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Found 9 results

  1. So yesterday I had a lag spike and during that my game became blurry. I've tried dragging the sliders on the graphics a bit and re-installed but so far nothing works. Image below shows current situation: http://imgur.com/a/shk9U
  2. Hi friends, Looking for a platoon as the title states, I play on the North American server. I don't have a working mic, but I can listen. Tanks I have, Tier X - T57 Heavy, T110E4, E-100 Tier IX - T-54 Tier VIII - IS-6 Tier VII - SU-122-44, AMX 13 75, Crusader SP Tier VI - Hellcat Tier V - T14 Tier IV - N/A Tier III - LTP, T-127, S35 739 (f)
  3. Ignore the recent stats, I'm horrible at this game. I feel as though I kind of almost grasp higher gameplay mechanics, but never really understand how to interpret them. IE, I can read that a team is faster or heavier than another, but I can't figure out how that would effect my own gameplay. At this point, I feel like posting replays wouldn't help nearly as much as learning in my actual game where I'm screwing up. So I'm looking for a mentor that's: -dark blue/purple overall, dark purple recent. -Is honest but constructive. I want to know when I fucked up or did something stupid, but I also want to know what I should have done instead. -Tells me why, not what. Any green can slavishly follow orders, I want learn the thought process behind the actions. I can play East or West fine, though East is a little more comfortable for me.
  4. Looking for people to platoon with that are around my skill level (light blue recent) to help with some grinds and to have fun with I'm on most of the time on NA East but can play west
  5. So, as a bit of background and context, I used to win more. A LOT more. Like solo'ing 58% for 1000 battles in my 140 and IS-7. I consider winning to be the only thing that matters (I will use WN8 in the context of this poast though, for comparison). However, I never really progressed beyond blue. As I continued to stagnate there, I noticed one day that I had a particularly bad losing streak with the same WN8 as I typically get when I win a lot. I found this to be strange, as with my uber-aggressive play, my WN8 typically correlates to my win-rate; either I derp and die early for low WN8 and a loss, or get high WN8 and a win. Despite this anomaly, which should have struck me harder than it did, I shrugged it off as a result of tilt and low sample size. Fast forward about a month and a half, same exact recent WN8 as before, but MUCH lower win-rate with the same tank set. I'm just curious as to what happened. Now I'm wondering if better players could help me figure out why this is happening. About the only change is that I'm platooning more than ever before, with better players, to see if they can tell me what's gone sour, but I'm still having teams fold constantly. I'm now starting to get results like this: Wins/Battles: 0 ( 8 ) (0.0%) Exp: 4 237 (529) Free Exp: 194 Kills: 12 (1.5) Deaths: 8 (100.0%) Damage Dealt: 20 143 (2 517) Damage Received: 13 340 (1 667) Spotted: 11 (1.4) Defence: 0 (0.0) Capture: 0 (0.0) Efficiency/WN8: 1 514 2 614 0/8 battles solo, 2614 WN8 The sad part is not the result itself, but the fact that it's becoming more and more common. I can't even get my normal amount of spotting because all of my teams have been rushing out ahead of me, in every direction. I'll poast some fresh replays later for people to analyze.
  6. And, you know, long time squeaky wheel on the regular NA forums. Yes, now the Wotlabs forum can be graced with my utter averageness as well. No matter how hard I try to improve I can't consistently embrace the blue, but that doesn't mean I've gotta' stop keeping my sights on it, right? I'm here to be an artillery shill (I don't play it, but I believe in it's merits. Unpopular opinion, I know) and being fairly inconsistent when it comes to dependability as a player. Don't spare me your harsh words because I know you're itching. On a serious note? Yeah, I'm just here for easier access to learning material and because I want to take my slow improvement to the next, supercharged level. I'm consistently improving as-is but I'm nowhere near the level of consistency that good players live by. I have plenty of excuses, most of them relating to personal disability, but if I can already become better than half of the player base in spite of them then I'm genuinely curious as to where my limits really lie. So, yeah. Learnin' gud, stagnatin' bad.
  7. Ok guys, I know sweet fuck all about the technical side of computers. Which given how much time I spend on them is pretty pathetic.Anyway, moving on. The last 3 years I've been using shit-heap laptops that doubled as my uni and gaming pc's. They weren't great. Now I has full-time employment and money to actually buy something that is not a shit-heap. This is where you guys come in. I'm looking for something that can run some performance intensive games (Star Citizen) and maybe even World of Tanks on settings above absolute minimum. I'm budgeting around $2,000AUD, should I look to build one or is there a rig that you guys would recommend?
  8. Got an offer from an interested purple. Thanks anyway for the other offers.
  9. Hello, I am doing remarkably bad so far, and just getting to a tier 5 tank was extremely hard. I don't understand how I can improve my play style and to give you an example of my poor performance, I only average 200 to 300 xp a game... If there are any tips to be had I would really appreciate some help because the game is starting to lose its amazing value for me because I just can't seem to improve. ANy help would be appreciated, and If you are willing to platoon I would greatly appreciate it, thank you!
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