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Found 2 results

  1. First let me apologize for all the swearing and screaming that is about to happen. Its unavoidable since I'm rather frustrated right now >:| I'm actually thinking about what to do next. The last 2 weeks went like this: http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/teslarod/502443028/ 49% WR at above 2k WN8. But thats not all! My only frequent platoonmate is stalker_stx (http://www.noobmeter.com/player/eu/stalker_stx/503358948/) he likes to play with me for some reason no clue why, so I played lets say 100 of those games with him. So I'd say I got carried to 49%. On my own I'd probably have 45%-47%. At 2k WN8+. In 300 battles. TWO WHOLE FUCKING GODDAMN WEEKS OF FEELING LIKE AWESOMEPANTZ MC SHITLORD. WOW THE FEELZ. Since MM can't be rigged against greens (that wouldn't have any reasoning behind it) I have to assume I am at fault here. Because 300 battles is a rather large sample size I feel somewhat defeated. After all I was pretty damn sure I have been improving quite a bit in the progress I've never had dark purple sessions until a month ago. If someone would have asked me at the start of the month I'd had claimed that a purple recent till May would be my current goal. Now until this point one might just call this bad RNG and I'd usually agree in a second. But then I went to check my last 1k battles. WR HAS FUCKING DROPPED BELOW MY INCREDIBLE HIGH AVERAGE OF 53.3% FOR 1K BATTLES TOO. I've been seriously trying hard to get better at tonks since September or so, whenever it was I started playing again, actually it really felt like I did. My last goal was to fix my Leo back from 50% to 53% WR where it belongs at 2.3k DPG . Yet I've dropped it to 48% instead while steadily increasing everything else (except survival rate). Even tried to fix my FCM's stats because I sucked in it. I had 1k DPG after 40 battles in it at 48% WR. Now after 123 battles I've increased that to shy of 1500 DPG (meaning I did my job in those 80 games). guess what WR dropped to 44%. The best part comes last - T25/2. I loved my Hellcat, could barely manage to pull the crew out.... things started off well. I'm currently sitting at 1350 DPG in a 850 HP paper TD with a goddamn 90mm who frequently faces T9's... *snicker* nearly forgot - 43% WR after 90 games 756 average XP. Oh and well on my way to the 2nd Mark. I felt like I was doing good in that tank. Didn't check my stats other than overall WR and WN8 lately to be honest. So after checking my statistics on the best performance I've ever done in a T7 a fit of rage would be a nice understatement of my feelings at the time :> I had one saving grace left - light tanks. I'm better at scouts than any other class. I adore the living crap out of AMX 12t, Covenanter (pref MM scouts FTW), T71 and ELC AMX. Can't be so hard to get a RU251 eh? Without 6th eh? VK 28.01 is a gud tonk eh? Free XPed halfway through the grind because its the worst scout I've ever had the pleasure to sell. Only scout I owned without a dozen Mastery Badges. Then comes the Awful Panther I don't even want to bother with fixing 41% WR (no 6th sense yet for the lolz). Doing some very simple math that I hardly can manage as a 45% shitter, college degree or not, tells me that a sudden increase in WR to 55% would probably result in higher survival thus more fun and better stats which would probably make me enjoy this game again... tl;dr Anyone wants to pick up an once in a lifetime train wreck and attempt to fix me? If not thanks for listening it may just be time to win the game. /edit FML somehow deleted the last part before poasting and the poll died on me. Also some slight formatting.
  2. Learn something new everyday. Now its an internet joke. -_- Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minerva
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