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Found 14 results

  1. So I'm bored of my current library and I'm curious to see what you people listen to so I thought I'd make a thread for our favourite albums. Just make a chart here http://top50.topsters.net/ then share it. Also turn on captions so we can tell what album you added, hopefully we can get some interesting charts Here's mine (tfw literally no variety lul)
  2. Hey guys, I am interested what do you think about Balkan(ex Yugo) contemporary(2010 - ) music? I know that you don't understand a single word, but I would like to hear your opinion on video production and tunes.
  3. Personally I have a varied music taste, from Drum & Bass to Rock. Right now playing some Queen.
  4. Topic stands quite well for itself, I wanna hear some goodies now c'mon I've been getting a little bored with my music lately, so I'd like to hear your all time favs and what you currently like to update my repertoire. My contribution would be this: FOTM: All-time favourite: A wonderful typical icelandic voice compared with a polyrythmic piano riff, combined with great strings that make up for an awesome tune. If I only had one album to listen to forever,I'd hold on to Jonsí's remake of the album " Go" that this song is featured on, which is called "Go Quiet", if I listen to that while tanking, literally nothing can piss me off.
  5. Kinda curious, how many of y'all are musicians and what do you play? This would be a neat thread to talk about making noise, too.
  6. A friend and me have been tinkering for quite some time with some songs. Two of them we put out a while ago but now we have two more ready from the mastering peeps. We decided to present an "EP" to the world: "Hypnotic Gestures". Heh, this is one of the things I do when I'm not wasting my time playing tonks. I hope you like it! We're on Spotify and Google Play among other things. Various pictures; general guitar and gear porn:
  7. Hello! It's just a little music video I made ! What's its purpose you might ask,well,it's for the lazy a$$es like me,to motivate them to go on that battlefield and rule their enemies ! I'd really like to hear your opinions (: I hope you enjoy it PS. unfortunately,the video is blocked in Germany,because of the song.I'm sorry for that.
  8. I'm a big ol' sap and am prone to monthly breakdowns... In fact I find a good cry helps me get on with my life. Be it a sad movie, story, or song every once in awhile it's nice to just let some tears fly. So, in no particular order are some musical pieces that get a tear or two or thirty to roll majestically down my cheeks. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Bach) Brick (Ben Folds Five) Christmas in the Trenches (John McCutcheon) I could always use more ammunition for the cry gun.
  9. I'm only past the first chapter, but I like what I see so far. The voice acting (the JP dub) is good, though I was surprised at first to hear Edea voiced by the same VA who voiced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z30Y572EmCk. Will have to see how this game holds up to its hype. Also, the music is wonderful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W32h-3EHCg
  10. I have always had a habit of raging at my teamates for what they do wrong. But I have recently begun to just think of the futility of it all. It is not the fault of my teamates that I died. It is not the fault of my teamates that we lost. It's my fault and I should just take responsibilty and gitgud@tonks. I just realized for me that playing music helps a lot. It just lets me focus on the game and just be a more mellow guy. For the near-future (and maybe long if this thread lives). I will be coming back to this thread every week Sunday night to just put down a song that I find to be relaxing for me when playing in randoms. BTW, the songs are only the ones that I have listened to, if you feel that there is a song that you find relaxing that helps you carry games. Feel free to post it in this thread. There will be a limit of 1-2 songs from each poster each week, to encourage some restraint. Well here goes, the first song of many. P.S. (If you want a song to repeat, Right-Click (twice if needed) and select Loop) P.P.S All the 'reasonable' songs on this thread will be located in this playlist ( one song wil be picked from each post to limit the congestion) Pls no massive albums, There will however be exceptions made if the album is exceptional. Other than that pls keep it in a reasonable length. As in <20min long https://www.youtube.com/playlist?action_edit=1&list=PL0WbKo6zjITWStN1lygSAsjjB05kje-Yo
  11. Well let's see where this goes. I'm talking about music that you've heard through your life. Certain songs in particular that always make you think of a movie/TV Show, a scene or a character whenever you hear it. I'll start if off with two. The first is Tequila, by the Champs. Every time I hear this song, I think about the dance scene in the movie, "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure." The second is "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Every time I hear it, I think, "I need your clothes, your boots, and our motorcycle." So, who's next?
  12. *RULES* * must be electronic music, all sub-genre acceptable * no Skrillex, no Tiesto, no Deadmau5 and no Paul Van Dyke * use spoiler tags, list "artist - track" above for science my name is slow and i love music. let's share. ________________________________________________________ Mentioned artists: RJD2, Portishead, Massive Attack, Parov Stellar, Cashmere Cat, Purity Ring, Com Truise, Boards of Canada, Mat Zo, Canblaster, Oliver $, Mord Fustang, Figure, Le Principie, Inland Knights, Justin Martin, Celldweller, Lifelike, Starsmith, Major Lazer, Flosstradamus, DJ Slink, DJ Medhi, Benoit & Sergio, Tycho, Rustie, Bonobo, Floating Points, Soul Clap, 123Mrk, Dust Brothers, Mr. Flash, Le Knight Club, Laberge, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Hollertronix, ARP 101, B. Bravo, Breakbot, Apoptygma Berzerk, Ulrich Schnauss, VNV Nation, Tensnake, Dada Life, Holy Ghost!, Starkey, Pete Tong, Booka Shade, Funki Porcini, 9 Lazy 9, Brillz, Z-Trip, Sammie Trap, Flaxo, Grandtheft, Diplo, Calvin Harris, Shlohmo, MY†H, RI Grime, Wizard, Charlie Traplin, Hucci, Proton, The Ninetys, Daktyl & Fitzroy, Flume Mix series: Boiler Room, Solid Steel, BBC Radio 1, Mad Decent Radio Sub-genre:
  13. Just curious if other people tend to listen to certain music more when pissed off, and if so what? Please use spoiler tags around the videos if embedding Youtube. I'll start with 2 (I recommend setting youtube quality to the highest or it may sound awful):
  14. So you're on the way to the city in Lakeville... What's your crew currently blasting through the Harman Kardon speakers in your IS3? This one, full blast! http://youtu.be/bqFb6VXW86Y
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