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Found 72 results

  1. It's not nearly as bad as people claim it to be.
  2. So I read and I thought, why not try it?
  3. So I've recently concluded my Obj. 268 grind and've shifted focus completely on terrible tanks like the 'AT 8' and 'SU-100M1'. These defective tanks, while somewhat interesting to play, are dropping my stats like a lead balloon. I've mainly just been grinding them with my eyes closed in hopes that it'll end soon, but that's just wishful thinking as the 'AT 7' and 'SU-101' respectively are pretty much just as bad. Should I just terminate both grinds now while I'm not yet in too deep or just keep going, since I've already spent a considerable amount of time on them? Getting better is not an option as I've got better things to do than at to win.
  4. Image 1: T28 Prot. v. Rhm.-B. WT Image 2: T28 Prot. v. Lorr. 155 51
  5. I never imagined the day would come.. /
  6. Do you remember the repeatable Pool's Medal mission?
  7. It was all luck, but if you were curious about what a perfect Cliff match looked like.. Replay link: http://wotreplays.com/site/439699
  8. With a modest battle count of 5,500, I have recently run into a slight problem. Namely a lack of direction. In my mind, there's only two objectives that interest me: clan wars and tournaments. However, it's been blatantly obvious that with my lack of tanks, trying to do them both simultaneously would be impossible. And so, I am now faced with the rather difficult decision on which choice to pursue. Clan wars requires a substantial stable of viable end-tier tanks, which take a significant amount of time to research. Tournaments requires a considerable amount of tanks suitable for that specific tournament. But really, it's not my lack of tanks, but rather the necessity of commanders with a minimum of 6th sense (200%), that seems to be holding me back. Hence I've come up with the two most obvious options: A: Clan wars - Grind out tier 10 tanks. Crew is moved up tiers and reused whenever possible. Produces a single crew with multiple crew skills in around 1,000 matches. B: Tournaments - Grind out a steady supply of 6th sense commanders on specialized 'crew training tanks', which takes about 250 matches. Use gold to convert accumulated XP to research suitable tanks. Retrain commanders into said tanks. There could be better things to do, but I don't know.
  9. So team battles are a great way to gain experience and credits with tier 8 tanks. Recently, I've noticed that there's been much less tier 8 tanks in queue than before. With premium tier 8 tanks being so popular, tier 8 was previously always the tier with the most tanks. Has there been a shift to random battle less and team battle more with tier 8 tanks?
  10. 1. Crew retraining: 6th sense commander 2. Equipment demounting: view range 3. Premium consumables
  11. High damage, lots of kills, great XP, and German accuracy.
  12. 1. Skip the radio and engine upgrades. 2. Research 110. 3. Radio A-220 and Engine 12150L are now unlocked, saving 27,040 XP. Optionally, skip the turret upgrade to save another 12,500 XP, for a total of 39,540 XP saved. Stats after finishing grind to the 110 with 136 matches using stock engine, turret and radio.
  13. Is it true that skill increases the effectiveness of armor, such that enough shells are bounced for a significantly measurable increase in the ratio of 'non-penetrating hits' to 'penetrating hits'?
  14. The day when compensation finally covers the repair costs. Also, day in the IS-2
  15. I never considered buying a tier 8 premium, but as luck would have it, I've recently managed to acquire a Lowe. Everyone's always been complaining about how terrible it is, but it can't be all that bad. How is the Lowe played?
  16. Servios


    I can't hear you. Platoon chat disabled.
  17. So I've been looking at this: The DCA 30 has 135mm AP penetration. Does this mean i'll need to fire completely APCR? The 105mm APCR shells deal 330 damage. Will this be a significant advantage over standard 300 AP damage? I plan on using the 105mm for both ARL 44 and AMX M4 45. Should I research the DCA 45 now or later?
  18. In my mind, there were only ever two viable ways to penetrate their turrets: cupola or turret front. Recently, though, I've been contemplating a 3rd option: shooting the mantlet. As you can see, the 178mm frontal turret armor does not overlap with much of the mantlet. This creates a space where there is effectively zero turret armor. Of course, there's still the 279mm mantlet, but many tanks now have the ability to purchase high-penetration APCR. So, is shooting the mantlet a viable option now?
  19. There can be no redemption for one that has fallen so far.
  20. Pearl River, North Spawn, Standard Battle In another one of those no-coms platoons that Servios was recently in, Servios ran into a slight disagreement.. one of those situations where both people believe that they are right. XXXXXXXXXX: servios we can mop up west easily Servios: hmm Servios: i still think going mid is the right thing to do XXXXXXXXXX: I wouldn't agree but it's up to you Servios: lets see how it turns out XXXXXXXXXX: you will have a lot more application of that gun up in H3 XXXXXXXXXX: J3 Servios: maybe, but depression is an issue XXXXXXXXXX: I give you the opportunities you need Servios: lets see how this plays out firstRemembering the wise words of precambrian, Servios resists the natural tendency to defer, and instead decides to stick with the decision. We win the match, and all discussion on the matter drops, quickly forgotten in the climatic action of the next match. Of course, Servios wasn't truly confident that going middle was absolutely the best spot to be, and naturally, the seed of doubt lingers. So, should Servios have gone west as suggested or went middle as Servios did? Is middle even an effective position?
  21. Player A always plays alone, and has a win rate of 60% as well as 2.5k WN. Player B, also alone, plays the same tanks, at the same times, as player A. Player B has a win rate of 70% as well as 2k WN. Who is the better player? Player A always plays alone, and has a win rate of 60% as well as 2.5k WN. Player B, also alone, plays the same tanks, at the same times, as player A. Player B has a win rate of 70% as well as 2k WN. Player C has many friends, and they play together whenever possible. Playing the same tanks at the same times as Player A & B, Player C has a win rate of 85% as well as 1.8k WN. (Note that Player C's friends always play different tanks than him.) Who is the better player now?
  22. I've always been a proponent that generic advice is bad advice, but I still get the nagging feeling that I have yet to master the AMX 50 100, or at least be able to play it on a competitive level. According to the standards of others for my last few most recent battles, I'm doing really good. But to me, it feels as if I've missed something crucial that I should have learned, something that i'm apparently still unable to learn. This is resulting in the following outstanding factors: • Low survival rate • Inconsistent damage So now i'm here asking, how to play the AMX 50 100?
  23. We all know that damaged fuel tank increases the chance of fire, but what exactly are the negative effects of a destroyed fuel tank? Also, as far as I know, I have never encountered a living tank with a destroyed fuel tank.
  24. I wonder how viable these will be.. Tier VII Sturer Emil or Pz.Sfl. V Gun 12,8 cm Kanone 40 Tier VIII Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger Gun 15 cm PaK L/29.5
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