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Found 4 results

  1. So, with this tank being one of the more popular clubbers of the tier (aside from the T37 and Hellcat (to a degree)) I feel like the tank deserves its own clubbing thread. So let it begin. I just free xped my way up to it, played it stock for about 40 games, got the 100mm, and now the tank feels potent. I grabbed my 122-44 crew and they are used in both tanks. The armor is good enough, the gun feels nice and the view range is low. I mounted camo net, rammer and vents, I think the view range is too low to use binos (plus no vision skills on the crew yet). Boast your fantastic tales (or fails) of the tank here!
  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/2134296#live_oaks-adeadman1-su-100 I have this sour taste in my mouth becuase I think I missed at least 3-4 calls that could have changed the game. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm having a little trouble figuring out the SU-100. Just wanted to see how most of you guys play this TD, including equipment layout and crew skills. I'm loving the 400+ damage from the 122 but I just can't seem to get more than 1000 damage before dying. I will say this, I do not like the 100. Also, I was wondering does the general rule for HE apply for this TD or do some of you go "crazy" and use HE as a primary..(just asking)? OutLaw
  4. Going through this line for the on track, need some advice: 1. Grind looks pretty easy. 85mm carry over isn't bad, just a few games but averaging about 1400 dmg/gm. Seems a lot like Jpz4 with a different but relatively same gun. Is it a waste to free xp things on it? 2. Suggested equipment. Not an assault TD without 122 and low HP anyway, so Rammer, Net, and binocs to start to stay hidden. Are vents worth it for general improvement? I usually don't both with net/binocs camo, but are they worth it in this case since 2nd in tier base camo value is so good? With other guns is EGD mandatory? Is the inherent camo with camo crew so good that net just isn't worth it? 3. Gun choice, 100 or 122? Doesn't seem like enough armor or hp to assault td, so for sniping 100 looks better. DPM is about the same, but 100mm has better APCR round and shell velocity. But the 122 has game changing alpha for a T6. I don't platoon much, if I did I would run the 122 and run with another 122 to cover reload. Is this thinking correct? 4. For gun, what gun prepares you for the next vehicle, I assume the 100mm, correct? 5. General strategy tips? Any replay packs out there? Thanks in advance.
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