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Found 13 results

  1. Originally I didn't plan on continuing the 430 line after the 416 but I didn't like the latter that much so I went ahead and bought the tier 9 pancake. Obligatory pic of tenk (will make new when I get home to my beloved GTX660 oh yes) A deeper look into vehicle characteristics; Gun: OK Armor: OK View range: OK Camo: OK Mobility: OK Gund handling: NOT OK Arty-protection: WHAT PROTECTION? Seriously though, this tank is one of the underdogs on the battlefield and I just love it. You constantly have to work to use all the strengths (gun, view range) and to mitigate the weaknesses (gun depression, low profile) but when it works, oh boy... Another pro is that you don't have to research the next gun (if you haven't already) as the stock one is obviously superior. You don't need the tracks for any upgrade/equipment either and the engine barely makes a difference (in HP). Something else that surprised me (and that you don't have as often with the 416), is the amount of bounces you can pull off with that armor. The values (hull) are the same as the T-54, but it's obviously angled quite a bit better. Try to keep some distance to your enemy to prevent them shooting down on the top of your tank. Turret armor values are superior to the T-54. I haven't checked with tank inspector yet but it would surprise me if the effective armor was less. When you see that E100 turning his turret. After non-damaging impact What else is there to like... Sidescraping actually works. Despite the low armor you can still work with your sides if you peek quickly (which you can thanks to that rear-mounted turret). People tend to shoot tracks... Surely I've forgotten some things... What's your experience? Edit: didn't know Garbad already did a review (http://wotlabs.net/articles/object-430-ii-review/)
  2. ...what am I about to get myself into? I've gotten a bit bored with the the ISU-152. Ok, more like frustrated. I don't play the ISU lately as much as I did when I first got it, and maybe because I'm not taking advantage of the TD meta. And I know there's nothing new with how derpy and inconsistent the 152mm BL-10 gun can be in the ISU. I've always preferred medium tanks (and fast HTs like the T-10 and WZ-111 1-4), and I've considered trying out the alt Soviet TD line for awhile. From what I can tell, the SU-100M1 seems to be kind of opposite to the SU-152 (which I enjoyed) in terms of firepower. I played the SU-152 with the 152mm derp (for lols) and the 122mm (for WN8), whereas the SU-100M1 seems to have a medium tank gun instead. But it seems reasonably mobile here's hoping I can make that laid-back profile work.
  3. Just some games in some Russian tanks. No big deal. The first two games occurred right after one another, the last one was much older (about 2-3 months ago)
  4. So, with this tank being one of the more popular clubbers of the tier (aside from the T37 and Hellcat (to a degree)) I feel like the tank deserves its own clubbing thread. So let it begin. I just free xped my way up to it, played it stock for about 40 games, got the 100mm, and now the tank feels potent. I grabbed my 122-44 crew and they are used in both tanks. The armor is good enough, the gun feels nice and the view range is low. I mounted camo net, rammer and vents, I think the view range is too low to use binos (plus no vision skills on the crew yet). Boast your fantastic tales (or fails) of the tank here!
  5. Hey forums, I did try searching for a similar thread but wasn't able to find one. So sorry if this is in the wrong place but it seemed like a metagame question. I am planning on grinding both Russian heavy lines as well as the high tier meds thru the obj. 416 and not touching the other mot tier med line. my question is: I noticed there are a lot of modules shared between the different lines (specifically guns) and I was wondering what the less painful way would be to unlock the various modules while using the least amount of free XP and reducing bad stock grinds. Does anyone have experience with this? also if we want to discuss other lines as a resource for co-grinding in general I wouldn't call that a bad thing.
  6. There is much speculation that the Russian heavy line is truly the best line, whether it's for noobs, or for fun. What is everyone's take on this? I have had the opportunity to play a variety of tier 8's to 10 tanks on CT, and I find that the Russians were... to the point... big, armored, facehuggers. That in my opinion is what a heavy should be. Anyone else's stance on the topic?
