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Found 20 results

  1. I became quickly enamored with the Object 140 in the test server. Firstly though the early results I've always loved my American mediums, especially the M46 Patton. The American gun depression is a huge factor for me in allowing me to get shots where they can not normally be taken as well as grab good defensive positions. Unfortunately, the American meds don't always offer the type of hull down protection and speed I'm looking for. I also drive the 62A. I enjoy the tank and think it's great but I have not been using the tank to its full potential. I have some trouble adjusting to lower depression guns. Enter the Object 140. It offers better gun depression (according to the forums it's only one degree better but it either seems better or -6 is the 'minimum' I'm comfortable with) and excellent speed to go along with the troll turret and small size. I've read and heard numerous times that the top of the turret can be easily overmatched but just got through a few battles when I went hull down and bounced everything that was thrown at me. The accuracy of the gun is ever-so-slightly worse than the 62A but is not noticeable to me at all and while the turret traverse goes from 48 to 40 it is also not an issue whatsoever. This is quickly becoming my favorite tier 10 medium, even more so than the Leo or M60 (yes I love my M60). It can do it all in one tough little package. I'd be surprised if this tank does not replace the 62A in clan wars. It's just better. It's also fast and maneuverable enough to act as a scout if need be.
  2. So, first thing first. My actual question of the thread. How often do you get told that you were the sole contributor to the team's loss by someone who acted like they knew your tank and acted like they were trying their heart out while you were doing absolutely nothing? I've been grinding the Skoda for 160 games now, iirc and I've gotten alot of it. The Skoda is not really in my normal class of cancerous tanks that I play. But the tank is amazing and I've been trying to 2 mark, in fact I did. In doing so I've gotten to know some areas where I was just going around and getting huge amounts of damage. I'm usually reserved to paper tds that don't go fast and should snipe. Aka the Rhm 15cm or I'm in more lumbering heavies like my VK 72.01K. The one that really got to my today was an O Ho on an assault Karelia. I went to the mid to snipe for a bit with my gun and assist the team. Generally got alot of shots so I stayed. The O-Ho went south I believe and after a collapse of both flanks, I was never going to do anything with them having a 7 tank lead so I just wanted to get the last farm of damage before the defeat was over. The entire team he was talking about how I was reported and that my tank should be up at the frontlines and I should help push. Told him I had plenty of shots on the ridge. He kept saying he knew my tank and how I was just this lowly shitter. That I don't know how to play. Ended up becoming this: It got me thinking as I sit here alone this morning (night for EST). How often are you often told the loss rested soley (I'm sorry but I keep trying to sound out the word and I think I got that right.) on your shoulders when in fact you were doing very well and by the end there was nothing you could do for the collapse? Second question, Do any of you know a good subtitute for VBADDICT's progress checker? I like to see information. I don't really install any mods anymore since they're all in game now but I did enjoy session stats. I like having information and feedback and I've seen some screenshots from players over on the NA forum of some sort of vbaddict esque program. If any of you know one, would it give more information, or possibly more current/correct information than vbaddict? Thank you!~
  3. I'm really interested in joining a WGLNA team for at least a season. If anyone is recruiting or knows of anyone recruiting, please let me know by sending me a pm or replying to this topic. I perform well in my tier 10s averaging around 3k damage+ in all (except for the Cent AX, I rage sold it lol). Currently in garage I have E5, 140, 62a, 50b, and M48. I would be able to attend any practices or battles (except 1 day). I am a good listener and enjoy having fun playing this game.
  4. Hello. I need a new mouse, pls halp. So recently my mouse has been acting up. I need a new one. I'll mostly use it for csgo and wot. All I want out of a new mouse it a good sensor (no common issues or built in mouse acceleration), and for it to be light weight as I game on low sensitivity so I lift my mouse a lot (insert Flusha cheating accusation here). I've been looking at a few Zowie mice (FK2 and EC2-a) and the Fnatic Flick G1. Anyone own any of these who can comment on them? Also any recommendations? I tried my brothers Steelseries Sensei Raw for an hour or so. I like the feel of it, but I've heard that the sensor is flawed and has built in mouse acceleration that cannot be disabled, is there any truth to that? Also a quick edit: I use 400 and sometimes 800 dpi. Send halp
  5. Any help to improve, and what I did wrong would be appreciated. Let the criticism flow. http://wotreplays.com/site/2553767#malinovka-crashandburn-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t Just some background: I'm relatively new to the batchat, currently with a shitty w/r. I understand the tank to be a tier 10 light to spot early on and get flank/snipe shots on enemies unaware... I'm pretty shit in terms of like map positioning and stuff like that right now.
