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Found 21 results

  1. As this thread morphed into a general-patch discussion, will be putting original 0.3.1 OP under spoilers. From: http://blog.worldofwarships.ru/0-3-1-byulleten-razrabotki/ IJN CVs, Hosho, Zuiho, Ryujo, Hiryu, Zuikaku, Taiho and Hakuryu. AND USN BBs, which will include Michigan, Arkansas, New York, New Mexico, Colorado, North Carolina, Iowa and Montana. High-level cruisers. As an experiment Ibuki, Senjo, Baltimore and Des Moines get activated ability "Rehabilitation work", which was previously available only battleships. Kitakami - wonderful, but extremely fragile ship - got their hands on the smoke machine. We hope that the opportunity to put a smokescreen to make this unusual gameplay more comfortable cruiser and diverse. And he's not the only representative of the Imperial Japanese Navy, which has evolved, we have increased rate of guns CC battleship Yamato, swapped Mogami and Myoko, Senjo points added combat capability and rate (by the way, it will now be called Zao). Against the background of all sorts of changes in the East, it should be noted little innovation in the West: the cruiser Baltimore will delight their commanders increased rate rip Mogami 155 spam, 2014-2015. Also, probably a result of google translate derping but "rehab work" is the repair skill on BBs that heal dmg done by "light damage" and "moderate damage" shells.
  2. Hey everyone, as of recent I've been having terrible issues with packet loss around the early evening hours when playing tanks, either server. Running ping plotter seems to pinpoint the issue to the 2nd hop that fluctuates around a 50% loss which in turn fucks the entire stream. Tracing the IP leads me to a node in Texas. My provider is Comcast and I've had this issue before but wasn't so much into tanks at that point so I really didn't give a shit. Now its really doing my head in when I want to play. First, are my assumptions somewhat correct in what's going on? Then following up, do I have any hope of resolving this by calling Comcast or is it a lost hope. I really don't want to waste my time with some Level 1 tech arguing about my WiFi not being setup correctly or something. Thanks for the help.
  3. So tonight as I'm playing WoW for the first time in months, rig decides to shut itself off. And not turn back on. I'm very afraid that my PSU just went kaput and took a bunch of other stuff with it. However I am not sure how to approach diagnosis in a safe manner in order to not risk any parts. Stuff inside: 4790k on h100i Asus z97-a Antec HCG 620w 80+ bronze Msi gtx 970 EVGA gtx 970 (not currently running due to lack of cables) Samsung 950 pro Many other SSD/HDD Gskill ram Anyone have any guidance? I've sunk ~$3k into this over the past year in hardware, really hoping I don't have a dead hunk of trash rn. @Folterknecht save me obi wan
  4. So I was planning to put my results in Assassin's thread but I decided to make my own. So seeing as I hate myself and can barely make enough credits for clanwars I'm doing 50 games with gold and 50 games with a loadout that would make Sirfoch proud (0 heat). Sample size is small but it should be enough to get some results. Also, I think this is the right place to put this but idk. Goldspam loadout Regspam loadout give me gold Goals: 3.5k dpg with heat 3.4k dpg without heat Replays will be uploaded in batches of ~10 or so depending on my mood. Discuss. Also, goldspam, Skoda T50 and challenge should never be used in the same sentence.
  5. Hello fellow unicums o7. I was sifting through my spam list and moving around people who don't play this game anymore and I found out that half of my people on my spam list no longer play this game.I mean, look at this. So I now need some platoon mates to play tanks with as this game get's miserable sometimes when solo pubbing. I usually play tier 10 but lately I've been spamming fcm to grind credits. Don't care of ts or not just need chill people to play with. o7 love me
  6. The title question embodies the body of this thread. This is the place to compile your own analysis and opinion pieces as to what exactly happened, what went wrong, why, and what is going to happen in the future.
  7. Without me wanting to say much due to being tired, I'm simply looking for a Gold League Team. I left the team I was in for reasons that I can explain if they are requested via PM- but basically the team failed to acknowledge player advice for calling and playing ability. That being said, I'm looking for a Gold League Team, and I understand most Gold League Teams look for ex-Gold players. Although I'm not one, I bring a huge amount of experience with me- here is what I offer: Being Able To Buy Any Needed Tank Having High Crew Skills In Most (If Not Every) Tank Needed Being Able To Show Up Every Day (And Reliable In General) Being A Good Sport (Of Course, As Long As I'm being Listened To (I'm Not A Controlling Asshole, But I have Past Experience With Calling And Would Like At least Some Acknowledgement) As Stated Above, Past Calling Experience Being A Top 1000 Player, And Not A Complete Stet Pedder I'm able to show up every day, and make any times necessary. I live on the East Coast and have a phone along with Skype, WhatsApp, and Slack. As long as there's more than just Skype, I can easily be reached from anywhere and can find a way to make it to the computer at any time. If there's more needed, just let me know. I'm just putting this up here to see if there are any Gold League Teams recruiting competent and experienced players. If not, well then I will see you all around!
