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Found 17 results

  1. Hello fellas, I'm Jojo and I will be uploading replays worthy of watching. They will be unique, non of that standard "Just 4k+ Damage" replays. They will have a point to them. They will range from Solo carries to Platoon carries, or from Epic comebacks to So close losses. They will feature the best players on the server, and they will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube with Commentary/ Text on what I was thinking and probably explain tactics used, but this is still a WIP :^) o7o7o7
  2. Been out of pocket game wise for awhile and also been spending what little spare time I've got on other games (WoWS and even a dabble with WoWP) but I played a few rounds of WoT last night and I've a few questions: 1. Did the garbage men go on strike again? Arty trash everywhere.... Was going to restart a heavy grind or two based on what I'm seeing of map reworks but the arty spam has me wondering on that? 2. Some mediums seem to be reworked, buffed etc. Are they still the best alternative for folks who can't stand arty spam and if so, which lines would you focus on from tier 6+ in light of changes or upcoming changes? edit: I notice the RU meds seem to still be the default flavor of choice but I gather there are some changes of late for those who will mostly be playing pubs with meds. edit2: I haven't had arty in my garage since I sold what I had rebought for those damnable "missions" when they first came out as its just not worth it. 3. How viable are TDs these days? Life seems to be rougher on the TD side since I last played. I know I'm not necessarily a good player but I had been improving, got into green in all categories finally (after 9500+ games) and hope to continue that progress either in 6-8 or 4-7 as I basically take a few and relearn. Thanks for any tips/suggestions etc on current state of the game
  3. Noticed two uniquely novel vehicles on the "Studying for Mid-Terms" mission tab, on the NA server today. American M4 Improved & German Pz III K, each listed a tier 5 medium vehicle. Does anyone know anything regarding these two particular vehicles? And how they might fit into the current tier 5 meta-game? Here's proof of their existence, in the spoiler next to the 'mouse pointer':
  4. P.S. I'm new to the forums. If there is a better place than this for this question please move it. Already posted on the official forums, so I wanted some answers from people with a bit more experience. I've been having a lot of trouble completing MT-15 for the T28HTC. I either get into games where there aren't enough TDs or the other players kill them before I am able to. My current highest tier mediums are the Cent 7/1 and the T-54. I feel like moving up to tier 10 might make encounters with TDs more prevalent and since they have more hp, I might actually be able to do 2k damage before they all die. I have both the FV4202 and the Obj. 140 unlocked, but I'm having trouble deciding which one to get. I know the Obj. 140 is considered one of the best meds in the game and the FV is one of the worst, but I feel like the FV might be better for the mission because of the higher alpha and HESH shell. There's also the faint hope of a free premium in the future. The other thing is credit grinding. I have literally nothing. So I figure I will sell the Cent 7/1 either way, since I don't like it, but I'll only sell the T-54 if I move to the 140. I won't keep the T-54 if I go to the 140 because I only have one RU med crew. What this means is if I decide on the FV, I'll have to grind 4 million credits. Instead of 2 million for the 140. FV4202 vs Obj. 140 (As far as I can tell) What the FV does better than the 140 4mm more penetrationBetter frontal armor4 degrees more gun depressionBetter power/weight10m more view range0.03 better accuracy70 more alpha damageHESH round has 210 pen and 480 alpha50 more HPWhat the 140 does better than the FV 220 more dpmFaster shell velocityMore effective turret armorBetter terrain resistance15 km/h fasterPremium round with better penetrationBetter hull traverseBetter dispersion on the gun TL;DR: I'm convinced the Obj. 140 is a better option than the FV4202 and I want you guys to convince me otherwise.