  6. Pretty much what the title says, I've gotten so acquainted with my 140/62a and their play styles, I really don't know how the Pershing should be played. Every game it seems as if I can never do enough damage to help the team whether that be because of the guns accuracy, penetration, etc resulting in losses. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://wotreplays.com/site/2057906#south_coast-whenisayboomisayboom-m26_pershing http://wotreplays.com/site/2057973#arctic_region-whenisayboomisayboom-m26_pershing http://wotreplays.com/site/2058014#stalingrad-whenisayboomisayboom-m26_pershing
  7. I am looking for a good clan so I can make some gold. I have the Batchat, M53 arty, Jagd E100, IS7. 3 good enough clan wars tanks next tanks I'm close to is T57, IS4, T92 (if thats used) I just need to grind from tier 8s I think I'm a decent player, I play solo mostly...win rate is crud due to so many stupid players causing the loss. I'm good..but not enough to save a game filled with 14 reds also this is right thread I think
  8. Hi friends, Looking for a platoon as the title states, I play on the North American server. I don't have a working mic, but I can listen. Tanks I have, Tier X - T57 Heavy, T110E4, E-100 Tier IX - T-54 Tier VIII - IS-6 Tier VII - SU-122-44, AMX 13 75, Crusader SP Tier VI - Hellcat Tier V - T14 Tier IV - N/A Tier III - LTP, T-127, S35 739 (f)
  9. Hello, I am a tank, I have been working on becoming a better tank. I have improved greatly over the last few months, but it seems I have hit a plateau at around 2k WN8. What I'm looking for is a teacher/tutor/mentor (whatever you want to call it) to help me get past this slump. Someone to platoon with me, and either give me solid directions/positions or answer my stupid questions. I've listed the tanks I currently run below in order of my proficiency (in my opinion)/comfort in them. I would like it for you to have equal or better stats than me, unless there is a special circumstance where you are very good at strategy/meta/calling but have bad internet or something that hinders your ability to get high wn8. I use Teamspeak and you are welcome to join me on the RDDT server, or I will come to yours. I play on NA East every day, usually around 3 pm EST after class for an hour or two, then around 8-10 pm EST for a couple more hours. Tanks Least comfortable/proficient: SU-122-44 (halp) Jt 8.8 Waffle (I do decent damage in it, but I am not getting its full potential) Somewhat comfortable/proficient: IS-6 Chaffee Matilda IV Churchill III IS-7 WZ-111 Comfortable/proficient: Batchat 25t Obj. 140 E-25 Obj. 416 T34 (1200 games in it) PzIC (best tank NA) I'll add more if I buy them/start playing them Tanks for taking the time to read this ;], and I look forward to learning from you if you are willing Regards, IAmA_Tank_AMA P.S. I'm broke so I cannot give any financial incentive to help me P.P.S. I curse a lot in TS so please no prudes Edit: added what server I play and what times Edit2: changed tanks
  10. Ignore the recent stats, I'm horrible at this game. I feel as though I kind of almost grasp higher gameplay mechanics, but never really understand how to interpret them. IE, I can read that a team is faster or heavier than another, but I can't figure out how that would effect my own gameplay. At this point, I feel like posting replays wouldn't help nearly as much as learning in my actual game where I'm screwing up. So I'm looking for a mentor that's: -dark blue/purple overall, dark purple recent. -Is honest but constructive. I want to know when I fucked up or did something stupid, but I also want to know what I should have done instead. -Tells me why, not what. Any green can slavishly follow orders, I want learn the thought process behind the actions. I can play East or West fine, though East is a little more comfortable for me.
  11. Looking for people to platoon with that are around my skill level (light blue recent) to help with some grinds and to have fun with I'm on most of the time on NA East but can play west
  12. Low quality- quick upload/record This panther 2 and HE shooting type 61 blew my mind. And yes, I was playing arty..that skycannon isn't going to grind itself.
  13. this guy has a bunch of videos on armor, interesting I guess.
  14. Wasssup ladies and gents, So i recently bought some games and whatnot and realized i dont know any of the Labbers on steam so here you go, My steam name is Triffels and the URL is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Triffels/ Ive got a bunch of games and to list a few: CS:GO BL2 Arma 3 Arma 2 Dayz KillingFloor TF2 Garry's Mod Rust Terraria ive got some more but i dont really play them or theyre singleplayer. Ive also got blizzard games like HS and WoW if youre interested i could send you my BNET tag. Subsequently if you want to also have random people from wotlabs add you leave your steam in your post.
  15. A while back, I accepted (and was accepted to!) pip's solo challenge, which you can read about if you haven't already done so. Tl;dr: 200 games solopub on EU server in a tier 10 of choice, with all replays hosted; goal is to max winrate. Paox was nice enough to lend me his account to take part in this challenge, so props to him! I plan on playing around 5-10 games per day; I'll keep track of statistics with screenshots of his service record before and during each day's session, as well as through the WOT replay analyzer tool. Here's the setup: Paox's statistics before I began: Overall statistics (will update as I go): Session 1 (9/6/14) Games played: 4 Wins: 3 (75%) DPG: 2386 KPG: 1 Survival rate: 25% WN8: 2049 XP per game is a little funky, I have to figure out how it's calculating this (I think it's taking into account x2s/x3s as though they were x1s, because I sure didn't average 2k xp/game in this session). Replay download link Impressions: Obviously a pretty terrible start to the challenge in every metric except WR. Game after game I pretty much potato'd, throwing away my HP for no gain in return, or failing to secure key positions, but in 3 out of the 4, my teammates bailed me out. Ironically, EU1 is more stable than NA East for me. Thanks, WGNA servers!
