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Found 32 results

  1. Witam mam takie pytanie? Czy miałby ktoś Do oddania Konto do Wota blitz? Ktoś kto już długo gra w WoTA blitz i ma kilka Kont które są potrzebne jeśli ktos by miał i mógł oddać byłbym bardzo wdzięczny ?? Konto nie musi być nie wiadomo jakie mogą być słabsze czołgi nawet
  2. Hello, for those you don't know who I am, my name is madhouse10101 but most people just call me mad, and recently iv gotten the gooder internets and because of this I am now able to live stream, been wanting to for ever but 25kb/s upload, well that wasnt going to cut it but now Iv got the good stuff and steaming 1080p for everyone to see. A little why you might want to watch me get triggered at minor things that really don't mean anything, First like most streamers put out, i'm a 2600wn8 player (by the new wn8 system not yet updated on wot labs) and a 3.3k recent player, been playing tanks for about 3 years now and for about one and half of them iv been in WGLAPAC started in silver but now in gold, Kinda (at the time of post). I am an Australian so I do in fact speak English, Australian English that is so you will only understand %70-80 of what i say because the rest is slang all though when I type it may seem like I have some case of a syndrome that people are raving about that apparently most of the player base has, I will not add my opinion to that here. But some other things you might be interested in, is that I have a microphone, there cool, right? So ill answer pretty much anything you ask about the game and also commentate any important deceptions I make in the game and explain why, so hopefully you, the viewer can learn something from it, that be the right thing or the wrong thing that's up to my brain at the time. I could go on for a some more but Id like to make a post not a TL : DR of this situation. And to finish it off, I will do tank request of any tanks in my garage a full list is on my twitch. I do play other games here and there mostly right now, PUBG, Dota 2, R6S, ARMA 3 and occasion GTA 5 but they wont be as often as tanks. But ill stop here since this is becoming a really big shit post as most people would put it but I would really appreciate if you would come by once and while drop a follow and say a hey. Cheers Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/mad_house10101 Stream Week Days from 4pm-10pm (AEST) Stream Week Ends from sometime - really late at night (So every day)
  3. I'm curious what tanks people like to play that are a little bit out of the mainstream. Personally I really enjoyed the Vk 45.02 A and the Lorr 40 t. The Vk has just enough armor to bounce most if not all tier 7's if you angled well and has pretty nice mobility and a decent gun. I found it to be way more enjoyable than the Tiger II because all the extra upper plate armor is irrelevant when you have 130-ish LFP. I really don't understand all the hate that the Lorr 40 t always seemed to get. It had good gun depression, power to weight, a really sick gun with a workable reload, and good view range. The only real argument against it was that it was big and didn't have fantastic traverse speed but I really don't think that's enough to discount everything that this tank had going for it. So what about you guys?
