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Found 4 results

  1. I can't take it anymore.... 42% WR. Ouch. I just can't figure out how to play this tank. I can't seem to work with the combo of poor armor/poor camo. I try to play it like a sniper, but the second I fire, I get lit and lose half my health, if not more. That's given I wasn't spotted before firing, which happens quite often as well. How exactly do purples play this tank? What am I doing wrong here? If it helps any, here's my current set up: And a few replays: http://wotreplays.com/site/408940#redshire-panzerixsupertiger-pzkpfw_vi_tiger http://wotreplays.com/site/408941#self http://wotreplays.com/site/408942#severogorsk-panzerixsupertiger-pzkpfw_vi_tiger http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1002575288.1454955914702096 http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1002575288.1458202909976126 Thanks, Panzer9
  2. Since there isn't any Hungarian speculation thread, I figured I'd make one. The proposed tree is here. for those of you who don't want to click the link, the tree goes like this: Tier 1 V-3&V-4 Tier 2 Toldi I Nimrod Tier 3 Toldi II Toldi II AT "Marder" Tier 4 Toldi III Nimrod 80mm Turan I&II Tier 5 Turan III Zrinyi I&II Tier 6 Tas Proto Zrinyi III Tier 7 Tas Tas Röhamloveg More or less, I see the Hungarians having good armor, OK speed, but not so great guns. I see them being semi-mobile supersoakers. Also, the big question is, will the Hungarians get top tiers? Historically, the Tas and Tas TD could go tier 7, but no higher. What's your take on it? Discuss.
  3. Just thought this might be decent to post here, simply because there aren't the trolls here that there are on the WoT forums(some genius said that He hated "ALL OF YOU" due to some time he got top gun and lost. Like that hasn't happened to the bads he was whining about, but sadly the thread died anyway.)
  4. While Stalin has shown us that faith in the people inspires us to action, to valourous deeds! ☭ Comrade tankers, To maintain our ever-rising Sovietskiy economy and the steadfast expansion of the ideals of comrade Marx, the people of our working republic have introduced the newest model of the Iosif Stalin production series: the IS-6/122. Originally an unfinished prototype, the Obyekt 252 was left untouched for many months, but recent requirements for additional heavy tanks to protect the Motherland has inspired our persevering engineers to perfect the design, the result of which, redesignated the IS-6 in honour of the people's glorious leader, is a tank built with the utmost Soviet efficiency. Within weeks of its release, the IS-6 has been rightfully deemed as the true embodiment of high-tier silver ration ticket generators - utterly crushing whatever fascist and capitalist competition exists. Such magnificent engineering has even made its name amongst the ranks of unicorn preferential matchmaking stat-padding mechanisms, a genuine reflection of our world-leading Russian standards! Despite being over 50 tons, the IS-6 is exceedingly simple to construct and maintain. Its structure and assembly methods closely resemble that of the Union's celebrated T-34, leading many to consider it the heavy version of the T-34 tank series. Such mainline tanks are as essential to the Red Army as bread and air! As our bountiful wheat fields bloom beautifully during harvest, even so do our industrial factories bring such splendid machines to life. So numerous are IS-6's being brought out of the Urals every day that literally any comrade tank commander across the USSR, regardless of combat experience or number of neurons, can immediately commission one such vehicle... if they tip a generous donation of golden ration tickets to the people's Party of course. In addition to ease of fabrication, the IS-6's upkeep requirements are profoundly basic. It is such that combat damage can be repaired quickly and cheaply using spare modules found on essentially all other Soviet vehicles, especially from the numerous T-34's. The process of module restoration itself can be performed by any able body with at least one hand. Feedback from the field indicates that such fixes are even simpler than operating artillery pieces! As such, maintenance is carried out solely by selfless volunteer armies of civilian men, women, and children. This perk adds on precious days to the average life expectancy of IS-6 tanks on the frontlines. In extreme cases, it is possible to jury-rig the engine compartment with components scavenged from fascist box-tanks. Such a shamefur dispray usually leads to great dishonour for the crew; nevertheless, this unconventional compatibility is significant testament to the power of Russian