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Found 14 results

  1. The IS3, Russian Bias to the max? After fighting the new improved version of the IS3 for some time now (and playing it a few games again myself) I can only wonder why, why is it so strong? Every tank is a balance of Firepower <> armor <> mobility <> soft stats, WG in the past sometimes failed spectacular, like giving a tank no armor (WTF-E100) so it ofc needs 300% firepower, but after a while that gets fixed. But the IS3...?? It was always the best tier 8 tanks, but after the HD rework + all the other changes to the game, i start to wonder what the hell they are thinking... IS3 gets a serious good gun, with amazing armor, excellent mobility, and good soft stats, whats the supposed `weakness`? IS3 has: 390 alpha dmg with good pen and dpm Good gun handling (if not excellent, the turret bloom is as good as Fv 215b turret bloom...) After the buff good frontal hull armor, the track things bounce a ton, forcing you to aim Best side armor in tier, capable of eating anything, especially HEAT, Turret armor on par with T32, aka imprevious to anything but luck shots Its also rly fast / agile, Due to pike + frontal turret + fast + 390 alpha dmg its an excellent corner fighter Its basically the fastest, best armored tier 8 heavy tank with the second best gun, i mean what? I mean, what weakness does it have? bad viewrange and camo? () and -5 gun depression? (lol) IS3 totally murder kills anything low tier or tier 8 spmm tank, 175 pen will barely penetrate an IS3, while the IS3 hammers 390 dmg straight through your front, KV5, IS6, Wz-111, they all get out muzzeled, out speed, or out-powered by the IS3 head on only a KV4 and KT can defeat an IS3, and thats pure due to penetration / hp / armor, and only in good situations, besides that its niche tanks like ISU or hull down T32.... Infact, the IS3 seems now so good, it starts to ``shape`` the entire meta at tier 8, there are hordes of IS3 all the time, and it wipes the floor with tier 6/7 tanks and premium tanks have serious problem with it, unless they spam gold, but AP-IS6 vs IS3....? Wot is like rock / paper / scissor, except the IS3 is a sledge hammer, which crushes the rock, brushes aside the paper and hammers down the scissor, GG Or am i seeing something wrong? Im not often `complaining` about a tank beiing OP, but the IS3 is rly ridiculous right now...
  2. Vitellius9


    Is it me or is the Kirov way OP? I come back to reality sometimes in it when a tier 7 insta gibs me, but even in tier 7 matches, I feel plenty competitive. It's basically a Des Moines in tier 5, without the armor of course, but the Des Moines armor doesn't matter at tier 8 anyway. I'm afraid to progress in the line and be disappointed.
  3. The links for sandbox application have gone up (RSR has the links for your relevant server). There are no requirements beyond signing up if anyone is curious, WG apparently is just going to pick a group from the people who bother registering. Also it appears there will be several iterations of the sandbox, with each iteration involving different people. Basically going to be a clusterfuck, but it should be a fun one
  4. Yes, you heard me right. This comrade needs your help in making Stalin proud. Can someone write down his own tips that would help me reach it? How much gold AP are you using? In which circumstances you would not use them? How do I call upon Stalin's hand to guide my shell? Does saying "Cyka blyat rush B!" help? I'm mostly having problem keeping up consistency, which I have hard time determining if I'm problem or gun.
  5. BedakCoa