  16. Picked up by D-O-S. Insanley fast honestly. Hi guys, after having a few clans approach me and all offer positions in their clans, I decided to be picky/hard to get, and I am now stuck with no clan. Honestly I felt like I deserve it but hopefully someone will scoop me up and bring me out of the darkness. Anyways, I was really wanting to play the Clan Wars Event and I'll be sticking around afterwards aswell. I'm looking for a clan that is going to do the event, has success in clan wars, and has an overall history of doing well. For the event I believe it's tier 8 abd if course listed, I have the AMX 50 100, Is-3, IS-6, AMX AC 48, Panther 2, and ISU-152 if this interests anyone. Statistics if you don't want to look left are here for you too. I have two tier 10s and 2 others researched (With a tier 10 I can free XP to). Tier 10s I own: T62-A - 2774 - 63% WinRate Leopard 1 - 2787 DMG - 57% WinRate And researched are... E-50M IS-7 - Sold this about two years ago, looking to buy this back. I can research the Foch 155 or AMX 50B if that's more desirable than the two I have researched if need be, but just notice I'll be playing the IS-6 non-stop for the next 100 battles to get the credits. Also of course, I have TeamSpeak 3, I have a mic, and I'm 15 years old if that's a problem.
  17. Hello WoTlabs community, I am 'currently' in a clan and will be rejoining ASAP (our clan was sabotaged and about 15 members including me were unjustly kicked, I made a thread in The Venting Room but cannot paste a link (not sure why)). At 4CE_1 I was one of the founders and thus a Dep Comm. My responsibility to the clan is to lead them in CW, but the only Clan War fights have been World on Fire and now this unpronounceable Norwegian event. However, my clan will be making excursions onto the Arctic Circle in the future and I want to make sure I do my job as we hit the map. I will be getting my first tier 10 (the AMX 50B) in a matter of days here (one of the reasons we haven't tried CW before: I won't ask my tankers to do things I won't/can't do). I realize that I am a below-average tanker (you can check out my stats) and that I have little to no track record. I have a tier X tank that many callers would rate second to the T57 Heavy. That said, would any clans be willing to take me in for a couple months or so and show me the ropes of Clam Warts? I don't want to let 4CE_1 down (I am a co-founder) by making critical mistakes before we even hit the battlefield. Being able to see CW prep/strats/tanks/other would greatly help. I haven't made my mind up whether or not to do this but this thread is all about gauging interest. Any takers? TL;DR: Looking for a clan to help teach me the basics of fighting on the global map (Clam Warts) so I can take those skills back to a clan I co-founded) Could anyone link the IOC clan wars video (the one with "Roger Roger", "Maintain Cover", and the like? Seems like a good example of what not to do )
  18. About Me: - I've finally felt my recent WN8 has started to plateau a bit, since I've reached the 2100 band it's been going up and down. Right now it's sitting around 2330. - I'm looking for a purple mentor player to get me to a target of 2600 recent WN8, which is across the purple threshold and well into safe territory. I hope this isn't too hard of a target. - I've platooned with purple unicums and other uni-blues before. It's either because they think of better tactics, or I play better under the fact that I have to show purples what I'm worth. Usually, I should end up right behind them in terms of XP, and occasionally in between both of them. - My GMT is +8. Which means if you are a morning player, good. - I can speak English and Mandarin fluently. - I like scouts. However I'm proficient with heavies, mediums and TDs. What kind of Mentor I am Looking for: - Tell me where to go generally or a spot(s) for my tank that I loaded into the game with on said map, quickly before the start of the battle. - Tell me immediately if you think I screwed up somewhere. Yelling is optional. - Silent platooning works, however it is making it hard for yourself with Point No.1. Tanks: IX: Conqueror, M103 VIII: AMX 13 90, Pershing, T28 Prot, Centurion I, IS3 PS: Also looking for platoon buddies. Add me if you want.
  19. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/cw/announcing-campaign-2 Top 3000 players get the 7201 for earning "fame points" through unspecified methods. Oh boy. Edit: From Valter
  20. I haz a problem with keeping calm lately. Since restart i get angry after few games every time. I just returned from 2 month pause so i dont need long break from game. Before i would simply ignore things like: comments in chat that now piss me off, people doing stupidest things, ramming me when i aim, several defeats in a row, shit rng. But those days are gone... It has nothing to do with me hating game, i want to keep playing but anger and annoyance bring down my performance a lot which ofc means i am even more mad and then i play even worse and make mistakes. Obviously, this results in chat arguments and me teamkilling people for slightest provocations. Before i would quit for a day when I wasnt mentally ready ( very rarely), but now it happens every session so whats the point. I play solo a lot but i did that before when i didnt have such problem with self control. This thread is probably silly and i have no idea where to post it tbh. How do you control your rage and keep calm? I need my zen back, i like internettanks.
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