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Found 21 results

  1. Why The RELIC Community? • RELIC is a long standing clan within World of Tanks. We have built a quality community that has survived and thrived through the good times and bad times that Wargaming has given us. • We aim to develop potential, have fun, and excel at the game in both individual combat & in Clan Wars. We also strive to maintain high standards, respect, and competence in all battles that we are engaged in. • The RELIC Community values team-play and strongly encourages our members to platoon together, preferably in our TS, in order to co-ordinate and communicate effectively. • We, as a community, are interested in quality players over quantity. You can have the best stats in the game but if you can’t follow calls or strive to bring drama into the clan then we are not the clan for you. We want our tankers to get to know our each other as friends and comrades. Relic Community Shenanigans Who remembers when that map was in CW? Spawn…Insta lit Highway against SIMP with some pretty bad karaoke Abby Arty Party, blowing off steam and having a good time What Relic expects from you: • As a member, you will understand the Relic Community rules, attempt to actively participate in (or at least lurk on) our community website, uphold our standards in ability, competence and conduct. • You will need to be available for training (some divisions), clan wars, and strongholds on a regular basis (real life allowing). • Members should be able to follow commands, perform to their potential, respect teammates and enjoy winning. Members should also be thick skinned and be willing to take criticism. • You will need to install and use Teamspeak 3. TS is a must for Clan Wars and preferred at all other times, you must have TS for all clan events, even if you can only hear and cannot speak, our TS is also open to the public. What you can expect from Relic: Access to our forums, Teamspeak server and our community. A group of like minded players to platoon with, grind XP and credits for next tier tanks, share tips/advice on tanks and gameplay, or just sit around on TS chatting about your latest pub battle. Clan War battles and plenty of them. We don’t like to sit around just farming gold. Map exhibitions - Main has won 5 and have been top 3 in every one they have played in and 2nd has done well in these with 2nd finishing in the Semi's in the last few. CTA (clan) tournaments - Main usually finishes 1st or 2nd in Abso's while 2nd has been finishing 1st or 2nd in Champions. Stronghold battles and skirmishes aplenty, with frequent credit bonuses in most divisions. Sound leadership, with proven records and a drama free environment. The chance to become an officer or to call battles as we're always looking for our members to step up. Requirements to join the Relic Community Remember these are just our guidelines and nothing is set in stone. Even if you meet the requirements for stats and tanks, you still have to go through an evaluation process and be approved by our members as well. REL MAIN 1. Minimum 2000 Overall WN8 2. Minimum 3000 Recent WN8 3. Minimum of 5 Tier 10 tanks 4. Must not have %$@& stats in said T10 tanks 5. Participation in clan events is expected (your frequency can vary but is expected) If interested contact one of the following: wh1skybarrel _Carry Chewy_Sammich _Llama_ REL2 Unless you are purple or just have awesome stats and show a lot of promise we require: 1. Recent Wn8 of 2100 over 60 Days 2. Minimum 1600 overall Wn8 3. Minimum 53% win rate 4. Minimum 4 tier 10 CW VIABLE Tanks with good stats (Teal or higher) in them 5. Attendance requirements of at least 3 days a week. If interested contact one of the following: __Prophet__ Silvers_ Steils Jolly33 REL-A is now a T8 CW/SH We require: 1. Recent 1400 WN8 /52% W/R 2. 1 Tier 6 SH viable tank (Cromwell/b, Type 64 etc) 3. Attendance requirements of 3 days a week. 4. 1 Tier 8 SH/CW viable tank (IS-3, Defender, T32, Trumpwagon, 41 90GF, WZ132, etc) If interested contact one of the following: Flayologist Cynbad Rel-Aux will be on the T8 CW/SH map while you work on the necessary T10's/Stats needed for Second and Main. You can climb the ladder and move through the ranks as many before you have done. Relic is a great community where you can learn team play and move up the "ladder" into more competitive clans within the community. While you may apply to a specific division, there is a chance you will be accepted into a different division. This is based upon what we feel you would be better suited for at the time of your application. Relic Gaming is a tiered community where we aim to train people for clan wars in Aux and then move them up through 2nd, and onward into Main. We aim to have our most active and capable players in Relic Main. There is a ladder. You can climb it. Check out the Rel-2 Stream) (Kinda dead ATM) I'm starting to stream so if you want to watch an old man play give me a look..... https://www.twitch.tv/silvers__ And if you are interested in the Relic Community log into our TeamSpeak server at ts.relicgaming.com and speak to a recruiter today. Password = relic1 For main contact one of their recruiters. For Rel-2 and Rel-Aux use the following google doc.... And if you need a modpack check out the Relhax modpack put together by Relic players and former OMC modders......
