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Found 3 results

  1. So basically going by the the straps of info from rita's blog: 1. "developers want to increase the role of armor". We know that arty is getting changed as well. This may mean all the hulldown fishers like T29 and IS-7 will be a class of their own and completely defining pub gameplay. With constant HE damage out of the way and high gold pen lowered to reduce the chance of bruteforcing through their weakspots, both being prominent counters, this will not only influence the current top dogs in hulldown fishing game, but also ones that aren't associated with it strongly, like the T110E5. The buff to E5's tumor coupled with pen nerf might make the tumor pretty much a hardspot, meaning the entire front bar a small LFP patch will be largely immune to fire. With arty out of the way to splash the weak sides, the E5 will rise as the prime 260/IS-7 rival (maybe Chieftain, as well, if we ever get one...). Global gold pen nerf is also something that can make E-100 godlike; a mere -20 mm pen to typical 340 HEAT shell is a large increase in the 290mm effective turret front's capability to bounce shells, even without any angling. Lower it to 300mm and E-100 becomes the RNG lord of terror, cause you have to toss a coin to pen one : O (unless you want to toss more coins to hit the pixels of policebar). 2. Potential -/+ 1 mm for low tiers. Hard to say where "low tiers" stop but I guess it's reasonable to expect it up to tier 4. This would obsolete many strong p2w tanks, as they would lose their main advantage of limited MM: T127, SU-76i and similar would get the middle finger. At the same time, tanks strong as top tier but notoriously bad as bottoms would rise to be the new sealclubbing stars, especially the Bofors Cruiser. 3. Decline of mediums. We know already that pen nerf is probably going to happen, one way or another. This means that in corridorized maps , you will no longer pierce HTs frontally and effectively will be largely useless against top tiers such as E75, VK4502B, E-100, HD E5 until you can effectively flank them, which is not possible until one of the flanks is won in the first place. This means that they will be mostly platoon material, and the ones that are unarmored, as leopard, will effectively be reduced to shit tier. Flanking is still out of the picture on corridor maps early in the game, and the first 2 mins practically decides the game, duh. 4. Arty change MAY effect the game in a negative way. While huge alpha HE strikes are bad, being constantly pressured and "debuffed" by arty, whatever that means (probably crew penalties?) may be unbearable ; if things roll that way, XVM ban would be almost necessary to preserve sanity. 5. The pressure for AW may really work out well for WoT; already they are discussing stuff that they were adamantly dismissing for years such as arty nerfs, -/+ 1 mm for low tiers. The question is - who will they cater for in their desperation to keep players in? methinks that one thing will NOT change and that is the dependency of their business model on average players, mostly playing on subpar PC. Blue and Violet players are the least of their concern because they are statistically insignificant; keeping them in game matters less than keeping tomato hordes in. 6. Some tanks will rise and fall based on armor changes and HD models, but it's really hard to predict.However, if the general trend of HD models getting more sturdy for HTs is retained, AND there's a pen nerf, tanks like IS-6 may fall out of favor; when APCR can no longer reliably go through weakspots of popular tanks IS-6 meets, it will become significantly weaker than it is now. Hard to say, depends on whether the pen nerfs and other HURR DURR ARMOR BUFFS will affect tiers 6-8. Either way, if you don't have one and are planning to buy an IS-6 - I'd wait if I were you Share your predictions on gameplay and individual tanks.
  2. Get ready to speculate like hell. http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/1stdu9/upcoming_is6_event_for_korean_server_is_crazy/ TL;DR: Get 100k XP in a tier 6 tank in each nation, get IS-6. I noted the similarity to the rumors flying some while ago concerning the 20 kills in the 9 different tanks over three weekends and received this response: So, will it go global? Will it happen at all? Is the user telling me this information full of shit? Stay tuned for more rampant speculation and misinformation!
  3. NavySnipers

    Portal 3

    After buying and playing both Portal 1 and 2, I like portal 2 a lot more. It seemed to lose the bad things from portal 1, and added a ton of new features (Although I miss the missile turrets). Anyone think there will be a Portal 3? If so, what will it be about? My thinking is that it will be about the main character from Portal 1 and 2's husband. GLaDOS said, "Hmm, that's interesting, I was searching for your personnel file just now, and I found two. A man and a woman."
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