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Found 19 results

  1. Hello friends o7o7 Recently, I stumbled upon a thread on the pubbie forums denouncing the E 75 as not just been powercreeped, nay, it's also a bad tank in general and is in desperate need of a buff. Now as an not very heavy oriented player I still have a high amount of respect for the great Tier 9 German Heavy (the good one) and have an equally low opinion of people who talk out their arse. So this is my reply to those who doubt the great behemoth that is the E 75. All 100 games will be played solo on my Stream I will make no excuses for the loadout, this is how I would load my E75 up crew/consumable wise and if you think I'm a dirty goldspammer than feel free to wallow in mediocrity. (Loadout has changed slighly, lots more APCR, I also may swap med kit for chocolate at some point during the challenge) These are the stats at the start of the challenge: And MoE: My goals for this challenge are as follows: 100 games completely solo on stream 65% W/R 3000 Damage per game 3 Marks of Excellence by the completion of the challenge Special thanks to JOC469 for lending me his account and credits :^) Much appreciated mate Stream will begin shortly, I will start of playing the T55a as I haven't played it before and I can get a feel for pubs at the moment Link to ASIA forums topic: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/63369-vals-100-game-solo-e75-challenge-with-100-gudness/ o7o7o7
  2. The Dream I did it guys, I made it past 4,000 recent! The Hype is real!! You lose Constie :3 There are some people I would like to thank for getting me here where I am today. First off, thanks to Smiliey I found WOTlabs when I was still a tender noob Thanks to Rexxie and Zepherex for believing in me, Gandaran taught me in true Church of Gandaran style about HEAT-54 and the need for aggression. Thanks to everyone who platooned and put up with my shenanigans. DramaticWarlord taught me the importance of dealing with bullis (:_:) Crabeatoff taught me how to work as a team with my platoonmates, Thanks to the rest of you who had a hand in my journey to unicum. Warning, the next section will be decidedly less dank and may/may not contain feels, please exercise caution, prepare yourself The Reality if you're a chaisniper damage whore like Joyrider it is! -Crabeatoff You are such a damage whore, its like playing with Kewei, except you are even worse than he is, you keep auctioning off my HP for your damage quotas -DramaticWarlord Stop Chai-sniping Joy -CarbonatedPork Do you ever stop damage farming? -Kolni FFS, quit taking all my damage -Kewei OMG you are such a damage whore -Constie, Haswell, and the rest of the Chatwhores No wonder you have such a low recent WR, you farm so much damage and don't try to win games. -Gandaran 4k Damageslut -Duke As you can see I have a problem, I have called for help, I have joined DWA (Damage Whores Anonymous) but to no avail. I need help WOTlabs, I fear if this goes further, no one will be able to save me. (insert some replays of dank farming resulting in a loss here) http://wotreplays.com/site/2089627#el_halluf-joyrider216-m48a1_patton http://wotreplays.com/site/2089628#details You may be my final hope wotlabs (I can produce more replays if need be) Less dank section over, I leave you with two things
  3. Hello there I got this stunning beauty (heh) recently and i thought why not do a challenge to show off my bad skills in it. Trying to set myself high goals in it and see how it goes. Sexy picture: Current setup: Goals: 3500 DPG 70% WR 100 battles If anyone has any recommendations on what i could change, feel free to do so. I will post the replays every ten battles. Current Stats: Sidenote: More APCR will be loaded. Replays: First batch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kus99ua2lel6duk/M46+Replays+Batch+1.zip Second: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7z945575j12eb7f/M46_Patton_2_Batch.zip - Lets hope i can do dis.
