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Found 10 results

  1. The greatest assassin tank there ever was. If you didn't like it you hate fun. Now time for a video! My greatest defeat ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amW810JmWzY In all seriousness, though, this thing is fast, small, has good camo and a 76mm equal to or more powerful than the vaunted British 17pdr in revolver form. It's fast enough to drive like a maniac and heavy enough to drift on command and ram French lights. It's everything the AMX 13 75 wants to be, and is one of the few lights that I really enjoyed. I have vents, optics, and vstab, allowing for both scouting and drivebys. Camo skill and sixth sense are must-haves, after which your options broaden a bit.
  2. From what I've read, to have a tank (e.g. RU 251 or LTTB) which gets bumped up a tier in 9.18 be autobumped in your garage, etc. you have to have the tank researched to the top configuration. Does that include the next tank(s) in the line (meaning elited), or just all the modules for that tank? I'm hoping the latter...
  3. Hello, I have been trying to improve my light tank gameplay recently, and have been grinding up the American light line. I just got the autoloader on my M41 and I finally feel like I am starting to "get" it. My main issue is that even in my best games, I still feel like I am making crucial mistakes or missing opportunities. Here is one of my first games with the autoloader, I did very well, but we still managed to lose, are there any obvious mistakes I am making? I can upload some of my other games too if that would help. http://wotreplays.com/site/2690853#sand_river-drew_sigler13-m41_walker_bulldog
  4. Allrighty, finished the first 14 missions of the light tanks and can't be bothered to spam battle until I get Malinovka. Some descriptions are rather unclear, so I made a list of them and added info. Also added the tank/tier that I think is best for completing them, almost all of them are do-able in just one battle. Mission #1 At lower tiers, your light tank can easily neutralize every other type of vehicles. Dis is real hard. Main – Win the battle. Be among the top 10 players on your team by experience earned. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #2 One of the main objectives of light tanks is to spot enemy vehicles. Something fast. Main – Be the first on your team to spot at least 2 enemy vehicles. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #3 Light tanks should always be on the move. Knowing how to shoot precisely while moving is a great skill to have. Luchs because that cannon is too easy, just drive a little forward and backward if you can't circle targets. Main – Cause damage to at least 3 enemy vehicles while on the move. Additional – Destroy an enemy vehicle while on the move. Mission #4 Destroy the track of an enemy vehicle, thus immobilizing and exposing it to the fire of your teammates’ more powerful guns. HE baby. VK28 is still one of my favourite lights. T49 would be nice, but has longer games. Main – Destroy the track of an enemy vehicle. Additional – The vehicles immobilized by you must receive damage. Mission #5 On these battle levels, light tanks are becoming increasingly vulnerable to enemy fire. Do what light tanks do best—expose enemy positions—to achieve the best efficiency in battle. You want quick battles, so Luchs/T37 for me. Main – Spot an enemy vehicle and assist your allies in destroying it. Additional – Spot enemy vehicles and enable your allies to cause damage to at least 2 vehicles spotted by you. Mission #6 Light tanks are the eyes of your team. They help to spot the enemy and keep the enemy positions visible during the battle. Used RU because I love it, would recommend t6-t8 lights because low tiers are pretty random. Main – Spot 2 enemy vehicles before they spot you. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #7 Enemy artillery is a priority target for light tanks. If you destroy it, you will greatly increase the chance of victory for your team. YOU HAVE TO KILL IT - LUCHS DOES NOT WORK Try to use a tier 6 light for quick battles with a lot of arty in it. I think I used VK or T71. First battle my stupid brain thought I had to let my team finish off the artillery so I drove circles for nothing. Second battle I killed one in the Luchs but for some reason mission was not completed (killed artillery may have been below tier 4 - yeah, it was a sturmpanzer). Main – Spot an enemy SPG and assist your allies in destroying it. Additional – Survive the battle. Mission #8 Surprise enemy base capture or attacking the enemy from the rear are great ways to turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Low tier so you can abuse lemming trains and convince team to cap. Did mine in Luchs and took me two battles because team finished the last enemy at like 80cap pts. Platooning can help here. Main – Win the battle by capturing the enemy base. Earn at least 25% of the total base capture points. Additional – Do not receive any hits during the enemy base capture. Mission #9 Damage caused with your assistance is the most important statistics for light tanks. If these statistics are high, that means you were an asset for the team in battle. Low tier would be best suited to get it over with, get something quick. Main – Spot at least 2 enemy vehicles or destroy their tracks. Additional – Use the following equipment: Coated Optics or Binocular Telescope. Mission #10 Good concealment means a greater chance of survival in battle. This mission... Camo net hurr durr! Okay, I parked my light (RU) in a bush, kept spotting enemies, got over 3k assist damage but at one point I was the only survivor with 5+ enemies searching me, drowned myself before they could spot