  7. The might of the Russian Armed Forces along with the Indian Army and the China's Liberation Army!
  8. Now that I have your attention, I was planning to make this little comparison a little more detailed with the usual comparison of income etc, but since the mission is over soon and I don't quite have the time to do all of that now, I'll write out my ideas right now. These are two very interesting vehicles, I'm curious to your opinions and what you think the WZ is capable of. First of all, I must of course prove I'm not a baddie Load out is obvious, optics could make sense. Same equipment as my IS-6. Why is it so bad? Lfp is utter trash. When tier 6 mediums have no problem penning it at 45°, you know enough. IS-6, well IS-6... Two big fat cupolas. I've had things penning my roof too, so unless you're able to write off your keyboard on short term, it's not stronger than the IS-6 in a hulldown position. The weak spots on IS-6 are much harder to hit. But sir, but sir, overmatch! Well, in your next pub battle, ask around if anyone knows what overmatch is. Ammo rack. If you've played the Centurion I you get the idea. Pls gib russian RNG Haven't calculated yet, but the income seems a lot lower than my other premiums. Definitely worse than IS-6 I suspect. Rather big engine deck, if people get slightly above you, there's an easy overmatch with a quite a chance of torching you. Why it actually isn't bad HEAT is obviously better than the 217? the russian 122mm's get. Even most of my side shots go through, unless I'm going up against spaced armor that isn't tracks. Weak lfp is compensated by a huge increase of top speed. Which adds a lot of flexing/carry options. Impressive view range (380) for a heavy, especially considering prefMM. Since it runs on charcoal instead of fuel, you don't need an extinguisher. Which comes in handy because your ammo will get trashed. Food certainly is a good alternative if you can afford it and have a decent crew (mine has shitty repairs). Stronk upper front hull, combine with wiggles and you can pull off bounces against BL-10s. Extremely good side armor which I underestimated in my first battles. Didn't check the actual stats, but it feels like it has more gun depression than the IS-6. Will it get me into BULBA? Looks like a nope. To be fair, I don't think many people will break even 2.2k damage. If we compare it with my other prems, it's not hard to draw conclusions. Whilst playing it I didn't quite enjoy it, I missed the high paced action of the front line and the sub 10s reload of my IS-6. So it seems like it's a piece of trash then. Oh wait, I just calculated some things of the solo games I tracked (17)... ​Winrate 76,47% DPG 2.632 Turns out the carry possibilities are indeed, quite high. I know it's a low sample size, but again, if you can bring up the patience, many possibilities... DPG? Higher than I expected. Some battles were steamroll wins with sub 2k damage, seems like I got enough 3k and 4k games to get it back up. I honestly don't think I can get it much higher than this. Speed probably allows for more late-game damage than one can get in the IS-6. Conclusion? There's not enough data (as in battles tracked) that can give definitive answers, at least not for me. I think it comes down to, despite all the similarities, different play styles. IS-6 is meant for close combat DPM abuse. You get up front, kill stuff faster than they kill your team and hope your team on the other side of the map is dead, but not dead enough to get out capped. Allowing for some extra damage if you get there in time. You know what can pen you, and which tanks you can drive straight into without worrying. Your weak spots are very hard to hit if you're going up against cheapskates who don't want to spam gold at your front. WZ-111 is a more flexible tank. It can do the same things as the IS-6 up front, as long as your opponents never heard of a lower front plate or if you have some meat with you. Once I considered all the pro's (view range, HEAT) I realized it's better off at long range engagements. It's easier to defend bases or help out flanks you need. Personally I think the WZ is definitely worth as much gold/money/whatever as one would pay for the IS-6. It just requires a lot of patience to make that armor work. The IS-6 is just more of a rambo machine and awakens the inner child, I play tanks to pewpew stuff, not shoot from the second line or drive around to support flanks. It's more noob-friendly, so maybe I'm just a baddie after all...
  9. Now before you read the title and tl;dr this post, be sensible wotlabs readers and take a look at the arguments, ok? The meta with the T-44 has been to run the 100mm LB-1, and leave the 122mm to the T-34-2 and the 34-3. The 122's handling has long been regarded as inferior in comparison to the 100mm. I'll reopen this debate to show that the D-25-44 is competitive with the LB-1, and the other Chinese tanks as well. I don't have any firm stat proof at the moment, given that I'm doing my finals and don't have the time to run challenges, so view this as a thought experiment. My preliminary WN8 in this has gone up 500-750 points since I switched to the D-25-44 a few battles ago, and I've been able to consistently do over 2500 damage, even setting a new record of 4k, for me. My main argument is that DPM is just a potential, that owing to map changes and other effects cannot be leveraged fully in the LB-1 or the 34-2 or -3. However, with its soft stats, the T-44 has the advantage to utilize it fully, and potentially reach higher damage than the others. LB-1 vs. D-25-44 T-34-2 vs. T-34-3 vs. T-44 Other arguments: I'm going to say that DPM is useful late and midgame, when tanks have moved from their initial positions and are in the open. In contrast, alpha is handy in early game, getting shots on tanks before they move to their peekaboom positions. Early game damage outweighs later damage. Furthermore, the bloom is very very low if moving in a straight line, so if the tracks and turret are not moved, the aimtime is not as bad as the stats suggest. Replays: Again, I don't have a giant collection, but here's a few that highlight the potential sniping and brawling ability. This replay shows the ability to brawl; I rushed Murovanka forest. Although it was against lower tiers, I didn't take much damage in the process, and could peekaboom more easily with the higher depression. I would have had to scale the hill anyway with the LB-1 to hit, so the D-25-44 allowed me to peek less but with a bigger boom. Normally wouldn't play like this, blame my platoonmates, but it's a good example of the shock power of the 122. There were two KV-1S's, one IS, and one tiger there that could have swarmed me, but they hung back because of either my alpha or just tomatoness. They didn't have any of my allies spotted at the beginning. This one shows accuracy; most shots were from the 300-400m range but they connected, some with only half or a quarter of the tank showing. This also shows the inadequacy of the LB-1; I was mostly getting one or two shots at a time on the heavies as they cruised behind the buildings. The accuracy and bloom of the 122 are very good if the turret doesn't rotate, and if you view the movement of the heavies, they would be still taking one or two shots from either gun; they were peekabooming as I was shooting them.
