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Found 5 results

  1. GehakteMolen

    The Landship, KV4

    KB-4, the bunker (with tracks and a engine) Since there is no KV-4 topic on wotlabs yet and it does get tons of hate. Here it is: A topic for this awesum 107 ton masterpiece of soviet engineering! Overal: The KV4 is the first true super-heavy tank combining massive weight, thick all-round armor, a powerfull gun and dreadfull speed in 1 package. The most redeeming factors of the KV4 are its size and massive weight (and armor). At 107 ton it is: - 7 tons heavier as an KV-5 - 15 tons heavier as an E75 - 22 tons lighter as an E100 - 2x heavier an IS-3 Only the Maus and E100 beiing heavier, while it weights almost 2x more as most `normal` tanks... This thing is huge and heavy, all the weight is because its huge and it has tons of (side) armor. The armor: This is where the KV4 trully shines, the KV4 is by far the thoughest tier 8 tank, easy surpassing KV5, KT, T28 and Proto in terms of thoughness in large part due to its amazing side armor, 150mm flat side armor (upper half) or 130mm covered by 20mm track armor. Unagled a KV4 has thus 150mm armor This means that an KV4 has after E100 and Maus the best side armor of the game (KV5 is technically better, but its riddled with weakspots so nobody shoots the hull...) values below are for the 130mm side armor, the part above the track is in general a bit stronger as the numbers below Angle: 70 65 60 55 50 Armor against AP: 328 280 247 222 204 Armor against APCR: 367 306 265 236 214 Armor against HEAT: 576 470 400 351 316 So even when angled 55 deg its sides are still an impressive 220 vs AP while at 65 deg its virtually immuum to anything but tier 10 TDs and high tier APCR shells. Its front armor is really thick, 180mm, but minimal sloping (google says 30 deg seems a bit high, but ok), however, it does get the autobounce plate and because of the small sloping, angling become much more effective. Compare 180mm 0 deg backwards and 30 deg sideways = 199 vs AP with 180mm 30 deg backwards and 30 deg sideways = 224 vs AP This means that an KV4, standing in the open, can angle about 55 deg and become immuum too 200 pen guns (front is 234, side above track 233, side below tracks 222) When angling this way, an IS6 with APCR can not penetrate the KV-4 hull, front becomes 245 while sides are 249 / 236 The major weakness lies in its turret armor, while the turret itself is actually quite though compared to many same tier vehicles, its still weakish, it does have a few nice features: - it has a thick mantle, overlapping partial with underlieing armor (90mm thick), making it immuum to HEAT and ~270 effective vs AP(CR) - the `weakspot` on top is 180mm - the turret face is mostly 180mm but spherical, making it ~210mm effective on the curved parts - the side are 150mm and steep angled backwards, meaning just like an E75, the turret is also when angled a little is still realy though It does have a weak turret ring though and people who know where to shoot can and will penetrate the turret fairly easy TL:DR armor wise the KV4 is an absolute brute, guns with less as 200mm pen will find an KV4 very hard to penetrate in almost any situation while premium tanks like KV5, IS6 or Super pershing will need to shoot gold (and even then IS6 and KV5 will strugle A LOT). When a KV4 can sidescrape and (paritally) hide its turret front its almost unkillable Firepower: TL:DR: Firepower wise an KV4 is above average, while no KT or IS3, the combination of superior penetration and better accuracy off-set the the bad aim time and lowish dpm, giving it firepower wise an edge over tanks like the T32 and VK-A (especially against though targets or on long range) Mobility: short and simple: bad How to equip: (my own equipment and crew): Crew: - repair, repair, repair, you are sidescraping all the time so get detracked all the time 5x 100% repair skill is minimum - 6e sense (obvious) - driving skills, off-road to compensate terrible passiblity and clutch braking to slightly buf awefull turning speed - gun handling skills, because the on the move accuracy is mostly bad because of bloom stats and not because of accuracy / mobility depends the 2 gun handling skills make a nice (positive) difference For the rest it doesnt matter, i went with safe-stowage / adrenaline rush (both usefull)all other perks dont matter much. If you have a 4e skill crew, re-training to BIA is highly adviced, but since mine is only 50% 3e skill its too early to retrain yet (i myself will retrain once they hit 40% 4e skill, assuming i will play KV4 and KV5 some more next weeks / months this should be doable) Consumables: - prem fire extinghuisher, this thing burns, a lot, so it needs it (KV`s are burning even more as Panther or Tigers...) - rep / first aid, im cheap so i use basic, but prem is ofc always better Ammo: Some HE (3) for Waffles and 10 APCR for tier 10 fights, the rest (37) AP, AP is good enough for almost anything, Equipment: - Rammer (obivous) - V-Stab (obvious) - Vents, KV4 can really use a small dpm / aim time / mobility buff, using optics on a KV4 is idiotic and GLD simply offers to little (the mobility and dpm are bigger problems as the aim time) if you dont want vents, its GLD, but vents is plain and simple better How to play: My stats after 200 games: Some replays (played only 10 or so games with 9.3): - Ruinberg, sidescraping vs IS8 and some tier 8 heavys, initially i hang back a little, when i see middle road is taken and the enemy KV4 doesnt push, i go forward and block 4 enemy tanks, stopping them, team overruns rest of the map and simple win - Live oaks, i rush village, sidescrape vs IS7, kill Panther II, go back to base and fairly easy win (went back a bit too late though) - Kharkov, i go with a few weakish tanks to the circle, with gold spam i manage to stop an advancing VK-P and some tier 8 after that i just `block` them, my team wins on the rest of the map and easy win (i deal almost no dmg and basically just sit there, i still contributed to the win though)(also ISU assault gun, leading from the front, yolo) - Again Kharkov, tier 10 fight, same as previous, this time E100 and E75, but they also refuse to attack me edit: fixed broken link
