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Found 7 results

  1. Quoted from Awesome Epic Guys "WG: Very soon the UDES 03 Alt 3, a Tier IX Swedish medium tank, will roll out onto the Supertest. Just like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks, this vehicle has a hydropneumatic suspension allowing it to tilt its hull. The nominal gun depression angle is -7 degrees; with the suspension-aided tilt it can reach -13 degrees. The vehicle enters the hull tilt mode automatically. The UDES 03 Alt 3 carries a gun that deals an average of 360 damage points per shot and has a dispersion of 0.35 m and an aiming time of 1.9 s. Armor penetration is 252 mm with the basic APCR shell and 284 mm with the special APCR shell. The gun reloads in 10.2 s. The tank’s view range is 380 m. The frontal armor of the Swede is 66 mm thick. Its top speed equals 50 km/h, with a specific power of 18 hp per tonne. The HP pool amounts to 1,600 points. Gameplay-wise, the UDES 03 Alt 3 is much like other high-tier Swedish medium tanks. It has a low silhouette, a hydropneumatic suspension, and a gun with decent parameters. Just like its mates, it’s good at what mediums usually do (like flanking and quick breakthroughs), plus such things as terrain-based play and ambushing." It looks like it sacrifices a bit of alpha damage for greatly increased penetration and improved gun handling. We still don't have the soft stats (if you find them post them please) but the much better aim time, low turret armor, and more bulky turret profile suggests this tank will have less reliable armor as well. Over all tho, this looks a lot less OP than the new auto-loaders from France and the Soviet Union. Does anyone know hat this will be a reward for or if it is a tech tree tank? Edited title because I am unfunny and unoriginal.
  2. So I have played 160 battles in this tank, and to say the least, I am completely baffled. This tank has mobility, speed and an incredible gun. I can consistently get 3500, 4500 and 5000 wn8 games, with just 3k-4k damage and a few kills. Am I just really good at this tank or is it just OP? On the other tier 9's I have played, getting this amount of damage and number of kills is kind of a requirement, whereas on the E-50 I get rewarded for doing it. I don't think that players are bad at this tank because I see great players playing these all the time, but somehow I keep getting amazing results in it. Also I have been unable to get a Mastery Badge with this tank. What are some of your guys experiences with this tank? Also, side note, if anyone is interested in getting this tank and the E-50M, it is a really fun tank to play.
  3. So I've heard a lot of people give advice like "just play it like a medium" for a lot of vehicles especially heavies that have no armor. I am pretty new to this game and especially to medium tanks, just got my first ones 3 days ago actually. Don't be fooled by my number of games played most of those were afk...but I am taking the game more seriously now and not just playing for the grind (thats why I'm here now of course). I started with TD and arties, realized I cannot change the course of a battle with one, and now I want to learn mediums. I went ahead and picked all the worst lines to start off in (chinese, british, french heavies and the FCM 40 t which are considered "medium"). I noticed that these tanks cannot be hidden well regardless of camo (exception for some chinese) so my question is how do you play a "fat" medium tank that can't hide or is too slow(chinese)? Feel free to state some obvious points because I am a beginner. Also some specific issues are open maps with hills/desert...always do poorly in those I do much better in cities. I try to follow heavies into battle beacuse obviously I can't frontline, but I end up being the distraction for them instead and the enemies just target my weaker armor instead of the heavy. When I go to the frontline to spot enemies I peek out of cover or over hills but being fat/slow means they always spot me at the same time and rush me cause I got paper armor. Edit: my tanks that I run into these problems with are british & chinese (tier 6+) and the FCM 50t. Any tank-specific advice is appreciated.