  4. So I started playing this thing when the end of 9.7 was nearing. Peaked at 92% and started screaming OPOPOP. Yeah right... 100% solo 200% tears https://www.mediafire.com/folder/a0xot126ewduv/103 +++ Great gun, played last games with cola to compensate for aiming time though. I'd advise to use a gld rather than vents if you don't have a pro crew. Just frontally yolo lower tiers, and dpm them faster down than the german heavies can. You'd think an E-75 is superior, just watch some steppes games Good HP/t 340 HEAT penetration, and it's faster than the AP In theory the same gun depression as E75, but it's definitely better. --- The arty focus is unreal. I just finished a chi ri challenge and didn't even get focused half as much as in this thing. If you're purple overall and want to have an idea of how it feels like to be Garbad, try out this thing. Shitty mobility despite the hp/ton. Top speed is even lower than the Conqueror (like .4), so you need to follow the paths of the really slow tanks if you want to get somewhere without arty locking you down (see the game on cliff). People of the same tier and higher don't really consider you a threat (except arty of course) - there's a game where 2 TD's just yolo me after each other, the jag tiger just rammed me to death and took like 600 damage + fire in return... Ammo rack is shite. Turret is shite. Side armor is shite. (like, even worse than conqueror) Accuracy is supposedly shite, though that's not my experience. Arty So how to play? If lit and there is arty --> look away from your screen and wasd for half a minute. Seriously, the fuckers will splash you anywhere you are. A T92 found it funny to direct hit me for around 1600 hp in one of the last games, rather than hit the tier X heavies. If low tier battle: get to the front and show your front. DPM shit, abuse your hull (angle one side so it's impenetrable while hiding the other side) and pray your team holds the other flank or defends the cap long enough. http://wotreplays.com/site/1917861#self If high tier battle --> you are a road bump. Keep distance to give you one or two shots advantage, use common sense for positioning, and most of all, that 340pen HEAT. Sort of like this http://wotreplays.com/site/1917864#self Try to use terrain at all times, but keep your huge weak turret in mind. So I finished even below 70% which is rather undeserved even if I say so myself. I may have made a couple of wrong calls (especially highway or whatever the map is with the huge lake in middle), but if I went to the north in those, arty would've likely owned me there and the east would've been lost even sooner. If I had a couple less fail platoons, a better connection (died one game because Mac is best gaming system and I had to restart before I got into battle), less drowning suicides or retards in general, that 70% would've been achieved easily. To end in true garbad style; arty
  5. Since boasting and poasting and e-peen measuring is very common on this forum I thought I would give the superpeenises an opportunity to earn some easy gold. Edit: People have to finish this before the 12th of December to get their pots of gold or donation to wild life. Challenge: 200 games on a switched server(NA on EU and EU on NA) all replays hosted for sharing and stats documented in tier 10 tank chosen by me and said unicum(s). EDIT: I won't be too harsh on the time limits. The reward will follow a scale like this: 70%wr>30000 gold 65%wr>12000 gold 60%wr> 5500 gold I can help with access to accounts for this challenge on each server. Interested parties will post below, and the best canidates will be chosen by me. I will reserve the right to say no if more than 2 acceptable candidates from both NA and EU applies. Which server has got the unicums who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk? Edit: From EU: Embryonic Journey, Poltto, Stefan_XD & Moukka Who is Stefan_XD? Well look at his stats in the T-54 for starters: 4.8k average damage in the T-54! 1700 average XP! Over 5k average damage in the Obj 268! Who is - I'm stronk, basically all of my recently played tanks are in the top10 on vbaddict and +1200 avg xp (see Leopard 1, Leopard PTA, M26 Pershing, 110, T20, Chaffee, A-44, Obj 416, IS-2..) - I play mostly solo and all game modes To switch it up and compare the difficulty of solo carry in tier 9 and tier 10, Moukka will be playing the T-54 full gold spam(if he wants). Same rules as the others. From NA: PityFool, Precambrian, Jojackington, External007, SmyleeRage & BigCheese256 This will start as soon as we get the details sorted regarding accounts.
  6. I am trying to improve my overall stats lately, but although my WN8 is rising steadily, my WR is remaining stagnant. Im not the guy that sits at the back waiting to be a late game damage farm hero, i play aggressive when i can, and defensive when i need to. I try to react to failing flanks, wether that means pushing my flank, flexing or retreating. Basically, i am trying to hit every tip the forums give about l'ing 2 P. My question: my WR is stuck at 53% but my WN8 is rising through 2000. I play mostly solo. Is it a fantasy to aspire to get purple win ratios in solo pubs? or is that usually reserved for platoons? Some clans require good solo WRs, and i see lots of bluni/unicorns with purple Wrs....is that all solo or plats?
