank that is fun to brush the dust off of from time to time. The Jagzilla doesn't have the heavy part in nomenclature, but does on the scales ^^ The E5 is a nice all-rounder, but can be frustrating at times due to its lack of armor. The IS-6 is fun to grind credits in because of it's trolly armor, but can also troll you equally badly with its poor gun handling. The E3 is a fun mauler that can armor tank for DAYZ if not flanked. The JT 8.8 just shits out credits so it gets a few runs if I'm not being lazy and just buying them lol. The T32 is an AMAZING tier 8 with a ridiculous turret, much fun to play although I did not think so my first time through (just came off my T29, may have even been my first ground out tier 8 tank). The SU-100Y is just fun for derpy-ness. The IS-4 is a good all-around tank that at times just seems to be missing... something, but I'm still sub 100 games in it, so who knows. The 112 is a fast IS-6 that is just as fun to play when your LFP doesn't burst into flames XD The IS-7 I just purchased recently, and am not doing -too- poorly in, but the armor can be stupid at times. TL;DR - Buffalo's opinion on his tanks At the end of every post I will post a snip of my service record summary, which can be used to compare my games played to the games I posted in between each, so you know I'm not yanking your chain If for some reason I can't post the replays (C-dubs, tournament, etc) I will make note of it. I will be using http://replays.quickybaby.com/ to upload my replays, let me know if this doesn't work for someone or if the pros have a suggestion of a better host. I like it because it's easy and it shows the per battle WN8. This probably won't help any unicums, but maybe people struggling to bring their heavy play to par can learn a thing or two. Cheers! Beginning SR:
  12. Well the tier 9 stats have been leaked armour profile here Description: The Type 4, also known as Type 2604, was one of the superheavy O-I tank variants, developed during WW2. This tank was mainly designed to break through armored areas of the enemy and for coastal defense. Tier: 9 HT Hitpoints: 2050 Engine: 1200 hp Weight: 160,51 tonnes Power-to-Weight: 7,48 hp/t Max speed: 20/10 km/h Hull traverse: 22 degrees per second Turret traverse: 18,8 degrees per second Terrain resistance: 1,247/1,342/1,918 Viewrange: 390 m Radio range: 782,1 m Hull: 250/140/? mm Turret: 250/200/? mm Gun: 140mm Type 3 Damage: 600/600/770 Penetration: 249/282/70 mm ROF: 3,293 rounds per minute DPM: 1975,9 Reload time: 18,219 seconds Accuracy: 0,403 Aim time: 2,78 seconds Depression: -10/+20 degrees Stock gun: 127mm Type 3 (230/263/64 pen, 450/390/610 dam) This thing is so ridiculous, I want one.
  13. Previous unicum rankings and "class threads" have shown that heavies, heaviums and mediums are superior for solo carrying. E.g. Shortly put: there are different, equally viable approaches to winning solopub. My question is: - Do you play various classes / tank types equally? - If not, how do you distinguish classes you are intrinsically good at? - Would you advise players to focus on one to two playstyles or alternatively as many different playstyles as possible? Personally: I underperform in tier 9+ mediums whilst overperforming in heavies considering my current skill-level. (e.g. 50% in O140 & Batchat, 56% in E100 firing mainly AP.) Reasons might include a lack of patience, a lack of skill, heavies carrying easier solopub or a combination.
  14. Tanks in the branch are starting to be revealed. Tier 2 I-Go/Chi-Ro (Type 89) - Firepower and view range look great, but the thing doesn't look like it moves too well. The only thing that is for certain is that there will be no reason to ever touch the Chi-Ni again. Tier 3 Type 91 Tier 4 Type 95 Tier 5 O-I Experimental (Mi-To 100) Tier 6 O-I (Mi-To 150) Tier 7 O-Ni (O-I 100) Tier 8 O-Ho (O-I 120) Tier 9 Type 4 Heavy (Type 2604) Tier 10 Type 5 Heavy (Type 2605)
  15. So, after playing the Mammoth like it's gone out of style (very irony, much wow) I have a 2 1/2 skill crew. I had no initiative to go down this line until I got the crew, choosing the E-100 line over it. I haven't even researched the low tier trash that leads up to the T1 Heavy (plsno M3 Lees). I'm aware of their strengths but the T1 and M6 and everything below it just aren't reliable. Final verdicts anyone?