me. This one really promotes the trying to win mentality boys! YOU DO NOT NEED TO SURVIVE THE BATTLE YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMAIN UNSPOTTED THE WHOLE BATTLE - only the 1k assist damage has to be obtained while being a ninja Main – Spot enemy vehicles and enable your allies to cause at least 1,000 HP of damage to vehicles spotted by you. Remain unspotted. Additional – Use the Camouflage Net equipment, and have a Camouflage that corresponds to the season. Mission #11 The most efficient battle party for the light tanks is an SPG in the Platoon or a well-coordinated play with your SPG-driving teammates. Platoon an RU/WZ with a CGC (thanks Tedster). Main – Join a battle as part of a Platoon including 1 or 2 SPGs (or 1 light tank and 1 SPG). Enable your allies to cause at least 1,500 HP of damage to the vehicles spotted by you. Members of your Platoon must cause at least 1,000 HP of damage. Additional – Survive the battle. Win the battle. Mission #12 Three small, fast, and well-coordinated light tanks in one Platoon? The enemy is going to have a very bad day. ! DOES NOT REQUIRE THREE TANKS PLATOON ! Finished it in RU with Tedster in another light. I didn't even make 2k spot damage (a little more than 1.9k) Main – Join a battle as part of a Platoon of light tanks. Spot enemy vehicles and enable your allies to cause at least 2,000 HP of damage to the vehicles spotted by you. Additional – At least 1 member of the Platoon must survive the battle. Mission #13 The higher the tier of your light tank, the more firepower you get, in addition to the speed, the view range, and good concealment. Anything really, tier 6 probably would be best for quicker games if you don't succeed in the first battle. Main – Destroy an enemy vehicle that is the same tier as your vehicle or higher. Additional – Cause at least 500 HP of damage. Mission #14 The higher your battle efficiency, the more experience you will get after the battle. Show them what your light tank is capable of! T37, finished it with RU because I didn't check the requirement before entering battle. Main – Finish the battle as the top player on your team by experience earned. Additional – Win the battle. Mission #15 It’s time to show the enemy what a real light tank can do! Still doing it, cycling RU and WZ until I get malinovka. Main – Assist your allies in causing at least 4,000 HP of damage by spotting enemy vehicles or destroying enemy vehicles’ tracks. Additional – Spot an enemy vehicle or destroy its track. This enemy vehicle must consequently be destroyed.
  5. Hi all. I'm having trouble with Light tanks in general. I started my WoT career on the American TD line, went into the Russian heavies. I currently have the ELC, the AMX 12t (working towards Batchat eventually). I have the Chaffee, Luchs. I know French lights are a little different than regular lights. But aside from the occasional pretty good game. I can't seem to be consistently good in any of these tanks. I know that not having 6th sense is a major setback. So maybe that's all it is. Maybe that one skill breaks light tanks for me and I just have to suffer through bad games (and yea.. I kinda care about stats. Not enough to stay away from tank lines I don't know.. but enough that when I do bad, I get a little upset). I need some help though. I can't seem to find the groove. I'll provide stuff as necessary.
  6. UPDATE 3rd of Nov 2014: I have found that whenever I update my OP with the new replays from vBaddict, the formatting goes to shit. This is because vBaddict only keeps track of my last 250 battles so the 251th battle would overwrite/remove the 1st battle (as least that is what I think is happening). I will now have the replays just posted in packs and/or singular games that I find worth sharing with you, but not worth a YouTube-treatment. There will not be a single list here in the OP, so you have to go looking for the replays you want. You can request replays, and I will either try and acquire some. Hello all and welcome to my replay thread. This is an additional/companion thread to my YouYube-video thread (). The difference between the two threads is that you dont get to hear my sexy voice over the gameplay in this thread. This means that the games I've posted here will be without any commentary on why I did certain things during the game. This again means that if you have ANY questions about any of my decisions, or think one of the replays would be worthy of my YouTube-replay commentary treatment, just say so and I will either explain or make a YouTube video commentating the replay. I will try and post as many games as possible for you to enjoy. They will mostly be medium and light tanks with some heavy tanks and occasionally TDs sprinkled in for diversity. For most replays I may add a small comment to explain a detail but don't expect it for every game. And yes, these games are cherry-picked to make me look as badass as possible not waste your time with all of my games where I potato or just play some boring tactic everyone knows about. I will make use of a series of "spoiler" tags to keep my thread NEAT UND TIDY with different categories for each tank class. Within each category the tanks are organised alphabetically and within each tank category the games are just added in running order. So if you for example want to find my BatChat games you go "Medium tanks" -> "BatChat" (I may add tier spoilers at some point, but we will see). Each "tank category" is split (by text) into the different patches so you can keep an eye on how 'new' the battles are. I will create a new post whenever I add a new replay where the links the post replays will be. Then I will also add the link to this "database" in the OP. Enough chit-chat. Here are my replays.
