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Found 13 results

  1. I'm learning to play TDs. One thing I find is that, compared to my play in light tanks and mediums, I can't get a full-impact start to the game because I normally use my early spotting in a good position to do that, and I struggle with finding a place and hoping my team will spot for me (which sometimes they don't at all) if I'm in for example scorpion g. How do you guys get your ideal starts in tds such as scorpion g, or any other other ads where you need to be more passive?
  2. Despite the fact that Swedish TDs are on huge discounts if you do the holiday ops missions - you still get 50% of their nominal price (normal price for same tier tank) if you sell them. So, if you are free-exping a tank, you can get credits for free, just by buying them on a huge discount (for selling tier 2-7 you can get a handy sum, since 2-5 is costs zero to buy, 6 is on 80% discount, and 7 on 60%. Tier 8 is 50%, so you break even if you grind, tier 9 on 40% and tier 10 on 30%...you lose money only on selling tier 9, and just a tiny bit), and then selling them straight afterwards...since they are pain in the ass to grind, even with free girl crew.
  3. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/common-test-penetration-changes/ RIP as all the good players leave this game What do you guys think about this?
  4. I'm sure that this a bit too general but one trend I'm noticing in my replays, especially in my Russian heavies, is that I am dying to backfield TD's after the flank I've been working breaks and I move forward to follow through. I'm getting better about conserving my health and so on but I keep getting ripped apart in the late game. I'm sure there's a lot of factors that go into this. However what are those factors I need to be considering so I can avoid getting mauled while still being effective? What should the general plan be after a flank goes down?
  5. I am a fairly aggressive player and don't like bushkemping all that much. Now the last TD mission I need to do for the T55 to unlock mission 15 requires me to do 3k damage, shooting while not detected. I wanted to get this mission the "natural" way while playing my Charioteer for fun, but was having little luck there. My DPG in that is slightly under 2k (I know, I know) so getting 3k all from stealth is stretching it. So out came my good old Object 704. After an initial cry over how the mobility of this former beast has been nerfed I've had pretty good games, including one where I did 2,8k stealth damage out of 3,8 total on Prok (damn that scout that spotted me just as I shot him for 250 to kill him). I know I will get the mission eventually when I finally get Prok or Fiery Salient and can kemp the fuck out of the 1-2 line hitting the mouse button every 15 seconds or so while the enemies patiently roll on into my fire being lit up by a cheeky E1 scout. Only a matter of time for the stars to align. But that leaves me playing an awful lot of 704 games on other maps where I have little chance of blapping 4 average shots for 3k damage from stealth. Would any of you more patient players share favorite spots on other maps where 3k stealth-damage is possible? Lakeville path shooting into city is certainly one, but on most maps I have little clue. I've never been much for patience and don't know the best spots for non-turreted sniping anymore. And uncle Google is not really being helpful since many of the maps have changed so much. Anyone?
  6. How many on NA have done this? Seems pretty tough. Feel free to show off any pics.
  7. I have run a few searches in the forum for this... It is often implied or suggested that the two types of TD's are played differently, but I haven't yet come across a description of exactly what one does differently in terms of employing a casemate vs a turreted TD... For the experienced players, assuming you agree that there are playstyle differences, can you put into words what you do differently with each type? Do you choose different map locations, more vs less aggressive, etc? It is certainly logical that the casemate and turreted TD's have obviously different strengths and weaknesses (rotating turret vs traversing, etc) but how does that relate to your strategy and decision-making at the start of and during a game? What spurs my question: I currently have two tier 5 TD's in my garage, Wolverine and StuG IIIG. I have a similar # of battles in each, the crews are similarly experienced (3/4 through the 1st skill for the StuG, 90+% througyh 1st skill for Wolverine), I run both with camo and binocs, both are elited and running the top modules - but my WR in the Wolverine is a lot higher (58% to 42%), and my survivability in the StuG is comparatively atrocious. Certainly, the turreted TD feels much more comfortable and intuitive for me in terms of using hard cover, using hull down opportuntunites and getting into solid firing positions, and so it makes sense that the stats would show that. But as far as I am aware the StuG is a reasonably effective example of a casemate TD for its tier, so I want to learn to make it work before continuing up that line. For purposes of my question, I suppose I'm more interested in the general comparison of the two categories of TD's than any specific comparison between the Wolverine and the StuG... Thanks!
  8. Smbakeresq


    The ROF buff from 8.7 to 10.17 seems pretty big to me for a T7 Td with very good accuracy and fast aim time and high camo values and good speed. Depression still sucks and maps are funnels, but invisible 2941 dpm with rammer just has to be useful.
