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Found 14 results

  1. http://wotreplays.com/site/2919087?secret=7ca3bdfdd6301fc35801b6251a7962d6 Got schooled by a shitter with 499 WN8 in an IS-4 I think I did pretty good at the start of the battle( held back like 7 tanks by myself) but as soon as that IS-4 got into position,things quickly turned to shit.What could I have done in this situation? I don't think I could've penned that IS-4 even with APCR cuz he was in such an awkward position.Should I have just camped harder or was my initial position just bad? Pls haaalp
  2. Good day WoTlabs. First a big thanks to you all for posting these numerous threads an replays with info that a new tank player like myself can spend his evenings reading. Then a short introduction of myself: I´m 30 years old, been playing competitively Esports games online since i was 13 (started with Action Quake 2, then Q3, CS and then 10 years with WoW (S1 gladiator, numerous realm first on the PvE scene and so forth), and besides that 20 years of playing soccer IRL. So i know the general about teamplay, making calls, communication etc. Ive recently been made a dad, so i no longer play WoW with its time consuming setup, and a good friend of mine introduced me to WoT. I found WoTlabs at around 1k battles, and been trying to mimic the info i read here, in my games played. However with only limited succes imo. I did join a casual "rookie" clan, and have done quite abit of random games with those guys, which i must say have hurt my IS-3 score a lot. Back to the question: Ive recently gotten my first tier X, an IS-7. I really like this tank, for the first 50 games i had 60ish WR %, but it has fallen down to 55ish now (all solo). I am looking for a new line to grind, i had thought it should be the T-57 line, as i already have the M41 Bulldog, and opened up to the M49. However i look at the missions, and though I've done most of the TD missions with my Hetzer, i dont see myself doing 3k dmg at any point. So i would need to get some higher TD for those. Also, i have no decent medium either (T54 mod1 prot, does not count - hate that thing). Ive read garbads ranking of mediums and TDs, and i wonder if that still stands correct? Should i go the WT e100 line? or maybe the batchat? Or perhaps something entirely different is more suitable for me to become a better player? (I have the secret wish to one day, when im ready, play clan wars, strongholds etc, as it is mostly the team orientating things in games that makes the fun for me.) I will be thankful for any advice or comment. Regards Onkel
  3. Hello Wotlabs Forum, as my first post, I want to try 100 battles solopub challenge in an is7 I've set my goals to: Is-7 DPG: 2250+ Is-7 Winrate: 54.5%+ Crew+Loadout for my IS-7: Current Stats: Hope I can reach these goals Batch 1 5 battles DPG: 3710 Winrate: 40% Replays: http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/HbsUwKG6/file.html Batch 2 5 battles DPG: 2656 Winrate: 60% Replays: http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/dNs3sj1R/file.html Batch 3 5 battles DPG: 2564 Winrate: 40% Replays: http://www92.zippyshare.com/v/TiXZfYfe/file.html Batch 4 15 battles DPG: 2063 Winrate: 33% Replays: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/yI0dhclF/file.html 30/100 and I might give up, since tank is medicore at best DPG in challenge: 2520 -.- DPG in tank atm: 2204 WR in challenge: 40% WR in tank atm: 52.48%
  4. So, as some of you may know I am IS-7_jesus since unlocking it yesterday. I figured I'd publicly post my replays. I want to stay above 4k DPG and get my third MOE at/before I reach 100 games. I am streaming every time I play the IS-7 http://www.twitch.tv/burdenedfungus Be here when I fuck it up and ruin my stats! Stats at 126 games. I gave in to the pressure and platooned a bunch forcing my dpg down because I was stressing out. DPG dropped below 3800 at one point. Back up to 3873 though. CLICK THE IMAGES FOR LARGER VERSIONS Stats at 71 games. This highlight sums up my games for today. http://www.twitch.tv/burdenedfungus/c/6680624 stats at 60 games. Had a handful of bad games and dropped down to 3.9k dpg twice so I had to work and bring it back up Stats from my first 45 games. I got yolo rushed and only managed to get 1.4k damage one game and 1 shot by arty another game managing to get 2.1k damage. Without those game I would probably have 4.1k dpg My personal IS-7 page on vbaddict http://www.vbaddict.net/tank/burdenedfungus-na-5fcbe208dc0c6d69a3bf54276739d2e9/ussr-0/is_7-28 List of top players in the IS-7 on vbaddict http://www.vbaddict.net/commanders/soviet_union/heavy/is_7-28 IS-7 replay dump: If someone spots a game in that isn't on my own account or a clanwars battle please let me know so I can remove it and keep the replay list mostly pub games (just pm me with a copy of the file name) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gnabrv9re0du5jw/AABCWZg3J4C7QMwivFvDo0upa?dl=0