  2. DYNO -Don’t You Need Oxygen? Hey guys and gals! We're a Casually Competitive Clan. We platoon, play Strongholds, and also compete for Clan Wars reward tanks. We focus on our community. Some of our members have been playing together for five years now. We accept people's interests but require a respectful atmosphere within the clan. Team Killers and Toxic players need not apply. If you want to know more then feel free to contact one of the officers. New members are accepted at our discretion. Clan Requirements - 18+ Years Old - 3K+ Games Played - 52%+ Winrate - 1400+ Overall WN8 - TS ready with Mic - Email for connecting to Slack Applicants should have at least one CW/SH ready tier VIII and X tank. For tier X, WZ-111-5A, Obj-140 or Obj-907 preferred. Activity Requirements At least one game played every 2-weeks. Notify command via Slack for extended absences. Failing an activity check results in a drop to Reservist rank. Member is then required to play one game every 4-weeks. Failure results in a kick. Reservists can lose their position in the clan at any time for any reason. As of patch 9.22 Reservists DO NOT benefit from Clan Reserves. Members that wish to leave Reservist rank must notify command and pass the next active 2-week check. If you have any questions please contact a recruiter. Apply through Clantools
  3. Skilled casuals. International english-speaking clan for people with skills since 2013/03/19. Our stats (2017/06/19) according to wotinfo.net: 55.42% avg win rate with 1986 WN8 We don't play for pixel glory because we don't care. We roll platoons only. Our expectations are: WN8 of at least 2000 (rerolls 2400) overall with 2200+ recent. Check your WN8 here: click! You have to speak english AND behave, if you don't please look for another clan. Join our Discord: click! Want to join? Contact m1ch through forum PM, this thread or ingame. About us: wotinfo.net: click! wotlabs.net: click! noobmeter.com: click! eu.wargaming.net: click!
  4. BUNEH- Best Unit Nobody Ever Heard of Guess who’s back…. Back again…. Guess who’s back…Tell a friend…. Buneh is back and recruiting for T10 end game CW’s. Buneh has been around the competitive scene for a few years. We were BUNEH back in the early days of Petco, then we changed to BUNNY when we grew up and made our presence known on the CW (1.0 map). As BUNNY we placed top 15 in the IS5 campaign and got everyone who participated in the event the tank with 15 of us receiving the special edition version. BUNNY then closed shop and merged with portions of PBKAC prior to the start of the 4th campaign and once again did fairly well and placed high enough (top 15 once again) to get everyone involved in fighting their choice of T10 reward tank. Now its time to rebuild BUNNY as some of us never quite forgot the friends that we bade in BUNNY and how things were done. Therefore, a few of us have gotten together to bring that experience and comradery back. Unfortunately, we were not able to get the BUNNY tag back and instead are bringing back the old school BUNEH tag. So without further ado…… What We Want: - 1600+ WN8 Overall - 2100 WN8 30/60 Day - 500+ Battles last 30/60 Days - 4 Clan Wars Preferred Tier 10's - Be mature enough to know when it's OK to be completely immature - Be available for Clan Wars 4+ nights a week - Have a working mic and have the ability to use it - Have a fully working TS3 client - 18+ Come into our ts if you have any questions. NewportReb Silvers_ MarkyMarkThePrincess Georgetheprincess ts.petcogaming.com What You Get: We have good Buneh's We have bad Buneh's We have Emo Buneh's Anime buneh's Killer buneh's We even have the normal cute and fluffy buneh's We have every Buneh you could want. So if you are interested in joining Buneh and meet the requirements or are close, contact one of our officers via PM or hop on over to the Petco TS: (ts.petcogaming.com)
