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Found 40 results

  1. DYNO -Don’t You Need Oxygen? Hey guys and gals! We're a Casually Competitive Clan. We platoon, play Strongholds, and also compete for Clan Wars reward tanks. We focus on our community. Some of our members have been playing together for five years now. We accept people's interests but require a respectful atmosphere within the clan. Team Killers and Toxic players need not apply. If you want to know more then feel free to contact one of the officers. New members are accepted at our discretion. Clan Requirements - 18+ Years Old - 3K+ Games Played - 52%+ Winrate - 1400+ Overall WN8 - TS ready with Mic - Email for connecting to Slack Applicants should have at least one CW/SH ready tier VIII and X tank. For tier X, WZ-111-5A, Obj-140 or Obj-907 preferred. Activity Requirements At least one game played every 2-weeks. Notify command via Slack for extended absences. Failing an activity check results in a drop to Reservist rank. Member is then required to play one game every 4-weeks. Failure results in a kick. Reservists can lose their position in the clan at any time for any reason. As of patch 9.22 Reservists DO NOT benefit from Clan Reserves. Members that wish to leave Reservist rank must notify command and pass the next active 2-week check. If you have any questions please contact a recruiter. Apply through Clantools
  2. We're an Incumbent clan using AEST/DST for times. Have members based in all the major centres in Australia and New Zealand. Also have members in the Philippines but as long as you speak fluent English it should be fine. We do tier 6 strongholds/clan wars and we do tier 10 advances on weekends at 1900 and 2300hrs. Requirements: Played at least 1000 battles and has a tier 6 (pref Cromwell/Type 64/Hellcat) we sometimes take smurf accounts Speak English fluently Has/Is able to use Discord If interested reply below with you IGN. If you're on 48 hour cooldown also let me know.
  3. Chinese is NOT a requirement CHAI is a famous clan on the NA server with a long and storied history dedicated to fun, competition and redline sniping. CHAI is looking for skilled and active players for CW, SH, and other clan related activities. We have a chill but competitive atmosphere. Advantages: -Gold payouts for supporting the clan via participation in clan related activities -CW rewards -Learning -Socializing Requirements: 1. 8k+ PR 2. 3k+ Damage in tier 10s 3. Active 3-4 nights a week (Officers will check) 4. 5+ CW capable tier 10 tanks 5. Good personality 6. Ability to redline snipe is highly recommended If interested, please PM CN_Minus in game. Good luck! P.S. Bonus points for calling experience
  4. My name is lazero, and putting this post up was a mistake, Sorry for pissing off many many people
  5. Cute Magical Girls is recruiting o/ You can APPLY HERE. [SHOJO] is a competitive clan. We're a high(?) quality anime clan who is interested in clan wars and strongholds. We like killing clans we don't like ★~(◡﹏◕✿) We are recruiting peaceful neets who meet or exceed these requirements. Anime is a requirement (▰˘◡˘▰) 2900 Recent Wn8 / 60% Recent Winrate Similarly good tier 10 statistics Average recent tier of >8.5 5+ CW/SH viable tier X tanks, we also ask for viable tier 6/8s for SH Active player Teamspeak+Slack mandatory Milestones 1/20/2015: We became a clan wars clan 2015: Ranked high in the is-5 mini-campaign 2015: Qualified for Challengers League S1 2015: Won 2nd place in Challengers League 2016: 7th place in the 4th campaign, earned 90 tanks Diplo (do people still diplo?): A_Cute_Girl Recruitment: Tamagakure, any recruiter or above Teamspeak: ts.mahoushojo.moe :>
  6. Some clan rules that are mandatory for all members: 2-7 day trial period for new recruits ZERO tolerance policy for racism No drama or fighting inside the clan (we treat all members of the clan with respect and work together as a team) Members logged in to WOT are required to be on TeamSpeak only during our prime time hours (7:00pm EST - 10:00pm EST) In case we can need to reach you to be on a team for a clan battle. NO mods or mod packs that are prohibited in the WOT Rules. You can swear, we're not perfect. Just keep it respectful towards each other.
