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Found 2 results

  1. Any hints or tips to complete LT 15 please. I have been trying to do this in my WZ-132. Best attempt so far was Live Oaks which achieved 3,997. I seem to be fated not to get either Pokorovka or Fiery Salient so far. So which tanks, bushes,maps, or tactic, any tips please.
  2. I haven't done statistics and probability for over 25 years and I am having some trouble reverse calculating what a population would consist of based on the percentile given in the WN8 Table on the WoTLabs home page. Then again, I may be doing it right and it just looks wrong. Given a NA East server population (SP) of 30,000 (lets say it's a good night) what would the breakdown of any given set (Basic, Average, Unicum...etc) population be? For instance, I am assuming that Basic players (top 6%) represent 94% of the player base. Now, I am assuming that this is the wrong way to go about it so please correct me so I can be accurate. Because then I am assuming that the Below Average players represent (SP - Basic) * 80%. Then that leads me to think that Average players = (SP - (Basic + Below Average)) * 60%. So on and so forth. Please help, thank you. Edit: I don't want someone to give me the answer; I want someone to point me in the right direction on how to figure it out for myself.
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