  4. This is a general question to those that skip past tanks or use a lot of free experience to unlock what ever module and that is, why do you do it? For me when it comes to a new grind on a tank which I do one grind at a time, I use free experience to unlock one module that is most useful on the tank and the rest I grind out for no matter what, be good or bad and I never skip due to my way of thinking which is the more I play in the tank, the more I learn its strengths and weaknesses as well as map awareness and what positions best suits it plus the general all round experience in tiers with what it can and cant handle and the game itself, I learn more. From the very low tier to the high tier, I grind it all. This is just a out of curiosity post
  5. Hello Tankers, I hope all is well? I have started Streaming my gameplay on World Of Tanks and thought i will post here letting you know with links and all. Here is my Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/slymeerkat I am no Unicum player but I am Green on the XVM scale, I always try my very best and all support given is greatly appreciated as I have always been keen on showing my gameplay to other people and I am very interactive with viewers. I also have a Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ftY7LSmJ28j4I_bZZwFdQ I have started to use this more often as well and for now its uploads consists of my Ace Tankers I get in tanks, I do plan to have more variety but for now just taking nice and slow. Drop by and say hi and if you came to check me out from this forum post let me know and also if there is anything you want to ask me or suggest, let me know also. Thank you Peace SlyMeerkat
  6. Hey! Long time no see guys, So its been a while and hopefully not all of you have forgotten me ;_; but in the past few days ive gotten the urge to play tanks again so after a year and a half off i have returned. I've also decided to start streaming again while i shake off the rust and try to get to unicum. Currently in the first 30 games ive played i averaged 2k Wn8 so im not quite at the point i was before i quit but im still doing better than i thought i would. If you want to learn, ask for tips and watch someone make the transition from blue to purple come tune in! I'll usually do analysis of my game after the fact and try to explain what I did right and what i could of done better. I should stream fairly often especially considering i'll be on summer break soon. I appreciate every follow! My stream: https://www.twitch.tv/triffels
  7. This is a summary based on my personal observation and analysis on what some of the tank lines and classes of different nations are like. Feel free to comment or add anything I may have missed. I could be wrong on some stuff, but i'm not trying to spread false information, just a general guideline for what tank line you are looking for. This mostly applies to tanks above tier IV where you start getting the flavor of each line. EDIT Included the tier X end goal tanks for each line. So to begin: -If you want a comfortable, not too difficult to play line, go Russian heavy and/or medium tank lines. (IS-7, IS-4 / T-62A, Obj 140, Obj 430) -If you want flexibility and be a ridgeline warrior, USA! USA! USA! heavy or medium tank lines. (T110E5, M48A1 Patton) -If you like a challenge with some unorthodox fighting styles with their autoloaders, go French heavy (later autoloader) tank line. (AMX 50B) -If you want an even bigger challenge without any of the burst damage benefits the French offer at higher tiers, go Japanese medium tanks line. (STB-1) -if you like the style of the French heavy autoloader tanks but wanted some more freedom and liberty, go USA autoloader line. (T57 Heavy) -If you want to be a brick and shit bricks on other tanks, go Japanese heavy tanks line. (Type 5 Heavy) -If you like being a slightly smaller brick and throw smaller (but more) bricks, go UK heavy tank line. (FV215b) -If you like just a bit more speed than and later on be just as or even better ridgeline warriors than USA medium tanks, go UK medium tank line. (Centurion Action X) -If you aren't offended or turned off by fascist box tanks wanted some all around armor with good accurate guns, go German heavy tanks. (E-100 / Maus) -If you wanted some decent armor with also good accurate guns while being able to go a bit faster, go German medium tanks. (E-50M) -If you can live without armor but want some good accurate guns and go even faster, go German light medium tank line. (Leopard I) -If you dont mind having no armor for some concealment with some pretty punchy and later on deadly guns, go German glass-cannon TD line. (WaffleTrigger E-100) -If you actually do prefer having some armor while having balanced and still punchy guns, go traditional German TD line. (Jagdpanzer E-100) -If you just want big guns as well as good armor AND concealment (wait you can have it all?!), go Russian TDs. (Obj 268) -If you like being a bit more laid back than the Russian TDs and not carrying not as big a gun but retaining the other two characteristics, then go Russian alternative TD line. (Obj 263) -If you want some more flexible TDs, go USA turreted TD line. (T110E4) -If you like to take your time and concentrate all firepower and armor to the front, go USA non-turreted TD line. (T110E3) -If you wanted something similar to USA non-turreted TDs and don't mind weakspots pockmarked all over your tank, go UK assault TD line. (FV215b 183) -If you wanted a half-hearted attempt to mimic the USA turreted TD line, go UK turreted TD line. (FV4005 II) -If you like the idea of frontal armor and firepower of the USA non-turreted TDs but could use some more speed, go French TDs. (Foch 155) -If you liked the Russian medium and heavy tanks and thought how funny it would be to switch the firepower of the two classes, then go try the Chinese. (121, 113) Good luck on the battlefield.
