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Found 5 results

  1. After seeing this: I thought I'd make a post for the new/learning players how to deal with these buggers. AT-2: AT-8: AT-7: AT-15/AT-15A Tortoise:
  2. The playstyle this tank excels at most: Pop, shoot, and retreat. To first know how to troll pubbies in-game, you need to know how to set the tank up properly: Vents/Rammer/Vstab This is the ultimate pop and shoot setup. Some might go with GLD instead of vents, but with this tank, you want to grab every ounce of reload you can. With this setup, I get a 9.45 second reload@400 damage a shot, meaning I will reload faster than almost anything I come up against allowing me to put out two shots for every one he puts out. If you don't run with equipment, then I doubt you will be very successful in the tank at all. Crew skills: Commander: Sixth sense. With this tank, you need to know when your lit. Repair. Sometimes, the tank you come up against will reload when you retreat and blow off your track. I have repair on all crewmen to allow me to repair my track before he reloads again. Never use your repair kit to fix your tracks unless you're in immediate danger of taking damage. Save it for your ammo rack which will get damage. Every. Single. Game. Situational awareness (radioman skill). Every once and awhile you'll get into a situation where you want some more view range. Gunner: Snap shot. Again, this helps greatly with the pop and shoot playstyle this tank excels at. Repair. Same reason as commander Armorer. Sometimes your gun gets damaged, and I usually save my repair kit - especially if it's a close battle -for my ammo rack. The accuracy of the damaged gun isn't too bad anyway. Driver: Smooth ride. Same reason as snap shot for my gunner Clutch braking. Mobility really helps with this tank in tight spots. I was able to keep my front to a relic platoon of type 59's yesterday because of this skill, killed on of them, and had arty finish the other. Controlled impact. I kinda derped here. I shoulda gone with off-road. Loader1: Adrenaline rush. Again, every ounce of reload helps. Especially when you're low health. Repair. I honestly have no clue what to go with for my third. WG needs to make some better loader skill/perks. Loader2: Safe stowage. You will get your ammo rack damaged almost every game, so I don't need to explain why you need this. Repair ? I believe this is the most ideal setup for the tank and its playstyle, and will use it to my advantage in the following section. ================================================================================================================ I'll use a replay as an example. This is M103 gameplay at its finest. I did 4800 damage with 7 kills and took no damage the entire match. Look at the tank: What do you see? I see a highly angled UFP, and a weak LFP. What does this tell you? Troll the pubbies by hiding your LFP and force them to shoot your highly angled UFP, your trollish turret, or, if they're competent, your commanders viewport. But you can make it harder for them to hit your viewport by bobbing back and forth to make them miss just like any other 'Murican heavy. The bases of hills work pretty good for hiding the LFP, especially if you come in at an angle. Just make sure you don't show your side armor. scratch that. This tank doesn't have it. Now lets put these theories into practice. It would look like this (Please excuse my horrible graphics): E-75 bounced, IIRC, off my UFP. I took advantage of my reload time, and killed him before his long reload finished. I then came upon a T34. I decide to shoot his track, knowing that I can probably reload before he can fix it, and put a second shot into him. Which I did. That was the most educational part of the replay. The rest is just cleanup. http://wotreplays.com/site/211264#murov ... ipers-m103 Here's another replay where I abuse the rocks on steppes and troll the enemy with my UFP: http://wotreplays.com/site/211267#stepp ... ipers-m103 It all comes down to finding the most ideal spot. If you overextend, or get caught in a place where there is no retreat and you have no support, I have my doubts you will break 1k damage. But if you find a spot where you control the battlefield andd force the enemies to play to your advanages, you'll end up with games like the ones above.
  3. Sidescraping is - when mastered - a ton of fun. What is sidescraping? On paper, it looks like this: The goal of sidescraping is simple: to show the enemy the most armor. Hint: Sticking your front towards the enemy isn't always doing it right. In the diagram above, thing 2's side armor is probably (tank dependent) MUCH stronger than his frontal armor. In addition to this, he also has the tracks acting as spaced armor, making it even stronger. Most of the times when this tactic is done properly, the enemy will either track you, or no damage pen. Rarely will you take damage if you do it right. If the person you're facing has a gun that you know can still pen you, come out at a greater than 70 degree angle. 70 degrees is where the game mechanics tells all shells, "lolnope you're not going through". Here's what it would look like in-game: It also works like this: You can usually get a few extra degrees out of reverse sidescraping, but some pubbies like to derp rush you thinking "hurrdurr i seez engine". If they do this, just permatrack them on their escape attempt. Another inconvenience when reverse sidescraping is that you can't push around the corner once it's cleared as fast as you can doing it normally. The M103, however, is not a very good sidescraper. I just used it as a demonstration vehicle. With only 53mm of side armor, at 69 degrees, the effective armor is a mere 147mm. <>Edit: Remember that game mechanics also states that angle is irrelevant if the shell that hits you is 3x thicker than your armor. eg: A JagdE-100 would auto pen my sides in the M103. Special thanks to Anfield for sacrificing a $20,000 chocolate bar to make this poast.
  4. Resetting the base is one of the most crucial aspect of winning a game. You can only win if the other team doesn't win. First off, never rely on a pubbie to go back to reset. If nobody is near the base, and you have enough mobility to get back in time, then you need to go back. Hoping a pubbie will go reset is like hoping a dog won't pee on your rug. [terminology for new players] Cap = Capture, and refers to when the enemy sits in your base circle, filing up the 100 second bar, and capturing your base Pubbie = noob/baddie [/terminology for new players] Scenario 1: There's 3 tanks on cap, a light tank, a heavy, and a medium. Which do you shoot? Shoot the light tank. He's fast, so he probably got on cap first and has the most cap points. SPREAD THE DAMAGE AROUND There's a reason I have the above statement bolded and centered. It is the most crucial aspect in resetting. If you shoot the same target, then you're only resetting the points that target gained during your reload. After you have knocked all the cap points off, it comes down to target prioritization. A simple checklist can help you prioritize your targets: What is the weakest tank? Which tank is the least of a threat? Which tank is the biggest threat? Lets go to scenario 2: There's a T-43 at 73%, an E-75 at 53%, and a T-50 at 30%. At this point, you've shot all the tanks once, and knocked the cap down to where it is now a turkey shoot. You are in a T32, and you have some gold (AS YOU SHOULD). Which tank do you kill first? The T-50. Why? Two reasons: A. You can one shot him B. It would knock the cap down to two capturers, making it slower and giving you more time to focus on your next target. Then you should go for whatever tank is most dangerous to yours. In this scenario, it would be the E-75. If you spend 3 shots (about 30 seconds give or take) on a T-43, you only accomplish a whole lot of nothing. An E-75 is a much greater threat that can easily kill you. In the end, it all comes down to three steps: Step 1: Use your judgement/memory to determine which tank you think has the most cap points, and shoot it first. Step 2: Spread the damage around. Hit everything in the circle, and knock the cap down. Step 3: Prioritize your targets. If no tank is one shottable, then go for the biggest threat first.
  5. Here's my collection of guides/tutorials here on the WLF. How to sidescrape/reverse angle How to frontally penetrate British tank destroyers My guide to being less bad@tanks How to M103 How to be successful as the bottom tier tank ^^Going to update that one later with my epic sherman game I had yesterday. The steps of improving Enjoy!
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