  5. Hey guys at Wotlabs. I've just gotten the IS-7 yesterday, and I have to say, it's not been fun to play. Why, you may ask? People enjoy saying, "IS-7 armor is so ez to use just point it foward", but that almost never works out? Why? Magnetic lower plate weakpoint. Seriously, out of all of my attempts to keep this thing covered, people still can see and pen it. When I do get into a perfect positions, turns out none of the enemies decide to go where I am. Any tips to use IS-7? Is it a tank I just suck at and should give up on? P.S. I feel like I contribute more in the IS-8 Example replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1747174?secret=00663516723d16b5339f346b848ca1ff
  6. So me and one of my friends got into an argument revolving around whether the IS-4 or the IS-7 is the better "New Player Friendly" tier 10. He maintains the grind to the IS-4 is better, and the tank is much more fun, oh and the tank itself is better. He thinks its just the better tank all round. I maintain obviously that the IS-7 is the correct choice, due to everything it has, armor, gun, speed. I also personally feel the grind through the IS-3 is more fun, but i havent played that grind for a long time. Now guys vote on the poll, and offer your thoughts in this thread. *Note: i posted this exact question in the General discussion on WoT, will be interesting to see any correlation as well*
  7. Hello. Lately I've been playing my IS-7 a lot, and by a lot I mean 100 games in 2 weeks or less. I've been trying to not only increase my Average damage in the IS-7 from 2k up to 2.8k which has gone slow I have to say but it's gone up by 200 so far, but I'm also trying to improve my play at tier 10 as my clan are looking to become more active in Clan Wars other than only during campaigns. So, as the title may give away I'm looking for a tank that is similar to the IS-7 in gameplay, I have three tier 10s so far with the IS-7 being my second and the E100 being the first along with the FV4202 as my third. Anyway, here's how my tech trees look so far USSR: http://i.imgur.com/kdqX0Rq.jpg USA: http://i.imgur.com/VzwJChF.jpg UK: http://i.imgur.com/V2THUNj.jpg Germany: http://i.imgur.com/jfZt6RE.jpg France: http://i.imgur.com/QfZTJig.jpg USSRCOPY: http://i.imgur.com/eSGMWLL.jpg Any help I can get is greatly appreciated as I really want another tank that is similar to the IS-7, and I already know of the Object 260 which is coming the 15th or 19th of January, can't remember which. If you are curious here are my IS-7 stats which I'm trying to improve. Games: 227 Victories: 50,66% Battles survived 24,23% (I have to increase this) Hits: 86,45% Damage ratio 1,18 Destruction ratio 1,34 Armor-use efficiency 1,1 Average Experience 805 Damage caused to enemy vehicles 2 276 (trying to improve this) Damage received 1 923 Damage caused with your assistance 691,04 Enemy vehicles spotted 1,7 Enemy vehicles destroyed 1,01
  8. So after 109 battles in the IS-7 and 2,222 average damage, I have come to realize that I suck at playing the IS-7. So I am asking for tips on what to do. Am I using my armor badly? Are there better positions for me to be hulldown? Am I playing to aggressively? I want to get my average damage at least to a level where I would be accepted into a good clan (2600-3000). From my perspective, what is stopping me from doing well is: Situational armor (Only reliable when front and hulldown) and bad gun handling/penetration. For equipment/crew skills I have: Rammer/Vert.Stabs/GLD Commander: Sixth sense - Repair Gunner: Repair - Snap Shot Driver: Repair - Smooth Ride Loader 1: Repair - Firefighting Loader 2: Repair - Sit. Awareness (2nd skill is at 89%) Here are replays from a session of 9 games I just had and they pretty much represent an average day in the IS-7: Game 1: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60304 Game 2: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60306 Game 3: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60307 Game 4: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60308 Game 5: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60309 Game 6: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60311 Game 7: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60313 Game 8: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60314 Game 9: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=60315 Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to actually review the replays and figure out how I can improve
  9. First match in IS-7, Westfield. One of the reasons i lost was that I was engaging an E100 on the hills, we were both hulldown. I put about 4-5 shots, some premium into the flat turret cheeks, but no pens. This took up time I could have used to kill other tanks, therefore we lost. Now, with my over 300 premium pen, I should be able to pen the turret-cheeks of E100, shouldn't I? Should I instead have aimed for the weaker armor on the bar on top of the turret, with a higher risk of missing?