  7. I would like to know from experienced solo players how to increase your w/r while playing solo. I am not so much interested in the stats as I am more interested in winning every game I play, I know this sounds impossible but I always try to win each game I enter when I am playing seriously. There are times when The game throws you into the shit end and it can be very frustrating, everyone knows how it feels or else they would not be playing WOT. How do you win battles when it feels like things are stacked against you? ie, teams falling like flies, when your team mates dont go where they are supposed to go and help when you are making a great advance etc. I know I have to work on my situational awareness and I do believe I need to be more consistent with every game. I am lingering around the 60% mark atm and seem to be sticking at that. The tanks I am playing mostly are my premium tanks (because I love playing them) 112, kv5, is6 etc. Also going through the british med line atm. I was playing the brit TD's until the 183 nerf and scraped the line. Most of the tanks with above 54% w/r are the ones only I have played and not my old man, I dont know if that helps or not. Any true help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  8. The Challenge A few months ago, I made the decision to play a tank entirely solo, to establish a baseline for my current ability as well as a control trial to which I can compare future results. I'd already purchased the Leopard Prototype A during some Tier 9 sale, and decided to use it as my solo-only tank. I knew that by reputation it a) was perceived as a difficult tank to master, and b) had several features which appealed to me, including good vision, mobility, and most importantly a Tier 10 gun firing APCR as a standard round. After playing about half my games at a leisurely pace over a period of ten weeks or so, I found myself with an opportunity to grind the Leopard 1 during the recent on-track, so buckled down and tore through another 80-ish games in a period of about ten days. I wanted to put my best foot forward for this challenge so I gave myself several advantages that probably skewed my performance: 1. Blinged-out consumables: Large Repair Kit, Large 1st Aid Kit, Chocolate. I had a stock of rations and occasionally earned more during the grind. 2. Free-xped turret, gun and suspension. I had heard that the turret made a huge difference to gun handling, rate of fire, and even accuracy, and didn't want to play with any additional frustrations. Despite these advantages, I was also playing with a few imposed limitations: 1. Only solo play. Obvious, but it bothered me more than I thought it would to turn down platoon invites. 2. grind the top engine. I didn't think it was crucial to this tank's performance, so I just played with the stock until I had enough XP to unlock the top one. 3. Weird crew skills. I used a second German tank crew I had kicking around, and didn't bother to retrain their skills, as they were mostly fine, and included Brothers-in-Arms anyway. But I played the PTA without any Camo skill whatsoever, and only half-assed Repair skills on a couple of crewmembers. The Results Damage per game: 2,086 (goal 2,500). Disappointing. The PTA isn't considered a dpm machine, but I was hoping that I could stay alive long enough to shoot enough to do a bunch of damage. Win Rate: 61.24% (goal, 66%). Also disappointing. Though I was flirting with a 70% win rate about halfway in, a couple of tilty-sessions brought me crashing back down to earth. Marks of Excellence: 81.2% (goal, 85%). Ditto. I really thought I could get the second mark, but my progress screeched to a halt at around 80%. WN8: 2,848. Higher than I was expecting, especially considering my damage numbers. I guess you can count the PTA as a 'stat padding' tank. Lessons Learned 1. Most importantly, I'm about as good as my stats say I am, hard as that is to admit. I'm able to influence a big chunk of the battles I'm in, but not often enough or consistently enough to pull the really big numbers. 2. Specific tactics often depend as much on battle tier as it does on map selection or team composition. For the PTA in particular, I noticed that I was at a little less of a disadvantage when fighting up, thanks to my high-pen, reasonable-alpha gun, but at a little more of a disadvantage fighting down, where my RoF and thin armor made any fast-shooting Tier 7 a danger. 3. I really need to find ways to influence a game when map or composition keeps me from establishing a good forward position from which to harass and confuse. 'Forcing' situations is a major weakness of mine, and it's a direct route to failure in a tank as vulnerable as the PTA Some Specific Tactics Honeypot: You are always a threat as long as you have hit points and a working gun. When low on health, prioritize survival! Even better, go to somewhere that looks vulnerable, and wiggle your ass, entincing your opponents into making fatal mistakes. In this game, I push too hard too early, and lose almost all my hp. I'm able to stay alive, though, and finish with a respectable contribution to the win. Finding the Seam: A fast tank should always be looking for flanking opportunities. Sometimes this means going around the action. In this game (and others) I'm able to drive THROUGH the line of defense by carefully timing my rush with the enemy's shots! Sharing the Risk: I hate to see tanks like the Leopard PTA used in the pure sniper role. A lightly-armored tank can nevertheless be present at the line of battle, as long as you can make good use of cover. A hill has infinite hp! In this battle Some Fun Games to Watch Four-man platoon: I find a platoon of SNRK players on my side, and we automatically coordinate to produce a proper steamroll. Highest-damage Game: I shoot my barrel off then watch helplessly as the three-man platoon on the other team kills everything. Ace Game, Sand River: A good example of how to bully when the circumstances allow. Note how the VK gives me trouble until he unwisely cedes position to me - he had every advantage in that engagement! Conclusions While I'd have preferred playing this challenge out a few games at a time, overall it was a fun exercise, and it served to confirm to myself what I already suspected. If you have any questions about the Leopard Prototype A or this solo challenge, fire away!
