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Found 1 result

  1. Garbad

    The Chinese 112

    So I won the 112 in the recent tournament, and combined with the next on track event I thought it might be interesting to review this tank. Its not a popular or particularly well regarded tank, but it has a lot going for it both in pubs and stronks. The main reason it gets so little attention is the ubiquitous and overpowered IS-6, and I will try and focus the review mainly on comparing those two tanks. GEAR AND CREW: The 112 is a typical long aim time heavy, and as such, runs a GLD. My crew is my 110 crew, with a focus on survivability and fire control. Note that the 112 is fairly flammable, and AFE is strongly recommended. FIREPOWER: + Hard hitting alpha, fair DPM + Large ammo supply, enough to mix and match all types + Fair depression (6 in the front) - Very poor penetration AP (175) with an unreliable HEAT round (250) - Very, very poor bloom, accuracy, and overall fire control Most readers will be familiar with the russian 122. The 112 is much like its brothers who use this gun, but worse. Its bloom values are among the worst in game, combined with terrible penetration. Still, 390 alpha + decent dpm + -6 give you something to work with. http://wotreplays.com/site/1167767#kharkov-garbad_the_weak-112 yolosniping PROTECTION: + Hard, uniform front glacis -- 230 effective AP head on and easily angled for up to ~270 AP + Hard, well designed turret -- 275+ effective AP protection, no weak points to triple overmatch, and the hatches even offer 165+ AP protection! + Spaced side armor which is a blessing and a curse -- it can offer immunity to HEAT and HE at times, but also is thin and has many weak points. Still a very capable sidescraper. - Front lower plate is very soft and frequently causes fires - The tank is long and soft on top, making cancer penetrating hits a real threat The 112 lives or dies based on how well you can hide the lower plate. If you can keep it hidden, the tank has exceptional hardness, capable of very strong hull down, sidescraping, and more for a total protection that is probably the best in tier. If you fail to keep it hidden...tier 6s can shoot straight through and burn you to death in seconds. Overall, I consider it extremely good. MOBILITY AND VISION CONTROL: + Very high top speed for a heavy (45/15) + Good acceleration (can outrun IS-3/IS-6 under almost all conditions) + Good base view range (380) - Lackluster overall turning, lacks the ability to whitman - Useless camo The 112 is overall very quick -- one of the best examples of a "heavymediums" in WOT. It can get where it wants to go, peek around nicely, and in general do anything you ask of it. It shares the flaw of all communist tanks in that its sluggish when completely turning around to return to base (communists do not retreat, ever), but this is relatively minor. The 380 view range is also nice -- on certain maps/matchups the IS-6 and similar tanks are highly vulnerable to camo snipers; the 112 is much less so. PREMIUM QUIRKS: PROFITABILITY: Edge IS-6. IS-6 will get fewer zero damage pens/etc, and should make more credits. MATCHMAKING: Draw. Both get the same. CREW TRAINER: Draw. Both are useful, effective trainers in useful lines. The RU is more popular, but that doesn't make it better. STAT PADDING: Edge IS-6. The IS-6 will average more DPG, and thus, get flashier numbers. http://wotreplays.com/site/1167803#himmelsdorf-garbad_the_weak-is-6 The IS-6 outwits much stronger opponents HEAT vs APCR: A lot of people comment that 250 HEAT is pretty much just as good as 217 APCR. I assure you, it is not. HEAT combined with an extremely derpy gun means you will frequently hit turrets, tracks, and so on and get zero damage hits where APCR would pen. Also, because HEAT does not have normalization, it is not able to take advantage of the triple overmatch trick on the roof of many of your most common opponents (including the T-34, KT, IS-3, and IS-6), and this is a staple of 122 play. And even when you fire on a flat target, you rarely get much of an advantage punching through. Overall, the APCR is clearly superior. http://wotreplays.com/site/1167785#himmelsdorf-garbad_the_weak-112 Watch here for an example of good sidescraping...but a failure to triple overmatch the roof of an IS-6. ARMOR LAYOUT: The IS-6 has long been considered a staple of hardness, due to superb sidescraping and reasonably tough hull down/frontal. The 112 is not QUITE as good in a sidescrape, but its very close...and offers much more hardness at its best points (turret, upper plate). This is key, as in the modern meta the IS-6 often gets overwhelmed by powercreeped gold spammers. The 112 is much more resistant to that when well played, and that's a major asset in winning key brawls. However, the 112 depends on your ability to protect the lower plate, which hurts your flexibility. My stats show about the same armor efficiency overall, but I believe this when the game is on the line, the 112 is harder (but takes more damage in mop up). On the whole, I believe the 112 is better. BUT CAN IT DO DAMAGE: The biggest flaw of the 112 is its extreme derpiness combined with its low, unreliable penetration. It also has lower DPM than the IS-6, giving the IS-6 a major damage advantage. I do ~2500 in my IS-6 and only 2k in my 112, although I expect my 112 to rise....but probably not to 2500. I predict it will top at ~2.1 to 2.2k. That's a lot of DPG lost. It hurts your stats, it hurts your carry, and it hurts your profitability. Now, to be fair the 112 is a lot less bad than the T-34-3. Its superior depression and less risk in exposure greatly benefit the tank, easily making up for its slightly worse paper stats. But the tank can be rage inducing...even more than the IS-6. http://wotreplays.com/site/1167790#self Good, basic peekabooming. CONCLUSION: The 112 is a formidable tank. Its fast, hard, and hard hitting. IF you can hide the lower plate consistently and IF you can aim well enough to make 175/250 penetration work, you can hit some lofty peaks of performance. I believe under its ideal play the 112 has a good bit higher carryability than the IS-6. But on average...the IS-6 will probably make more money, get better stats, carry a bit harder, and be less frustrating to use. If the tank had been released under the old mechanics with 300 pen HEAT, damn...this would be the god tank of all god tanks. But in the end, its not quite as good as the IS-6...but its a lot closer than people think. Ranking: 6/10 in terms of raw power, 8/10 counting the premium benefits
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