  5. I'm looking for someone who has somewhat understanding of how to get better at this game and can help me out (So I would assume a Blue+ player). I feel like i'm not progressing and getting better at the rate I would like to be going and I make mistakes that cost me my life(In-game of course). I'm currently learning to play Mediums, Lights, and Heavies but I like the play of mediums and lights a bit more than heavies so If you specialize in those that would be great. I think I could also use more specific knowledge of map hot spots. I would like to improve in knowing what to do in situations so that I will be able to get out of possible situations that might get me killed because I wouldn't know what I should do. I would also like to get better at knowing the line i'm playing and what I should and shouldn't do in the tank i'm playing. I'm not expecting a huge commitment, just people who are willing to play a few games here and there to point out some good ideas/areas/tactics as well as some flaws/areas of improvement in my game, I have TS, do not have a rage problem, or an ego, and I can take all the criticism you throw at me (as long as it is for the purpose of helping me). Just to let you know just what i'm playing I have the Tier 8 heavy IS-3, the Tier 8 medium T-44, and the Tier 7 light Amx 13-75. I Don't really like playing TD's or Arty's that much so I wouldn't need mentoring for those. If you are interested in helping me out then I play on the NA server generally starting whenever I wake up so around 10 AM up until 2-4 AM (no not typo AM) sometimes earlier, eastern standard time. Thank you for reading, if you don't mentor but know someone who does could you please send them here
  6. I am trying to make a compilation of spots from where you can get early damage without taking any damage on all maps for fast mediums. Abbey: E2 and G2 sniping across the middle of the town(E5 and G5) If you have friendly lights and meds in middle spotting. Its 90% guaranteed to get a free shot from this place. But you need to retreat if you sniff anything coming from 2 line. Airfield: E5 and E7 or F5 and F6 looking into the middle E6. 50% chance of getting a free shot. Arctic Region: I think this can be difficult for free shot from both sides. From south spawn F4/F5/G7/E4. From north spawn run directly C3 and climb the small hill (you might get clicked here be careful) based up on opp team mobility strength or stop at B5 for your luck to work and get a free shot. Cliff: North Side: Straight away run to E5 or E6 and get side shots on tanks climbing up. South Side: Either go to F6 to get some side shots or if you are fast enough there is spot on Hill on G2 corner. where you can get free damage from there shooting at tanks at E5 E6. best thing about the spot is lot of cover and arty safe (damn CGC can still get you though). Very rewarding location if you play it a bit safe. El Halluf: South spawn C2 North spawn B3. you can only get 1 or max 2 cross fire shots from this locations. not arty safe. and no hull down no free shots Ensk: Erlenberg: This can be so rewarding if your whole team decides to push one flank. North side: Run to E2 get side shots on tanks spotted at J3 and J4 South side: Run to E9 or E0 get first shots on tanks pushing your side Fiery Salient: This has many ways to get free shots. North side: Either run to E9(you need to be fast to get this place. high risk if some smarty pants light tries to spot you from the mid) get side shots at tanks crossing J7/8. or poke from E5 to look at E2/H2 to get one or 2 shots in the start(you need to find the micro ridge to poke properly. Anyway very less chance of getting free damage here) South side: either go to F5 like everyone to test your luck or if you have lot lights spotting mid you can got to H1/G1 are and snipe tanks at E5/E6. even unicums cant escape if you snipe from here. Fishermans Bay: I like north side for first shots. but south side for long term free damage. North side: Run to E7 there is good solid cover building you can hide. Sidescrape or poke if you have good camo and spot all tanks crossing at H7/8 J7/8. High risk high reward place. South side: Run to F6 hide behind the solid cover building and snipe towards heavies settling at E8. Fjords: West side - E5 for free ass shots on heavies going to the peninsula or camp at C5 to get some free shots at dumb tanks spotted at D7/E7 East side - A/B8 to shoot the TDs parked at C/D5-6 or camp at E7 hide behind the rock when ever you see a tank going towards C/D/E4 lines pop out get some free side shots. I dont know if its worth making this compilation or not, cause I am myself an avg player. I wanted to search this kind of guide but cant find any So I am making myself one and for newbies out there. If I get any inputs from better players for particular maps I will continue making the same for remaining maps. Edit: Im gonna finish of this guide with all the maps Thanks Rahin
  7. I am looking for platoon mates from whom I can learn a thing or two from and who are close to my recent WN8. Thanks Rahin