resourcefulness. As of late, penal battalions have been deployed specifically for the task of extracting tank parts from corpses littered over the battlefield. The running fuel consumption is yet another distinguished advantage of the IS-6. In tiring times of supply shortages, a robust engine is a true gift from comrade Stalin. If only such a wondrous piece of machinery existed in the times of the Winter War, victory would have been ours within three days rather than three weeks! Not only is it economically satisfying in harnessing what little fuel it uses, the 700 ponypower V-12 A engine can accept a variety of fuel substitutes. When diesel is lacking, the contents of spare molotov cocktails can be used instead to keep the tank running through fire and water alike. Other possible supplements include antiseptics, shoe polish, and raw potatoes. However, it may sometimes be very difficult to convince conscripts to contribute their vodka rations to the mix. In addition, the IS-6 exhaust fumes have a tendency to put nearby soldiers into a drunken stupor while in the middle of battle. Regardless, such mechanical abilities allow us to field the IS-6 endlessly against the fascist hordes. Easy to make, easy to maintain; a new sea of Red shall crush our enemies as we defend the gains of comrade Lenin's October Revolution! Likewise with the T-34, the IS-6's strength lies in more than just its quantity. It is armed with an improved modification of comrade Stalin's signature 122mm gun - the D-30. This weapon fires the same redoubtable shells that are duly known as the Tiger killer, but it does so at an even higher rate! The reliability of its fearsome alpha-strike can be further improved with APCR shells plentifully supplied by the heroism of the proletariat. Up to 30 such shells can be stored for a single battle - more than enough to annihilate anything that dares to cross our path. Such a cannon allows the IS-6 to brawl with all the vigour shown by the illustrious defenders of Stalingrad! Another trait shared with the T-34, the progenitor of new tanks, is the highly sloped armour. 100 full millimetres of Soviet steel encase the front and sides of the IS-6, granting a high level of survivability in close quarters combat. Magnetic tracks add on another layer of protection, absorbing whatever shells that do not bounce outright. For all its armour the IS-6 is only slightly slower than the IS-3, which still allows us to freely roam the battlefield and lord it over the pubs. Such an unstoppable force can subdue even the bravest amongst the French pastry-tanks and cause them to turn tail, as clearly revealed in this combat record: While dominating the enemy, the IS-6 is fully expected to perform its duty as the foremost amongst all tanks. With the IS-6, one does not simply push a frontline, the tank is the frontline. Such a powerful spearhead allows our comrades to pour the same irresistible momentum that created the Kursk salient all into a single point, shattering whatever semblance of defence the opposing scum dare pose. Such a breakthrough allows a Red tide to overwhelm any remaining pockets of resistance and, most importantly, results in the humiliating destruction of enemy self-propelled artillery. It is common practice to push such offending vehicles into the water to drown them like the crippled puppies they are! These offensive tactics and traits of aggression are found nowhere else in the entire theater of war, least of all within fascist box-tanks as the JagdTiger-88. German fanbois may call it a Tier 8 premium tank-of-the-line, but such immobile punching-bags disgrace their designation of "tank destroyer". With metal coffins as these, what disease could have possibly caused the enemy to ever believe in a glimmer of hope of defeating the Soviet Union upon the glorious fields of Prokhorovka? See how they cower at the rear, making sweet, sweet love to their filthy artillery, whilst our own comrade IS-6's push the front - fighting to the last drop of blood! Elsewhere across the eastern front, our IS-6's strategically maneuver here and there on the battlefield, placing their firepower and armour wherever they are most needed. Proficient in the art of mini-map reading, Soviet tankists have doubtlessly earned their right to fly the Guards' Banner. The skill and determination shown by our friends at the siege of Leningrad is now crucial in our fight against the dirty capitalists and their potato-tanks, which seek to consume us in their lazy influence. Slow to react, even slower to move, they creep at a turtle's pace, spreading their tardy corruption across all that is good and all that is loved by proletarian-kind. As of late, there has even been open