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Found 5 results

  1. Hello WoTlabs replay viewing community, This is my own personal thread of terribad replays for your viewing displeasure. Here I will post replays of me failing hard, and if you want to review them, please go ahead. All I ask is that you are honest and constructive. I know I am not a good tanker, so telling me I suck is redundant. Hopefully feedback from this thread can help make me less bad. I would like you to focus on initial deployment, hp trades, and map awareness, because for French tanks these are perhaps the most important skills to have. Of course anything you can point out is helpful, but I feel I struggle most with the first two. I will lay out my thought process in major situations so you can gain some insight as to why I did what I did. WARNING: This thread may contain links to replays with me playing the Lorraine 40t. These replays may be graphic and hard to watch. You have been warned.
  2. AMX Chasseur de Chars What was originally going to be part of the French tree, before WG scrapped the idea of this specific tree, the AMX Chasseur de Chars was going to be a tier 7 medium tank. However, with some rework, it could work as a tier 8 medium, or with some major modifications, a tier 8/9 TD. Historical statistics: Engine: 1,200 hp Top speed: Unknown (presumably something high, definitely 60-70 km/h) Weight: 34 t Main cannon: 90mm DCA 45 Armor: 30mm on the front, 20mm most other places Ammunition carried: 90 rounds Crew: 4; commander, gunner, loader, driver Gun elevation: 7 (?) degrees of gun depression, 20 degrees of gun elevation Length: 7.38 m Width: 3.25 m Height: 2.70 m 35 hp/t, 90mm gun, fully rotating turret, small profile, very high speed. The AMX Ch.DeCh would, from a gameplay standpoint, be an ELC on steroids, speed, heroin, and then some more steroids. It would be amazingly fast, have very good camo (as either a medium or a TD) and have a fast-firing DCA 45 with buffed stats, should it appear in a TD form. Should it remain a medium tank, it would most likely have similar gun stats to the FCM 50t. Were it to appear as a tier 9 TD, it would probably fire APCR as standard ammo, with significantly buffed aim time and accuracy, and a rate of fire somewhere between 11 to 14, depending on if it would be a tier 8 or tier 9 TD. Needless to say, it would be a very interesting vehicle regardless of which tank class it would appear as, and I would love to see it added to the game. Bonus image. Lorraine Canon D'Assaut While not planned by WG to appear in the French tree, it has been rumored to be eventually added. Historical statistics: Engine: Unknown (presumably the same as the Lorraine 40t, either 850 hp or 980 hp) Top speed: 62 km/h Weight: 25 t Main cannon: 90mm DCA 45 OR 100mm SA47 Armor: Unknown (presumably the same as the Lorraine 40t, 40mm on the front and sides, 25mm on the rear) Ammunition carried: Unknown (presumably the same as the Lorraine 40t, 60 rounds with the DCA 45, 48 with the SA47) Crew: 5; (presumed to be) commander, gunner, loader, loader, driver Gun elevation: Unknown Gun arc: Unknown Length: 10.8 m Width: 3.30 m Height: 2.60 m While not much is known about this assault gun, it was supposedly inspired by the German JgPzIV and based on the chassis of the Lorraine 40t medium tank. Having no place in the tech tree, as there supposedly aren't enough French TDs for a second branch, it would make a great premium tank. It would be a significantly different premium TD, compared to the FCM PaK 40 at tier 3. Should it use the DCA, it would be a tier 7 premium TD with normal matchmaking, meaning it sees tier 9. Should it have the SA47, it would be a tier 8 premium TD with limited matchmaking, meaning it sees tier 9 at highest. To me, 0.33 accuracy, 2s aim time, and 10 RPM would be good for the DCA 45. With the SA47, you'd be looking at around 7.5 RPM, 0.35 accuracy, and 1.9s aim time. It would have the same rate of fire, better aim time, but worse accuracy than the SA47 on the AMX AC 48. The main features of the Lorr. CDA would be amazing mobility thanks to its hp/t, a low profile, and fast-aiming and accurate guns with good rates of fire. Its drawbacks would be very thin armor, very exposed tracks, and a long profile. Bonus picture. Sources:
  3. Hi - In the esteemed opinion of the purple people, is it worth it to train your commander on Jack of All Trades so you can ditch your first aid kit and run High Octane gas on your French Surrender Tank Autoloader? The reason for jack of all trades is to mitigate driver death. I figure if you lose the gunner or commander you can get by. If not, please suggest your / an auto-loader consumable load out. I currently run small first aid, small repair, coffee. Thanks! -j.
  4. My god I swear people see this tank and go full yolo because they think they cant win, This tank is just too damned large and unarmoured to be a good damned tank, the gun is fine, its workable but shit, people just yolospray shells at you and they will pen if they hit, and they will hit often with 8.6 accuracy Counting I had a 12t riding my ass half the game until he yolo'd at a KV-5 while I was reloading... my allies decided to rush at the hull down 50120 1 by 1, and didnt even stop/slow to aim. The conquerer and 50120 had sixth sense, which made it all the harder to sneak my barn around in the end Nobody wants to platoon with it, so it leaves you to doing it solo- which in pubs is hard when your driving a tissue box I dont have a supply of gold from CWs or my own wallet, so free XPing isnt in the question Came down the me Vs the 50120 and Conq, they both had sixth sense and supposed 100% crews, so we would spot each other basically. I take a bush on the northeast, looking at the cap/2 avenues of their approach, leaving south unspotted since they were both spotted north. They come through the middle, I can't fire at the conq because the gun dep. is horrible on the lorraine, the size most of it anyways so after I spot them, they back up and this is why I know they had sixth, so I relocate south to the hills, they spot me crossing rails and chase me over there, I take a half-assed flank and spot the 50120 and conq going in a Bee line towards my last known loc. So im at their sides, I kill the 50120, and have 3 shells for a 800 HP Conq and I have 400 HP, The hills fuck me over and I have to maneuver for a long time to get a shot, in that time he shoots me, I start unloading and with 1 second left on my last shell, he kills me.. Goddamnit, I really hate this thing, It suffers from severe autoloader RNG (1-2 shells per clip go flying to the left or right) and the tanks so large, its gun depression is negated to almost chinese when touching a hill /endbragragethread Edit: Proof Im not terrible@lorraine
  5. So heres my set-up (Crew freshly retrained from the 1390) Now I'm running Vents/GLD/VStab because I heard its aim time was a pain, is this a correct set-up or should I opt for another one? Whats the recommended ammo-loadout? Any general tips on playing the tank? Im finding a hard time doing anything and artillery will follow me all match just to splash/shoot me.. *(Pisses me off) I'll try to put some replays up, but if someone could put a replay up on how to play the lorraine that would be great, and of course, any tips and tricks are welcome. Thanks Also: Is the engine worth it? 36k seems like a lot out of the 180ish needed for the bat
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