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Found 18 results

  1. I am working toward the T-54. I currently have both the LTTB and T-43. Would like to have some opinions on which route to take first, and the reasoning to do so. I have not found specific info on this, even though there is great info available for both lines. Thank you
  2. Yes, i've seen crazier better results where others have earned a fat ton more credits and EXP. But just bear with me. I'm just a blunicum. I'll see if I can start making weekly videos. I've got a couple more replays saved that I can see some potential with.
  3. This is pretty much my first attempt at making a YT video from some of my replays. This was from this weekend, platooned up with two Skoda T-50s in my relatively stock T-54 (LB-1 100mm gun, stock engine, turret and suspension) Inspired by atsf aka Eurobeat's World of Warships torpedobeat style
  4. So, I was doing scientific research the other day and came across an interesting documentary, in which a tank is involved. I am a rather curious person and want to ascertain what tank it is, however, as I am not an expert on Russian hovermeds, I am not entirely sure. My money is on T-54.
  5. I'm Looking For A Few Tankers To Platoon With. Recently I put away my 27k, average stats, tank collector account. Now I'm dusting off this older character I created back when I was shit. So in some ways, I'm a bit of a refail. Oh the shame! The humiliation. I've also had to swear off anything below tier five. It's time to retrain the brain. As you know, solo play at the higher tiers gets more and more difficult. So my numbers are tanking and I would like to have a few kind folks around. WoTLabs is the place to look for clans to join due to the culture. But I think platooning would be a prudent first step to meeting people. I'll gladly talk about my primary account stats if you're interested. Not here though. It's best to downplay that conversation and info online. Tanks I'm Playing The big grind on my platter is the T-54 through to the Obj and the T-62. However I'm trying to fast track my tier six crews, and need to play those too. Tier 9: T-54 Tier 8: IS-6, T-54 prot. & IS-3 Tier 7: T20, and T29. Tier 6: KV-85, T21, T37 & AMX 12t My Promise To You As A Teammate I'll bring two ears and one mouth, I'm here to help win. I'll back you up in a fight, but I won't sh!t in your foxhole. I'll block your incoming rounds, but not your line of retreat. I'll round any corner with you, but I won't crowd your lane. I'll shoot what you shoot, but not if your stopping to snipe! I'll cover your reload, but don't get mad when I take the kill. Low Tier Padded, Fake Blunicum Stats Here
  6. OK starting off I'm looking to know how to improve in the game play department of my T-54 that I got just recently(Meaning i just hit 100 games and I just got the top gun 10-15 games ago) I'm not sure what I should do differently to get better results from this tank. I'd would say i'm still new to this game so I might be making potato mistakes that I don't realize i'm making. All the tanks of this line I would say I had no problems with and had great fun playing but it seems i'm just not doing something right in this one. I'm going to post 5 of my most recent replays in this tank so if you would can you please watch them and tell me what i'm doing wrong, what i'm doing right and should do more often, or what I should be doing differently, thank you (this means nothing i just happened to get lucky) 1- http://wotreplays.com/site/1972813#ruinberg-mrdonnie1-t-54 2- http://wotreplays.com/site/1972828#karelia-mrdonnie1-t-54 (I have no idea how to play this map in any tank tbh) 3- http://wotreplays.com/site/1972844#lakeville-mrdonnie1-t-54 (I have no idea how to play this map from this side so I followed the 2k wn8 dude) 4- http://wotreplays.com/site/1972869#arctic_region-mrdonnie1-t-54 erg 5- http://wotreplays.com/site/1972879#live_oaks-mrdonnie1-t-54
  7. Looking for people to play tier 9s with we in my T-54! I can only play effectively on the West so if you add me to your spam list (which you are welcome to do) I will only accept west invites. Post below if you would like to join my platooning shenanigans and I will add you if you are goodish (who am I to judge). Preferably 2450 recent WN8 dark blue recent WR Allow my damage farm to result in wins
  8. http://wotreplays.com/site/1548939?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Prohorovka - Victory http://wotreplays.com/site/1548933?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Erlenberg - Victory http://wotreplays.com/site/1548927?secret=e161880628f7bc9da73e26ec2d800d8c Airfield - Victory Although all 3 replays are of victories I had yesterday playing the tank my damage in all of them were extremely sub-par. Between 700-900 damage each match. Only reason I won these matches was either because my team was carrying me or my platoon mate/s were on top of things. And that is simply not good enough at T9 to be carried, I'm the one that is supposed to lead the charge so to say and set the example not die silly ways :-/ Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Edit: I was possibly raging last night and coupled with that bad game play. So apologies to everyone :/
  9. There doesn't seem to be atopic for this planned tank yet. Basically this seems to be a German T-54 with DDR (=GDR in English) markings (NVA means Nationale Volksarmee = national people's army). According to the wiki the only big difference to the T-54 seem to be an increase shell count in the tank and a NBC protection system. Take a look at funny NVA helmets: For SS view on the name look here. So this will probably be fun for the German forum mods on the house forum: A whole lot of Germans will want this tank. (I know that I do) and there will be a lot of clamor if this becomes only available as a reward tank for a campaign/event. (However that wouldn't be too different from regular reward tanks, no?). However this also really raises the question which nation will receive the next T-54 variant. My bets are on the US (or possibly the UK). As a side note: Since this is only planned right now: What should one do to prepare for the release of this? What o you think will be required to get this? Which tanks do I need?
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/1318291#team only good game today, rest was utter trash...
  11. Well, my first 60k exp in the T-54 went to the gun for the OBJ, but after i get the engine and tracks i'm open to grinding either ... so, mighty purps, the 62a or the 140? i seek guidance. I play the pubs almost exclusively, no CW, if that makes a difference in your thinking.
  12. expell3d