  7. Code Black Plague Battalion (CBPB) is recruiting. We are rebuilding from the ground up. There are great opportunities within this clan. Let us know if you are interested, our teamspeak is ts.codeblackplague.com. Here are our recruitment standards: - WN8 of 1000 overall or 1200 recent - 50% Win Rate - 7500 battles- Must be active, 4 nights a week- Primary focus is Strongholds and CWs - Must be 18 years or older.- Must be on Teamspeak when In-game. If you are interested in joining, please contact us through one of the following means: Join our teamspeak Message through forums In-game clan application.
  8. We are a multi-gaming clan with chapters in many other games. We are looking for mature members to fill our ranks with. The Warriors of Legacy is a group of online gaming fans that have bonded together over several years. Many members have either served in the military or are currently still serving but all are welcome. The clan is formed on an organized structure with a member base of dedicated, mature and disciplined players. Although we are primarily a United States based Clan, we are always open to European and Canadian members. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. You can ask anyone that is online or send an email to warriorsoflegacy@yahoo.com or go to our website at http://warriorsoflegacy.enjin.com. TeamSpeak required please. Clan Officers: CountTrackula, Firedeamon84, PabbyB.
  9. [ARKNI] is recruiting players 1800+ WN8 We an INTERNATIONAL CLAN. We are looking for skilled, active and reliable players, which are highly interested in playing Clan Wars, Stronghold and Platoons. If you have the ability to think and good teamplay skills, feel free to join us ! Requirements: - 55%+ Win Rate - 1800+ WN8 (overall and recent) - Minimum 3 Tier X tanks (with good stats; dmg/wins) - Minimum 2 Tier VIII tanks (IS3,T54 lwt, T32) http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500057991/ TS: ts3.optiklink.com:9991 Contact: unknown_master
  10. Pathetic Gaming About us: We are a relatively new team made up of players that have been playing together for years. We started off in Silver league through the silver/bronze quals and made it to the playoffs but lost in a close tiebreaker in the first round. We've been pretty successful as a first-time team and now that we have more experience we're ready to push forward. We're looking for more players to fill our roster so we can continue kicking butt and get into Gold league. What we're looking for: League experience is a big plus.. it shows us you know what you're getting into and that you are somewhat on the same page as us! We can be flexible here if you show that you understand league meta well and are an exceptional fit with our team. We NEED players that are focused and dedicated. We expect you to be up-to-date on league meta and be active in training sessions. We love different perspectives on map strats and we're open to criticism and ideas! You must also have standard league tanks (IS-3, t54 ltwt, t37, etc.) with a strong crew on each (3+ skills). We don't have a hard requirement as far as stats go. We're looking for decent players and generally something like 2k+ recent wn8 and 1.7k+ overall will tell us you know how to shoot. We are flexible here as well. All in all we're looking for dedicated, experienced, and skillful team members that are willing to be pro-active and are as excited about league play as we are. Oh, and TeamSpeak 3 and comms (mic) are a MUST. You'll generally need monday nights and wednesday nights for league matches/preseason matches. We also scrim at various times during the week based on availability. We expect you to show up for scrims and of course the matches. 4-5 nights a week are necessary for us. If you're interested... Post here, PM me here or in-game. When you do contact us please be sure to give us an idea of how experienced you are, which tanks/crews you have, why you want to join and why you might be a good choice for us. If we like what we see we'll platoon with you long-term and have you play TB's and scrims with us. We'll evaluate you and if the team agrees then you will be accepted onto the team! If you can't find me, you can contact nate235. Nate has no life so he'll be on pretty much every day. Feel free to ask any questions!