  10. If it is ST-I or ST-l, I'll probably never know. Don't care either, because this beast > World of Tanks. I like to compare it to the E-75, which is the one of the other 3 actual heavy tanks you can find in tier 9. Set-up is the same as all my other typical heavies (will put a nice picture here in the weekend - for now you'll have to enjoy the result of a ménage à troi that is integrated graphics, OS X and WoT) Main advantages Only tier 9 heavy tank that can actually hull down without converting cupola(s) to swiss cheese. Only high penetration guns can punch through the 'weak spot' on turret, but it's still extremely difficult to hit. Decent gun selection: if you're short on free xp you get the BL-9 from the IS-3 (unless for some reason you haven't got that one already) which is perfectly fine because USSR. Once upgraded to the top gun you shouldn't have a problem penning 9/10 things you'll meet. If you want to make things easier there are 340mm (because 330 has proven to be slightly unbalanced on the T-54) HEAT shells. Good gun depression, which helps 1 significantly. Pretty good DPM, it's probably my set-up and crew, but reloading quicker than 11s to derp an occasional 500dmg is nice. Side armor is ridiculously good against lower tiers (KV-13 in replay) Leads to super OP IS-4 Main disadvantages Russian heavies usually have bad view range, this bad boy gets 380m base. Which isn't bad. Until you check the E-75 that gets 400, or you get in tier X battles. Sluggish. Lower plate is much weaker than the germans, the track traverse (horrible compared to E-75) doesn't allow for quick angling either. Still feels stronger than other heavies (Conqueror, WZ 111-111111111), or maybe pubs just don't aim for it. Wurst dispersion. Premium ammo is HEAT (T30 in replay). The usual replay for educational bragging purposes. Couple of 'errors' I made Exposing my side to the hill while searching for shots on the 7/1, M103 or IS8. My brain put them on some kind of top priority... Not fully aiming in on the KV-13. Oh no, I missed some precious WN7 ratink!
  11. Hello, all mighty unicums with your godlike knowledge from warpack. I have a question regarding Russian Medium Tank crews or medium tank crews in general, now I've seen that a lot of people say that you should take Sixth Sense, Camo, Camo, Camo, Camo < BiA, Camo, Repair, Repair, Repair, Repair. Now I've been playing Medium tanks in general not as much as I've been playing Heavy Tanks, E100 and IS-7 being my first tier 10s whilst the E50 was my second unlocked Tier 9, now I've always taken repair as first skill when it comes to crew skills because it allows you to get your tracks up faster and you don't have to waste a Repair pack on a track which just might get blown off again. So, on my T-34-85 I'm closing in on my first crew skill and I've been thinking a bit about which crew skills I should go for and a while ago when I was still working on getting my first crew skill I saw Quickybaby's videos on crew skills on all the different tank types except for SPG that is, and basically what he said was that before a certain tier it was better to take Camouflage as a crew skill because you if you get tracked you in general don't have the health to be able to repair and get out which makes Camo a more useful skill, I think he put the tier at 5 and after that it was in general better to take repairs as first skill because you have more health and you could use the Repair skill better by being able to repair your track should you get tracked, which makes repairs more useful than Camo, right? Now I know this isn't true when it comes to Light tanks which maintain their camo rating on the move and for my AMX 13 75 I've gone with Camo and Sixth Sense first. But anyway, basically I want to know whether I should take Camo for first crew skill or Repairs on my T-34-85. Also while I'm at it, I went for Sixth Sense, Repairs, Repairs, Repairs, Repairs on my A-44, should I go for Camo after I've gotten everything to 100% or should I take BiA then Camo?
  12. A friend of mine recently made a small mod that effectively lets you roam from EU to some Russian servers (2, 3, 6, and Ask me anything about Russian roaming. Here's how a match looks when you're roaming:
  13. Hi everyone. I was just watching a livestream by Russian player Kirilloid, who is really good, and I noticed that on his E-100 that he was playing, every member of his almost 4-skill crew has camouflage as their first skill, with repair being in the 3rd slot. Would anyone be able to answer as to why he might do that? I mean, he's a Russian Unicum, so he obviously knows what he is doing, but I have no idea why you'd use repair instead of things like recon, jack of all trades, snap shot,, clutch breaking and even firefighting. Thanks in advance
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