  5. Well We tried to make BUNEH a thing again but it just never took traction and people started burning out. I've been in a PETCO themed clam for 3 years and seeing as I have about as much of a chance as an ice cube surviving long in H3LL of getting into Otter, looks like my PETCO time is done. I know there isn't many "teal" level clans around anymore and my stats are too low for all of the "top clans" but they are what they are. Slow and steady improvement but with 30K+ battles overall isn't going to go up fast. So I'm looking at fairly competitive clans. No training clans or T6 CW clans please. I would prefer T10 but can deal with 8 if needed. Gold's not my primary motivation for a clan. I've got a good job and can buy my own if needed. Stats are in the signature below. What I can offer.....Command experience, I've done pretty much everything there is for a clan except Quartermaster. I can recruit, XO, chips etc. I've got most of the required T10's for CW (to include the 53/55) and can buy the E100 if needed. As far as T8's go I've got the most used ones for SH/CW and have the fastboi 6's for SH's. Just send me a PM and I'll sort through the offers. I dropped tags today so would be a few days before I could get into any clan. Looking for a reason to keep playing to be honest.
  6. I've dabbled in calling for the last year or so. Mainly T6 (fastbois/turtle breaks easy stuff) and T8 SH's. I'm wanting to break into t10 calling and calling for CW's in general. I've been a flank caller and typically call targets when in SH or CW's for that matter. Decent map awareness as well. One of my major areas of weakness though for T10's is tank compositions. I know the main meta tanks and which to bring for the most part but still struggle with that. Part I think is I don't have some of the tanks used so don't know their play styles as well as I could. I'm looking for help in calling from decent callers. Or platooning for that matter. If interested send me a PM and we can talk. Thanks.
  7. We are a multi-gaming clan with chapters in many other games. We are looking for mature members to fill our ranks with. The Warriors of Legacy is a group of online gaming fans that have bonded together over several years. Many members have either served in the military or are currently still serving but all are welcome. The clan is formed on an organized structure with a member base of dedicated, mature and disciplined players. Although we are primarily a United States based Clan, we are always open to European and Canadian members. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. You can ask anyone that is online or send an email to warriorsoflegacy@yahoo.com or go to our website at http://warriorsoflegacy.enjin.com. TeamSpeak required please. Clan Officers: CountTrackula, Firedeamon84, PabbyB.
  8. because everyone on my friends list seems to have died Im looking for platoon mates again playing pubs solo is hard 2 win in I also yolo the everyliving fuck out of prettymuch everything in pubs for the most part so if that sounds fun then plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyywittthhmmmmeeeeeee I also hate playing with people who cry/scream constantly about pubs in ts and I avoid doing it myself more seal gifs for good measure
  9. Hi Guys, Looking for some active players to add during my games I play at night. (I live in Australia, so I play when you guys are getting up). I am trying to make cash to purchase an IS-7 right now so I am looking at playing mostly tier 8s but will happily play the odd game of tier 9 and 10. *Please don't tell me to play on the ASIA server. I get better ping on NA West and only slightly worse on NA east.