  11. Loaders Lives Matter {LOAD} is looking for a few players who want to participate in the Campaign. We are a small clan that normally only does Tournaments but wants to do this short Campaign. We will not be doing Clan Wars after. Need to be overall 1600 with better 60 day stats. Need to be ready to fight every night of the campaign and need several tier 8s. Especially IS 3 or variants, T54 Lightweight. PM myself or IIReaperII
  12. The Punished Ones is a semi competitive clan looking to recruit some players with around 1200 wn8 recent. We got some trainers in the clan and we are willing to help out players. We are a small group atm about 15 players or so. We are hoping to do tier 6 and then later tier 8 clan wars. In our TS we got a future bronze league team sitting in it (Love Tap), the players in the clan are very interested in doing tournaments to gain even more gold then clan wars. We don't have age requirement but we want mature players, we will determine if you are mature enough by playing with us. We are also a bunch of jokers who love to just have good laughs all the time. We're mostly looking to have fun and improve as a good group of guys and girls. TS: ts9.gameservers.com:9112 PW: 101eg You can also message me in game (The_Rainbow_Platypus) or Blackout_Garrett, Tlane04Prime, Grandpa_Kradok, Jace2, Sacksburg, Zanedevero123. http://wotlabs.net/na/clan/T-P-O
  13. [NARWL] Upvote is looking to add more members to our pod! [NARWL] Is the Sister clan of [RDDT], we participate nightly in Clan Wars/Strongholds. We are looking for a few more members to join our ranks of tusky thrusty goodness! Requirements: ABILITY TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS 3+ Days per week of CLAN PARTICIPATION (CW, Strongholds) Good attitude Active in Teamspeak while online 3+ CW Tanks 2k+ Recent WN8 1500 Overall WN8 Active Tier X play Email for Slack (Instant Message App) Reddit Account **Exceptions can be made on case by case basis** Recruiters: Assassin_Droid_ RRs_General18 101steagle Itstreet -If interested PM the above members or hop into the Recruitment channel just below the lobby @ ts.rddtclans.com CWs Viable Tanks: Heavies: AMX 50b, E100, IS-7, IS-4, FV215b, T57 Heavy, T110E5 Mediums: B-C 25t, STB-1, Leo 1, T62a, Obj 140, Obj 907 TDs: T110E3, Obj 263 Artyillery: ConquerorGC, M53/55, Obj 261 Theme Song:
  14. We are an Old/New School Community of Gamers with a diverse roster of older and younger generation of gamers consisting of men and women. We are in the process of removing inactive players and as a consequence our numbers are being reduced. Our losses can be your gain. You can be apart of the New Blood to inject the enthusiasm needed to get that fire started again. Our group currently consists of working adults, active college students, and a few soon to be High School Grads. Requirements: Tier 8 or better Non-Prem 18 years or Older (exceptions are made based on the Maturity of the player) TeamSpeak3 (required for all members) Experienced Players A Mature attitude What we offer: TeamSpeak3: Speak2.sealz.com Strongholds Team Battles Tier 6 clam wars A respectful and mature community
  15. Greetings! Mudkip(MUDKP) is a new Social clan (eww, how horrible) for all of our Mudkip kind! What are we about? Mudkip is primarily a Strongholds and Tournament oriented clan. We will also be participating in clan wars but it will be an optional event for our members to attend. OUR REQUIREMENTS: -A recent WN8 rating of near or OVER Super Unicum -A recent win rate of OVER 60% -Teamspeak 3 -don't become a headache in TS -Be ACTIVE, while we do not require attendance for Clan Wars, we expect some half decent activity and participation in strongholds, etc. -Own preferably multiple Tier 6, and 8 Meta tanks, along with at least 3+ tier 10 CW tanks. ~overall stats are nice and all but as long as you can demonstrate that you aren't crap at the game and just elc padded all the way up we really don't care what your overall is -dont quite meet one of our reqs? have other areas you excel in? ask about recruiting anyways. Drop by our TS @ ts.frost-hosting.com and see what we are all about RECRUITMENT: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro Player Compaints: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro > Stiltzin Diplo: Zapyoug > Im_Contributing > OneTrue_Pro http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000021304/ Join the mudkip army
  16. [DISC] Discover your limits - DISC is part of the ARCANII community - International Clan Only by pushing yourself to the limit, you'll discover your limits Clan Name: DISC - http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500057859/ Military Personnel: 75 Contacts: Bittersweet_love, Strik3r06, Nogo, _Pospec_, elcampo Created: 14/12/2014 Communication: TeamSpeak ( Conditions of recruitment: - Minimum 2 x tier 10 - Minimum 1700 WN8 (recently 2000+) - Age 18+ http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/DISC
  17. BUNNY is recruiting players with the minimum requirements of: 1600+ WN8 overall 2100+ WN8 30/60 day (recent) 4 tier 10 clan wars viable tanks We have a very good amount of players that are very active. join us before the mini campaign starts and get your IS 5 reward tank. Message MrSharpi for a quick evaluation.