sabotage by the potato-tanks, especially by those that cannot control their abnormally high testosterone levels. They would deteriorate into vulgar displays of ineptitude by pumping HE shells into each others' rears and dragging down all those nearby into their gravity-well of general incompetency and delinquency. Never must they succeed in desecrating the people's republic with such behaviour! Thus the call for the Motherland's defence was made, and IS-6 production was immediately launched in full scale for great justice! Such is our noble struggle against the capitalist Amerikanski. To evaluate the full extent of the IS-6's combat abilities, the great and everlasting Party has ordered a Gold Economics Study to be conducted. It was quickly obvious that the IS-6 could easily generate silver ration tickets under most conditions, so a special request was made to equip the test subject with ALL 122mm APCR shells in order to achieve a meaningful evaluation. At the cost of severely inflated unicorn statistics, IS-6 No. 811 undertook and successfully completed the study sample of 30 battles. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Evidence of Soviet superiority in the form of full replays and screenshots have been included to validate the results of the study and to taunt the fascist and capitalist hordes who have fallen before the might of comrade Stalin. Full Replays of glorious IS-6 in action: http://www.mediafire...i6689am77glb0h7 End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...ogualdbbvz4munn And now we proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - where we face off against the masses of pastries, boxes, and pubbie potatoes. >IS-6/122 is armed with 28 APCR shells and 2 HE shells. >Premium shells were all rationed beforehand at half-price, but calculations at full price are included. No further resupplies of APCR shells are shown. Previous records for the IS-6 are included here. Such battles were all done while in platoon with our unicorn comrades: And the results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: Though we have fought all the way up to the light of the heavens and all the way down into the darkest depths of hell, we were once again unable to reach the holy grail of 100% winrate, that which is the mark of the unicorn of unicorns. Undermined by the treachery of the box-shaped potatoes, we crawled to the finish line at just under the 70% mark. Such a display nearly resulted in the crew's deportation and sentencing to 10 years of hard labour in Siberia, which doubtlessly would have broken our backs even further. All was forgiven, however, for the improved damage padding and kill ratios achieved in the study. An average of 2500 units of damage was delivered per battle and 1.87 enemy tanks did we slay every day to repay the debts owed to all those who were lost in the desperate defence of Sevastopol. This strong performance of the IS-6 earns it an average of 750 EXP with a Standard Economics Policy or over 1100 EXP with the Premium Economics Policy. The results also indicate very favourable combat deployment with an average top tier of 8.27; a situation with both quantity and quality will surely bring us victory! In terms of economics, we see that a full APCR loadout at the usual price is not quite sustainable for users of the Standard Economics Policy, resulting in a small loss of under 5000 silver ration tickets per battle. However, such a trivial condition can be alleviated by purchasing APCR at half-rations, or through the gaining of a Premium Economics Policy. Using either will result in a moderate income of approximately 20000 rations a battle. In the event both methods are used, a massive income of 46000 silver ration tickets is possible per battle! Such industrialism from the proletarian public will unquestionably aid the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as we continue our journey down the righteous path which our wise comrade Marx has drawn, which our inspiring comrade Lenin has lighted, and which our resolute comrade Stalin is leading. Through days dark and stormy we must endure as we fearlessly march towards the Final Victory and towards a brighter future for all workers of the world! Notes: Below are the overall IS-6 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: One 7600-damage teamdrag of teamdrags is noted - battle trial No. 27. Note the capitalist potato being AFK the entire match and riding on our backs to a free win and 410 EXP: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Great Industrial Soviet T-54 Gold Economics Study: Including the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
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