  16. All this is collected from vBAddict (filtered for t10 machines only) which by no means is 100% correct but i think it gives an indication of tank class comparison quite nicely Heavy - 1,959.1 Avg. Dmg. Medium - 2,027.8 Avg. Dmg. SPG - 1,677.9 Avg. Dmg. TD - 1,965.1 Avg. Dmg. **halfway throug this I started thinking about XP distribution for roles. ** As you can see the classes are pretty much the same across the board except for ary which averages significantly less but who am I to judge a person for taking up a t10 slot with a useless RNG slot machine. Anyways the point of this was to look at the shiny numbers and talk about general class balance based solely on damage output. Should the classes be averaging about the same damage per game or should it be significantly different? 1. I think that TD's should be doing the most, at least 15% more than the second place contender simply because that is their primary purpose (dishing damage = more xp). 2. Heavies should be at the forefront of the battle in most cases and should be able to tank for their team and deal a lot of damage simply because of their proximity to enemy machines (tanking = more xp than damage) 3. Mediums have their place in dishing damage but I am one of the few that think they are a bit more like MBTs than "mediums" simply because of their ability to flex around the map and deal damage comparable to heavies with the bonuses of having better cammo, better penetration values, better maneuverability, better speed, and in some instances higher dpm which makes them more useful than a lot of heavies 4. No arty opinion because of all the feels. ** Seeing all of this is it fair to welcome a Class rebalance or just leave it as it is because these numbers just show the current meta and that changes with time? ** I welcome criticism of my opinions and I feel that most comments will help me formulate a better understanding of tank classes on a whole. Thank you.
  17. Hey guys at Wotlabs. I've just gotten the IS-7 yesterday, and I have to say, it's not been fun to play. Why, you may ask? People enjoy saying, "IS-7 armor is so ez to use just point it foward", but that almost never works out? Why? Magnetic lower plate weakpoint. Seriously, out of all of my attempts to keep this thing covered, people still can see and pen it. When I do get into a perfect positions, turns out none of the enemies decide to go where I am. Any tips to use IS-7? Is it a tank I just suck at and should give up on? P.S. I feel like I contribute more in the IS-8 Example replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1747174?secret=00663516723d16b5339f346b848ca1ff
  18. Question: Which tier 6 and 8 play as an actual heavy (not heavium) as bottom tier? (if any) 'Brute': Fairly reliable protection or good at trading. Regardless of tier. Tier 7 = T29 Tier 9 = ST-I, E75, vk45.02B Tier 10 = Ehundo, IS7 'Heavium': Will trollbounce / brawl but don't really want to expose against higher tiers. Tier 6: KV85 Tier 8: IS3 Tier 9: Wz 111111-1/4 Tier 6: - T150: Armor towards higher tiers when sidescraping? - KV-2: Sufficient alpha (AP+ or HE) to forget armor due to trading well? - ARL 105: Turret too bad to play with heavies? Tier 8: - Tiger II: Suffers versus tier 9-10 armor wise? Can't trade? - KV4: Turret too soft? Can't trade? - 110: How good is the armor? Heavium role as bottom tier? Can't trade? - JPII: Superstructure but too situational / mantlet and no turret? - T32: Too situational / boom not sufficient?
  19. Ok, like so many of you I'm not the biggest fan of arty. (Yep, I do agree it needs a nerf or better yet, remove it from the game). That being said, I don't rage all the time about it and I know WG isn't gonna make it disappear any time soon. Hence my question ... how do you counter arty (especially when playing in a heavy). A light and most meds don't have too many problems since they can relocate quickly and unless arty was pre-aiming a spot where you pop up it will be difficult for them to cripple you. And TD's aren't supposed to be spotted anyway. But in heavies ... So I thought I would describe my game style when arty is in the battle: I'll go to the grinder, hold a choke point, ... and be reasonably succesfull when arty doesn't shit on me because I can be arty safe. But there are many points where you just aren't: sand river, prokho, malinovka, red shire, airfield, ... (the list is long). When there is 1 arty I might take my changes and try avoiding their direct hits by staying in motion as much as possible, but with 2 and especially 3 or more I will completely change my play style or even avoid parts of the map where I normally should take my heavy. By changing game style I mean I actually take the time to completely change location so arty has to move for sure, so they at least have the extra bloom to deal with again. But, in these battles I find for myself that I don't do enough for the team. On the other hand, when I watch streamers on twitch they don't always. For example, I was watching SirFoch playing on prokho 3 times in an afternoon and every time he was in the middle shooting up at the hill (who doesn't). But the thing is, there were 3 arties (heavy hitters too). When he got spotted he fell back, kept moving, but didn't relocate. Just pop up 15 secs later in about the same location and continue. In these 3 games, arty barely shot at him. If I try to do ... madonne ... How do you guys deal with situations like this? Do you risk the arty click? Do you relocate completely? Do you find a location that's more arty safe and just try to carry from there? Because I know for a fact I'm doing something wrong here. I could easily average 3k WN8, but at least 1 out of 4 games is shit because arty ruins my battle (either because I'm too passive trying to avoid them, or because they actually manage to cripple me). Thanks for any input/insight.