  8. When I play with a bunch of people they ask me why I put camouflage on all of my tanks... Obviously is so they're harder to see, especially on my lights, TD's and my one SPG. However they always tell me is just so darn expensive to put on. What many people dont realize is how quickly a camo investment repays itself. For example, For my tier 5, M10 Wolverine, camo of any type for 30 days cost 50,000 credits. As I was typing this post (probably shouldn't have been multi-tasking), I was in a match on Fisherman's Bay. I only got one shot off (94 dmg on a shot to a T29 where the tracks ate most of it), but at the end I received almost 5,000 credits. According to this, it would only take me ten days to make up the costs... as opposed to a +20,000 where I only need three games. Now lets talk about how painted camo works. One factor when calculating spotting range is the camouflage factor of the vehicle to be spotted. The higher the target's camouflage factor, the shorter the spotting range. Camouflage will change the appearance of your vehicle and will give a slight bonus in camo value. There are three types of camouflages: summer, winter and desert, which are used on maps matching the camo type. Within each type you have a choice of several options depending on the nation of the vehicle. Unless you only have tiers 1-3, its pretty much a good idea to invest in all three patterns. Plus it doesn't cost an equipment slot! So my point is: Invest in camouflage. Because even if you're not highly skilled, it can still make a major impact on your gameplay.
  9. I am a new tanker playing on the EU servers. I have made a few reroll accounts for various reasons, but here I am with my potato stats I am looking to finally start getting pretty good at this game. My average exp and dmg are continually going up, but I feel like I have learned most of the game mechanics by now, and I want to start getting rid of my bad habits that I feel are holding me back, such as impatience. My favorite tanks: LTTB Jpanther T1 Heavy Cromwell B That's all for now, so hello!
  10. We don't have a thread for these yet, so it seems to be time for me to step in and make it. This is a place to discuss: •The gimpy (but super cute) MS-1 •The German tier 2 light tank •The Pz. 38(t) with more turret armor and the autoloader from the M5 Stuart •The tier 4 medium with a noticeably smaller, yet better penning gun than the Panzer III •T-25 with even worse DPM, but isn't blind and can actually turn Full stats are in the spoilers. Links go to their respective pages on Rita's blog. I used to be a big fan of Czech armor, but then SS started posting about it and it was no longer hip enough for me. Discuss, bitch, and whine about your new favorite tanks here.
  11. I a terribad pubbie has seen the light and that is not being a terribad pubbie. I'm asking how to play properly drive heavily armored and poorly armored tanks properly so i can win more. I can have good games but can't consistently so to be more specific how do i consistently play better.
  12. We haven't had a tanks contest in years, and In the past I've acquired gaming mice and WOTLABS used them to run a contest. I'd like us to do that more often if not monthly. My goal: Obtain support from the community to collect donations of paypal, gold, tanks, premium time, gaming gear, etc. and then establish a monthly contest. Those that have donated can still participate as long as the correct dated screenshots and replay are posted during the contest period. I don't know all the particulars to starting it, but maybe one of the admins could establish a paypal or patreon contest donation account?
  13. Greeting, Found this game yesterday while I was bored trying to find good F2P games on youtube, and I found this. its really fun with good graphics might be a good escape when you rage from World of Tanks ;P More info: http://play-gearup.com/overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4jYLSetFAo
  14. If you are a player looking for a team, or a team looking for player(s), feel free to post here. It is encouraged to say what tank(s) you have or are looking for, to make it easier to find players and teams. There are two separate registrations. State if you are interested in registering for the entire tournament (Group Stage + playoff) or only for the weekend (Bravo Playoff only). Here is mine: Looking for a team, available every night. T9 Tank options: T-54 Obj 430 II IS-8 T54E1 Lorr 40t Waffenträger auf Pz. IV Also have lots of lower tier tanks available. I'm looking for a skilled, serious team with experience playing together.