  18. [NARWL] Upvote is looking to add some more whales to it's ranks What Is a Narwhal?? It's Also a Clan in World Of Tanks! [NARWL] Is the Sister clan of [RDDT], we participate nightly in Clan Wars/Strongholds. We are looking for a few more members to join our ranks of tusky thrusty goodness! Requirements: 3+ CW tanks 2.1k+ recent wn8 1500 Overall wn8 Available 3+ days a week for clan wars/planned strongholds Have a good attitude Reddit Account Email Address for Slack Active T10 play Ability to listen and follow directions Active In Teamspeak when playing Recruiters: Tinyabomb Sirshakes If you are interested in joining NARWL please PM one of the people mentioned above, or come into the Reddit Teamspeak and jump in the recruitment channel: ts.rddtclans.com CW Viable Tanks: AMX 50b B-C 25t E100 IS-7 STB-1 FV215b ConquerorGC M53/55 T57 Heavy T110E4 T110E3 T110E5 T62a Obj 140 Obj 907 Amx 30b (maybe?!?!?!?!?) Leopard 1 What you get: Nightly CW and Strongholds and stuff, plenty of people to platoon with, a nice tusk coming straight out of your head, a sweet whale icon on your tanks, and the acceptance, enlightenment, self-realization, and infinite wisdom that comes with being a beautiful sea creature MORE NARWHAL PICTURES!!!!! Also relevant: EVEN MORE NARWL PICTURES WOW!
  19. Ok, Im not sure where this should go, so I posted it here. I have been trying to recruit for my clan NG2 for some time now. I have tried posting on the forums, asking select people after battle and I have tried recruiting in game (done that a long time ago and do not currently attempt that as of now). I was wandering what secrets that other clans have as to of how they are able to recruit decent players to their clans. Thank you, greenturtle407
  20. Hello dear WoTLabbers! I have exciting news for those of you who are interested in making tons of gold! Due to limited personnel, we are looking for qualified players for Weekday Warfare 7! http://worldoftanks.com/uc/tournaments/1119-Weekday_Warfare_6/ Here is our current roster for next week: What we are looking for: Available for most of Monday-Friday from 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM PST 2450 Recent WN8, 60%~ Recent WR Have the following tier 7 tanks: T20, Comet, Challenger, T29, other tier 7 mediums Can follow orders Preferably has a a British crew with 6th. Please PM me on this forum if interested. Also, we make exceptions
  21. [TOXIC] (We have awesome logo and our colour is pink.) Okay, the story goes like this: After a very successful 3rd Campaign and having brought in some international guys (which has turned out very well) we've now opened recruitment to all non-Balkan regions also, so if you can speak a reasonable level of English and you meet the requirements, feel free to apply to the clan and join the steadily growing community of English speakers within TOXIC. Overall TOXIC has a Balkan core with international players added to the mix and influencing the image of the clan, sounds good? Join us and be a part of this ever-growing clan. Requirements: - minimum of three tier X used in CW - WN7 1500+ / WN8 1900+ / WR 55% + - CW activity - 3+ days per week If you want to join our clan, please contact me or the deputies/commander. Best wishes and many victories vs the RNG in the upcoming 2015!
