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Found 6 results

  1. In the past year, there have been over 30 times that Wargaming NA offered a premium tank for sale in the premium shop only and not had the tank available in game for gold. Some players viewed this as an obvious money grab by Wargaming NA because the premium shop price is always higher than the price if you bought gold and bought the tank in game for its gold value. Also some players say it devalues the gold won in tournaments and clan wars because you can't use the gold on anything new. I recently filed a ticket asking if I can buy the M41 90 GF for the gold price instead of through the premium shop. "Ticket #820558 Category:WoTSub-category:In-Game Goods Over the past year, Wargaming North America has released about 30 tanks in the premium shop only and not available n game for gold. Last month I saw that the M 41 90 GF was going to be available in August. Today I saw its available for sale only in the premium shop and not available in game. Is it possible to purchase the M 41 90 GF with gold? I was told that the value of the tank is 6500 gold. Since the M41 90 GF isn't available to purchase in game, would it be possible to deduct 6500 gold from my account and put the M41 90 GF in my garage?" Their reply after a long discussion: "All of this brings me back to your original question, which is "can I purchase the M 41 90 GF for Gold?" - unfortunately the answer is no. These bundles are available on the Premium Shop exclusively, and can't be purchased with in-game currency via the tech tree." To compensate me for my disappointment, they gave me 3 days of premium time. So is their policy a money grab? Does it devalue gold now that you can't buy anything new with the gold?
  2. I needed a new mouse and picked up a Razer with a code for this funny little preferred-mm hatchback. Half cardboard, half hydraulics, half hatchback and all style, this tank offers the rare combination of smooth handling, plenty of trunk space for those weekend getaways and a mysterious suspension for afternoon off-roading. All while harnessing the power of water (yeah, I know that's not technically correct, but bear with me) to go all super-soaker/wet t-shirts on any* baddie that gets in your way. *Some restrictions may apply In game it's a pzIV, with the ubiquitous 7.5cm kwk 40 L/48 gun, the goofy radar-dish-hit-box pz IV turret and a quality 10 degrees of depression, is a passable German medium trainer and the pref MM means it won't get curb-stomped by tier VIIs like its premium cousin the T-25. Main differences with the pzIV are an extra 70 Hitpoints, overall lower armor, higher max/min speeds, lower horsepower, but significantly better terrain resistance and a traverse that brings all the fräuleins to the yard. They drop the view range by 20 as well, so I threw on optics to bring it up to parity with tier on top of the GLD and Rammer since you can't be spending much time exposed. do not expect to bounce anything anywhere and those sleek curves mean taking big damage from HE rounds. I am still getting my legs in this thing, but sex-appeal and pref-MM make this a good German medium trainer and the novelty is a nice touch. Anyone else have one of these German party-mobiles? You likee? You jelly?
  3. Well, since there are a couple topics about the new Czech branch coming out, which looks pretty good so far with almost no cookie-cutter designs and probably some of the most original designs I've seen in WoT yet, I decided to make one about the incoming tier 6 premium tank: the T 40. Not sure what everyone's deal with Silent Stalker is, or rather how this branch will be received thanks to him being the progenitor of this entire branch, but I for one am pretty excited because it seems like this branch will have lots of variety. The T 40 seems like a competitor to the VK3001P, but as I've started to note, seems a bit better all around, especially in the agility department. As far as history goes, the T 40 medium tank was a postwar project for Czechoslovakia to have its own vehicles prior to being absorbed by the Soviet Union and given T-54s/T-55s to play around with, and it was to be armed with a variant of 8.8cm flak gun from Germany, same sort of stock the Tiger I's gun came from. Description:This tank was proposed by the Škoda company in 1946 as a part of the TVP project ("tank for general use"). A project was made but the vehicle was not built.Tier: 6 MTHitpoints: 700Engine: 700 hpWeight: 39,95 tonsPower-to-weight: 17,52 hp/tMaximum speed: 50/20 km/hHull traverse: 38 deg/sTurret traverse: 33,4 deg/sTerrain resistance: 0,767/0,863/1,918Viewrange: 370Radio range: 740,4Hull armor: 65/40/?Turret armor: 65/40/?Gun: 88mm L/56Damage: 220Penetration: 132 (200mm for gold ammo)ROF: 9,086DPM: 1995Reload: 6,616Accuracy: 0,364Aimtime: 2,4sDepression: -5/+20 Armor scheme: Pics: Thoughts: I mean, it's a premium. A tier 6 premium. I'm not expecting Cromwell-levels of awesomeness, and Cromwell B levels of utter BS in regards to its source material. But in all honesty...I'd get this tank just for the looks. It's a pretty nice looking paper tank, wouldn't you say?
  4. Hey! I have a locust, and I love it to bits. Its a fun little machine, and wicked fast in a straight line. In a tier 3, and lesser degree, tier 4 match, I'll be pretty aggressive in it. Active scouting, circling enemy tanks. (Well I guess strafing is more accurate, as I try not to turn unless needed due to speed bleed.) In tier 5, the APCR can't hurt heavies from point blank unless I get very accurate weakpoint shots. So Instead I'll passive scout. My current loadout, given this: Camo net Coated Optics Binos I know coated and binos don't stack. I use optics to active scout, but the range isn't long enough in tier 5 to do this safely, hence the binos. I'll sometimes drop binos for vents. Suggestions? I'm leaning towards keeping camo net, because IMO the stupidly high camo on this thing is one of its selling points. (I use a T71 crew with 6th sense, snapshot/smooth ride, and camo.)
  5. I was terrible when I first started but after watching a few videos and reading some tips on here I've gotten quite better. A 51.93% winrate after 7k battles with only 80 TCs and about 50 platoon battles. Wanting a good player to help me get better.
  6. So as I am considering buying the T34, I want to know a few things about it. I assume that I should be using a Vert stab, rammer, and GLD. So for my first question, is it worth the cost? I know that it is quite good at dealing damage and taking hits to the trollishly armoured turret and that it isn't that great at moving. For someone who hated the Lowe is it good? My second question would be what skills and perks to put on the crew? This crew will be going on the 57 heavy when I acquire that so keep that in mind. Finally, Is it better to have a premium repair kit on this instead of Fire Extinguisher? I did my research on this and I know it has a lower chance to burn to it's demise, but I have found them to burn a bit more often, like when a Grille hits the engine deck. Thank you for any responses and If you think any of these are stupid, please don't refrain from telling me so.
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