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Found 4 results

  1. http://wotreplays.com/site/1164569#self I actually don't play perfectly. The start up the middle road was a bad idea, but I wised up and headed into town. I maybe went back to base too early, left town 4v2 in our favour, I think the team got 1 or 2 hits in before they all perished. The rest is lol.
  2. First Ace Tanker in Centurion 1 Link to replay 14.37 - Turn around because no one is on 1-2 line 13.27- 10.29 - Engage in poking duel with T69 10.54 - Engage and destroy KV2 with the 107 Advance north 9.42 - 8.09 - Engage in sniping targets with inaccurate fire Return south 7.27 - last ally dies, 6 opponents remain 6.46 - engage and destroy IS6 on cap 6.20 - 5.48 - engage and destroy T44 5.48 - 5.38 - sit in the open tracked knowing the M12 had fired and I would have a second or so to get out once track repaired 5.25 - 5.04 - engage and destroy KV4 4.58 - 4.44 - engage and destroy T29 advance north after taking artillery shell 2.19 - 2.01 - engage and destroy M12 2.01 - M40/M43 begins cap, return south 0.32 - 0.28 - engage and destroy M40/M43 0.23 - Victory! Equipment - Vertical Stabilizer, Gun rammer, Coated Optics Comments - Through the last part of this I was shaking like a leaf. I was already tired from labor earlier in the day. After the game I went to tell my roommate where I then fell down and couldn't get up for a minute or so. Overall it was a very fun game. There were quite a few misplays and terrible shots on my part. There was also a decent amount of good luck for me especially with arty.
  3. Does a Kolobanov's lose its luster when gained via seal clubbing? It does not, in fact, and it looks quite nice pinned on my nice new warm seal skin coat that matches the seal skin hat, boots and gloves. It was the first match of the evening, so it was nice to have such a good one. Now, to be fair, I had the following things going in my favor: I drove a top tier KV-1 on Himmelsdorf Encounter sufficient teammates actually pushed the hill teammates who went to the cap area managed to reset when needed and gave their lives to do so I got some lucky bounces that T1 HT at the end had the stock gun dem tracks! Did 2,398 damage, and my armor absorbed 3,975 damage. After the match I actually complimented a couple people on both teams for a good game - I'm sure that BDR guy was pissed he only tracked me - and specifically I thanked the resetters for resetting. Some of these people were honest-to-God bad players, but they did the right thing and were new, so I figured a little positive reinforcement couldn't hurt. The video: http://youtu.be/1_1dvaXut7M The replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1098661#himmelsdorf-florbfnarb-kv-1 The end-of-game screenshots:
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