  2. WG seems really desperate for an IS-6 replacement eh? Description A project designed by M.I.Kreslavsky. Not a single prototype was built due to the start of WW2. Existed only in blueprints. Tier: 8 HT premium Hitpoints: 1550 Engine: 1200 hp Weight: 92,6 tons Power-to-weight: 12,96 hp/t Maximum speed: 40/16 km/h Hull traverse: 20 deg/s Turret traverse: 25 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,342/1,438/2,685 Viewrange: 360 Radio range: 375,4 Hull armor: 200/125/? Turret armor: 185/160/? Gun: 107mm M-75 Damage: 320/320/420 Penetration: 227/289/62 ROF: 5,537 DPM: 1771,9 Reload time: 10,836 Accuracy: 0,364 Aimtime: 2,59s Depression: -7/+25 Armor Model Actual Model
  3. First, I want to say thank you for reading my post and possibly answering it. I'm a yellow player that played arty to tier 8 and then tried other tanks and got rekt. After a little struggle I managed to get my win % with my favorite tanks to 52-55%. Now I have a few questions: Some people say the kv line is noobish, and that tanks like the kv-4 are bad and I should stop playing them. Is there any truth to this? I like their playstyle so far. Any suggestions on how I can improve with the kv-4? I saw someone with 70% win on it and I want to get to that level. Heck, I don't care if I'm garbage with all other tanks, I want to have at least one tank that I can be proud of lol. I currently have superheavy spall, vstab, and rammer. Crew has 2 skills: sixth sense, and a mix of other perks/skills including repair. I also like smaller games like team battle, and I have done really well in medium tank companies with the t-150. Issue is that people seem to always want an is3 or 50 100 and not the kv-4 I have also tried to platoon with green/blue players with the sole purpose of learning but they fear getting their stats damaged Thanks
  4. So, I jumped in my KV-4 during my quest to not suck, and this happens : I've noted several mistakes already : -Failing to hit the T71 at the start of the battle. -Giving the panther/M10 a flat angle while trying to angle against the centurion and the T29 -Completely ignoring the STA-1 wich was the unicum of the ennemy team (I simply didn't notice him) and a stock ARL 44, to the point of letting him getting behind me (I was dismissing him as not a threat during the battle) -Getting in a position where the ennemy could shoot in my cupola while I couldn't shoot back. -At no point during the battle did I consider relocating in a place where I could perhaps be more useful. Screens from the after battle result (in french) : So, is there anything I could have done better apart from that?
  5. So, I decided to clear my replay folder and do 10 games tonight. Five in each of the tanks I am grinding currently, the KV-4 and the SU-101. It was a pretty painful night as I went 2/10 and would have rage-quit far earlier if I hadn't set myself the goal of uploading these replays. I suppose this thread can also provide an insight into what one can expect from the typical SEA pubbie PHilTH. It started out only moderately annoying as I was at least dealing some damage before we lost, however my performance got gradually worse and worse. I wouldn't say a single one of my KV-4 games were good and a couple of my SU-101 games were okay in spite of losing. I didn't contribute to a single win this entire session. Help me! Replays: KV-4 Game #1 - Red Shire (Loss) I did something a bit different and went down to the 1/2 line and eventually got caught out by the arty while I was concerned with the ISU. Game #3 - Pearl River (Loss) A typical lemming rush north; which lost. Game #5 - Murovanka (Loss) Again I got caught out alone. Game #7 - Lakeville (Win) My first win and I was carried by my team mates, how should I have maximised my damage opportunities? I'm also pretty sure our Caernarvon was a bot. Game #9 - Prokhorovka (Loss) Yet again, caught out and isolated. I was expecting the Pershing, T34 and company to hold some sort of position and duly got shredded. Am I simply pushing too far up? SU-101 Game #2 - Airfield (Loss) PBKAC in tier 9's and in spite of their best efforts still unable to carry pubbies, as far as being a tier down, I did relatively well this game getting top damage for the team. Game #4 - Siegfried Line (Loss) Another okay game, but got caught out in the field expecting the T69 to assist with T34. Then later being unsure of target prioritisation. Game #6 - Fjords (Loss) In an attempt to get better shots, I got caught in the middle of the field by the 215B. What should I have done better? Game #8 - Lakeville (Loss) Terrible, terrible game. Game #10 - Himmelsdorf (Win) I was borderline homicidal by this stage so excuse my venting at the start of the game. I went down to try and get some space between myself and some side armour and got swamped by the WZ and JP2. Was I that poorly located? Please give me any feedback you have.