  15. I'll try to keep this short because A: there are x5's at the moment and B: I hadn't expected a tier 8 premium tank sale this early. (America and their bloody taste of Turkey blood) I mainly did this to support the premium tier 8 guide (http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/404069-premium-tank-guide-tier-8/page__fromsearch__1) with some extra information, but also because I wanted to know how profitable my premiums exactly were. While focusing on winning, obviously. all battles were solo - I'm obviously only 'investigating' the tanks I own. IS-6 is the go-to for now. Ridiculously easy to drive and amazing dpm result in the ultimate carrymobile. You'll have to use a ton of APCR though, which makes it a lot less efficient at credit grinding if you can't afford a premium account. FCM 50t wins at making credits, but loses at winning. Small sample size, I think I can hold around 60% overall. Despite the low battle count, I feel like the assisted damage is rightfully higher than the others. Earning cheap credits and compensating the lack of presence you can offer in a battle with the IS-6. AP shell cost is 255, I'm bad@excel. KV-5 ehhh. I prefer playing it in platoon. I'm honestly surprised by the winrate so far. Damage could be slightly higher. Haven't tracked too much battles so far, but I think everyone can agree that it's an easy moneymaker, with ridiculously cheap AP ammo. T-34-3 made in china. Despite the buffs, it still underperforms (jezus, sub 2k damage is embarassing). What can I say, it's the worst. The alpha really is the only reason I enter battle every now and then in mine. How I'd rate them so far (fun and win factor) IS-6 FCM 50t KV-5 T-34-3 If you're interested in replays I'll direct you to this page () where you can ask for a certain replay, after checking session stats. I've also played a bunch of games on my laptop, so you can't pick one specifically of those. You can always ask in whatever topic I mentioned here for a batch and I'll upload them (for example the last X battles before 3rd mark on IS-6). Some highlights
  16. Not sure what I will offer that's new but if I will certainly fulfill your tank media needs when nobody else is on
  17. UPDATE 3rd of Nov 2014: I have found that whenever I update my OP with the new replays from vBaddict, the formatting goes to shit. This is because vBaddict only keeps track of my last 250 battles so the 251th battle would overwrite/remove the 1st battle (as least that is what I think is happening). I will now have the replays just posted in packs and/or singular games that I find worth sharing with you, but not worth a YouTube-treatment. There will not be a single list here in the OP, so you have to go looking for the replays you want. You can request replays, and I will either try and acquire some. Hello all and welcome to my replay thread. This is an additional/companion thread to my YouYube-video thread (). The difference between the two threads is that you dont get to hear my sexy voice over the gameplay in this thread. This means that the games I've posted here will be without any commentary on why I did certain things during the game. This again means that if you have ANY questions about any of my decisions, or think one of the replays would be worthy of my YouTube-replay commentary treatment, just say so and I will either explain or make a YouTube video commentating the replay. I will try and post as many games as possible for you to enjoy. They will mostly be medium and light tanks with some heavy tanks and occasionally TDs sprinkled in for diversity. For most replays I may add a small comment to explain a detail but don't expect it for every game. And yes, these games are cherry-picked to make me look as badass as possible not waste your time with all of my games where I potato or just play some boring tactic everyone knows about. I will make use of a series of "spoiler" tags to keep my thread NEAT UND TIDY with different categories for each tank class. Within each category the tanks are organised alphabetically and within each tank category the games are just added in running order. So if you for example want to find my BatChat games you go "Medium tanks" -> "BatChat" (I may add tier spoilers at some point, but we will see). Each "tank category" is split (by text) into the different patches so you can keep an eye on how 'new' the battles are. I will create a new post whenever I add a new replay where the links the post replays will be. Then I will also add the link to this "database" in the OP. Enough chit-chat. Here are my replays.