  9. To give something of a forward; hi all, I'm Panzer9. I used to be a window licker. Or rather, more so than I do now. Then I found wotlabs forums, back when it was first starting up(Summer 2013 iirc). I'm definitely not the most vocal or "active" member but I do lurk here extremely often, so I'd like to think I'm not a total outcast here. Recently I've been going through a regression period. I used to be able to hold ~2600-2700 wn8 with 60%-63% wins with maybe 60%/40% platooned/solo playing my normal tanks. But now, I'm seriously faltering. I'm legit happy to have even blue stats, which is kinda of paradoxical considering I used to ragequit at anything less than purple. So anyway, literally the only thing I've been doing differently is playing this.... thing, the T-34-3. Considering I don't even play Chinese tanks I have no idea why I even bought it, but not much to be done about it now. It's made me realize; I was never good. A good player excels in all tanks, no excuses, no bullshit. And I can't do that. I'm just another mediocre green/blue. And I hate that, and hope this will do something to change that. Just to screencap my current stats: Disregard the winrate, it's extremely platoon padded. Essentially I'll play a certain number of solo games in this tank(to be decided in the poll), with all replays provided of coarse. I have mine set up in the rather unorthodox Garbadic manner: I'll honestly be happy if I can pull dark blue stats out of this. If any purples; actually, anyone at all, would watch the replays and give some feedback I'd be very grateful. Any other thoughts and suggestions are welcome.
  10. I've heard people say they have a hard time playing solo and having more fun in platoons. For me, it's the opposite : Whenever I get in a platoon with some guys from my clan, It's always a streak of disasters after disasters after disasters, my head starts to hurt, and I just want to leave the platoon after 10 battles. What's wrong with me?
  11. Hello Everyone, I haven't played much since 9.0 and just recently decided to get back into things. I generally like to just focus on one tank and play it all the time. (I like leveling up a crew.) In the past I've used mainly the T49, ELC AMX, and I was just getting back into the VK 2801. I love all these tanks because they've been able to carry a lot of team. (I mainly solo pub). Recent updates have taken away a lot of the advantages of these tanks though. It seems like every updated map takes away the great scouting spots. And the TD firing bonus hurt my play-style too. (though with a 4 skill crew, high octain fuel, and vents; the T49 also plays very scout like). I'm wondering what's the best tank to carry in now days? Should I be trying out some Mediums? I never liked playing Heavies or slow TD's, but is that the direction to look in terms of carrying? Very interested in hearing all your experiences! Cheers,
  12. Hey everyone, I've finally decided to buckle down and grind out the credits to get the Leopard 1. I've had it unlocked for a long time but I haven't been able to put together the credits to buy it because I have a chronic goldspamming addiction. Anyways, to make this a little more fun (but what could be more fun than playing 100 games in a regular MM T8 by yourself??) I decided to make it into a bit of a challenge. I'm going to grind out ~5 mil credits SOLO over the next few days and I'm going to record various statistics about my sessions. The goal is to try to play as well as possible whilst earning credits in a timely manner. The first 20 games are listed below. I am very open to comments/criticism. Wish me luck! Edit: A few tank stats/pros & cons T34, T8 Heavy Tank -102mm Hull armor -279mm Turret armor -120mm gun, 400 alpha, 248 pen AP, 297 pen APCR Pros: -Excellent turret armor, alpha, depression, and penetration Cons: -Slow, fat, weak, sees T10s After the first 5 games I was seriously considering abandoning the challenge altogether... Also, after ~100 games I may do some statistical analysis to see what factors in my gameplay affect my winrate (frags, damage, survival, etc.) just to spice things up a bit and to give our mathematics contributors an opportunity to tell me exactly how wrong my analysis is.