  20. Just got my conqueror few days ago, and felt pretty good initially with its brilliant gun handling. But now something is really making me struggle about playing this tank, and yes that is SPGs, the scumbags of the battlefield. Whenever I drive the conqueror, theres a dilemma for me: I either go front line and get concentrated by all enemy SPGs (unless theres a waffle on our team and he gets spotted first of course), or I sit back and watch my teamates die one by one(specifically talking about situation where my team is weaker). What is a good strategy to deal with this problem? How do I avoid being concentrated by arties so frequently? Thank you for answering
  21. Now that I have your attention, I was planning to make this little comparison a little more detailed with the usual comparison of income etc, but since the mission is over soon and I don't quite have the time to do all of that now, I'll write out my ideas right now. These are two very interesting vehicles, I'm curious to your opinions and what you think the WZ is capable of. First of all, I must of course prove I'm not a baddie Load out is obvious, optics could make sense. Same equipment as my IS-6. Why is it so bad? Lfp is utter trash. When tier 6 mediums have no problem penning it at 45°, you know enough. IS-6, well IS-6... Two big fat cupolas. I've had things penning my roof too, so unless you're able to write off your keyboard on short term, it's not stronger than the IS-6 in a hulldown position. The weak spots on IS-6 are much harder to hit. But sir, but sir, overmatch! Well, in your next pub battle, ask around if anyone knows what overmatch is. Ammo rack. If you've played the Centurion I you get the idea. Pls gib russian RNG Haven't calculated yet, but the income seems a lot lower than my other premiums. Definitely worse than IS-6 I suspect. Rather big engine deck, if people get slightly above you, there's an easy overmatch with a quite a chance of torching you. Why it actually isn't bad HEAT is obviously better than the 217? the russian 122mm's get. Even most of my side shots go through, unless I'm going up against spaced armor that isn't tracks. Weak lfp is compensated by a huge increase of top speed. Which adds a lot of flexing/carry options. Impressive view range (380) for a heavy, especially considering prefMM. Since it runs on charcoal instead of fuel, you don't need an extinguisher. Which comes in handy because your ammo will get trashed. Food certainly is a good alternative if you can afford it and have a decent crew (mine has shitty repairs). Stronk upper front hull, combine with wiggles and you can pull off bounces against BL-10s. Extremely good side armor which I underestimated in my first battles. Didn't check the actual stats, but it feels like it has more gun depression than the IS-6. Will it get me into BULBA? Looks like a nope. To be fair, I don't think many people will break even 2.2k damage. If we compare it with my other prems, it's not hard to draw conclusions. Whilst playing it I didn't quite enjoy it, I missed the high paced action of the front line and the sub 10s reload of my IS-6. So it seems like it's a piece of trash then. Oh wait, I just calculated some things of the solo games I tracked (17)... ​Winrate 76,47% DPG 2.632 Turns out the carry possibilities are indeed, quite high. I know it's a low sample size, but again, if you can bring up the patience, many possibilities... DPG? Higher than I expected. Some battles were steamroll wins with sub 2k damage, seems like I got enough 3k and 4k games to get it back up. I honestly don't think I can get it much higher than this. Speed probably allows for more late-game damage than one can get in the IS-6. Conclusion? There's not enough data (as in battles tracked) that can give definitive answers, at least not for me. I think it comes down to, despite all the similarities, different play styles. IS-6 is meant for close combat DPM abuse. You get up front, kill stuff faster than they kill your team and hope your team on the other side of the map is dead, but not dead enough to get out capped. Allowing for some extra damage if you get there in time. You know what can pen you, and which tanks you can drive straight into without worrying. Your weak spots are very hard to hit if you're going up against cheapskates who don't want to spam gold at your front. WZ-111 is a more flexible tank. It can do the same things as the IS-6 up front, as long as your opponents never heard of a lower front plate or if you have some meat with you. Once I considered all the pro's (view range, HEAT) I realized it's better off at long range engagements. It's easier to defend bases or help out flanks you need. Personally I think the WZ is definitely worth as much gold/money/whatever as one would pay for the IS-6. It just requires a lot of patience to make that armor work. The IS-6 is just more of a rambo machine and awakens the inner child, I play tanks to pewpew stuff, not shoot from the second line or drive around to support flanks. It's more noob-friendly, so maybe I'm just a baddie after all...