  8. Hey guys, its my repost from wot forums (source). So basically, after I got way more random penetrations being hull down/face-/side-hugging stuff in my 62a even from E100/IS-7 AP shells and also from medium distance, I was wondering, whether WG fcked up turret armour of 62a for the 2nd time, its not fcked up entirely like zero armour gun mantlet from 0.9.7, but the test confirms my assumption, that it got nerfed in the 1st place, by at least 15-20 overall effectively and if you consider more flat surface and lose of the slopes left/rifght from the gun, its 80-100 armour nerf effectively at some places. Of course, penetration is influenced by dumb RNG mechanics, it would be better if you could shoot 10+ 62a's turrets in 1 training battle to tell it, but the tests confirms what I assumed to be - a fcking hidden turret armour nerf, RIP. 62a's hidden turret armour nerf test results: #1 vs 62a: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031545#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #2 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031547#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #4 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031550#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #5 vs e50: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031551#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a Results: its weaker, it feels like at least ~20 overall nerf with way more flat surface and less slopes making it 80-100 armour nerf at some places on the lower turret front of 62a left/right of the gun. You could reliably penetrate every flat surface from turret front with 75-80% chance and 258+ pen gun. Farther more, as you can see in 1st 2 replays, you can penetrate 62a's GUN AND MANTLET and in 2nd test mantlet only with 100% penetration chance with 268 and 258 penetration guns. You think in the first case at least the gun would be damaged and eat the damage before its going through the mantlet like butter? LOL! Nopes! There are few sites, where you can inspect the actual armour values taken directly from the game files, but I don't have it installed, anyone could post the screens/results from there pls? Any chance someone got game installed from 0.9.6 version or older to compare it?
  9. We haven't had a tanks contest in years, and In the past I've acquired gaming mice and WOTLABS used them to run a contest. I'd like us to do that more often if not monthly. My goal: Obtain support from the community to collect donations of paypal, gold, tanks, premium time, gaming gear, etc. and then establish a monthly contest. Those that have donated can still participate as long as the correct dated screenshots and replay are posted during the contest period. I don't know all the particulars to starting it, but maybe one of the admins could establish a paypal or patreon contest donation account?
  10. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/common-test-penetration-changes/ RIP as all the good players leave this game What do you guys think about this?
  11. First, pay close attention to this formula. The SP's spaced armour is 38mm thick, and as such 76mm+ guns get ever increasing normalisation bonuses against it. The old model was a bit dumbed down in that the second layer of spaced armour was merged with the main hull (that area being 38mm thicker than the rest), but the new model has two separate plates- meaning that this effect is applied twice. Not only that, but the angles are nerfed as well. Summary below. Because the calibre of the gun affects normalisation and you have to calculate each plate separately, it's a PITA to check the effective thickness for multiple areas/scenarios, but for example protection against 105mm AP dropped from ~243 to ~217 on the strongest part (double overlap zone on UFP). "Not nerfed" my ass.
  12. I was browsing my profile on the official WoT website when I encountered this: It's been fun, but it looks like I've finally been placed where I belong. Rip.
  13. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-31869589 Soooooooooo yup, I though it was weird... Already got it twice on my games. Good thing I had backups. So yeah, since WoT is targeted, it might try to get to the "popular sites" for it. Like Noobmeter (don't care), VBAddict, Curse, etc. Watch yourselves. If you want to quit the game, here's your chance.
  14. I've been gaming since forever with a $10 Logitech keyboard + mouse combo on an hp dv-7 laptop... I think it's time to upgrade. No case, monitor, or power supply to reuse; I'd like to actually get my hands on some decent peripherals for a change as well. Don't need an OS or optical drive, will be running off wired connection so Wifi is unnecessary. Budget is variable: ideally I'd like to keep it below one grand USD, but I can stretch that to get some better parts if there will be a significant boost. Goal is to run modern games at a stable 60+fps on high/ultra at 1920X1080. Since I play WGLNA, it'd probably be nice to boost my tanks performance as well. I'm looking at two different tower builds. The cheaper, non-overclock-capable one is: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz Quad-Core Processor ($159.99 @ Micro Center) Motherboard: ASRock H81 Pro BTC ATX LGA1150 Motherboard ($41.99 @ Newegg) Memory: Patriot Viper 3 Low Profile Blue 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($67.