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Found 11 results

  1. I just got the stb-1 this evening and im absolutely in love with it, but how much average dmg will i need to do, in order to get the first or second gun mark?
  2. Replay link here: http://wotreplays.com/site/3586465#el_halluf-thomchen114-stb-1 Full Tier X game, no arty, SW spawn on El Halluf. Made my way up to the traditional brawl area at NW at C2. I was very conscious of how much potential impact I could have in this match, so long as I stayed alive, conserved my HP and do damage wherever possible. Ally T-62A didn't get the memo and died sideways (ammo-racked) on to the opposite ridge medium tanks. Me and the Leopard I stayed safely in cover, taking what shots we can from safety and collecting the toll from the heavy tanks that crossed our FoV. Ally E100 decided to rush forward and climb up to B2 and gets himself perma-tracked in a crossfire. As much as I would've liked to help him, he made a clearly dumb move and was getting his due punishment. After the dust settles somewhat I do move to B2 but keep as low profile as possible, taking what shots I can and taking out the IS-7. Enemy STB-1 tries to rush the Leopard I behind me, but I respond quickly enough and take him out. Our heavy tanks win their brawl against the enemy heavy tanks. Some ally heavy tanks make their way over to push back the enemy T-62A, but I was feeling cagey about the Grille 15 whom I knew was just waiting back there. I do poke up in time to finish off the T-62A trying to run away. After a slight pause and the ally Leopard I takes out the E4, we move down and I do manage to take out the Obj 140 from long range (my only long range shot, with the STB-1 gun no less!). A climb up from C6 to C7 proxy spots the Grille 15, who gets taken out by ally E100, and we find the AMX 50B and I claim my 5th kill. I do ask the team if I could get the final Leopard I for the Top Gun, and the team seems to consent. Any analysis, critiques, opinions, suggestions on my performance?
  3. Hey, so I've nearly hit 30 games in this tank and I have below 45% WR currently and I don't feel I can carry properly in this tank and a lot of the time I end up not doing as much as I could have. A similar thing happened to me when I had the AMX 30b and the E50 m to some extent but I was much worse at the game when I played both of those (and they both ended up with around 52% WR before I decided I couldn't play t10 mediums to save my life). I'd love for someone to chime in and help me suck less because I know I do. Below are the 29 games I've had so far, which I think all of them are in 9.17.1. If anyone wants to pick like 5 replays at random and go through them with me and help me fix what I did game by game, either here or even on discord if you want to do it real time that'd be much appreciated. Thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u1g2id896qalfhc/AACY-HfzAxMgEM__K9NL2ABca?dl=0
  4. http://wotreplays.com/site/3058651#karelia-thomchen114-stb-1 This was the last game of my session of the night, and it was a defeat i'll just say it outright. Me in my STB-1, plus a platoon mate I just formed a dynamic platoon with some battles ago, in his Grille 15 (he's surprisingly alright despite being Thai and 46%) Started off kinda feeling pessimistic, since the enemy had advantage in fairly more faster MTs, and I managed to get penetrated by a invisi-Grille while poking the corner. I didn't feel like joining the Type 5 on his suicide run against a BC-25t and Obj 907, and our base campers were slowly getting ousted from the north (which was where most of the enemy MTs went). I was cagey about leaving artillery safe position, just watching the corner at anyone trying to approach our base from the middle. The gun's derpy accuracy was an issue at long range against the Centurion 7/1. Platoon mate then signals me to join him to eliminate the enemy Grille 15 threatening the SE, and my platoon mate willingly takes a shot as we rush the lone TD, and catch sight of the enemy SPG that relocated nearby, and I shut him down. Now, I made the decision to turn back and go onto the SE overwatch area, rather than press forward and maybe hunt down the enemy SPGs. But bearing in mind that I was fairly low health, I decided to try and help defend the base instead (and manage to take out the Obj 907 with a rear shot, as well as hit the STB-1 moving near the cap circle), but the remaining allies soon fall, and I was never going to get a shot or spot the cappers, and just let the enemy cap the base. I was slightly hoping the remaining enemy MTs might get greedy, but they decided to keep it safe and cap. Reviews are welcome.
  5. Epic battle in my Type 61, Shit loads of medals sadly Wotreplays doesn't mention all of them xD Anyway I did great damage and had an epic Bounce on my frontal armor from a Borsig :3 And one of rarest battles WHERE I FINALLY GET MY HANDS ON THE x3 Bonus with a great battle... xD Some noobish moves detected from me, i admit it but i managed to take out 7 tanks with some good damage :3 Here is the replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/1214178#pearl_river-hei_bk201-type_61
  6. I've been grinding a bunch of different tanks lately in the hopes of filling my garage with awesome tier 10 tanks but neglecting my own play. What good is a garage full of tanks if I can't play them well? I remember that I improved quite a bit when I undertook my WZ-132 challenge, so I figured I'd do the same thing at tier 10 with the STB-1. So without further ado, here's the "Pork Sucks at Solopubbing Tier 10s" challenge. Here's my ground rules: Play 200 solopub games in the STB-1. Don't play any other tanks and don't platoon. Purple (WN8 and winrate) or bust. Gather the stats/replays and post them every 25 games. Report any insights I have about solopubbing tier 10s as I go along. Run food but shoot mostly APCR, reserving HEAT for E 100 turret faces and the like. This is more of a self-improvement challenge than an e-peen waving; I'm bad@STB and want to get gud. Without further ado, let the suck commence! Edit: I'm over halfway through with the challenge. I started running the E 50 Ausf. M and FV4202 because the STB was bleeding my credits dry. Session 1 (games 1-25), 48% winrate and ~2000 WN8: Session 2 (games 26-50), 40% winrate and 1633 WN8: Session 3 (games 51-72), 50% winrate and 1247 WN8: Session 4 (games 73-97), 64% winrate and 2111 WN8: Session 5 (games 98-122), 52% winrate and 1893 WN8: Session 6 (games 123-144), 47.6% winrate and 2441 WN8:
  7. So i recently bought my STB-1 and honestly have no idea how to play it. I played through the STA and the Type-61 but neither of them feel like the same tank because of the mobility of the STB. Additionally, my only other tier 10 medium is the 121, which honestly plays more like a heavy than a medium. I'm not really sure what i should do in it. Do I sit back and snipe with it, find a nice hulldown spot, or roam the map and attack what is available? It in general is different than tanks that I have played so I'm just not really sure how to play it.
  8. Just putting it out there that STB-1 is top of the tree the next two weeks on EU. 30% bonus to credits and 30% discount on STA-1, Type 61 and STB-1. The usual shit. Dunno what will be chosen for NA.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yACko3igwIc (Repost from reddit)
  10. Hey guys, As a Japan fan ofcourse I have driven the new tanks on the testserver. In general I am loving the tier 8,9 and 10. Here my first impressions of the STB-1
  11. Compared to the other tier 10 medium tanks in the game, the STB-1 would seem like it would feature very good maneuverability and acceleration. The leopard would still maintain its top speed advantage. The 105mm cannon combined with potentially a slightly higher RoF may give the STB-1 the highest DPS out of all tier 10 mediums. The hull armor would probably have some bounce potential at certain angles. The turret is also well angled including the thick mantlet. I would expect the turret to have some bounce potential too however the T-62a would still maintain its advantage in turret armor. One more advantage to the STB-1 is its small size, slightly smaller than the T-62a overall. The STB-1 seems like it would be a very well-rounded and competitive medium tank. http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/08/31/stb-1-japanese-tier-10-medium-tank/ Is This New T-54. Fast as Leo1, Almost armored turret of t62a and high ROF. Can't Wait .
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