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Found 2 results

  1. T110E3 Had bad games? Can't deal with pubbies? Then just don't give any fucks and drive the T110E3! For the best-in-tier combination of fuck-you armor, fuck-you alpha, and fuck-you penetration, look no further than this tank destroyer for relaxation in tier 10! 305mm of frontal armor with small and hard to hit weakspots. 750 alpha in 14.03 seconds (with BiA). 375mm APCR penetration (and 295mm AP pen), but why use AP? If anyone complains, simply tell them "because fuck you, that's why!" Slow speed doesn't matter, all you gotta do is drive forward and click things, only four shots to a good battle! Laugh as you go through the superstructure of a JgPz E-100! Or the front of a T95! Or right through the turret of a T30! Put silly T110E4's to shame! Defeat all purpose to angling E-100s! Had enough bad games? Get in your T110E3, drive forward, and give zero fucks.
  2. Dlur

    Best Armor America - T110E3

    So, I picked up my E3 last week and have just started the process of getting comfortable with the tank. It's a beast and I'm so thankful that the speed is better than the T95! Let's have a look at the armor profile: So in reviewing the armor you need to protect your lower front plate while keeping your front forward. The side armor isn't amazing so you can't really use a deep angle. There are a couple of tiny weak spots available frontally if the LFP is hidden, but they are quite small and difficult to hit. The 155mm gun is pretty good and it loads APCR as its premium ammo which favors the current game mechanics and a rate of fire of 3.28 rounds per minute. The alpha and penetration are high enough to be serviceable against nearly any opponent. AP APCR HE 850hp 850hp 1100hp 295pen 375pen 90pen Need to get some more time in this tank so I can start to enjoy it as much as I do my Object 268. Even though it's significantly faster than the T95, at 24km/h it's taking me a bit to get used to compared to my other Tier 10 TDs (268 and 155) because it cannot flex as well. Initial map positioning is quite different than a camo TD and once you commit to a flank you're sorta stuck there. Will be on the lookout for good replays that demonstrate strong initial map positioning in this tank. Will be downloading some from here: I've also been going through some recordings on Endo's stream. I just put a postit note over his webcam to make it possible.