  13. Ah summer, nice weather, shorts season, and all that good stuff you avoid while playing tanks. I've been doing some comparisons on the numbers to support this theory I've been muddling around, quite often using Anfield's stats since he's very solopub oriented. Taking the closest analogous time frame, from march 26th to june 21th, Anfield ran at 61.05%, myself at 63.085. From 22 june to present, he's been running at 59.29%, myself, 59.60%. In both cases, all stats save wr have gone up. I'm first wondering if there's anyone else who the majority of the time solopubs tier X, and what changes they've found. Secondly, I'm wondering how much of this is meta shift adaptation, and how much is summer tomato bloom. Lastly, I'm wondering what steps people would suggest (beyond the 'carry harder' mantra) to get the solopub wr back up. As a side bit, I'm wondering if there's any empirical means to test whether or not this is due to summertime player level, or meta shift, so if someone's able to give some input on methodology design, I'd appreciate that.
  14. So I decided to start repairing my M48 stats, they have suffered badly from too much #YOLOSWAG rushing. And I thought that I might as well do it in the form of a solopub challenge, so here goes. My goals are: 65% solo winrate and 4k+ dpg Current M48 stats: I will archive replays and update thread after each session. Wish me luck! Update 1: 3500 dpg for last night's session, went full potato after about 10 battles, and should have stopped earlier https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_jyA0ZSbH5nbmdnYlRSMU1wUFE/edit?usp=sharing Update 2: Pretty much same story as update 1, did awesome for the first 10 battles or so, then I went full retard for the rest of the session :/ End result was 3969 dpg over 19 battles, still need to go a bit higher. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_jyA0ZSbH5nNzZ5ZG1IdHRLZ3c/edit?usp=sharing
  15. No clan activities except platooning. Only public games. Extremely casual clan here, no commitments required. Do whatever you want, leave whenever you want. Use this clan simply for your convenience. Your WN8 rating must be at least 1600. Average WN8 rating of clan is 2020
  16. For those of you who actually play this game solo (generally those who perform better than others) how do you deal with getting loss after loss despite performing well in almost every match? It seems to me, if I'm working up a line or generally just grinding through tanks that don't have the "I can carry super easily" feel it just ends in severe frustration. It's completely obvious that you really can't rely on your teammates in pub games as I'm sure you all know, however how do you cope with knowing that every time you hit that battle button there's like a 75% (I'm just pulling a number out of my ass here) chance that you have to do an insane amount of carrying in order to get a simple win? I've slowly brought my winrate up, but most of the wins are from a two-man platoon. I suppose I'm sort of just venting out my frustration, but I would appreciate honest responses on how you deal with it. What are some general tips to help deal with new/clueless players? Do you just ignore them and accept the losses, or is it actually effective trying to type out what they should do? From my experience most don't listen anyway. Example (This team wasn't too bad but just as a general idea):
  17. What do you purples think is the ceiling for W/R at T10 when you exclusively solopub? You can of course list W/Rs for different tanks (e.g. extreme example: solopubbing W/R for WTE100 > any arty) I know some of you have already done some crazy challenges but is there any agreement on the highest possible W/R at T10?