  4. Hi folks, I'm looking for some people to casually platoon with. I'm rather new to platooning, solo-pubbed my way from the beginning, since I have no friends (at all as well as in WoT) who could team up with me. Currently I'm enjoying the chinese branch very much, so I'm focussed on taking my wz-120 and wz-132 out. I do want to improve my overall effectiveness - which can be quite challenging with a buckload of potatoes and tomatoes in the team. Since I'm still in the learning process, my overall stats are not too impressive. WR is 53-54%, WN8 is something around 1330 - much room to improve. My self set goal is to hit ~58-60% within the next 6 month (why so long? Because work and real life are distracting factors ) Even though I cant offer to voicecom with you, I'm fairly "team" oriented - meaning that I intend to act as a team rather than pulling my own thing off. So, perhaps somebody wants to give it a try Cheers s!Gm4
  5. This question is multifaceted. It deals with several of my shortcomings and my inability to figure out how to fix them at the moment. Part the first: T71. Poor performance overall: Defeat!, T71, South Coast, 7/29/13 8:13 PM: 334 nXP, 294 dmg Poor scouting at the very least: Defeat!, T71, Airfield, 7/30/13 3:14 AM: 769 nXP, 1,580 dmg Poor scouting, nearly got myself killed a few times had I been against competent players: Victory!, T71, Ruinberg, 7/30/13 3:49 AM: 1,662 nXP, 2,411 dmg I've attached some replays (with links) above. I've had a few high damage games with this thing but never have I had a game where I truly felt I did well. I just feel lost in this tank, and I know several of the reasons I think, but not how to solve them: 1) I'm generally a poor scout to begin with. I don't know sight lines well enough, nor do I know proper deployment. I also don't know where to go after my first scout run, or after I find my first passive bush. This usually results in me getting less than 1k spotting damage (as I'm sharing the spots with everyone else I'm sure), very little direct damage (targets too close to fire without possibly breaking camo), and I fall in the middle of the pack on my team. 2) I have no idea how to use my mobility. I've been an arty main (yes, you may loathe me) and heavy tank specialist (KV-5 mostly) for almost my entire career. I tend to overextend very easily, get a few shots in, then have no exit strategy in mind. This is partially due to the fact that I don't know about 30-50% of the maps. I understand where to brawl with my heavies most of the time but that means I don't study the parts of the map more open to faster tanks. What I need to understand, especially with the T71, is how to properly scout and when to pick my engagements (and how the hell to plot an escape route at the same time). Any advice I can get here is invaluable. Part the second: Mediums. More specifically, the T-54 Yes, I actually have trouble with mediums. My problems enraged me to the point last week where I actually ragesold my T-54 to get the funds to continue progressing through other lines (T57 Heavy Tank line, AMX 50 B line). Simply put, I have no idea whatsoever how to play a medium. I don't know where to go, I don't currently understand timing, proper positioning, exposure time, vision control, anything. Something about playing mediums simply eludes me. Unfortunately I don't have any recent replays to put up for my T-54 so I don't know what specific advice I can request, or how much help you can be. Part the third: Platooning and learning The issue that complicates all of this is twofold. I tend to gravitate toward only platooning with a select few people that I feel comfortable with, and I don't know how to follow through on intense practice. The second part is rather embarassing considering I'm a musician and composer, but the fact remains. With regards to platooning, the people I tend to platoon with are good (one green, one purple), but I don't really grow at all playing with them. I've been stuck at my current level for months now. I know my 60-day stats are all green, but in reality I've been performing at the same general competency level (statistically and subjectively) for quite a while now. I don't know where to go to find people to help me (outside of these forums obviously), I tend to be way too timid about platooning with people, even in my own clan, and as a result I feel stuck. If I had the funds I'd pay Crab for a session with him, but, well, I'm a musician so I'm poor *grin* I would appreciate any advice on ANY of these points from any of you. What do I need to improve on, how do I improve on it, and how do I get to the point where I can KEEP improving?
  6. In tiers 5/6 I do well enough (I think) playing tanks like the T49, Hellcat, VK3601 and 1S. However when moving to T7 my play goes to absolute horse excrement. I currently have the T29 and Tiger and I think they both are about ~49% WR. Both have less then 100 battles (I believe) due to my shyte play. Both are running 100% crews almost completely thru first skill. I would like to request help in the form of a training room where I can see things like hull down and side scraping be demonstrated. I have read about them and tried them but would love to get instruction on them and actually see proper execution of them (please excuse the run-on sentence). Oh.. and shot placement oh mer gerd.. have the 105 and I swear I bouce everything. Not blaming the gun... blaming myself. I'm in the US (mountain time), and usually play evenings. Any help would be much appreciated!!
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