  7. So, I've gone back to what I considered the worst disapointment of my early WoT career, the Chaffee. I started WoT almost exactly one year ago and the American light tank line leading to the Chaffee was the first I tried. I sucked. Alot. If I had played with myself from those days today I would be screaming and tearing my hair or simply laughed at the noobishnes. The stuart that precedes the Chaffee was fast and I thought it fun to drive straight into enemy lines and trying to zig zag for as long as I survived once I reached them. Getting one or two shots in on enemy tanks was a bonus. Needless to say that those days haunt my stats today haha. Anyway, once I finished the grueling (for me in those days) 60k or so xp grind to the Chaffee I was expecting an even funnier tank. Instead I got something that felt like the Stuart to me but played among behemoths like tier VIII and even some IX and X!? It was crazy times and I didn't survive long when trying to run into those defenses. After 15 games of total fails I sold the Chaffee in anger and never looked back... ...until yesterday. Estelle posted a 3600 xp Chaffee game in forumites channel and got me hooked. I started thinking about it and since I didn't really succeed in the T49 when trying to get loads of exp for the T5 competition (was top dmg and xp in a few t8 games but didnt get super exp like I wanted so I stopped trying), I decided to try the Chaffee again and was hoping that my 9000 or so games since I last tried it had made me better at it. I free exped the shit out of it (I noticed that I didnt even unlock everything in the tank when I first tried it), bought the prem cammo, loaded 15 prem shells and rest AP with a few HE thrown in for good measure. Coated the optics, netted the cammo and rammed the gun. Performed small repairs to the high octane motor and case of cola (my transferred old 4 skill T49 crew wouldn't drink anything else) and off I went. Boy, did I enjoy myself! 1000 games in the E25 and 500 or so in the T49 were probably well spent in preparation for the Chaffee. Having the nice cammo characteristics of a light tank, the pew pew of the E25, a godly 400 m view range and the agility of an ice skater on steroids make it a perfect tank for me to have fun in. Early game I just sneak around and try to spot enemies just like any normal scout. If I feel safe, I fire a shot or two on advancing tanks to deter them from going too close to me without letting my backup arrive. However, the golden rule is to lower your gun rather than fire it, even with the nice cammo of the Chaffee. I still haven't perfected active scouting yet but might try more of it. Mid game I try to make sure that any "forgotten" flank is getting scouted and if there are no holes in our defense I go to search for holes in the enemy lines. Late game make all the "lowring of guns" worth it. Once the big guns have been weeded out and the map is more open, the Chaffee really shines. Kill off those unsuspecting tX tanks with a few shots, go for arties, light up those annoying TD's and just have fun. Yesterday I killed off an IS7 and a E5 before they knew what was going on, only to destroy their arty afterwards. The best moment yesterday came in the best xp game out of the 14 I did (2650 xp). On abbey I scouted river, wen't up to the houses on small ridge between east abbey lane and river lane and spotted a few tanks (a poor T34 had gone to river). Nothing much happening, I decided to go for the enemy base after a few minutes since most of the tanks had gone west (always a good idea to count tanks on the minimap to know if you should expect lots of tanks in other places). I race up towards enemy base (south base) and something spots me but nothing shoots, I continue up from the east entrance and BAM, there stands one green-ranked ISU-152 and a green IS8, both full health. Now, in this instance I'm actually quite proud to say that I didn't stop and try to reverse out (which is a deadly sin which leads to death...) and didn't drive past them hoping to zig zag away. Instead I autolock on the ISU-152, circle it once (thanks godly Chaffee traverse), while shooting and then just keep the ISU between the myself and the IS8, preventing the IS8 to shoot me. ISU dies after 15-20 seconds and I just stay hidden behind it. IS8 stops trying to shoot me after 2 tries and comes storming for me. Just as it reaches the ISU I dodge out and start circle it. After about 30 seconds he dies (thank you burning motors) and I have killed two full health tanks in my Chaffe. Good times What are your best memories of the Chaffee and do you have any good spots for me to try? As a sidenote I expect the Chaffee to do expremely well in WN8 and might start to use it more on my statpad account if WN8 becomes the standard stat. Averaged a bit above 1000 dmg yesterday and had more than 1300 or 1400 xp avg. 79% win in 14 games. Will continue the crusade tonight.