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($53.95 @ Amazon) Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Video Card ($349.99 @ NCIX US) Case: Zalman Z11 Plus ATX Mid Tower Case ($44.99 @ Micro Center) Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($49.99 @ Newegg) Total: $768.89 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-10-28 14:37 EDT-0400 The more expensive wallet screaming bloody murder one is: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($199.99 @ Micro Center) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler ($28.98 @ OutletPC) Motherboard: ASRock Z97 EXTREME4 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard ($104.99) Memory: Patriot Viper 3 Low Profile Blue 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($67.99 @ Newegg) Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($53.95 @ Amazon) Video Card: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB Twin Frozr V Video Card ($349.99 @ NCIX US) Case: Zalman Z11 Plus ATX Mid Tower Case ($44.99 @ Micro Center) Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($49.99 @ Newegg) Total: $900.87 Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-10-28 14:38 EDT-0400 Either build is a significant upgrade from what I'm currently rocking. Remember, I need peripherals too, so I need to set aside ~$250-$400 for those, depending on what I go for. Obviously I understand the more money I put in, the better performance I get, but my main question is... how much better? Questions: 1. For anyone that's overclocked their processor, what sort of boost to WOT framerates did you see? I'd rather save the money if I'm just going to jump from 60 to 80 or something like that, but if you can break 100 or even closer to 120, then I'm willing to break open the piggy bank. 2. Wait for Broadwell, yay or nay? I'm not too sure what the performance increase will be... and honestly, with Skylake apparently coming out soon after, I'm tempted to just snag the H81 + 4590 combo and upgrade the mobo and processor when the new architecture is released. If I pay for the more expensive stuff upfront, I need it to last longer. 3. Is wattage sufficient or do I need to spring for a 750W PSU? 4. Go for a 144hz monitor or a standard, cheaper 60hz IPS? Again, this comes down to framerates; if tanks is too demanding for my framerates to benefit I'd rather just save cash now and upgrade later. I don't really care about 144hz for other games- when I'm playing single player I can live without pixel-perfect smoothness. 5. Just out of curiosity, is either i5 strong enough for Twitch streaming at say, 720p/60fps? I'm not willing to spring for the i7 just to stream, but it'd be interesting to know. Answer any or all of the questions you can, or just review the builds, it's fine by me. Thanks in advance for assistance.
  15. Has anyone here tried the MT-25 post-buff? I only ever played 9 games in the 50-2 before WG turned it to shit, and the T-50 was easily my favorite tier 4 light tank and the only tier 4 light tank I didn't mind scout MM on. For those who don't know what the changes were, here's the patch notes: Do these changes make it closer to what the 50-2 once was, or should I just let this tank die?
  16. I am looking for players on the west coast to platoon with. Although I do prefer west I can play east but the ping makes me miss shots I should hit. I will platoon with almost anyone unless you are red at 20k battles and don't want to improve but I am preferably looking for a player I can learn from. I like to mainly play high tiers but I do have a 2 skill t1 Cunningham if you want to go down that low. Tanks I own. Tier 8: 13 90, pershing Tier 9: none Tier 10: 140, leo If you would like to platoon I will add you in game
  17. Today I learned a lesson: video cards hate being bumped around and subjected to extreme temperature changes while mounted on a motherboard. Need an upgrade to my 2y/o 7950 with over 35,000 flight mileage, suffering from either damaged vram or vrm and currently surviving undervolted and underclocked (and still able to run games fairly smoothly). I'm looking at an R9 290x, anybody have better ideas to talk me out of my madness? No budget yet, money be damned.
  18. So... we just had our Labor Day weekend, and most of us who attend School, or just took a vacation from work/work seasonally are back to the grind again. What're you back to? How do you feel about it? Does it suck? Vent here a bit. Do you love it? Are you happy to be back? Tell us a bit about your passions. I'm back at Rutgers Camden right now, just got done my Discreet Mathematics class about a half hour ago. I feel good... I pissed a lot of time away this summer again and I'm happy to settle into a bit of a routine again, it helps me focus on life. I don't manage my time well enough, among other faults. I am very wise... but in mind only. In practice, I forget things, I make poor decisions, I neglect to take my own advise... as a result, I am effectively... 'unwise'. ;w; Despite the amount of information and knowledge I've been exposed to, I still fail to take it to heart and aspire to approach the limits of efficiency in application... I will always hate myself for the mistakes I've made and my failure to heed my own warnings... But... it feels like New Years feels to some others, and never feels to me... like a New Year. ^w^ I have said to myself to many times already, "I will do it right this time..." I don't trust myself any more. But for once, I am in good spirits, I feel no need to hinder my performance with more depressing thoughts. I'm going to pick up where I left off last year, aim higher than I did last year, and try not to slip on the execution! xP (I feel as though I halfassed all my classes last year... even though I somehow got 4 As and a B+. :B )
  19. I am looking for tips on grinding because I haven't done an actual grind in forever. When I get back home I am planning on grinding out the Indien panzer to the Leo 1. I would like to get tips in general about grinding and hopefully tips on the line. Also is it worth spending free xp on this line or is the Leo PTA playable stock?
  20. Waffenträger auf E 100: Скорость поворота ходовой Waffenträger auf E 100 уменьшена с 30 до 26. Hull traverse speed nerfed from 30 to 26 degrees. Разброс орудия 12,8 cm Kanone L/61 при повороте башни увеличен на 212%. Dispersion of the 12.8cm Kanone L/61 when the turret rotates is increased by 212%. Разброс орудия 15 cm Pak L/38 при повороте башни увеличен на 75%. Dispersion of the 15 cm Pak L/38 when the turret rotates is increased by 75%. Скорость поворота башни Waffenträger auf E 100 уменьшена с 24 до 22 град/с. Turret rotation speed decreased from 24 to 22 degrees.
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