  8. Hello there, I am an Aussie tanker that has been lurking around for some time in my vain attempt to become a more skilled player worthy of the position I take up on my team. Competitive gaming has always been something of interest to me and I enjoy understanding any game I play inside and out, going so far as to heavily research, practice or mod (single player) games. I've read many of the well-written articles on this site and spend much of my time digesting the content of SirCircon, Quickybaby and Zeven (whom is by far my favourite). Whilst I have improved in some ways, I feel that it may be time to ask some direct questions, become involved in a skilled community (well, as involved as a shitlord like myself can be without being slapped upside the head and told to sit in the corner) and stop being a bloody loner with no friends stranger. Kewei's article stating the "brutal, simple and timely" way to improve makes a lot of logical sense - playing at high tiers against good competition is a great way to learn, and is how I managed to become a competent TF2 player back in the day. As a result, I'm attempting to grind through to a Tier 9 tank and learn by getting my head kicked in over and over. Presently I'm going through three tier 8 tanks, the Objekt 416, Indien Panzer and Centurion 1 (Indien has 2 crew skills, Objekt and Cent are at 95% first, all run Vert Stabs, Rammer and Optics). Between the three, I only seem to perform reasonably well in the Objekt (49%), while the other two have horrendous win rates (46%, 41% respectively) and I hardly feel that I can affect the battle unless top tier. I do not play stock tanks and always at minimum Free XP the turret and gun. Tier 8 feels like a massive barrier, whereas I ended the Comet grind with a 58% w/r and 900 DPG (hardly impressive, but well above my average) and felt like I could carry nearly any game in the tank, especially top tier. Blaming the tanks won't help me improve, and I know that good players can make these vehicles perform to an excellent standard regardless of their relative power. I understand that early damage, spotting and denial of key positions wins games, however I'm unsure of how to achieve this in low-camo (Indien and Cent), paper vehicles especially when bottom tier. How does one "support" the heavies on one of the many brawling maps like Himmels, Lakeville or Pearl River, or provide enough firepower or vision to affect the outcome on Malinovka or Prok against 9's and 10's? I have a general understanding of the weak points and overall strengths of the higher tier vehicles, and always count auto-loader shots, then punish them if safe to do so. My greatest weaknesses however are knowing when to retreat from a fight and re-position using the tank's mobility, and remembering to remain arty safe. Is it wise to simply push on with about 60k XP until tier 9, or perhaps it is best to fall back to tier 7, develop a better win rate there and then progress? I thank anyone that reads this long-winded, overblown heap of a post and wish you all a great day.
  9. Played mines in IS-3, they had mediums, we didn't. Naturally they got on the hill first. Then we lost. How do you counter that? Is there any way to minimize the advantage of the hill?
  10. Hi Everyone, I would like to share with you a game i had on the Cromwell. It is in the abbey. I get 9 kills earning me a Radley Walters medal. If you are thinking of getting a Cromwell this would be a handy vid to watch. It is followed by a review of the Cromwell. A typical game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySuu1Hiz7Wg Please like and subscribe if you enjoy. Have a great day Havoc
  11. I'm currently grinding up the Japanese line to fulfil the mission requirements of the free Super Pershing challenge. So far I'm done up till the Chi-Nu, and I'm interested to see if other players have any thoughts on which tanks are keepers in the entire line based on their experience with the Jap meds/lights. In my limited playtime, only the Ke-Ho really stands out in low tiers, and I'm curious about T6-10.
  12. So I took a break from WoT and recently came back; however I've noticed that my damage output has been less than desirable. I have too many games of dealing less than acceptable damage and as a result my W/R has gone down and want to fix this. With only 4k games, I feel that knowing the maps better can make a difference, but I'm already doing that and I'm not seeing results I like. I've tried platooning and that seems to work, but only for so long (afterwards I take a break and MAYBE come back for more games on the same day). I've tried WG forums before, but they blow, so I figured I'd try here and possibly get some help from some unis. I like playing mediums and have the M48 which taught me a fair bit about remaining hidden and using speed. I fail to utilize this, specifically in the T-54, and I cannot seem to realize the causation of my noobiness. Plz help -Bear
  13. Hi folks, I am doing quite good for my level in my new and only T10 tank, the Object 140. I feel like this is one if not the strongest T10 tanks in the game. And I really love it. But I waste quite some potential in it. So please take a look at it's stats, watch my replays, tell me how to squeeze some more DPG out of it. Thanks! Damn it my tablet can't insert links here. All replays are to be found on vbaddict. Can anyone post the link for me? http://www.vbaddict.net/player-replays/salsaheaven-eu-d8cc538914f7124f8cd850b59093102f Linked ~Pity Thanks ~Pity!
