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Found 3 results

  1. slushystorm

    Help, IS-8

    I recently unlocked the is-8 and have not been doing to well in it, I have been trying to play it like the is-3 but obviously this is the wrong way to go about it, so my question is, how should i be playing the is-8? (Note- This is my first ever forum post so feel free to tell me if I am posting in the wrong section, etc.)
  2. How can a fast heavy such as the IS-8 affect the start of a high-Tier game in the same way that I can by passive scouting key targets in my 1390? From seeing the way unicums tend to carry games, in particular Garbad's style, it appears that the momentum of most games is decided at the beginning, and although the IS-8 has the mobility to potentially do so, I don't really know what to do to achieve the upper hand vs. opponents who often have far superior camo values, mobility, and view range. While I know how to do this by passive scouting so that I can see where the majority of the enemies are going and infer where the rest are so as to plan and react accordingly, as well as offer my team some early shots to possibly eliminate the better members of the opposing team, I'm at a loss as to what to consistently do at the start of a game in a fast heavy. If I try to rush to an important chokepoint as Jingles suggested, it works sometimes, but most of the time, I just get swarmed by fast enemies and die or end up losing a lot of HP while my team mates sit around eating glue before they finally grow a pair and come. The only other option to this that I know of is to sit back and watch passively as the game develops, which leaves me at the mercy of my team's scouts competency at gaining vision control. It's either that I'm too aggressive early-game, or I'm too passive to effect a more aggressive and unified style of play from the team in a single direction (read: lemming rush, it's a good thing) I like to try to get my gun in action as early as possible and keep it firing, as that is one of the main points that I gather from Garbad's guide to getting better, which is helping me claw my through 60 day green stats, but if I'm alone against several enemies because I overextended and didn't analyze my team's deployment correctly, it means that I have to fight on a back foot and lack the initiative to successfully attack and come out on top; the IS-8 lacks the armor and/or brute DPM to do that to almost any Tier 10 on full HP, and in the current high-Tier meta of sniping and alpha, I find that the large, paper profile, poor camo, lack of gun depression, and Russian heavy gun handling can make it very frustrating to do damage without being crippled HP-wise at the least. So, how can I use my mobility to counter these flaws? Besides the gun, the only good features of the IS-8 are the tough turret, which is nigh-impossible to abuse 95% of the time, and the top speed, which it can achieve on a slight downwards slope. However, the speed is only really good for relocating, since like the Lorr. 40T, it's enormous, and anything can and will hit it even at top speed, and unless they hit the front half of the turret, they aren't going to bounce. I've found that the upsides are not enough enough to counter the drawbacks to the point that it can take on most enemies 1v1, and this means that if I can't decide the game early on and end up without pubbies to act as meatshields so that I can avoid taking fire, I'll die fast, my gun will be out of play, and the team will likely lose. Since I'm a baddie, most players don't seem to want to platoon with me, and that's fine; I feel that I need to learn to carry my teams without relying on better players than myself to cover up my mistakes, if I ever want to actually be good (not necessarily "legit" by Hardest's standards, but rather to be able to make a viable claim that I can stand on my own, and because there isn't always someone waiting to platoon with you). I've experimented with using the tactics in RBS's excellent advanced hull down techniques video guide and hiding my LFP with rubble when possible with some success in occasionally bouncing shots as a heavy should, but it seems that any time that I see a route that can take me around the side and no enemies with firing lanes into it having been spotted, I get killed by an invisible WTF E-100 or FV183, or I'm just not fast enough to get through to a safe spot before an enemy shows up. With its inability to bounce shots from even most Tier 7s, this typically means that I'm dead meat. After seeing a very good article on playing to win, rather than doing what most players at my level of (in)competency do, to go to the main forums and whine that their tanks need a buff and whatever killed them deserves a nerf or something of the like, I've been looking for ways to exploit what I've got in the tanks that I have to the maximum extent possible and turn the tables. So, how would you recommend that I deal with the flaws (protection, gun handling, soft stats, and dumb team mates) and exploit the advantages (speed, alpha, penetration, and turret armor) of the IS-8? (sorry for the wall of text)
  3. I am currently grinding my IS-8 and some other T8 and T7, i am your average player not so good but not so bad and i would really like to platoon with some one that can teach me how to play high Teirs, so if you want to help shoot me a pm/invite while i am online. *forgot to say, i play on the NA east server Thanks.
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