  10. Pathetic Gaming Association These guys are good. We don't golf. About us: We are a clan that started with a group of players that have been together for years. Many of us started off in the same clan and jumped from clan-to-clan but still kept each other's company. We ended up building a strong bond and community of strong tankers. To try to build on this small community, we decided to create a clan that is less focused on clan wars and more focused on tournaments (because let's be serious... that's where the gold's at), team battles, platooning, strongholds, and league play. We've been successful in many, many, many bravo skirmishes and once summer hits we'll be doing alpha skirms along with league tournaments. We do plan to play around in CW in the future (maybe with the new changes in CW) but it's not our primary goal at this time. Why you should join us: If you're interested in being part of a great community of tankers/gamers, don't care much for clan wars, like competitive play (tournaments, team battles), and want to have fun with some great players (and great people), we're the right clan for you. We're pretty big on the fun part. We are a new and growing clan. That means there's room for your opinions to be heard and ideas to be executed. We value all of our new players and make it a point to make them feel welcome. Also, if you're a golfer who wants all of the above AND the novelty of having PGA as your clan tag, then you're luckier than a T49 penetrating a moving target using auto-aim from 500m while going full speed down a hill. Why you shouldn't join us: If you're looking for a community of golfers, hit the back button on your browser. Seriously though, we aren't golfers. We have nothing against golfers but don't let our clan tag fool you, we don't golf and we know nothing about it. Also, if you're looking for a dedicated CW clan, we are not for you. Our requirements*: 1600+ WN8, 54% WR Overall 1800+ WN8, 56% WR Recent 2 Tier X tanks (Somewhat useful tier X's would be nice) - serves as a control for # of battles, and in case we want to delve into CW later TS3 with mic Active 2-3 nights a week Screenshot of you TKing/destroying Nate235 (our commander) *Exceptions can be made. Recent weighed more than overall reqs. Take these as guidelines. Exceptions will be made for exceptional players. We feel (we HOPE) that players who have reached these stat requirements know how to play as a team or understand the game well enough to be able to learn this quickly. We value teamwork greatly as that is what allows us to beat teams that may individually be more skilled than us. Interested? If you meet our req's or you think you're close enough, you can contact us in the following ways: Post here or PM me. <--- convenient PM me, nate235, ephebus, or RNGdotEXE_has_crashed either in-game or on the WOT website. <-- if you're scared of wotlabs/a dedicated lurker Hop on our TS: appellation.ts.nfoservers.com and find one of us! <--you'll be doing this eventually anyway lol Fame: Our clan tag has been mentioned during a WGLNA stream during season 5. See for yourself. We don't golf. We don't golf. A symbolic image of how powerful, indivisible, unbreakable we are:
  11. Looking for some toons during the day and some nights. 8-10s mainly but will pay lower sometimes Need a lot of credits so a perf 8 is a must I have comms. but no TS I can use, so if you have that would be great Now spam the invites or msg Thanks Ham
  12. [NARWL] Upvote is looking to add some more whales to it's ranks What Is a Narwhal?? It's Also a Clan in World Of Tanks! [NARWL] Is the Sister clan of [RDDT], we participate nightly in Clan Wars/Strongholds. We are looking for a few more members to join our ranks of tusky thrusty goodness! Requirements: 3+ CW tanks 2.1k+ recent wn8 1500 Overall wn8 Available 3+ days a week for clan wars/planned strongholds Have a good attitude Reddit Account Email Address for Slack Active T10 play Ability to listen and follow directions Active In Teamspeak when playing Recruiters: Tinyabomb Sirshakes If you are interested in joining NARWL please PM one of the people mentioned above, or come into the Reddit Teamspeak and jump in the recruitment channel: ts.rddtclans.com CW Viable Tanks: AMX 50b B-C 25t E100 IS-7 STB-1 FV215b ConquerorGC M53/55 T57 Heavy T110E4 T110E3 T110E5 T62a Obj 140 Obj 907 Amx 30b (maybe?!?!?!?!?) Leopard 1 What you get: Nightly CW and Strongholds and stuff, plenty of people to platoon with, a nice tusk coming straight out of your head, a sweet whale icon on your tanks, and the acceptance, enlightenment, self-realization, and infinite wisdom that comes with being a beautiful sea creature MORE NARWHAL PICTURES!!!!! Also relevant: EVEN MORE NARWL PICTURES WOW!