    T-54 stock grind

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone had advice for me, right now Im stock grinding the t-54 and I'm having trouble penning shots with this 100mm lb-1 you unlocked at the t-44, this stock grind is the WORST thanks in advance
  13. So I hop in my T-54 on my first battle of the X3 weekend and this shows up...I have no words to describe what happened here... Just watch the replay. Safe to say my heart was pounding throughout the replay. Lots of enemy players did not perform as well as what their WN8 was... http://wotreplays.com/site/707110#fisherman_s_bay-patient0-t-54
  14. The best T9 medium for sure. Some say the best T9. Some say the best tank per tier. And definately the favourite heat slingshot of many wotlabers. Driven in perfection. Every fucking match is like a highlight of what to do, when to do. I am a scrub compared to many players here and I am amazed. View range mods? Reload timers? Fuck it, this guy has everything remembered I am pretty sure nearly everyone of you is amazed when watching this. And I am pretty sure everyone can learn some things from this video. This is fucking art. (I may or may not be influenced by any substances when writing this) I present: LuciqueII driving his T-54. http://www.twitch.tv/luciquell/c/3439975
  15. After getting my shit pushed in by Precambrian in this this thread I realize to get any kind of consistency out of my play i need to fix my issues with "OMG WTF DO I DO" on these maps. (Seriously though Precambrian, i do appreciate the help, and it really has made me take a look at things i do that need to change) Specific tank to make it easier T-54. My type of gameplay has been "invisitank" and is something i have been working very hard to perfect. I do well on open maps, and my 60 day stats reflect this. However on city type maps, or mixed city/field maps im about as comfortable as a monkey fucking a football. I want to be like this.... But usually end up more like this..... Basically the first part i need to get right is positioning. My initial deployments are usually bad, and that leads to a calamity of errors after that. So what i need help with is good starting locations on these maps, and maybe a secondary spot to go to after that. I am trying to (obviously) get as much dmg in as i can without taking it. But the close combat ranges in city maps makes that very difficult for me to get used to. FTR, i don't hardly play heavies at ALL. almost all Med's, TD's, and Lights... hence why my close combat map skills are bad. I am getting more comfortable brawling in Meds, and i am confident i can place shots well, and hit spots that will pen. Problem is i tend to engage in bad spots that cost me to much health. Thanks for any help you can give!
  16. Fire_Hive