    IS6B Comrade

    Heyo wotlabs I am interested what most of top players think about these offers http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/premium/premshop-is6-black-2dec_2016/ Since I live in 3rd world country, I wont be able to buy it, but for someone who want 2prem tier8s for price of 1 1/2, is it worth it to pick up same tank eventually?
  6. So WG put up the KV-5 for sale during Tankfest for a whopping 38.45€ or alternatively the BT-SV bundled with the standard 99.99€ package. Are those two worth it? I'm mostly curious about the KV-5. Everytime I come across it in randoms it seems useless, but that doesn't say much in WoT
  7. OF PUTIN Too good not to share. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-29513589 The original 12 Labours of Hercules were acts of penance and toil performed by the Greek hero. To mark Vladimir Putin's 62nd birthday, Hercules' tasks have been given a Russian makeover. Mythical monsters have been replaced by modern monstrosities such as terrorism.
  8. So i got better internet and upped my game. Now i want to take my play to the next level. I grinded 10 games in my T54 this morning and was hoping someone could look at them and maybe give me a few points to work on. I didnt cherry pick any games they were just 10 that i played in a row and there are a few derps in there (1 or 2?) I averaged something like 3800-4000 wn8 over the 10 games. So far it seems if i keep playing like i have been the past few days i could hit purple or maybe even dark purple recent soon. All tips and criticisms are appreciated! Link: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/draez68i46q6y/T54_Games (im a noob when it comes to media fire but i think i got it right, also i dont know why i changed the file names of 2 of the games. Sorry about that.)
  9. OK - after being reasonably good at the AMX 12t (500 games, 52% w/r), I can't figure out why I'm bloody awful at the AMX 1375. It's quicker and has more hp but I'm having hard time with it. Setup (exactly what I ran on the 12t): I have all the modules researched and mounted. Equipment: Camo Net Optics Vents Consumables: Coffee small repair small first aid Load out: 12 premium, rest AP Skills: Commander: 6th Sense, Cammo (90%) Driver: Cammo, Smooth ride (90%) Gunner: Cammo, Snap shot (90%) Any advice on load out? Play style - I try and take a position, passive scout and then burst out to clip someone. Sometimes I go for a quick run and then hide. What are your general tactics with the AMX 1375 and auto loaders in general? Maps I have a hard time scouting on: Cliff Ensk Himmelsdork If you can, please focus on high tier games - tiers 9 and 10. I do ok against tier 8s, 7s and so on. Cheers, -j.
  10. I'm back from a longish siesta. Trying out this new play4fun mentality thingy and will try and throw up some of my better games! Replay's here: http://www.vbaddict.net/player-replays/one-nifty-honey-badger-na-4d038beba034e42016d4e6c7cc6c99ce
  11. So I loved my SU-100. The ability to implode everything just by looking at them is way more fun then I expected. Particularly late in matches. The SU 100 now even holds my most XP in a game record which is more a credit to WG balancing than my playstyle. But now comes the point where I decide which line I should go up - the 263 or the 268. I don't have the time to do both but I might as well get started on it now. I want something I can run solo and not feel limited (ie. my JT 88 and Emil are limiting, SU 100/Nashorn were not). It would be nice if it had some viability in CW but I suppose reality being what it is I would be ok if a tank was good solo but not an option for CW TD strats. It'd be 4th/5th tank anyway if I ever finish the line and at least for now would be behind the WTE100 in terms of TDs. I've read through a few older posts in the main forums about this and went through some of the 263 and 268 appreciation threads. But with the recent nerf on the 268 I thought it'd be good to revisit the topic. It sounds like the nerf bat wasn't too bad and the 268 is still the Ruskie TX TD of choosy mom's everywhere but I'd love to get more specific feedback.
  12. Just did this month's 24/7 mission in 13 games... the fastest I've done it this month, and for which I think I get to brag a little. Woot. I'm sure some of y'all did it faster - share! From vbaddict dossier uploader: Date Map Tank Result XP WN7 WN8 Dmg Dealt Dmg Asst Frags Credits Net Today 07:11 Airfield T-34 WON 667 2,333 4,717 1,134 178 2 266,796 cr Today 07:02 Siegfried Line T-34 WON 831 3,819 4,772 1,268 316 6 -24,504 cr Today 06:47 Airfield T-34 WON 434 1,206 1,067 349 646 1 -1,570 cr Today 06:40 Murovanka T14 LOST 194 1,402 820 356 17 2 14,480 cr Today 06:29 Swamp T14 WON 1,050 3,065 3,833 1,098 987 4 23,224 cr Today 06:23 Fisherman's Bay T14 WON 839 2,012 2,749 860 805 2 20,173 cr Today 06:08 Airfield KV-3 LOST 293 1,280 689 633 0 1 7,419 cr Today 06:02 Live Oaks KV-3 WON 835 2,289 2,554 2,307 0 2 46,354 cr Today 05:53 Northwest KV-3 WON 556 801 1,243 1,130 20 0 17,896 cr Today 05:42 Malinovka KV-3 WON 890 2,300 1,699 1,540 1,530 2 38,975 cr Today 05:32 Abbey KV-3 WON 735 1,772 1,339 1,217 0 2 24,988 cr Today 05:24 Malinovka KV-3 WON 510 1,417 1,304 1,185 0 1 23,369 cr Today 05:14 Himmelsdorf KV-3 LOST 1,369 4,643 4,809 4,331 0 5 107,033 cr 13 Battles Sum 9,201 17,408 4,599 30 564,633 cr Average 69.2% 76.9% 708 2,180 2,430 1,339 354 2.3 43,433 cr
  13. I managed to pick up a T-150 roughly a week ago and i was wondering how bad the grind is for it. The 107mm seems amazing but I'm not sure how the guns leading up to it are. Should I just amass free exp and wait?
  14. I joined this forum at the end of July with the goal of beating the Tier 7 learning curve and getting all of my Tier 7s over 50%. I have 4 tier 7s in my garage - Tiger, KV-3, SU-152, Panther - and last night I got the SU-152 over 50%. I also earned the last bit of XP to unlock the ISU-152 in the same battle. So now: Tiger - 51% Panther - 51% SU-152 - 50% KV-3 - 44% (the next project) In the process, my overall game knowledge and play at all levels has increased siginficantly and I have 60-day blue W/R and purple WN7 to show for it. I'll be taking a short break from regular play for the next 2-weeks while mid-term exams are on, then back to fix my miserable KV-3 record. Thanks for the carry WotLabs!
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