  8. Hello everyone, First off: new user here on the forum so again I'm a complete newbie ... Also a little background: I'm not a big gamer. I found this WoT through a colleague that told me about it. We have fun playing together which is how I started off. So I don't have any first person shooting experience at all, nothing, seriously! Needless to say, the first 5k battles I really sucked. I even didn't know about ratings and stuff. I thought the extend of a rating was the "service record" tab in the game. So I had my 7 year old son play with my account as well. But the more I started playing, the more I started bouncing (I noticed), the more I started dying without doing anything, the more I started to wonder why ... Started reading forums, how-to's, learned about scouting, spotting, angling, weak spots, ... and a world opened up to me In those days, I played mostly hellcat and T49 (the T67 now) because I could actually do a little. And some lights as well. I'm proud to say I never went full "yolo" in the beginning of a battle and died in 30 seconds. I already learned quickly that it doesn't help to see the tanks in the beginning while you can't shoot, but not anymore after the team is actually in position. As a result, my light tanks (T50 & ELC mostly at the time were pretty good: 53 % WR). Then finally I get to the T-50-2. How much fun that tank will be, right? I played it 10 times over a period of a few days, so not back to back. I lost all 10 of them. Not just losing, getting raped. I decided then and there, "ok, I will play this tank until I win, then I will sell it and NEVER play it again". It took me another 7 battles. So my stats in the T-50-2 is 6 % WR (thank you WG, for that awesome "random" MM and RNG, sure thing) I'm sorry, but even an afk or even team killer doesn't get that kind of *%&é@!! Anyways, I like to think that since then I've been improving. I'll never be an EJ, but probably good enough to learn a little respect Still, I have major problems. After 16k battles, some maps I still don't know. Ensk for example is horrible, I always seem to get myself in the most ridicilous positions. OK, enough background, now for my question: With the new lights being introduced, I wanne start the American line. I have a 3 skill crew in it (grinded with the chaffee races) but need some help. I can adjust my tactics during the battle as it unfolds, but the first location where I need to go in my light tanks when the counter hits 0 is still often a mystery to me on some maps. On maps like Abbey, Ensk, Fishermans bay, Himmelsdorf, Karelia, Kharkov, Komarin, Murovanka, Northwest, Pearl river, Sacred valley, Tundra and Windstorm, where do I go first? Where can I help the team out best in the beginning? A kinda long first post, sorry about that. Thx for any help and feedback
  9. I've been playing my MT-25 a lot lately and I have gotten fed up when I get on Siegfried Line. Its a very good scout map but here you spawn makes it all bad. If you spawn at #2, you spawn to the right of the cap and have to go all the way across to the field for passive scouting in the bushes but by the time you get there you don't have time to get your camo net on and the see you and you get sniped by camping TDs. I just wish that when I spawned on Siegfried line in my light tank I spawned a little more centered maybe on the 6-7 lines rather than on the 9-0 lines. Does anyone agree with me? Here is the map for reference: .
  10. Here is a hypothetical situation a T71 on Sacred Valley, Standard. The tier spread being 8 - 10 with 2x T7 lights as bottom scouts on both sides. MM is actually doing its job and both sides are equal. The T71 takes the sniper hill at G4, nobody else can get up there or doesn't know about it. It is early battle and all of your teams heavys are stalled at D2 firing on 3 spotted heavy's in C 2/3 zone that are holding the push. A enemy light scout has been spotted but is unlit at D5 and a T98 at B5. Right flank is under no pressure and is trading shots with enemy team in the village on the right. You have a fully loaded clip of APCR <6 shots> and a clear shot on sides of full health heavy driven by a unicom without moving, a topshot on a heavy driven by red that can be fragged with 1 or 2 shots but you need to advance forward from out of the bush you are hiding behind and side shot on 3rd heavy at full health with no movement required. These are the three heavy's holding your teams push. Do you engage or stay passive. IMHO - engage 1st shot aimed to the front sprocket of the unicom heavy, if he repairs then a second shot to his sprocket, advance out of cover and fire at red heavy, <i am assuming I will be spotted here> then back into hard cover to hide for 10 seconds then empty the rest of clip into the unicom heavy if still visible. Is my thought process on target here or do I need to change my target priority?
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