    Medium 1v1s

    So, I finally got the T-54, thanks to the On Track event, but unfortunately I will have to grind the good gun until patch 8.8 comes (in which I will get 25k free xp + 24k stocked xp and shorten the grind to 10k xp). Last night my first match put me on airfield as top tier (hehe, WG mm) facing a GKC platoon on the other team. Towards the end of the match I 1v1 the GKC E-50: tracked him but he reps and shoots me so I trie to side hug him but that doesn't end too well cuz I lack engine/tracks so I try to track him again but end up penning his LFP. He backs up and shoots me but a timely angle bounces his shot, I bounce him and then he tracks me finishing me off. I end up losing the 1v1 cuz he tracked me and I had used the rep kit to fix my ammo rack (safe stowage might be necessary for this tank). I was using the LB-1 too so the outcome might have been a bit different. Is the T-54 the uncontested tier 9 medium brawler in 1v1 situations or are there any other meds I should worry about? Tips on playing a semi stock T-54 are welcome. P.S.: facts regarding the battle might be out of order but it went something like that, not at home to post replay but that's besides the point.
  17. Quantity is a quality all on its own. ☭ Comrade tankers, Welcome to the new era of Russian industrialism! Witness our glorious factories as they labour furiously to build endless columns of our new T-54/100 main battle tanks! The true symbol of Soviet mass production, these technologically-advanced machines boast 120mm of sleek, sloped frontal armour, the highest ever known to exist on any medium tanks of the line. Coupled with improved stabilizers in addition to a strong and reliable engine to match the heroism of the Union's working public, the T-54/100 is able to shatter the limits of Soviet Aggressive doctrine, forging more surprising and more daring tactics to utilize on the battlefield. An innovative D-10T2C 100mm cannon with the ability to arm HEAT shells allows the T-54/100 to not only bend swiftly like the Sickle to accommodate the flow of battle, but also strike boldly like the Hammer when the opportunity presents itself. To fulfill the great responsibility of a true main battle tank, the T-54/100 can spearhead a glorious charge against enemies of the Republic, but can also carry out its patriotic duty to defend the Soviet Motherland. Its improved hemisphere turret configuration offers up to 200mm of resilient, rounded steel proven to bounce any capitalist shell. A single determined, hull-down T-54/100 could withstand an entire company of fascist panzers to protect the well-being of the people. Yet beyond all these qualities is the T-54's quantity; a simple and refined design saves precious material and allows production levels to be at an all-time high. Unlike the clumsy and obsolete Tiger tanks, the T-54/100 can exist on all fronts, anywhere, at any time. Behold, as legions upon legions of T-54s crush our hapless foes beneath the treads of Soviet power supreme! Such a brilliant and unparalleled construct has already been exported to many of our comrades across the globe as the unbreakable Union of Soviet Socialist Republics spreads its influence worldwide! As part of the intense trials for the T-54/100, the economic sustainability of Russian 100mm HEAT shells have been evaluated. Compared to standard AP ammunition, which in itself is already highly satisfactory, HEAT shells offer a much more potent penetration ability in exchange for larger sums of silver ration tickets. It can frontally devastate any armoured vehicle in existence, but the effort put into producing HEAT shells is approximately twice or three times as much as demanded by standard AP. Through our gold economics study program, we aim to find how often such shells may be used and under what circumstances can a capitalistic deficit be prevented. The analysis has been complete and the results now released for the benefit of the working public. Following program regulations, we hereby grant the general public access to 30 recordings of T-54/100 No. 811 fighting on the battlefield, in addition to authenticated post-battle statistics records released by the people's Party. Full Replays of glorious T-54/100 in action: http://www.mediafire...bq1i24p05ide229 End-of-battle screenshots: http://www.mediafire...abd56dmxyearyj5 And now we proceed to the study. The conditions of the experiment are thus: >30 battles of Solo Pub - we all know the power of multiple T-54s in a collective, but can it stand the test of individuality? >T-54/100 is armed with 26 AP, 20 HEAT, 4 HE shells. >HEAT shells were previously commissioned at half price: 2000 silver ration tickets each. No records of ordering additional shipments are shown during this experiment. >All HE shells fired were considered to be AP shells for efficiency in recording; the price difference of 60 silver ration tickets is negligible. The results of the experiment are detailed in the following chart: The values of which can be compared to previous overall records of the T-54/100, including many platoons plus a few battles in which HEAT was used. Previous averages: >69% victory. >1.57 targets destroyed per battle. >2100.83 damage points inflicted. >722 average EXP points awarded. New averages with gold shells: >70% victory. >1.67 targets destroyed per battle. >2797.67 damage points inflicted. >748.30 average EXP points awarded. Despite the courageous efforts of our tank crews, we are once again unable to attain the 100% winrate. However, our accomplishments do not go unnoticed; the Union is proud to say that a single T-54/100 was able to achieve a 70% victory ratio against our enemies! Assisted by the worker's mighty HEAT shells, damage levels have significantly been boosted, with another noticeable improvement to targets destroyed and EXP generated. If but a single T-54/100 can ravage the enemy so, how shall they respond to a platoon, or an entire company?! Nationalism will bring us victory! In relation to the economics of HEAT shells, we find that it is difficult to sustain. Using approximately equal amounts of AP and HEAT shells, a Standard Economics Policy will result in a small loss of ration tickets even if using shells acquired at half price. A Premium Economics Policy could allow a moderate gain when using half-priced shells, but would still result in a small loss if using shells at the full price of 4000 silver ration tickets. A Standard Economics Policy combined with full-priced shells would result in a severe loss of material. However, it is still possible to perpetually field a T-54/100 with HEAT shells through careful negotiations with munitions factories combined with the Party's favour. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to acquire a Party-sponsored Premium tank to generate sufficient silver ration tickets to fuel the T-54. Having succeeded either of those, prepare to crush the enemy! Notes: Below are the overall T-54 records upon the conclusion of the experiment: One glorious battle is exceptionally noted - battle trial No. 28: Comrades, be sure to also learn about the original Workers' Revolutionary Soviet SU-26 Gold Economics Study: As well as the Glorious Expeditionary Soviet SU-152 Gold Economics Study: And Comrade Voroshilov's Supremely Soviet KV-1 Gold Economics Study: In addition to the People's Party's Premium Soviet T-127 Gold Economics Study: Plus the Marching Volunteers' Chinese Type T-34 Gold Economics Study: Including the Spacefaring Cosmonauts' Soviet S-51 Gold Economics Study: Furthermore, the Proletarian Public's Soviet IS-6 Gold Economics Study: Be sure to comment and spread the Soviet glory!
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