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for some people to play with on the EU server, due to not being good enough yet to join the elitist channel and getting sick of the drama and incredibly jerk-off players in the "stronk plutons" channel, I thought I'd look it up here. I'm looking mostly because my ability to carry games have completely tanked (pun intended), I have a lot higher WN8 than I used to when I was at a 62% recent WR, mostly due to not playing lower tiers and actually focusing more on the damage aspect of the game. My recent WR is about 55%, that's worse than my total, and the last week's been about 48%, and in the last 2k games, I've maybe platooned 20 games or so, the rest being solopubs, a little test to see what I've actually learned. It just goes to show I've gotten better at dealing damage, and apparently me being more aggressive and less passive has resulted in better results, but lesser wins. I just got the Obj. 140, due to the discount now, so the tanks I prefer playing is: (By preference, not by tier) Obj. 140 M41 Bulldog FCM 50 t KV-5 Bat Chatillon 25t (I either suck in it or carry) IS-3 IS-6 I'm currently farming money and crew experience on my KV-5 to put into my soon to be re-buyed T-54, and I also have the Centurion 7/1 bought and ready, it's almost stock and a free XP grind is conducted to get the last engine at least. So mainly tiers 8-10, and I'm looking for players around my level. Cheers.
  14. Ok, I am always brutally honest and that comes to self assessment as well. I am SERIOUSLY behind the curve in this game, (6000+ battles before somebody clued me in to wtf wn8 is and how it works). I started on a craptop and a dgaf attitude (yeah not the best combination lol). However the continual bitching in pubs does get old. After being clued in as to wn8 (and its importance) i find my skill set as wanting (im being VERY generous)... What im looking for: a mentor/mentors that are willing to teach, platoon, etc. About me: Mid 30's, former US Army NCO with too much time on his hands (play 5+ days/wk and at all hours due to insomnia). I listen and follow orders. I understand that an order is not a suggestion, and I carry it out without hesitation nor questioning (prior clans have used this fact as I have no problems being the point man and dying first if thats what is required of me). I am highly intelligent, and a very apt pupil who WANTS to learn. I am highly aggressive, as goes with Alpha type personality (and the fact I am indeed a Viking descendent), and I have found heavy tanks to fit my aggressive nature. I am good with taking criticism, as I understand the fact that im not the best. I learned in life long ago there is alays somebody better, and I am the type that realizes, accepts and then finds those that ARE better and are willing to teach. While I do not question orders during the moment, please expect me to ask questions after the fact as to the "why" a particular order is given at a specific time. I generally play all hours on the NA server. I can play either east or west but have better ping on east. Yes my stats suck, but wn8 is on the climb since i was clued in as to how it works (ding ding ding, I can be taught ) I am a team player and do not leave teammates hung out to dry. I have ts3 and mic. Yes i spend $ on the game (its my hobby, generally $100 or so a month) Thanks for taking the time for reading my post and hopefully Ill see you on the battlefield -Rogue_Viking tX avail: T-57, E100 Grinding towards: E5 (at 103), Deathstar (at AT15)
  15. This isn't elitism (well it is, sort of), this isn't people ignoring you (well it is, sort of), it's the way it is, so read it through and be enlightened. /END DISCLAIMER Okay, so if you're someone who would be considered a baddie (see: less than 50% w/r or does less than your own HP at tier 10), chances are you've had trouble finding platoons in the wotlabs channel. This isn't because they don't want to help you, it's because some of the people looking for platoons aren't asking everybody, they're really asking a specific group of people in the channel that they know can carry hard. Unless they say something about mentoring or accepting anyone, they probably don't mean you (sorry to break it to you, I really am ) This isn't the end though. There are several ways you can find someone to platoon with. When someone says they're looking for a plat, look at their stats. (Don't feel dirty, we all do it, and if you're some random asking to get into a purple plat you can bet your stats are glanced over before you get the invite.) If they are within your skill range, go ahead and ask. (In general, people will platoon +/- one color level.) If they're a little out there, PM them and ask. Purples don't bite. If they're looking for a carry platoon they'll probably tell you so nicely. Ask if they might be able to plat with you sometime later. They'll either give you a rain check or point you to someone who's more able and willing to show you the ropes (not everyone is a teacher.) If you ask for a platoon, preface it with the fact that you're not the best. Trust me, the moment you ask, your stats window is opened by the great majority of people looking to platoon. Once they see that you're not their idea of a perfect plat mate, they just won't say anything and you'll end up being effectively ignored. If you just say it up front, you can avoid the cold shoulder and attract the attention of people on your skill level or people who are willing to give you advice. If you're specifically looking for a purple to help you, ask for someone to mentor you. There's usually someone willing. Consider looking at the Community Mentor Program channel (spelled: Comunity Mentor Program -- someone mispelled it once and it's remained this way since.) If the channel's up, there are usually a few purples in there who are willing to platoon with just about anyone (though you'll probably need a mic - that's a requirement for many.) You can also post a thread in the Looking for Platoonie section of this forum and state your intentions. Again, I know that not everyone does this, but I've seen more than a few sub-49%ers wandering around in the wotlabs channel asking for platoons and getting no answers. Lost pubbies give me many sads and I think that while most of us who have been here awhile understand this, some of the newcomers who haven't been around and are really trying to learn are being accidentally shut out.