  22. IMO, the community could use a more open discussion of clan management and operation in general. A recent discussion on gold payouts was quite interesting: Here, I would like to open a channel for all who are interested and have questions on running a clan - both in general and specific terms. I don't have anything particularly insightful or interesting to start with, so let's see how this works out as an open thread... Ask away, if you're curious, or starting up a new clan, or wondering on how to improve your clan, and we'll see who pipes up and responds.
  23. ---Rainbow Street Jelly Boys Is Recruiting!--- RSJB is a WGLNA Tourney Team. RSJB participates in new WGLNA format tournaments and the WGLNA Open League. Requirements are at least 3/4 WGLNA Tier VIII's and time, RSJB NEEDS active members. Please PM Legit_Play_Style In-Game, or _Intro_ on the WoT/WoTLabs Forums. We currently reside on SIMP's teamspeak server. RSJB is currently 91-26-8 In Tourney Play (W-L-T). WGLNA Tanks: -IS-3 -AMX 50 100 -AMX 13 90 -T32 -M26 Pershing -T69 -Obj 416 -110 -T49 -Ru-251 We have competed in: -7/50 - 3rd Place - 1000g -5/50 - 5th/8th - 500g -Skirmish 32: 5500g -Skirmish 33: 3500g -WGLNA Open Exhibition: 11,500g (total) -We will be going into the Fall/Winter WGLNA Open League Our Current Roster: -Captain: _Intro_ -Captain: Legit_Play_Style -HaussingHoneyBadger -_Ranger -Litning -MudDuck375 -gilaga -Whiskey_dod -jo2000 -Pursuit918 We are looking for players with at least PURPLE(2450WN8) recent and roughly BLUE (1950) overall. We are flexible though, just come talk to us. We are NOT as flexible on the 3/4 WGLNA Tier VIII's however. If you have what it takes to be a Jelly Boy please contact us. Contact Legit_Play_Style In-Game and _Intro_ on WoT/WoTLabs Forums
  24. We don’t claim to be the best, we merely claim to be what we are: SOLID Here at Solid, we ask but a few simple things of our members: 1. Be available for 3+ nights of Clan Wars. 2. Be on Teamspeak while online if possible. 3. Must own at least one tier 10 tank. 4. Team Training is every Tues and Thurs at 7pm EST. BE THERE. 5. Officers are here to help YOU. Be mature enough to take criticism. 6. Suicide, team killing, team damage, and intentional player harassment are unacceptable. 7. Must be 16+ years old. 8. Must speak English fluently. 9. Must have 1200+ WN8 in overall, recent. ( 10. We are a Clan Wars Clan and participation in Clan Wars is expected. For futher information, or any questions, contact me, PackAPunchMatrix, or any other SOLID officers, for any questions.
  25. Hello, [-DP-] Donkey Punch is a new clan started by a group of experienced tankers who were in another clan together but the commander went AWOL on us. We are very experienced in clan wars and are starting to do them again now. We also do strongholds and platoons daily. So we are looking for mature and solid tankers who are drama free and want to be part of a fun group. We crack jokes constantly and do a lot of laughing in TS. We are serious about tanking but are also here to have a good time and relax. So if you meet our requirements please message me or any of our members and hop in TS and get to know us by hanging out in TS and platooning. I'm confident once you get to know us you will want to join our clan. Note: We are not dead set on the clan name and are considering renaming it, but we have a pretty frigging sweet logo of a boxing donkey that will be hard to beat. Thanks Requirements: -We would like to see a minimum of around an over all WN8 of 1100 or a 60 day WN8 of over 1200 -TS with mic -No drama
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