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Found 5 results

  1. What upgrade path to follow? What extra gear would you install? What is the preferred playstyle? Quick summary of the tanks specifications: Mobility: abysmal 12 HP/t ratio, good terrain resistance values and top speed of 45 km/h Armor: frontal 75mm, sides and rear 35mm, huge flat areas Size and camo: it's gigantic, like fucking huge Gun: 155 pen and 135 damage, has 2000 DPM Gun handling: it has .36 acc, 2.1s aim time and -10 depression. Stock turret is bloody awful tho and it ruins all the stats, severely. So I'm going for this upgrade path: gun -> turret -> tracks -> engine -> radio. How big is that in game? By my rough estimate, if you take 2 IS-3 tanks and stack them on top of each other the Chi-To would still be bigger.
  2. Just got back from my trip, been hearing about the new Japanese heavy tanks and seen some lately in-game (haven't shot one yet), just wanted to get some sage advice and opinions on whether i should join (or not) the bandwagon and begin the grind up the Japanese heavy tank line.
  3. Tanks in the branch are starting to be revealed. Tier 2 I-Go/Chi-Ro (Type 89) - Firepower and view range look great, but the thing doesn't look like it moves too well. The only thing that is for certain is that there will be no reason to ever touch the Chi-Ni again. Tier 3 Type 91 Tier 4 Type 95 Tier 5 O-I Experimental (Mi-To 100) Tier 6 O-I (Mi-To 150) Tier 7 O-Ni (O-I 100) Tier 8 O-Ho (O-I 120) Tier 9 Type 4 Heavy (Type 2604) Tier 10 Type 5 Heavy (Type 2605)
  4. Epic battle in my Type 61, Shit loads of medals sadly Wotreplays doesn't mention all of them xD Anyway I did great damage and had an epic Bounce on my frontal armor from a Borsig :3 And one of rarest battles WHERE I FINALLY GET MY HANDS ON THE x3 Bonus with a great battle... xD Some noobish moves detected from me, i admit it but i managed to take out 7 tanks with some good damage :3 Here is the replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/1214178#pearl_river-hei_bk201-type_61
  5. Compared to the other tier 10 medium tanks in the game, the STB-1 would seem like it would feature very good maneuverability and acceleration. The leopard would still maintain its top speed advantage. The 105mm cannon combined with potentially a slightly higher RoF may give the STB-1 the highest DPS out of all tier 10 mediums. The hull armor would probably have some bounce potential at certain angles. The turret is also well angled including the thick mantlet. I would expect the turret to have some bounce potential too however the T-62a would still maintain its advantage in turret armor. One more advantage to the STB-1 is its small size, slightly smaller than the T-62a overall. The STB-1 seems like it would be a very well-rounded and competitive medium tank. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/08/31/stb-1-japanese-tier-10-medium-tank/ Is This New T-54. Fast as Leo1, Almost armored turret of t62a and high ROF. Can't Wait .
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