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Found 7 results

  1. People often complain about carriers and it seems to me that people think they are either too good or too bad. Primarily though I think it's the way you can't really fight directly against them. You ctrl click the torp bombers and turn in and you're done. Following a cruiser around is very passive too, once the planes attack you basically sit there helpless and hope for the best. I propose that the anti air defences be more actively controlled by the player. If you are good at it you will have significantly better aa and if you are bad it would be worse. In order to make it easy for newbies this could be optional so you can still use the current auto system but have the option to take direct control if you wish. How exactly this would work would need careful testing but my basic proposal is this: In a similar fashion to torpedo launchers you can aim the anti air in a narrow cone, activated by pressing 4 say. Any squadrons inside this cone (and within range of course) would then take damage, maybe 2 or 3 times more than auto fire. They could also be subject to a scattering effect (like cruisers or fighters but not as potent) so even bad aa ships could defend themselves in a worthwhile fashion. In order to make this sufficiently difficult to reward good play the cone should either be very narrow, required precise targetting, or the damage dealt should increase the closer to the centre of the cone you get. It would also make sense that you could hit more than one squadron at once if they are stacked which give CVs some interesting choices. Attacking from two directions at once would leave at least one squadron completely untouched and flying straight in to the target would make it very easy to aim so micro managing the attack would decrease the effectiveness of aa defences allowing skill to be a significant factor on both sides of the engagement. Attacking a ship in combat would also be more effective since they would have to stop firing in order to control the aa while ships not in combat could give their anti air defence their undivided attention. Please let let me know any flaws or improvements with this idea. Remember, the idea is to let skill significantly affect the effectiveness of your aa defences. tldr - manually aim aa in a small cone for increased aa damage.
  2. The wife and I braved the traffic and the sun to partake in a full day at the Quonset Airshow yesterday. It was so good. So. Fucking Good. Due to the traffic and the 100,000 people we missed the first few acts, but got there just in time for the Geico Skytypers in their North American SNJ-2s, also known as the T-6 Texan. During the wait for the shuttle buses we were able to see parts of the earlier acts. The Blackhawk show was sadly missed, but they made several passes over the parking areas and waved to us! My wife snapped some pictures as she saw fit and it seemed rude of me not to share some of them with you guys. The Geico Skytypers were tight and their old prop-driven beauties were fun to watch. Mark Murphy then took his restored P-51 named "Never Miss" for a spin and did a ton of low, high-speed passes. Man, that thing is gorgeous. The Canadian Snowbirds put on one hell of a show in their CT-114 Tutors. The 9 of them flew in formations so tight and so well choreographed that their performance rivaled that of the Blue Angels. John Klatt next piloted Jack Links' Jet Waco or "Screaming Sasquatch"... It's a heavily modified prop plane that also has a jet engine on it. No pictures as we used the down time to check out the flight line and grab some $10 burgers and $6 bottles of soda. The Shockwave Jet Truck made a couple of appearances as well. We made it back to some prime seats just in time for the F-16 flight demonstration my wife was getting hot and bothered about. That thing is a nice plane and the roar of its engine is spectacular. My favorite part of the show was the "USAF Heritage Flight" when the F-16 and the P-51 flew together. We went to the bathroom and took another look around during Sean D. Tucker's incredible stunt flying. That dude is crazy... He can make his biplane hover and did this awesome stunt where he flew straight up and stalled while releasing tons of smoke and then busted out of the cloud like a bat out of hell. We were pleasantly surprised by a CF-18 demonstration. Pretty typical stuff but the pilot made some nice low passes and we even got to see (and hear) him break the sound barrier. Very cool to witness in person. Finally, the show we were waiting for, was the Blue Angels. Do they really need any introduction? Their C-130 demonstration was awesome, but their F-18 mastery is the talk of the town. Not many things in life revert fully grown humans back to a state of childlike glee... This airshow was definitely one of them. If we were to change anything we would have brought our bicycles and just ridden to the base from the parking area. Everything else was really smooth. The show is free and they had multiple potable water trailers around. If we had packed some food it would have been a much cheaper experience, but even then it was well worth it. Here is some random plane porn: Enjoy!
  3. I recently started playing 3-4 days ago and I would like to know a few things. On every battle I'm using fuel boost (2500-5000 per match) which I heard you should be doing I am also using AP shells since it is the highest damaging shell and they fly farther? Is this a good choice? I am heading up the Russian fighters and German heavy fighters, are these good lines? Since I began I am just dogfighting (Shoot at whatever is closest, pressing S for tighter turns, using the boost to get back up to speed if I'm about to stall) I realize this isn't very efficient and its only working well since I'm fighting "Low tier noobs" I have a I-16(e) and when I fight level IV planes I get wrecked because they fly better. Whats boom and zoom? Whats energy fighting? How do I get these pesky little shits off of my slow German love machines? Sexy I-15bis DM pics
  4. I just remembered again that I had 19,500 gold in the EU region and I am rather tired of the North American regions low population and horrible Wargaming NA staff so I've created an EU clan/social group. The intent of this group is to dominate the Europubbies in the competitive scene every once in a while (most of you already are in clans/play NA regularly). Right now I'm planning for it to be mainly Wot Lab goers, PTATO players, and any unicums who feel like popping over to the EU in order to satisfy their desire to romp some euroscrubs in planes. There will be no stringent daily practice stuff except before tournaments if you are on a team or requirements for so-and-so hours per week or anything to that effect, play in what tournaments you want when you want. Currently working on a list of members. There are already a few committed and I'm are also trying to find a clan pic if anybody has a suggestion. Interested players PM me via WoT Labs or just leave a message here. Make sure to have Skype and Teamspeak 3 + Mumble. edit: There are 100 slots in a clan, so don't hesitate to apply even if you think you won't be available very often. Current Members/NA Stats:
  5. Disclaimer: I am a massive WoWp nub (<50 battles) but it a fun game that I am interested in. I was poking through my controls today, and noticed the mouse settings graph that (I think?) they added recently. From what I was able to gather from its description and playing around with it a bit, my understanding became that it affects the way that your plane rolls in and out of a turn. So my question to you pilots out there, is what should I know about this graph? Is there a right/wrong way to configure it? Or does it come down to preference? Should you change it based on the class of aircraft you're flying? etc etc. Basically, I just want information on what it actually does and what your opinions are on how it should be used / how you like yours. When I first saw it, I had no idea what it did, so I just dragged it into a sinusoid and took my Bristol out for a go to see how it went. Believe it or not, that very game I got my first Ace medal (!) so I assume that its of some utility. Thanks in advance for your advice, and watch your six!
  6. I played WoWp a bit back in closed beta, but decided it was too under-developed for me to have fun. I've decided to give it a shot and was wondering which line(s) you guys would recommend to a planes newbie, as I have close to no idea how the different aircraft perform. If you have any good tips (other than climb at the start, maintain energy advantage, etc etc) please leave those as well. Thanks!
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