  10. I decided to try complying with the WoT terms of service, uninstall my custom RELIC WarPack mod files, and try seeing how a stream comprised of a middle-aged guy with slow reflexes playing primarily Tier 10 tanks will go over. I'll solo pub. Primarily IS-7 with some other random tanks thrown in. I'll platoon with a few friends and that one guy everyone hates. What a cunt that guy is. I'll try to offer useful commentary on why I'm doing the things I'm doing and retrospect on what I or our team could have done better if all doesn't go well. I'll laugh. I'll cry. I'll shake my head and give looks of disgust. I'll drink beer. Maybe you can drink beer too. I might even wear pants sometimes if I ever bother to get this camera working. We'll listen to some classic rock, a bit of heavy metal, a touch of progressive rock, and maybe some oddball stuff mixed in between. If all goes well pubbie tears will be extracted and you'll get to see why people Otter pubbies hate RELIC so much. If I get tired and/or drink too much beer you'll get to see why I don't have deep purple recent stats. Dlur100 Plays World of Tanks on twitch.tv YouTube Channel I also post some replays and such in this other thread: I'll try to remember to post in this thread when I go live.
  11. Digging a hole with this tank. Put it away for a week and pulled it out today only to get beat down twice averaging 3500 dmg. Need help learning to win with this tank because so far it's not happening. Any advice on how to play it better would be awesome. Both these games I got damage (early 1st game, garbage dmg second game) but they felt poorly played. First game I take mid South Coast with a BC. We control it and just have just a M54E1 blocking us but I assume plenty of TDs backing him. Get a shot in on him and a shot on an E50 then decide to move up top. BC for some reason heads off to the East rather than push the E1 and a T95 shows up. I tried to go face hug a 268 who apparently laughs at IS7 hug but dies thanks to some help (note to self - don't hug TX TDs). Our East is lost so I back up to help the 95. This is probably my biggest mistake. I thought the East would have pushed already towards our cap but they're still hanging out. I let the 50 hit me and then the 54 gets me from the side. http://www.vbaddict.net/download_replay/slygambit-na-3ca2a5110d685de69417a1b44e5582b7/south-coast-soviet-union-is-7-12886302399666 Second game was Pearl. I was late spawning and a pair of E5s had already moved to my preferred spot mid on hill so I head around the flank where a Maus was going to support. Figure a Maus/IS7 can hold if not push that pretty easily. I meet an E3. Get a lucky pen on his top and then our special Maus driver decides to get between me and the E3 - one of the few tanks that can basically ignore his armor on the map. Since he's completely blocking me and our E5s are already dead I head back towards cap to defend but the game was already over. I get some garbage damage before the mediums flank me. http://www.vbaddict.net/download_replay/slygambit-na-3ca2a5110d685de69417a1b44e5582b7/pearl-river-soviet-union-is-7-16708823293716
  12. IS-7 History and development Development In the spring of 1944 after lifting the siege of Leningrad at the Kirov plant which was partially destroyed, it was decided to manufacture the ISU-152 self-propelled artillery. Tank designers were returning to the Experimental Plant № 100, after the evacuation. The leader of the team was chosen to be J. Kotin. Under his leadership, the development of a new heavy tank which was to be well armed and heavily heavy armored. It received the factory designation "Object 260", and later - the index "IS-7" A wooden model of the IS-7 The high level of protection of IS-7 was provided not only by an increase in the thickness of armor plates, but also due to their significant slope. The form of the front was similar to the IS-3 - "pike nose," with somewhat smoothed contours. The mass of IS-7 reached 68 tons, to ensure adequate mobility it was needed to increase the capacity of the engine. It was planned to install two diesel V-11 or B-16 with a total capacity of 1200 hp, using an electric drivetrain similar to the tried and tested on the prototype tank IS-6 ("Object 253"). However, before making the first prototype of the IS-7 the design was canceled and only a full sized wooden mock-up was build. In 1946 work on the second version started. In the same year it was decided to build two prototypes. The lead designer of the machine was engineer G. Efimov, and overall management was done by A. Ermolaev. A second