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Found 6 results

  1. This might be the most useless vehicle I've ever played. I don't even bother trying to dodge CB half the time, as any instance where I don't die to return fire is a loss for both parties involved. Also I keep ramming people because the controls are reversed. Do you want splash radius, damage, or accuracy? Because this has none of those. But I must soldier on, for CGCs are useful.
  2. Some of you might remember my first attempt at this, in which I played 5 Bat Chat games and proceeded to quit the game for a couple of months. College workload has died down, so now that I'm playing again I've taken up the challenge once more! _pip_ has kindly lended me his account. Target is 70% WR, I'm undershooting quite a bit thus far ;[ We'll see if I can salvage it. Stat images are rather large, so I'm putting them in spoilers. Setup: Overall stats: Wins: 41/62(66.12%) DPG: 3312 Survival Rate: 46.43% XP/G: 1122 WN8: 3497 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Notes: My main issue right now is definitely rust. When I land a new or reworked map, I have no clue where to go or what to do, and often end up overextending and dying a horrible death. See my Murovanka/Stalingrad games for examples. I switched from the Bat to the 50 M for specifically this reason... results have been mixed, as you can see. Ping is manageable, only ~40ms more than West server and very stable. It's not really been an issue, although I have missed some shots in very derpy fashion. I'm doing a poor job of converting opportunities to damage dealt. Part of the issue is I'm so scared of losing that I'm not putting myself in positions to win, and am getting completely shut down for it. The other part of the issue is that I simply cannot aim- I'm missing so many "gimme" shots that I really shouldn't be missing. On that note: I doing an absolutely abysmal job at clutching games. I'd like to blame it on rust, but it's fucking inexcusable. Day 1, battle 3, I lose a 14-14 scoreline game by failing to 1v1 an IS-4 at 900 health, instead bouncing repeatedly off his turret, roof, and hull- even with HEAT. Day 3 battle 1- I throw away an easily clutchable 1v3 scenario, with me at full health against a 600 health STB, 100 health T54E1, and arty by derping across the middle, getting sandwiched by the STB and arty, and smacked around. And those are only the most egregious examples- there are plenty of games that I could have swung simply by being less stupid. I remember one game on Abbey that we lost with 14-12 to capout, in which I got greedy, chased a Type 59, and was summarily nailed (and killed) for 1800 by an arty very early in the game. Had I been around, perhaps I could have swung that game. Shamefur dispray EU server has a lot less arty. So much less. It's a fucking godsend, and the only reason I haven't tanked completely. Only thing that matters is winning- I've capped out on a couple of occasions, for example, and thrown away my tank if I thought it would help stir the pubbie horde. Take a look at day 2 battle 5 on Steppes for an example of stealing the game from a definite loss... I honestly started jumping around IRL when I stuck it ;D Ironically I plan on taking the week off to avoid EU's 5x win special, but I figured I'd put up the thread with what I have so far.
  3. Found a funny video like the one below, on YouTube? You can post it as long as it is: non-anime related animations only (animation also has to be stupid, like the given video) funny story that goes along with the animation That is all. I nominate this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fsoDVnmEN8
  4. I will present to you something you've never seen before: amirite?! How the...? Oh!.... oh?
  5. Hi everybunny. I've been playing my m103 since I unlocked it, and I'm having a Really hard time getting damage out in this tank. I have 100% crew with BIA and 2nd skill at 84%. I'm wondering, would it be better to drop BIA as 1st and pick up stuff like snap shot, and driving skills + 6th and just do bia next? Well, anyway moving on from that. How am I supposed to be playing this tank? I keep running into major issues, bouncing, getting just Demolished. I try to stay back but, even when I have an Okay game, only played like 30 or so, I do like 1600-2500 damage, which isn't very much. I can put out like 2000-4000 with not so much trouble in my t54, but I know, totally different tank. I'm just having a lot of trouble getting it to work for me. Maybe I just need more time to learn it? Using optics, rammer, and vstab. Here are some replays from today so far. I'm very very unhappy with my performance. Any advice is greatly appreciated. http://www.mediafire.com/download/m41m9hzck51i4ti/20130727_1620_usa-M103_36_fishing_bay.wotreplay http://www.mediafire.com/download/yfbc8r9vw2or2pe/20130727_1553_usa-M103_35_steppes.wotreplay http://www.mediafire.com/download/xivnsdobwf3xkhm/20130727_1601_usa-M103_04_himmelsdorf.wotreplay http://www.mediafire.com/download/od1819ik5zyzbt3/20130727_1607_usa-M103_05_prohorovka.wotreplay Is it my bad understanding of the tank? Or am I just playing poorly(er). Thank you all very much for any help.
  6. Garbads Unicum diaries are a powerful and noble tool for the education of pubbies everywhere. I have shamelessly taken it upon myself to steal and subvert them into this wretched husk of their former glory. Using this format we will delve into the deepest, darkest, and most depraved aspect of the human condition, the mind of the average pubbie. During the pre-match countdown everyone immediately chastises their team mates in order to shift any possible blame from them selves to their allies. Rather than analyze the team rosters for strengths and weaknesses I frantically try and think of a dirty joke to endear me forever into the hearts and minds of my fellow pubbies. I decide to go North. Why? Not a clue, the hypnotic pull of the lemmings called me. A crappy fascist box reveals itself at the crest of the sand dunes and with the help of the Cromwell and my grotesquely overpowered 105mm derp we shred it into scrap. The Red team sent very few tanks North and the might of our lemming wave quickly crushed them. However, the South was all but lost. I broke off from the mindless horde to the F line where I sniped the Red heathens with the righteous power of my 105. We manage to slay a few more Reds but the last of our Southern defenders crumble under the weight of their own ineptitude. The last of our forces in the North also fall. I do the only thing my tiny looser mind can think off, circle back to defend the cap from the encroaching Reds. By the time I get back to the cap only me and the arty are left alive and the point is being captured by at least three Reds. It is now two verses seven. Our fate is all but sealed. I peek over the dunes in a desperate attempt to reset the cap. They have no idea I'm there! What luck. The abomination known as arty kills two tanks with one shot! I take this opportunity to mop up the rest but not before the hellcat murders the arty. The tides have turned! It's now 1v2. My Jumbo versus a M41 and an SU-100, both of which were last seen at the enemy cap. This is my chance to shine! To be a great player like Garbad or CarbonWard. To be a tanking hero. What do I do? What I know: Both the SU-100 and M41 were last seen at their cap. That I am easily one shotable I want waffles for breakfast What I suspect: Nothing. I'm a terribad and can't think 5 seconds into the future. How would you guys close this game out? What is the correct course of action? The conclusion:
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