  16. We've had a wonderful response from everyone and while we should have planned this out much better before, basically, we've concluded that a few hours a day platooning isn't going to have the impact that we hoped for as . Admittedly, I myself saw this as a bit over hyped. There just isn't time to help everyone on the list in a reasonable amount of time without compromising the amount of hours spent on each person. We also wouldn't want a very long waiting period. Streams and replays are, imo, more helpful as they put in in the shoes of said player. We'll be instead doing live replay review sessions/replay reviews/Answer Questions/something of that sort. The list for that will either just be a repeat of the current list, or if people don't want that, a new list. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  17. About me: Tanks I have: One Tier 10 (FV4202), Two Tier 9 (Centurion 7/1 & Waffle Jr.[i have M53/M55 researched, Just need a few more creds to buy]), Five tier 8 (T69, Centurion 1, Rhm, IS-3, M40/M43), One Tier 7 (T71), Eight Tier 6 (Crommy, KV-1S, M6, Hellcat, M44, FV304, KV-2, SU-100Y), And many tonks under tier 6.... My Stats: My overalls suck (Due to the fact I was using a laptop that did on average 5fps for my first 4k games and I didn't start using a mouse until 6k or 7k games) My Current 60-Day WN8 is over 1600 (But would be a lot higher if I didn't do TCs everynight. TCs are WN8 killers and I am a TC ADDICT!) What I want in a clan: One that is active in strongholds One that does tourneys One that can handle my occational immaturness (But not TOO immature!) One that doesn't allow people under 16 in! One with a 60-day WN8 minimum of atleast 1300 or 1400 Other things: I don't mind doing CW. (They are a llittle fun actually) I like TCs and Teams (Strongholds even more!) If you have any questions, just ask! WARNING: I have a history of getting in trouble for talking to much. (Even have got kicked cause of it. I also hate clans that kick without warning.) Black and white version: About me: Tanks I have: One Tier 10 (FV4202), Two Tier 9 (Centurion 7/1 & Waffle Jr.[i have M53/M55 researched, Just need a few more creds to buy]), Five tier 8 (T69, Centurion 1, Rhm, IS-3, M40/M43), One Tier 7 (T71), Eight Tier 6 (Crommy, KV-1S, M6, Hellcat, M44, FV304, KV-2, SU-100Y), And many tonks under tier 6.... My Stats: My overalls suck (Due to the fact I was using a laptop that did on average 5fps for my first 4k games and I didn't start using a mouse until 6k or 7k games) My Current 60-Day WN8 is over 1600 (But would be a lot higher if I didn't do TCs everynight. TCs are WN8 killers and I am a TC ADDICT!) What I want in a clan: One that is active in strongholds One that does tourneys One that can handle my occational immaturness (But not TOO immature!) One that doesn't allow people under 16 in! One with a 60-day WN8 minimum of atleast 1300 or 1400 Other things: I don't mind doing CW. (They are a llittle fun actually) I like TCs and Teams (Strongholds even more!) If you have any questions, just ask! WARNING: I have a history of getting in trouble for talking to much. (Even have got kicked cause of it. I also hate clans that kick without warning.)
