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Found 1 result

  1. Something occurred to me last night as I was playing a solo game in my E-50 (that currently doesn't have 6th sense on it as I moved the crew up to the E-50m and started a fresh 100% crew), is that I play tanks that don't have 6th sense much more cautiously than tanks that do have 6th sense, but I'm still getting just as much DPG and am often playing just as aggressive. I've thought about it a little more and realized that part of it may be that I rely on sixth sense too often and use it as a crutch to tell me when I'm spotted, whereas on tanks that don't have sixth I just assume throughout the entire battle that I am spotted. When I am spotted I'm more inclined to instinctively use hard cover, abuse terrain, shoot and scoot, etc. Whereas if I'm relying on 6th sense I may be more inclined to linger in one location too long or hide in the back and snipe. At lower tiers you can usually get away with being spotted and then trying to get unspotted or find cover. When you are facing Tier 10 tanks, especially high alpha TDs and arty you really can't afford to be spotted and resting on your laurels for 2 seconds until your 6th sense icon flashes on your screen. 2 seconds is long enough for a pre-aimed arty or 183 to one shot you. 2 seconds is more than enough time for a Waffen E-100 to track you and clip you out. 2 seconds is more than enough time for a pack of mediums who happened to be aimed in your general direction to focus fire you down to being utterly crippled if not dead. On the other hand, it seems to me, that if you just assume you are lit all the time and position yourself and act accordingly you'll survive much longer and have a more pronounced influence on the game. Now, I'm certainly not saying that it's a bad idea to have 6th sense on your tanks. Nothing could be further from the truth. 6th sense is absolutely critical for those instances where you can't get any hard cover or take a position with great terrain that is advantageous to your tank. 6th sense is also critical for determining where unspotted enemies may be located. You can do this by finding a piece of hard cover where you think a tank might be. You then poke out of cover very quickly and then immediately withdraw back into cover and wait 3 seconds to see if your 6th sense went off. Through experience and map knowledge you can generally use this technique to narrow down the possibilities of where remaining enemy tanks may be hiding. What I'm trying to say and open for discussion is the concept that many people who play OK at Tier 8 and below yet struggle in Tier 10 may be leaning on their 6th sense crutch too much, myself included. For shits and giggles here's a replay of me playing my E-50 without 6th sense in a battle tier 9 game where I don't sit in the back and hide, but rather take a forward position and contribute to the win despite realizing that I'm probably lit for majority of the game: So I guess TL;DR the question is, how much do you rely on 6th sense in the top tiers of play?
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