version of the IS-7 would be created, rather diffrent from its predecessor. Engine Since work on the B-16 engine failed. The TD-30 diesel engine was installed, developed on the ACh-300 aircraft engine. Instead of an electric transmission a traditional mechanical one was used. A serial V 12-cylinder diesel engine M-50 1050 hp at 1850 RPM was installed (used on fast offshore boats). The TH-30 aircraft engine established on the basis of ACH-300, revealed a number of significant drawbacks during the tests. The M-50 engine was distinguished by its rather large dimensions, requiring new design solutions for its installation in the tank without increasing the height of the housing. They had to develop a new short torsion suspension (so-called "beams"), consisting of seven thin rods, and such that was enough space for the engine crankcase. The case height of 2426 mm was even lower than the 300 mm on the IS-2, and 24 mm lower then the IS-3. Engine specifications Engine Type: M-50T Manufacturer: Plant № 800 Brand: M-50T Type: Diesel Volume: 62,400 cm3 Maximum power: 772 kW (1050 hp) at 1850 rev / min Maximum torque: 4606 Nm Configuration: V12 Cylinders: 12 Bore: 180 mm Stroke: 209.8mm Degree of compression: 13.5 Cooling: Liquid Strokes: 4 Recommended fuel: DL, DZ, DA Speed- 60 kp/h Cross-country speed 32 kp/h Range- 300 km HP per tone- 15.4 Suspension- Individual torsion Ground pressure kgf/cm 0,97 Fire fighting equipment with automatic thermo-sensors which activate at 100-110 ° C Transmission The transmission for the tank was designed in two versions. The first, which was manufactured and tested in the IS-7, was a six-speed manual shift with synchronizers. Turning mechanism - a planetary, a two-step. Steering was done via a hydraulic servo.Tests showed good traction transmission quality, ensuring high average speed of the tank. The second version of the manual transmission had been developed in conjunction with the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School.It was a planetary, 8-speed. Steering was done by hydraulic actuators with progressive gears. For the first time in the soviet tank design tracks were made with rubber-metallic hinges, hydraulic double acting shock absorbers, road wheels with internal shock absorbers operating at high loads and torsion beams. Electric Drive planned for the IS-6 The first copy of the prototype was ready on September 8, the second - December 25, 1946. On field tests they showed remarkable speed for such machines- 60 km/h maximum speed and an average speed on rough road was 32 km/h. None of the heavy tanks of that time could boast with such high-speed characteristics. Throughout 1947 in parallel with the long trials of the first two IS-7s work started on the creation of the next - better - option. Increased armour and slope for the hull and turret after firing 88-mm, 122 mm and 128-mm shells at the prototypes on the NIIBT site at the Izhora factory. The thickness of the frontal plate was increased to 150 mm, placing them under vertical angles of 50 ° - 52 °. The turret was given a less vulnerable form - it became more rounded, the thickness of the front was adjusted to 240 - 350 mm at an angle of 45 ° - 0 °, the side plates - to 185 - 240 mm at angles of 30 ° - 45 °. Even the most powerful guns existing at that time (128-mm and 130-mm armor-piercing projectiles) failed to penetrate the armor. Crew The crew of the IS-7 consisted of five men and four of them were placed in the turret: Commander - Right Gunner - Left Two Loaders - In the back, they also operated the machine guns. The Driver was the only one to be located in the hull. Armament The first prototype was armed with a 130-mm S-26 gun. It used separate-case ammunition, the mass of the projectile was 33 kg. To increase the rate and ease the work of the crew a pneumatic loading mechanism was installed, developed in conjunction with the Institute of artillery. The next version of the IS-7, was armed with a new 130-mm naval gun S-70 (7020mm long) a 54 caliber barrel and it's weight was 4225kg. The shell had a mass of 33.4 kg and an initial velocity of 900 m/s with the ability to punch through 163-mm armor, mounted at an angle of 30 °, at a distance of 1000m and 143 mm - 2,000m. Rare of fire was from 6 to 8 shots per minute thanks to the naval style "rammer" (Unconfirmed) S-70 Penеtration values Shell \ Distance ------------------------------>500-----1000----1500---2000----3000 (m) БР-482 (Angle of impact 30°)---------------->205-----195-----185-----175------145 (mm) БР-482 (Angle of impact 90°)---------------->250-----240-----225-----210------180 (mm) Keep in mind that at different times and in different countries, different methods for determining armor penetration were used. As a consequence, a direct comparison with similar data from other sources is often impossible or incorrect. Details about the IS-7s guns Ammunition for the S-70 consisted of 30 shells. Rather then the bulky pneumatic loading mechanism that was used on the first machine, a smaller chain mechanism with the electric drive was developed. The characteristic difference between guns was the muzzle brake design: The C-70 used small holes, and a C-26 has a slot design. The tank fire control unit provided guidance, regardless of the position of the gun and fired automaticly as soon as there was a target lock. By then the number of coaxial machine guns on the IS-7 reached eight: Two - Large caliber, and the rest - 7.62 mm RP-46. A second CPV-44 was aded on the roof of the turret for firing at air and ground targets. Additionally two 7.62 mm machine guns and a 14.5mm were mounted in the gun mantlet.Ammunition for the machine guns consisted of 400 rounds of ammunition for the CPV and 2500 for the ER. The End During 1948 LKZ produced four prototypes of the new IS-7. Following the factory tests they were handed over to the state. Chairman of the State Commission was appointed Major-General A. Owl. The main test of the Ministry of Transport Engineering of the USSR E. Kulchitsky well remembered these trials: "I was e-honoUred, I was asked first to give this remarkable machine...With speeds exceeding 60 km/h, this heavy machine is easy to respond to the slightest force applied to the levers and pedals.The machine is totally responsive to the driver." During a test run one of the tanks caught on fire after exeeding the period for the trials. The automatic fire extinguishing system activated twice, but the fire could not be contained. The crew had to leave the tank, and it was completely destroyed. The plastic fuel tanks, which the designers installed instead of the normal metal ones to save weight, turned out to be the source for an additional fire hazard. Despite the outstanding performance, the IS-7 failed to receive the approval of the State Commission. In addition to a number of failures during the test, there was one huge negative that sealed the its fate, first and foremost, it is was too heavy. The attempt to provide the highest level of protection brought the machine to a record weight of 68 tons - instead of the planned 65.5 tons. The "Object 260" was not accepted for service. However, in the course of the project designers accumulated experience, and in the later types of Soviet tanks you can see many of the tried and tested IS-7 components. Why? A definite negative role in the fate of the IS-7 played another heavy tank: The 60 ton IS-4, developed and put into production at the CHKZ in 1947, after the cessation of production of IS-3. The IS-4, at the time of its creation, had the most best armor, but the transmission wasnt reliable. It was armed with the same guns as the IS-2 and IS-3. The biggest drawback of the IS-4 was the fact that its mass was greater than the capacity of railway platforms and highway bridges simply couldnt withstand its weight. As a result the IS-4 effectively discredited the idea of a tank weighing 60 tons, which caused the skepticism of military experts regarding the IS-7. Another explanation for the rejection of the IS-7 is that at that time the concept of increasing the role of tanks in a probable nuclear war, called for an early deployment of a large number of armored units, and thus to produce the greatest possible number of tanks in peacetime. Blueprints and size comparison The last IS-7 (Model 1948) is in the Museum's collection of armored vehicles in Kubinka. Source: Many russian websites like http://alternathistory.org.ua/. There could some mistakes in the translation, feel free to correct me and I will fix them ASAP.
  13. Hey, during the On Track to the IS-7, I managed to finish my IS-8 grind to buy the IS-7 while it was on sale, and bought it on the discount but realized quite quickly that it is completely outclassed in the current meta game, due to the power creep that has been going on. With the current on track, I have been thinking about selling my IS-7 to re-buy the T71 and the IS-3 for tournaments and champion TCs. I'm looking for feedback from the gud@tanks group on whether it's a decent tank that i'm just not clicking with, or if it is the POS i believe it to be, and if i should sell it or not.
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