  18. Hey guys, so I'm looking for a group of people to platoon with every now and again. I'm a decent player, my stats aren't spectacular but my recent stats are going up and I'm getting much better, I can typically hold my own when backed by a platoon. if you're interested in hanging out and tanking it up add me. Hanypw. Edit: I'm currently running M4, T20, and IS
  19. Welcome to our recruiting thread... [CDNEH] CANADA Eh? & [CNEH2] Canada Eh? 2 are accepting applicants from Canada, USA, and other geographies. We have a competitive group & a social group. Please apply to the appropriate one and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me in this thread or privately by PM. Thank you. Competitive Clan: Canada Eh? [CDNEH] http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000008155-CDNEH/ - Players looking to compete in Clan Wars & tournaments Requirements: - 40%+ win rate minimum - Tier 8 (non-premium) and above + the determination to get a tier 10 a.s.a.p. - Can follow orders - Raidcall (our teamspeak) for in-game communications - Registration on our forums (http://canadaeh.boards.net/) Canada Eh? 2 [CNEH2] (SOCIAL - SISTER CLAN to [CDNEH]) http://worldoftanks.com/community/clans/1000011654-CNEH2/ - Social - have fun in company of fellow Canadians platooning and doing tank companies together. The building block and stepping stones to Clan Wars with the founding clan CDNEH. Requirements: - 40%+ win rate minimum - Tier 5 tank (non-premium) and above - Can follow orders - Raidcall (our teamspeak) for in-game communications - Registration on our forums (http://canadaeh.boards.net/) We are the most timbit loving Canadians around and we will stand side by side until the last shell hits its target! And we hope you'll join us! You are not alone in this game!
  20. Hello from New Zealand and mostly the NA West server, although it seems to make no difference these days. I posted this below in another section but those with more knowledge suggested here.. so here it is. Hi, I am on the NA server, generally on West but okay to head to the East server from time to time. I am in the Pacifc region time-zone, Auckland New Zealand, looking for top tier and skilled players for coaching. I have 10,000+ battles under my belt, a bunch of tier 10 tanks and others, never sold one in fact, but would like some advice about how to improve in-game play. I am teachable. My most recent stats are better than the early days, which has meant a long road to turn the stats corner. I am not looking for a clan at this time until I improve. I generally tank most nights and some times over the weekend. Let me know if you are interested to help. Your stats of course should be better than mine and give straight advice and I can take it... Cheers NAJ
  21. Hello dear all, Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for this forum. I really like the expert insights and the copious amounts of sarcasm. I write this post because I am a Ferdinand tanker looking for a wingman. Up till Sunday night, I had a 70% winrate in 50 battles. All pub, no platoons. Being able to carry round after round, even with the stock guns for the first 40 battles, and performing as the god of murder once I got the real gun, gave great satisfaction. These stats are from then. It was a nice reflection of my joyfull tanking. However, since yesterday, WG has made sure that 50 to 90% of my fellow pubbies were either clinically braindead, or paid by WG to get my winrate down. My winrate is dropping, as well as my WN7, which belongs in the purple in my modest opinion! But most of all, I spend more time cursing and insulting the badies than actually tanking and laughing sardonically.... So, if you feel like playing a couple of rounds with me, let me know. I'm usually on late in the evenings (9-12pm GMT+1), when my girlfriend and dog are sleeping, for optimal concentration and smooth internets. For the practicalities of the platooning (which tank you would drive etc.), I let it up to other people's advice here. I only ran 25 platoon games or so, so far, mostly tier 5 to 8. I am just really looking forward to having at least one person by my side whom I can trust. The main aim would be to play satisfying battles, with a lot of ownage, while I will not be afraid to take loads of damage myself. Improved stats are not the aim per se, merely a reflection of the success. Tito
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