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Found 4 results

  1. My thoughts on when WG Asia decided to have the E-25 for sale after Christmas for over 4 days.
  2. I become more and more clueless when in Erlenberg defence in something like Super Pershing, Panther II or a TD. In fast mediums or lights I usually go to the nearest hill on the side I was spawned and try to spot enemy heavies before they're in position to get some early damage and stop the scouts until my team arrives. In slower stuff it's not really possible and the game goes as follows: West side gets massively rolfstomped by attackers rush. East side is usually won by defenders Some defenders camp around the cap circle or in A0, some try to push the south bridge to kill arty but it's tough Attackers camp the the castle and west hills raining fire on evertyhing that gets exposed around the river. Attackers push the north bridge once the defenders spread or get killed by being stupid. So I don't really know what's the best position to defend the west: if I get close to the big hill in C2 to peek around the corner, I'm usually overwhelmed by 2-3 tanks + some sniper in the back. Sniping from the middle city sometimes works - from E6 i can shoot the attackers in the northwest, but doesn't work if there is at least someone who flanks you from H6 - and once you get spotted and flanked, you can't retreat through the open. I can help push east side but then it becomes a waiting game, who will rush to the bridges and get killed first. Attackers have very good defending positions in the castle. I don't think you can decap from the hill in D9 due to shitty building setup.
  3. So im interested in giving streaming a shot, maybe not strictly tonks as i play other games as well, because it interests me. I was wondering besides my upload speed what does streaming put a strain on? My graphics card is a GTX 660 Got 16 gigs of ram my processor is a Intel Core i5-3570K Quad-Core I have an SSD drive, i seem to remember Nolan having problems with dropping frames and getting an SSD cleared that up for him. If its any other part than these i can pull them up and tell you what i've got. Im honestly pretty clueless when it comes down to really detailed things in the world of computer builds and parts. No haterino plis. Edit: If this gets more attention/is something people have questions about i wouldn't mind this becoming a "Questions about streaming" thread. If you have questions might as well ask em here i guess.
  4. Hi there! Like the title says I have just unlocked the E50 but havent bought it yet. Im looking for any word of advice about this vehicle before doing any classical mistake there is to be made. Any info and feelings torward this tank (and the next one 'E50M') will be more than welcome. Cheers!
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