  14. I found this forum by clicking the forum link after checking my stats. Started with WOT in 2012 and took a long break so when I came back not that long ago, I had some idea of what to expect from the game. I decided to register here after seeing references to this forum in the "official" WOT forum while looking for help on the VK3002 v VK3601 question recently. The German tree doesn't look anything like I remember it being back then. I don't have a lot of games in compared to others but I figured if I'm trying to get better that this would be an open place for questions, help and such. I came into this game thinking I wanted the Panther above all but I'm seeing that the Panther may not be quite what I expect and I've spent most of my time so far in heavies (British, US T1, M6 line and Russian IS line with some time in the VK3001h as well) and some TDs. I saw a thread in the other forums on help for the Panther and that led me to another thread where Garbad talked about optics over binocs or vents and that brings me to my question. I've set up my new (4 games in) vk30.02m with rammer, optics and camo and I'm wondering if that's a good setup or if there is a more optimal one in the opinion of folks here? I want to play it mostly as a mobile sniper and I do tend that direction even with heavies as I've found it wise to play more safely and conservatively than maybe I did when I first started. The only medium line I've done anywhere near well with so far has been the US line and I'm in the M4 there so I know I'm still learning mediums with a long way to go. Again, glad to be here and thanks.
  15. I'm not an amazing player, and am not in a huge clan. At my current level of Clan Wars play there is medium usage, but a large part of their usage is based on map (as well as who's calling; as I imagine it is for most clans). I've noticed that the vast majority of the mediums used in CW's are either the Russians: T62A / Object 140 or France's Bat. Chat 25t. Probably because of their speeds and for the Russians the dpm beasts and for the BC I'd assume because of the burst potential that comes with the clip. With the release of the new Japanese tanks (currently having only a medium line) I'm curious as to whether or not in our Uni's opinions if these other medium lines will begin to really see a spot for them in CW's. I mean the Japanese STB has awesome gun depression (more than the M48 Patton, if I recall correctly) and higher alpha than the Russians and slightly more DPM than those beasts; but is it enough to see a swing, maybe a phasing out of the Russians in exchange for the Japanese tank? So again if you guy's could share your opinion on whether or not you think more medium lines will get a spot on CW roster and why/why not that would be awesome. Also, if you could maybe explain why other lines weren't really used before (I love my M48, but know it probably won't see much usage in CW). Is it that I'm just misunderstanding a mediums role in CW (played TD's but not Meds in CW's) compared to a meds role (hah, more like free for all) in the solo pub games? P.S. Please tell me you could see more Chinese being used as that's what I've been grinding. Screw the lack of G Dep. the Russians didn't need it.
  16. I wanna get myself a tier 10 med that's fun, fast, and you can just play it forever. My favorite tank was the WZ-132 with over 1,000 games played in it. I loved its camo (pre-8.6 anyway) rate of fire, and especially its speed and mobility, but I always felt its penetration and health was on the short end of the spectrum, considering the tanks it usually faces. I already have the T-62A and Object 140, and I'm close to the 121 but none of them tickle my fancy. Should I go for the E-50M, Leopard 1, or Batchat? Batchat appeals to me because of the ridiculous burst damage, high camo values, and the amazing hp/t. However, I don't like autoloaders that much, they're too frustrating to use sometimes. E-50M appeals to me cause dat mobility and armor that can bounce tier 10 TDs. Though I know its camo sucks. However, being able to ram stuff is fun as heck. Leopard 1 seems like a tier 10 WZ-132. Great speed, great gun, good camo, not to mention the best gun depression out of the 3. However, it seems like it would be awfully hard to carry in, and I'm not exactly the biggest fan of sniping, though I suppose I could train myself to like it. I've played the Batchat on the test server before and I liked it, but it was only a few battles. Never played the E-50M even on test. Played the Leo1 (though without camo or sixth sense because I didn't have a crew at the time) and my opinion on it was neutral. I always loved scouting, even if my team rarely made use of it. Just being able to watch the enemy tanks without doing anything yourself was relaxing, and going really fast and not being spotted was really fun.
  17. Hi guys. I have decided to start down the Russian med line. I have been drooling over the T-54 for some time now (playing it on the 8.6 test really made me want it) and the fact I can get 2 tier 10s off one tier 9 made me make the decision. I am going to start from the KV-13 from the KV-1S. since I am only at tier 3 on the actual medium line. I have 20K free XP that I have randomly earned from games. and I am wondering what to do with it. I feel tempted to free the T-43 since I have heard many sub-par reviews on it. but since the KV-13 is almost fully researched exept the top gun, turret, and tracks. I could also spend the 20K free XP on that and still have half of it left over. What are everyones suggestions? grind the KV-13, and free XP most of the T-43, or fully upgrade the KV-13 and then grind the T-43? thanks
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