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Found 3 results

  1. Current stats: As far as high tiers go, I have mostly only played brawly heavy tanks up to now. Trying to figure out a slow casemate TD is not going well. It's not quick or agile enough to brawl with, if not hull-down it gets torn apart through the LFP, and I don't know where to snipe from on most maps. My other tier 9 stats are decent: FWIW: I play using Sela's modpack without XVM stats. Knowing everyone's numbers has always been more demoralizing than helpful to me. Replays since 9.6: In this one, I learn the UFP is worthless against X's. Here I learn that the north base ridge is shit for sniping and by the time I move it's already over. General shitty play I guess, was not arty safe. The E4 has a lot better armor than I thought... This I just YOLOed the weak side for no good reason. Finally, by virtue of being the only tier 9, I am able to bully my way to a win. 5 games to get the double for the day. I was not particularly happy. No idea how to play Westfield in anything that isn't an American heavy. The UFP is still worthless against X's No arty so I was able to just play around over the mid. Got blessed with a pretty good team. Yay another win. 3 kills is deceptive, I was pretty ineffective in this one. I really need to work on my aim more. So it turns out that north hill is shit for sniping too. Didn't do much, stupid cliff dive at the end that got me killed. City got COMPLETELY abandoned. 100%. I camped base as hard as I could and it barely managed to be enough. The OTTER/BULBA toon did most of the heavy lifting I think. No idea where to snipe from on Redshire. Eventually got pushed and swarmed. Still can't aim... First game with the top gun, never even got to use it. This was just crap. Set up to snipe but didn't have any shots, as usual. Tried to move in and brawl and just got rekt, 1390 + arty... Finally put the gun to use. That 352 pen APCR is nice. Spent most of this match with no idea what to do, just sitting around while the enemy team fed themselves to me. In the end it just wasn't enough.
  2. Sooo, I just bought the JT and have so far got the engine and tracks. I was wondering what sort of crew and equipment all you guys run?
  3. I'm just about done with this box. I've fallen into an awful slump with my Jagdtiger with these potato teams lately. It just seems like the tank cannot do anything when alone/with teammates that go full-on battle royale/every-man-for-himself-mode, and the AMX40 / IS-7 Syndrome it suffers from is so bad it may as well be as fast as a T95 with a higher top speed (and without dat trololol armor). I found this thing's performace is influenced on how well/badly the team does, somewhat like arty: Note: (If you do bother reading through this, please do note that while it gives insights on how i play, it may also be full of my typical whine-y whine whine tone that tends to get to me whenever anything German is mentioned together with WoT.) Playstyles tried, based on advice from older topics on the WoT forum: *Warning, wall of text* Unless i get very interesting/new/fresh tips on the Jagdtiger, this thing is doomed to collect dust in the garage (and eventually sold for credits/slot later if i ever scrap together enough willpower to grind a new line). ... Sorry if this sounded like a rant, but I'm really struggling in my attempts to make this machine work. It has a good-ish gun on a chassis that is the direct anti-thesis of the ideal tank in my mind. If you find me hopeless for this tank, are there any other tanks out there that are at least as mobile as an M4 Sherman, but with a gun that is halfway decent (at the very least equal to good mediums/decent heavy tanks in the same tier). TL;DR: HALP, how2jagdtiger?!1?111
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