  22. So curiosity finally got the better of me and I bought the new iteration of the KV-1S' at tier 5. I was not particularly a fan of the old '1S' as I have always preferred the KV-2 for my mid tier lol's and death fingering so I have no desire to play the KV-85. Apprehensive at first, I kitted it out, fitted it with the 122 and placed my old KV-4 crew in it... Holy shit! This thing is as much a beast now as it ever was at tier 6. I played 10 or so rounds with the 122 in more of a traditional "heavy" role; peaking, scraping, pushing and I found it kinda meh, with a funny derp shot from time to time. I switched to the 85 (which is a bit anemic) and took a few rounds to find a place for it. I quickly realized this thing is great playing the medium role. You have the mobility and top speed of most in tier mediums and a comparable gun. And the added bonus of additional HP, weight and decent frontal armor. It reminds me a lot of playing the FCM but with better solo carry potential for a scrub like me. Has anyone else enjoyed this as much as I have?
  23. If it is ST-I or ST-l, I'll probably never know. Don't care either, because this beast > World of Tanks. I like to compare it to the E-75, which is the one of the other 3 actual heavy tanks you can find in tier 9. Set-up is the same as all my other typical heavies (will put a nice picture here in the weekend - for now you'll have to enjoy the result of a ménage à troi that is integrated graphics, OS X and WoT) Main advantages Only tier 9 heavy tank that can actually hull down without converting cupola(s) to swiss cheese. Only high penetration guns can punch through the 'weak spot' on turret, but it's still extremely difficult to hit. Decent gun selection: if you're short on free xp you get the BL-9 from the IS-3 (unless for some reason you haven't got that one already) which is perfectly fine because USSR. Once upgraded to the top gun you shouldn't have a problem penning 9/10 things you'll meet. If you want to make things easier there are 340mm (because 330 has proven to be slightly unbalanced on the T-54) HEAT shells. Good gun depression, which helps 1 significantly. Pretty good DPM, it's probably my set-up and crew, but reloading quicker than 11s to derp an occasional 500dmg is nice. Side armor is ridiculously good against lower tiers (KV-13 in replay) Leads to super OP IS-4 Main disadvantages Russian heavies usually have bad view range, this bad boy gets 380m base. Which isn't bad. Until you check the E-75 that gets 400, or you get in tier X battles. Sluggish. Lower plate is much weaker than the germans, the track traverse (horrible compared to E-75) doesn't allow for quick angling either. Still feels stronger than other heavies (Conqueror, WZ 111-111111111), or maybe pubs just don't aim for it. Wurst dispersion. Premium ammo is HEAT (T30 in replay). The usual replay for educational bragging purposes. Couple of 'errors' I made Exposing my side to the hill while searching for shots on the 7/1, M103 or IS8. My brain put them on some kind of top priority... Not fully aiming in on the KV-13. Oh no, I missed some precious WN7 ratink!
  24. Played mines in IS-3, they had mediums, we didn't. Naturally they got on the hill first. Then we lost. How do you counter that? Is there any way to minimize the advantage of the hill?
  25. First match in IS-7, Westfield. One of the reasons i lost was that I was engaging an E100 on the hills, we were both hulldown. I put about 4-5 shots, some premium into the flat turret cheeks, but no pens. This took up time I could have used to kill other tanks, therefore we lost. Now, with my over 300 premium pen, I should be able to pen the turret-cheeks of E100, shouldn't I? Should I instead have aimed for the weaker armor on the bar on top of the turret, with a higher risk of missing?
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