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Found 1 result

  1. Seeing as I keep putting this off later and later, I'm going to actually make a post to make myself come back and write up some detail about what this is and would do. In basic terms, I would like to create a system that uses several algorithms in order to classify players by that latent variable, "skill". What this would mean is that even if one of the ratings would be paddable, presumably the rest of these algorithms would not be able to be exploited in the same way. Thus, the only way to get a truly high rating would be to actually be a good player. Machine Learning (ML) is a fickle field, and it requires massive amounts of data for the alg. to even be considered viable. Since I will be doing this off of my own experiences, at this time I only plan on looking in to un/supervised learning ML algorithms. Just so you guys have some comparison, my last research in this area utilized 650,000+ annotated datapoints. I realize that having multiple algorithms working to ascertain a person's "skill" is much less effective in terms of serverload than the current WNx implementation (WN8) is, and I understand that. I merely plan to present my work as an alternative, perhaps it will be better in some ways and worse in others, I don't know at this time. If I identify an algorithm that is particularly effective at classifying players, it can undoubtedly be used much in the same way as WN8 currently is. That being said, it would be a part of a rating, not the whole thing, and somewhat defeat the original purpose. As I mentioned earlier, I will need thousands of datapoints to make this work. Perhaps not quite as many as in my actual studies, but a fair amount. For some of the ideas in mind, I will need some community participation -- they will need to manually classify players and I will use it as a training set. I will need a core group within that set, the "experts", if you will, most probably superunica/unica to classify a couple dozen player's accounts. This is the "gold standard"; it is a form of quality control for the training set, which will be created by the community at large. I realize that this post is already getting somewhat long, so I'll just leave it at "I'll give more details later". Hope this works out!
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