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Found 2 results

  1. /While XVM showed us that faith in statistics, /Inspires us to carries, to deeds, and to fame! ☭ Comrades of WoTLabs, As the scientists, engineers, and mathematicians of our glorious Motherland, it is our sacred duty to spread our famous luck and wisdom to the proletarian masses. To further the cause of Soviet public education, we must study, experiment, and establish new, groundbreaking literature for the benefit of the workers of the world. Only with such great patriotic effort can we bring about the peoples' dream of international socialism. From our base of operations in the WoTLabs Forums, we are in a position to re-launch The Proletarian Public's IS-6 Gold Economics Study. In this study, we aim to assess how practical it is to liberally use gold shells with tanks such as the IS-6. With this program, we can share our knowledge with the WoT Official Forums, which are in sore need of education. Top: The superior academic facilities of WoTLabs Forums. Bottom: The state of education in the WoT Official Forums. The success of this program depends on you, the tankers of WoTLabs. In a style that Lenin would approve of, we will use an army of volunteers to collect a variety of IS-6 combat data. For this study, we will accept data from tankers of all stat (luck) brackets for a wide spectrum of results. Volunteers will be acknowledged in the study and will receive mass amounts of e-honour. To motivate this operation, we provide some background information: For those who are prepared to serve our glorious Union, carefully read through the methodology of this study so as to adhere to proper scientific standards. Furthermore, re-reading some of our old Soviet Gold Economics Studies may help you understand the relevant data and evidence required for such a study. Method: For volunteers who meet the restrictions, the actions they are to take for this study are as follows: 5) Record relevant data on to a spreadsheet, making use of sums and multiplications to calculate values with factory-level accuracy and efficiency. Be sure to calculate values for both Standard and Premium Economics Policies. See the following example below for all the data that is required. Note: The number in brackets besides AP, APCR, and HE are the costs in silver ration tickets of each respective shell. 6) Repeat steps 3) to 5). 10 games must be played per volunteer. 7.1) At the end of the study, take another screenshot of one's own IS-6 stats. The number of battles that have elapsed between this screenshot and the pre-study screenshot must equal the number of entries on the spreadsheet to prove that every battle is accounted for. 7.2) Even under special circumstances such as an internet disconnect, every battle must be recorded. Try to salvage as much information as possible; if a piece of data cannot be found, leave a blank and note the exceptional event. Inferior capitalist internet is a real issue and should be represented in this study. 7.3) Likewise, an exceptional event that occurs in-game does not warrant skipping over the data collection for a battle. Being one-shot by arty may abnormally reduce one's stats, but cancer is a real world issue and must be depicted in a true-to-life manner by this study. 8 ) Having finished the study, the volunteer is to submit the following documents for analysis: The volunteer will then be promptly awarded a medal and pronounced a Hero of the Soviet Union. References: Aside from submitting data, a comrade can help by posting feedback on the methodology of this experiment. What is the best way to gather data in a consistent manner, while allowing for unavoidable differences e.g. playstyle? Finally, any relevant images are welcome, including in-game screenshots of pubbie tears and chemotherapy for cancer. We especially encourage Russian Bias and/or ponies. Discuss. And for those who,...
  2. The collective database mentioned under the IS-6 part, has given me the thought of comparing all my tier 8 premiums. I'll be following up all the results in order to be able to determine which tank has Best profitability Best 'carry potential' (WR) Best statpadder, for those who care, and if I don't forget to start session stats There's not a date or a fixed amount of battles I'm planning to play. I'll just go with whatever I feel like but I'll try to: Play the same tank in batches of 10, and preferably on the same day. Win, I don't care about WN or credits (I mean, they're premium tanks).
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