  18. I'm going to start playing on my EU account again, which means derping around in the Churchill III. Probably on weekends between 6 and 9 PM GMT. I can't make any promises about how much I'll play but some T95E2 XP is better than none, right? If you want to play pref. MM tier 5 tanks, or regular tier 4s with my Chruchill, and earn some XP towards your T95E2 here's your chance. Post in this thread before 6 PM GMT on the 10th of December if you're interested and on EU. I'll run an RNG after assigning each poster a number and let chance decide who gets the reinvite.
  19. Along with that, something happened to one of the routing junctions for my ISP so I had horridly laggy internet all day long, so I wasn't able to play anything and I would have had to bother with updating my mods in WoT ugh Anyways, I decided I'd just waste some time doing some half-assed 3D. I decided to make my own tank line. Here's tier 1: Defensive Vehicle Model 1911 (DV-11) Weight: 7.3 tons Engine: 53.64 hp (40 kilowatts) Gun: 40mm Armor layout: 10/10/5 The Defensive Vehicle series was a project to design armored vehicles for the purpose of fighting potential enemy armored vehicles. The project, starting in 1911, was to provide the nation of Irafor with a defensive line against any potential threat against its borders. The turret can house a machine gun instead of a tank cannon to covert the vehicle's anti-tank role an anti-infantry role. Only about 10 DV-11 models were manufactured before it was decided the suspension, which was simply car axles and wheels with very light springs, was inadequate to support such weight. Tier 2 coming soon maybe
  20. Greetings! Looking for a large and built up community based around the GuP anime? Also looking for a clan that is active in Clan Wars and in tournaments? Then look no farther than the GuP Alliance clan Pravda! Located on the NA server, we are now recruiting active members for Clan Wars and tournaments! We do require communication and the ability to cohesively work together as a team in a Clan wars battle setting. Stat requirements are as such: 1200 most recent WN8 A single Tier 10 Tank TS3​ Please contact: Ivan0089, mogymog, winterblaze, KnightedSpartan for more information regarding acceptance into our ranks.
  21. From the journal. Pretty wild. Some beautiful specimens here. Anybody in the area? Really worth looking through the collection if you have some time. Used Vehicle for Sale, Runs Well, Cannon Needs TLC http://online.wsj.com/articles/for-sale-old-scud-missiles-tanks-in-need-of-tlc-1412217006 Here is a good survey of the entire collection: The Leopard sold for less than $200k! (Note: I have no idea what it would actually be worth) EDIT: Yup, work might have to wait this morning. Check out this collection!!! Centurions, Conqs, Pattons, Shermans, Grants, T54 etc!
  22. I've had an idea floating around about what the best characteristics of a tank would be useful in the current WoT metagame, and I thought "hey, why don't I see if we could create a fictional tank that would excel at WoT situations, even though it probably wouldn't be a great tank IRL" So what characteristics of a tank works exceptionally well in the game? (Hulldown, armor shape, etc.) To make things easy let's create a tier 10 tank for solo pubs. What tank type would it be? Finally some ground rules. We can't be making something with 500mm armor and a 2000 horsepower engine with a 155mm TD gun on it. It has to be somewhat realistic and balanced towards the rest of the game. Any thoughts?
  23. Hey! Looking for players with similar or close stats/skill to platoon with. I have been playing only T10 for the past 2.5~ months ~ fav tanks: 140 & batchat25t. ~ I don''t mind silent platoons or with TS. ~ East or Wast it doesn't matter to me. leave your name here, so I can add you to my friends list and spam invites. or PM me in game
  24. So for my russian heavy crew commander can get both and i wanted to know if one was superior to the other?
  25. Hey everyone I am The_Xtreme a tier 8 tank driver for The_Underscores a new team currently running in the top 10% on the Pre-Season and I decided to stream World of Tanks again. Current Stats: 62% WR 2100+ WN8 Stream Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/a3xtreme Fiancée's Stream Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/the_yoyo Clan Website: http://m--m.enjin.com/home Status: The_Xtreme OFFLINE The_Yoyo: OFFLINE
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