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Found 9 results

  1. So this question came to mind and thought it would be an interesting one to ask on the forums and make poll about it to see how many use the given choices, basically when entering the exterior tab, what out of the 3 options do you put on your tank the most, is it just the Camouflage or Camouflage with Emblems or use all three and put on Camouflage, Emblem and Inscriptions and if so which length of time do you have them on for, 7 Days, 30 Days or Unlimited? For example, I myself mostly use just the Camouflage because that does give something in return where as Emblems and Inscriptions dont and so just go for them when on sale and all options are put on for Unlimited.
  2. Just something I have been wondering about and that is, once a tank has been elited and another tank gets added in the line ahead of it, does the previous tank still stay elited or does it lose that status until you have researched the new tank? With the new tier light tanks soon coming, this is the question I have been interested in knowing. Thanks
  3. Yes, also answer the meaning of life. I'm kidding, please don't. I've recently taken a look at my stats and noticed something. My recent winrate is much higher relative to my recent wn8. I noticed this same phenomena about 8 months ago. When my avg. was 50%, my recent was 56%! However, my recent wn8 around the time was only 1,200. However, after that, my winrate dipped within comparison to my wn8. Why does this happen? What does it mean? My wn8 NEVER spikes like my winrate has (like now).
  4. P.S. I'm new to the forums. If there is a better place than this for this question please move it. Already posted on the official forums, so I wanted some answers from people with a bit more experience. I've been having a lot of trouble completing MT-15 for the T28HTC. I either get into games where there aren't enough TDs or the other players kill them before I am able to. My current highest tier mediums are the Cent 7/1 and the T-54. I feel like moving up to tier 10 might make encounters with TDs more prevalent and since they have more hp, I might actually be able to do 2k damage before they all die. I have both the FV4202 and the Obj. 140 unlocked, but I'm having trouble deciding which one to get. I know the Obj. 140 is considered one of the best meds in the game and the FV is one of the worst, but I feel like the FV might be better for the mission because of the higher alpha and HESH shell. There's also the faint hope of a free premium in the future. The other thing is credit grinding. I have literally nothing. So I figure I will sell the Cent 7/1 either way, since I don't like it, but I'll only sell the T-54 if I move to the 140. I won't keep the T-54 if I go to the 140 because I only have one RU med crew. What this means is if I decide on the FV, I'll have to grind 4 million credits. Instead of 2 million for the 140. FV4202 vs Obj. 140 (As far as I can tell) What the FV does better than the 140 4mm more penetrationBetter frontal armor4 degrees more gun depressionBetter power/weight10m more view range0.03 better accuracy70 more alpha damageHESH round has 210 pen and 480 alpha50 more HPWhat the 140 does better than the FV 220 more dpmFaster shell velocityMore effective turret armorBetter terrain resistance15 km/h fasterPremium round with better penetrationBetter hull traverseBetter dispersion on the gun TL;DR: I'm convinced the Obj. 140 is a better option than the FV4202 and I want you guys to convince me otherwise.
  5. On occasion I will find myself in a situation where I didn't take my opportunity to retreat when I should of and where I know the enemy tanks are just waiting for me to fire to start their push, in this situation what is my best course of action?
  6. To preface, there's certainly no shortage of replays out there with detailed explanations to provide some kind of insight into the inner machinations of a purple pubby stomper's mind. However, being someone who's been making videos for some time now and plans to make a career out of it, I figured it would be applicable to combine my interest in WoT with some easy to understand visual aids, cause video is a very effective format to convey concepts and details in. But I don't just want to blow hot air into the wind without actually saying anything that most people already know or won't see much use in. So I ask some of you who are much more knowledgeable about this subject than I... If any kind of video resource could be made available for World of Tanks, presented in a pretty formal manner, what would you want incorporated into the script? What specifically would these videos go over? Addressed specifically at potatoes, unicums, both?
  7. I plan on buying gold(6,500), and hoping that they do the super Pershing(7,200) refund if that happens I will have 13,700 gold. I was wondering What Premium tank that i put in the poll options would be most recommended?
  8. I have some questions about the t69 medium tank. Question one: what equipment should I put on it. Question two: Can I shoot normal ap rounds with out doing to bad, because I cant really be firing silver-gold rounds. Thanks all who help me with my questions.
  9. Just wondering. I have the KV-5 already, and from what I see it plays similarly to the IS-6.
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