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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, Any players out there willing to give tips for avoiding arty on the "open" maps. Specifically Malinovka Hill, Prokhorovka in general, and Redshire South Spawn, Heavy Corner. I recently unlocked the E75 and have found that I have become more of an arty magnet than usual. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. 0
  2. I am curious as to a potential new way to play this map in medium tanks. http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/1001047517.4844088836514123 This is a game I played in a triple bat chat platoon. We did fairly well considering none of us are "great" players but none of us are awful either. (Except for Spartan who for some reason didn't save Free XP to get the 105 instantly on the Bat and is using the 100mm.) Basically the general plan is you push your fast tank up the 0 line to C0. You then get side shots on anything in the creek. If you come under fire just pull back as you have a small brim between you and the creek. Once creek is done you can sneak to their hill and either get proxy spots or light things in the fringes of town. It does require a bit of teamplay to assure they don't push on you en masse, this protection can be achieved by just having 1/2 tanks in the A/B 8/9+ an arty as overwatch. Few things to note from the replay, A. I had good support from a team especially for a pub game. Although our bats were communicating a small bit it was mostly us just adjusting to what the enemy did. B. Their team seemed to be extrordinarily bad. Not just stats just playing a pub mentality of pushing out into the open or sitting there while 2 bats clipped them. Also most of their "good" players went to the west from what I could tell which meant we mopped up 9-ish scrubs and at that point the remaining 6 couldn't do much. C. Although we ran 3 mediums I believe this would work well with 1 Medium and 2 TD's/Support Heavies. Heavies sit back and give overwatch for the medium until a gap is created and then the 3 coordinate an attack into the enemies in the creek.
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