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Found 3 results

  1. So both @Gandaran & @SchnitzelTruck said fuck it to the T95 3 marks after a few games but now I have mine And those last 20 people who walked off that cliff died, but you see I'm special so I will be fine I will be starting off with the 120mm gun with straight apcr, my canabalized e5 crew and full prem consumables and have 2.5 mil credits to burn today. Will be switching to top gun once I unlock it and may or may not change back depending on how it goes. Goals: -3,000+ damage per game -65%+ win rate -Avoid the urge to teamkill arty/myself -3 marks in sub 150 games -actually getting the marks I will be streaming all the games I play in it to twitch and the first stream should be up about the same time this is posted at https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit 3 mark stats 119 games (finished 3 marks in 118) 66% win rate 2,961dpg
  2. Most people dont really know much about the T95 program. I have taken years of studying it ever since I started the T110 armor thread. The T95 program was the true father of all MBT`s. It was the first laminated armor that worked [wasnt fielded because cost alone but worked and was amazing] It had a SB gun firing APDS and Darts and was more powerful than the L7 gun. It had many of the first MBT features ever, since it was not chosen because politics and money was forgotten. They keep making ugly T95/96`s when in reality it was a sexy streamlined looking AMX30 type tank. Look at how fugly this is http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/10/03/straight-outta-supertest-t95e2/ Here is there ugly models vs the real sexy ones.... Look at this POS, head looks huge for its body. Turret is to big in scale IMO, it is also to far back. It doesnt have the right track girth....The hull looks puny and weak and the turret enormous. In reality the T95 and 110 were basically the same size so why would the turret be so large? Now the real T96 in all its sexiness. Notice the turret size difference. Where you see the fuel tanks is where the actual turret ends. Look at the wheels the real turret ends on the last wheel in the beginning where the model is much further. All in all it looks not only bigger but offset back as well. The real turret mantlet starts behind the first road wheel and ends at the beginning if the last road wheel. The model starts almost the mid 1st road wheel and ends mid last road wheel. We are talking 4ft longer overall turret and probably wider to keep scale....Fail. Look at how much beefier and formidable it looks. Also from the exact side you can see how the turrets fit much better. Now look at how off the turret side is from the top to the real thing here. Here you can see the drawing showing clearly. True many of these have 105mm guns but the turrets didn`t change much at all. In fact many of the 30 Pilot tanks were just 7 tanks that had everything mounted on them. The theory in part was to make a modular tank design allowing us to customize for our roles similar to how we now use mostly M4`s/HK416 with various sight options and even diff calibers to fulfill all the roles. Also look at how much smaller the tumor is in the drawings. Now here is the T95e2 in RL where you can see it in the FTR article up top. This tank is by far the FUgliest and yet still 1 million times better looking than wots... Come on.... So seriously this makes me mad. I have been leading the charge for the T95 and T110 with my T110e5 armor thread since Closed Beta. They already made the E5 totally unlike what it was in RL, but I didnt care as at least they made it very competitive. But now they butcher the T95/96 in looks and murder the entire philosophy. It has thin armor because these armor thicknesses where based off laminates/glass which was 30-40% more effec vs AP and 300% more effec vs HEAT I understand they can`t use the real armor as 95 would be OP in every way. It would have something like 275mm vs AP and 450+ vs HEAT as well as have a gun more powerful than a L7. But what they could do is not use one of the thinnest designs that was only a PILOT to work out turret mounting etc. Ford put out the best T96 offer there was. It contained 65 degree sloped 110mm Armor [Later M60 stole this exact layout] meaning similar armor to a T54/Cent in many ways. It also was going to have its 700 HP Engine later designed for the M60 at 750 HP. So since they have so many options from the same years they can make this a truly legit T10 med and not some weird gimmick reward tank. Save the T95/96, I rather it just not be in game than them ruin it. Lastly look at the AMX 30, Leo 1 and M60 and tell me it was not the inspiration for the them
  3. Hello. I want to buy the equipment that increses carry weight by 10% + increases durabilty, for the T95, american tier 9 TD. I don't have it yet, am currently at T28. My problem is that according to WoT Wiki, the compatible equipment is called Enhanced horizontal coil springs 3 class, and in the game store I can only find Enhanced vertical coil springs 3 class (compatible with T28), and Enhanced coil springs class 3. Can anyone tell me where can I find it? Thanks.
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