  18. First, I would like to thank my team for great team work, this would not be possible without you. And enemy team for good fight-GG. Map: Mountain pass In this replay you will find: Bit of spotting(1700dmg), flanking, lots of flexing, resetting cap, and kills in WZ! And if you watch carefully, you will see great team work! In short: after taking control of middle, i decided to help brake west flank, what ended like planed. But then all hell brake lose, enemy was in our base and capping, so i needed to go back and reset, but ran in to enemy. When i eliminated targets on our base, i flexed back to middle to help meds in need...rest in replay.. Replay:http://wotreplays.com/uploader/RedwoodOriginal/id/270456 Enjoy! (wtf, no spoilers on this forums??!!!) Results:
  19. Before I start, here's the battle simulater FAQ: http://www.vbaddict.net/content/63-Battle-Simulator-based-on-Replays You can even use it on your mobile phones! Please spare some time in looking at my replay overview >_< I have been solo-ing tier 8 since my 300th battle (I was a greater burden back then than now), and have always suffered low winrates on that tier. I'm currently at a plateau (stats not going up for a week, wr fell 0.2%), so I thought I'd post here. Here are some of my recent replays with not-completely fail teams (ones that die so fast I that I get flanked from 3 directions): http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-128032813262015666 JgPantherII, Lakeville: I made a fatal mistake in calculating JgPz4 reload and died early. If I didn't die maybe the outcome would have been different... http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/live-oaks-soviet-union-t-34-140164154547999108 JgPanther II, Live Oaks: I didn't know whether returning to base to defend was good, or if I should have went closer to shoot the WZ-132. Either way, halfway back both flanks collapsed and we lost. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/malinovka-soviet-union-t-34-139202262262319731 JgPanther II, Malivoka: Should I have went up the hill? Did I camp in base too long? Where should I have gone? This was my nth lost in a row last night, where n is greater than 10, so I was very exasperated at the start of the match. Also, my client crashed halfway while camping in base, so the replay is cut by 3 min. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/malinovka-soviet-union-t-34-134591516085813878 T69, Malinovka: Not sure if I should have gone up the hill, but I held on pretty long against 3-5 tanks trying to kill me, using ridge lines. What should I have done? The E1 went to kill himself by going over the ridge line several times, despite getting shot -.- http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/highway-usa-t69-132974834561021484 T69, Highway: Team vaporised to a Ferdi, and I took too much damage at the start due to getting blocked from behind -.- Also, I failed to track ferdi on my last shot... Did I miss his tracks or did RNG troll me? http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/severogorsk-soviet-union-t-34-86293565165071386 Tiger II, Severogorsk: I went up the opposite hill as usual, and died after getting overwhelmed. My Tiger II is sitting on a 28% WR at the moment; bought it a few days ago. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/cliff-soviet-union-t-34-83789058065627006 Tiger II, Cliff: I basically stayed under the hill as I was afraid of dying. Was I too passive? I couldn't pen the IS-7 and IS-3 facing me, even with gold (I think I did load gold). Did practically no damage (201) this battle and got carried. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/murovanka-soviet-union-t-34-84925609491362857 Tiger II, Murovanka: I was completely useless this match too, maybe I should have went into the forest and snipe? I was bottom tier with stock turret http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/karelia-usa-t20-125769816468583492 T20, Karelia: I took a lot of damage at the start due to getting shot from the opposite cliff. Where should I have gone? I was mostly useless this match with a total damage of 444. This game was a victory http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/cliff-soviet-union-t-34-115632203296299625 T20, Cliff: I thought I wasn't spotted at the start and didn't get into cover. Took a lot of damage for nothing too. Was mostly useless this game. Should I have gone to the donut? Or climb the hill? I got kinda angry when I took shots for nothing and the tanks behind didn't help. Was also on a 10+ loss streak that day. I admit I was too reckless for expecting support. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/severogorsk-soviet-union-t-34-95294987688875580 T26E4, Severogorsk: Was I too passive this match? I couldn't pen the E-75 and was only sniping the other SP whenever he turned his turret away (weakspot). Definitely didn't need to load gold but I did and wasted it. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-106594982220141563 T26E4, Lakeville: I was pretty useless this match too, made 8 shots but only 1 or 2 dealt damage. Was I too aggressive? http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/isopach-sea-6ab10733f273f6ba48feef698c6d493e/lakeville-soviet-union-t-34-195823310046207031 KV-5, Lakeville: HTs were sitting outside city and dying. At the end it was 3v3 I think. In hindsight I should have asked them to go a big round through city instead of valley. This game was a draw. Should I have went through city too? I had approx 2s left to shoot the last guy on their team, but I didn't have the gun depression (moved back too much) to do so. Any feedback is much appreciated. Most of the above replays are losses. These matches were played in the past 2 days (except the last one).
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