  9. First Wotlab post... Here it goes My Basic Idea Scouts. Scouts are the most under-rated class in the game at the moment. Even below arty at points I feel. Scouts like the A-20 are broken, and could use buffs to compensate. What would it accomplish though you may ask? Two things I feel would happen. 1) obviously less complaining by the scouts of "Im a dang tier 4 in a tier 8 battle" 2) It would allow arty to more effectively see tds and other tanks. This in the end would be a minor buff to arty, as more spots would be to their disposal (A small arty buff is needed imo) Arty would be able to hit TDs sooner, and possible knock them out of the game before they became a huge problem. A minor nerf to certain TDs are in store, only the Foch 155 and SU-122-44 come in mind for me, but not so wide-spread as they are suggesting. I realize it is a minor nerf to tanks like the T110s (not the 5) and more major to the 268 and Foch 155. Lets go over the major problems of TDs 1) Camo, scouts would thus light them up and reduce this problem 2) Armor, arty should be able to hit TDs more effectively and reduce this problem as well 3) Speed, a minor nerf would have to be in store for the TDs that shouldnt need it 4) Gun (Such as Alpha or ROF or a combo), for the most part, TDs have to have a good gun. What does TD stand for again? Tank DESTROYER, Not Tank Bouncer. Guns for most should stay the same. Again situational depending on the tank. Improved scouting would be a great plus for this game. More xp and awards should be given out to scouting tanks. Add some sort of Epic Reward possibly. Patrol Duty is a great scouting reward, scout not near as much but it is up there. How to improve scouting, here are my suggestions - Decrease TD camo minorly. (They still have to be kinda high up there) - Improve scouts turning ability - Improve view radius - Possibly may have to nerf gun or increase MM for certain scouts (They may become too OP due to the increased turning speeds) Honestly this isnt a lot, but I would think improved scouting would help our current situation much more than swinging the nerf hammer. TL;DR Improved scouting should fix TDs Sorry for the long post. If you disagree, don't just hit that big red button, explain. There is nothing I hate more than unexplained negative rep, I want to know why you disagree with me. This is my idea, it may be a cruddy one. What do you guys think? ~Happy Hunting! P.S. WG release Assisted Damage publicly for us scout players! My WN8 suffers because of my scouting. Also I cant seem to get rid of this highlighted part :/ I copied part of it from a forum post and it wouldnt undo for me.
  10. So some of you might vaguely remember a while back that I put up a poll asking people which tier 10 I should free XP; the overwhelming response was Obj. 140/62A combo. I ended up playing through (and loving) the 54, though, so I still have all dat free xp just waiting to be used. After playing through a bunch of tanks on a friend's account, I've pretty much decided on getting the E4 (#APCRMASTERRACE), and am wondering what crew skills to use for it, so I can theorycraft while I miserably grind 8 prefs for the requisite cash. I've got a 93% on 3rd skill T69 crew to use, coupled with a 98% on second skill loader from my E5 (because fuck that thing). I took a look at Kewei's guide, but I'm not a fan of his firefighting heavy set up, I'd rather just run the conventional extinguisher/rep kit/med kit combo for consumables, not really fussed with cola or double repair, honestly. So would something like: C- Sixth Sense, Repairs, Recon G- Designated Target, Repairs, Snap Shot D- Repairs, Offroad Driving, Clutch Braking L- Safe Stowage, Repairs, Camo(? not sure what to put as 3rd) L- Adrenaline Rush, Repairs work? or should I go with BiA: C- BiA, 6th, Repairs G- BiA, DT, Repairs D- BiA, Repairs, Offroad L- BiA, Safe Stowage, Repairs L- BiA, Repairs or something else entirely?
  11. The whole line looks OP to me, especially the WTF E-100. It mainly features very accurate tanks with good-great aim time, high penetration, and high alpha. The tanks have no armor but also have decent speed, they are basically limited to support roles. The WTF-E100 though is on another level of OP. The stats: 128mm gun: damage:560 pen:276/352(apcr) aim time: 1.5s accuracy:0.29 shells in mag: 6 time between shells: 2s reload: 60s 150mm gun damage: 750 pen: 235/334(heat) aim time: 1.9s accuracy: 0.33 shells in mag: 4 time between shells: 3s reload: 50s Other stats Speed: 40 traverse:30 Pwr/Wt: 12 Turret traverse: 24 turret armor: 20/10/8 E-100 chasis armor view range: 420 The fact that it can use the 128mm gun that way already makes it really OP. But then they give it a rotating turret, decent speed on the E-100 chasis, and 420m view range in my opinion it needs a new word for how OP it is. The only thing keeping it slightly in check is the tier 1 armor for the turret, definitely can't fight close quarters or it will get owned. If this tanks stays as is I believe it replaces the T57 Heavy in clan wars. Discuss your thoughts and opinions.
  12. So my son was playing his SU-100Y last night, and the gun acted like it was on a turret... He was even able to shoot it backwards... I later on played my Jagdpanther, and the gun was swiveling 90 degrees... WTF?
  13. Since the replay section is locked, post 10k dmg + games in here?? I really want to see what awesome matches people have been through where they carried from the start. Lemme start 10051 dmg in Object 268 - Sorry for the lemming move at the end. It was the adrenaline I swear...but srsly, I was hit by the most inaccurate tankin the game, in the side, while he wasn't aimed. </3 http://wotreplays.com/site/243567#sand_river-mooseybro-object_268 Feel free to move this topic to the applicable section wherever that may be but as for now I am without a place to put it.
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